Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From The Files Of Absurdity, Volume LXIV: Israel Awards Soldiers For Killing Innocent Women And Children!

This is one definitely for my Files Of Absurdity, but it is beyond absurd and into the realm of being absolutely disgusting. It seems that the Israeli Government has just awarded 8 IDF soldiers with "Medals Of Honor" for their "acts of bravery" during Operation Cast Lead in early 2009. This is disgusting, because these criminals were killing unarmed women and children during that horrible attack on the poor people of Gaza. Now the Zionists have the audacity to award these criminals for their killing of innocents!

Here is an article from the Zionist propaganda website:, that explains how the Zionists have awarded 8 of their criminal thugs with medals for their acts of bravery during that brutal attack on Gaza:

8 Cast Lead IDF heroes get decorated

Eight IDF soldiers received medals of honor on Wednesday evening for heroism they showed during Operation Cast Lead last year.

OC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Yoav Galant, who presented the soldiers with the decorations, said that during the incursion into Gaza "the IDF reached its goals. The enemy was badly beaten. IDF soldiers acted out of faith in the justice of our cause, and their moral norms are praiseworthy."

During the ceremony, where top Southern Command brass and heads of councils and communities from the western Negev were also present, soldiers and their family members joined Ben Spitzer, one of the soldiers who suffered the most serious wounds in the operation, in lighting the Hanukka candles.

Galant told the veterans that "In the tough hours of the trial through fire you bravely and resiliently persevered. You are a lighthouse of morality and values."

One of the recipients of the decoration said receiving it was an honor laced with sadness over the death of his platoon commander, who, he said, "was like a big brother to me."

"We represent a clear message of the IDF's morality and dedication to the mission at hand. The fighters who were part of the operation proved to the citizens of Israel that they can count on us," the soldier said.

According to new IDF regulations, servicemen in combat units are identified only by first names.

The recipients of the decorations are Maj. Dr. Alexander, Lt. Ephraim, from the Golani Brigade, Staff Sergeant (res.) Menahem of the Kfir Brigade, Master Sergeant Ziv, of the Israel Air Force, Captain Motti, of the Sa'ar battalion, Paratrooper Staff Sergeant (res.) Ofer, Lt. Nadav of the Givati Brigade and Paratrooper Staff Sergeant (res.) Ziv.

NTS Notes: When I read this, I almost puked. This is disgusting, and definitely belongs in the realm of the absolutely absurd. Israel was found guilty of war crimes according to the Goldstone Report, and they now award their soldiers for carrying out acts of murder against an unarmed populace?

These soldiers have been hailed as heroes, but all they are is a bunch of murderous criminals!

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