Thursday, December 3, 2009

Al Gore Is A Dickhead!

The Copenhagen Conference on Climate Control is still scheduled to begin on December 7th, 2009. Barry Soetoro (Obama), Stephen Harper, and an assortment of other Zionist controlled puppets, will be attending and the agenda is still to try to ram through new laws that will take away our rights and freedoms under the false guise of "Climate Control"!

But what about the head honcho for all the Global Warming fearmongering; Saint Al of Gore himself. I and others have put up a multitude of articles exposing this charlatan as a huckster, a fraud, and a scam artist. Saint Al of Gore will make out like a bandit if Green Law legislation is passed!

Here is a great video that I found courtesy of Mike Rivero's website that came out months before the ClimateGate scandal began. The title speaks for itself:

NTS Notes: This dickhead is in this scam for the money. The Hadley CRU exposure backs up everything that is said in this video, and finally people are starting to listen. Is it too late though, because the criminals want their laws passed as quickly as possible at Copenhagen!

I agree with Mike Rivero's continuing exposure of this scandal, and people should look at his material for further reference.

Lets continue to get the message out, and fight their criminality. Copenhagen must be stopped!

More to come


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