Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The War In Afghanistan: More Than Half Of Afghan Children Suffer From Malnutrition

We have been fed the BS from the media that we are in Afghanistan for all the right reasons.... One of the claimed reasons was for the betterment of the Afghan people and to both further their lives and to bring them real democracy.

I put up an article earlier that shows that not only is Afghanistan not getting further ahead, but they are now dead last on the UN list of developed countries. But it seems now, that the conditions inside Afghanistan are actually getting much worse than anyone could have suspected. According to this new article from, more than 1/2 of the children of Afghanistan are now starving because of this war!:

UNICEF: More than half of Afghan children suffer from malnutrition



November 11, 2009

New Delhi - Eight years after the start of the international campaign to end Taliban rule in Afghanistan, more than half of all children under age five suffer from malnutrition, a UNICEF official told the German Press Agency dpa Wednesday.

'Nutrition is somewhat better (now), but not much,' said Daniel Toole, UNICEF's South Asia director, as the UN agency for children released a report tracking global progress in maternal and child nutrition.

The report shows that 59 per cent of Afghanistan's children under the age of five do not get enough to eat, leading to developmental problems.

Toole said one of the main problems faced by UNICEF is getting information to mothers in the traditionally oriented country.

'Afghan women have less contact with health workers,' Toole said. 'Many health workers are men and, traditionally, women are not allowed to have contact with men who are not family.'

That's why it's important to train more women in the health care field, he said.

Another problem is the low level of development in the country, combined with a widespread lack of education after three decades of armed conflict. Health care is often inadequate.

The UNICEF report shows that most malnourished children are in South Asia, 83 million of a worldwide 200 million. Afghanistan has the highest percentage rate of malnourished children, though India has more in absolute numbers: 61 million.

Social and hygenic problems are two major issues facing Afghanistan. Many women marry young and bear children early in life. Many of those are born underweight.

Additionally, many mothers opt not to nurse, preferring water to breast milk. That becomes a problem when the water is dirty. More than 600 million of India's population of 1.1 billion have no access to sanitary facilities.

:: Article nr. 59956 sent on 11-nov-2009 19:11 ECT

NTS Notes: This war is one for the Zionist Rothschild Opium drug empire, and nothing else. These criminals do not care one iota about the Afghan people themselves, and only want their drug profits. The result is that the occupation troops have robbed the people of their dignity, and the Afghan children are starving as a result of the US led occupation and the corrupt Karzai government in Kabul! So much for fighting for "the betterment of the Afghan people"!

It is time for the truth about Afghanistan to be known by everyone. This war is lost on all fronts, and now because the proud Afghan people are left with their children starving thanks to the US led occupation, it is no wonder they are firmly behind the Taliban to this war to free their country.

Lets demand that the troops be withdrawn from Afghanistan, NOW!

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