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Good Riddance, Mahmoud Abbas!

When the Israelis launched their attacks on Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, the world watched in horror as the Zionists killed and maimed thousands of innocent civilians. The people of Gaza committed no crimes other than wanting to have a chance to live and build a future in a country of their own! Thousands were either killed or injured, and Gaza today is a complete mess. Lets hope that the Goldstone Report findings are accepted and the Israelis pay for their crimes against humanity.

On a new subject: Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Fatah sect of the Palestinian Authority has been a puppet of the Israelis for quite some time, and is finally stepping down. So what are his achievements during his time as leader of the Palestinian people? When the attacks on Gaza were going on, he was strangely silent, and stood by and did next to nothing to condemn the blatant ongoing atrocities. When the Goldstone Report came through, he actually tried to block it from going to the UN because of secret business deals he made with the Israelis. He was present in New York City as Soetoro (Obama) sucked up to the murderer Netanyahu and made agreements with this criminal, and he stood directly by and did nothing! This man has done absolutely nothing except stab his own people in the back. His leadership of the Palestinians has crumbled, and now he is "stepping down" as leader of the Palestinian Authority!

As far as I am concerned, Abbas should be brought up on criminal charges, and for being a traitor! The Palestinian people deserve someone who is so much better than this shill.

Now I want to present a great article from, that shows how the Arabs are glad that Abbas is leaving. They say good riddance to this man:

Good Riddance, Abbas



Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, was no good for Palestine. And his exit will make a peaceful solution more likely.

November 7, 2009

The announcement that Mahmoud Abbas has decided not to stand for re-election as head of the Palestinian Authority should come as a relief to all Palestinians. In fact, Abbas's departure will open a much-needed opportunity to take stock of where things stand and assess the future course of the Palestinian struggle.

Never an appealing or charismatic figure, Abbas has been losing popular support since his first day in office five years ago (his term technically expired in January 2009). Since the 1993 Oslo Accords, in which he played a prominent role, the official Palestinian leadership has been pursuing a formula for peace -- the two-state solution -- that has yielded nothing more than the intensification of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. Those 16 years have been characterized by the further immobilization and immiseration of the Palestinian people, and an ever-growing list of civilian casualties, most recently in Gaza.

We are left with no other conclusion than this: that the so-called peace process with which Abbas has been indelibly associated, albeit as the Israelis' junior assistant, was calculated to produce exactly these results. The very first step of the Oslo process, undertaken with Abbas's assent in 1993, was to fragment and separate the occupied territories into shards of land, disconnected from each other and from the outside world, under total, institutionalized Israeli domination. Take one look at a map and you can't miss the separation of Gaza from the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and the further internal splintering of the West Bank, all of which is the direct result of Oslo.

Today, the Palestinian Authority (PA) over which Abbas presides is seen as a puppet. It has become the manager of the day-to-day burdens of military occupation, responsible for the hassle and expense of administering a restless population. All this is done on behalf of the Israelis, who have meanwhile gone on expropriating Palestinian land, bulldozing Palestinian homes, and building exclusively Jewish settlements in violation of international law (doubling the population of settlers since peace talks began). To all Palestinians other than the tiny clique who benefit from this arrangement, the sight of Abbas's U.S.-trained and Israeli-armed PA militiamen cooperating with Israeli forces -- if not taking direct orders from them -- is nothing short of grotesque. And when Abbas recently succumbed to Israeli and U.S. pressure and dropped his support for the Goldstone report, a U.N. Human Rights Council-mandated investigation into last year's Gaza incursion, many Palestinians saw it as the last straw both for Abbas -- and for the PA itself.

What, then, are the alternatives?

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NTS Notes: The alternatives are for the Palestinian people to get someone who stands up against criminality, and does not bow down the way that Abbas did.

The Palestinian people are a proud people, and deserve so much better than having a Zionist shill to represent themselves.

More to come


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