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Now This Is Very Sick, AND Very Disturbing, Part XXII:Missing Algerian Children Had Their Organs Removed! (Israel Again?)

I have been busy checking into a massive backlog of emails sent to me from associates and friends, and one of them just sent me this article from the www.politicaltheatrics.org website that pertains to my continuing series on the Israeli Human Organ Trafficking Scandal.   If this article is proven as true and Israel is involved, then there definitely will be hell to pay!  Here is the article:

Breaking Update as of September 7th,2009


The following excerpt is a translation of Al Marada’s news article published in Arabic on September 6th,2009.

New York City police were able to catch American Jews and arrest gang members who were involved in the abduction of children from Algeria, the group headed by a Jewish American named Levy Izhaq Rosenbaum, who was directly involved in the case of trading organs recently,which raised a storm of reactions in the United States and Israel, at the international police investigations.

Remarks by Prof. Mustafa, President of the Algerian national body to upgrade health and development of research, Khabar newspaper Algerian 6-9-2009, confirming that the arrest of the gang came after investigations showed that Algerian children abducted from cities in Western Algeria and taken to Morocco, were directly linked to Jewish rings which were using the children’s organs to smuggle to Israel and the United States, in order to sell between $20,000 and $100,000 dollars for College.

The children were kidnapped from Algeria and taken to Morocco and then the organs were taken to Israel and the United States  through other factions of the Israeli organ trafficking rings.

Mustafa said that the gang was deliberately abducting children from Algeria,and that there are eradication operations in Morocco, before being exported and sold in Israel and the United States, equipped for making these types of surgery’s.

traffSerious dimensions

Algerian official stressed that the file dismantling international network of organ smuggling; Algerians, Moroccans and Africans were being used. He added that ongoing security coordination with ”interpol” in Morocco found that Morocco alone cannot be equipped to perform this type of special organ trafficking.

The arrests of Jewish led network does not mean that danger has passed, top officials and others have files which assert that there are other Jewish gangs who remains active in several countries .

US authorities arrested 44 people, including Rabbis and mayors in New Jersey last July;they all were a part of the money laundering activities and sale of human organs.

Last month, newspaper Aftonbladet Swedish report accused soldiers kidnapped Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip to kill them and steal an organ trading, indicating a possible link between these practices and mafia human organs detected in the United States.

I’m doing this a long time,” says Rosenbaum. He then added: “Let me explain to you one thing. It’s illegal to buy or sell organs. … So you cannot buy it. What you do is, you’re giving a compensation for the time.”

All of the donors “come from Israel,” Rosenbaum is alleged to have said.

The price had gone up to $160,000, he said, because “it’s hard to get people,” noting that Israel had passed laws prohibiting the sale of human organs, the complaint states.

The agents had already paid $10,000 and were told to bring another $70,000 at a meeting scheduled for this week. “I prefer you do it with cash,” the complaint quotes Rosenbaum as saying.

[sources: Al Marada,CNN,Al Khabar]

NTS Notes:  There was a small drought for a while in terms of information coming forward on the Organ Trafficking Scandal.   Now more information is finally coming forward that I am glad to forward to my readers.   Take any of my information, copy, paste it on your own blogs, email it, inform friends, pass it around!   Lets make sure that the pressure on these criminals does not subside.

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