Saturday, August 22, 2009

Now This Is Very Sick, AND Very Disturbing, Part VII: Do NOT Let This Story Die!

I love the response by the Israelis to the Swedish news reporter's recent article about evidence that the Israelis are murdering Palestinians to obtain their organs, as seen in Part VI of my continuing investigation... They are using the falsehood of claiming "antisemitism" against this reporter! Is that not sickening? This reporter finds evidence of murder, and the murderers claim he is antisemitic!

This story should not die, and now there is a recent article posted on that the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is coming forward and requesting that futher investigation take place to prove whether or not the allegations of murder of Palestinians for organs is true or not. Here is the article:

PFLP demands investigation into allegations of organ theft by occupation soldiers

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine -PFLP

August 22, 2009

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called on Saturday, August 22, 2009 for an immediate, serious investigation into reports alleging that Zionist occupation forces stole organs from young Palestinians they killed in the West Bank and Gaza.

These reports, published in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, quoted Palestinians who recalled young men who had been seized by Zionist forces and killed in custody, and their bodies being returned missing organs, as well as that the bodies of young Palestinians killed in clashes were taken by the occupation forces and buried without being returned to their families.

The PFLP said in its statement that these reports should be taken seriously by international human rights organizations, and fully investigated. Crimes and abuses by the occupation forces have been repeatedly reported and yet the occupation army has been able to commit crime after crime without punishment or accountability, despite vast amounts of evidence of occupation crimes. In addition, the statement noted that similar issues have been raised time and time again since the 1980s, and that there have been repeated reports of organ theft and improper experimentation on Palestinians killed by the occupation forces. In Gaza in the 1980s, soldiers were said to have stolen organs from children taken to Israeli hospitals, where they died.

In addition, numerous Israelis have been indicated in Europe and the United States to be involved in international organ-trading networks, including sales of human organs and money laundering.

The Front commended Donald Bostrom, the reporter from Aftonbladet, and all efforts being made by individuals and institutions around the world in order to bring the occupation forces to justice for their crimes against our people, as well as in the struggle to build global solidarity in order to force the occupier to stop its crimes and racist practices and recognize the national rights of the Palestinian people.

The party praised the work of correspondent Donald Boström and all those who facilitated his reporting. The PFLP reiterated its call for the need to bring Israeli soldiers to justice for their actions.

NTS Notes: As shown in this important article, people are not going to let this story die. People need the truth about what the heck is going on in Palestine and whether or not these allegations are true or not. Independent and unbiased investigation should immediately take place.

The controlled Zionist media has either ignored, or tried to bury this story to this point, and all I can say is that it only proves what Bloggers have said all along; That the main stream media is nothing more than zionist shills, liars, and deceivers! It is up to us to spread the message over the internet, and therefore make sure the truth is told.

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