Monday, August 31, 2009

Now This Is Sick, AND Very Disturbing: Part XVII: Palestinians Accuse Israel Of Organ Theft!

This Human Organ Trafficking Scandal will not go away, and rightfully so! As I have said in previous articles; If the Israelis are innocent of all charges, then let the investigation take place to absolve them of any criminal activity! We can see by their actions and their continuing attempts to suppress any evidence that something has been going on.

I have released 16 other parts so far on this continuing scandal. Now I present a video that has just been released where the Palestinians are definitely accusing Israel of Organ Trafficking and Theft! My comments to follow:

I suggest that everyone copy this video very quickly, due to the fact that the Zionists control youtube, and most probably will attempt to have it deleted very shortly!

NTS Notes: We, the bloggers, must continue in our efforts to not let this story die. Criminal activity has definitely taken place, and an international investigation is needed desperately to get to the bottom of this scandal!

As before, pass this article around, email it, copy and paste it... Do what is necessary to spread this message around. Lets not let the criminals get away with this!

More to come



anarchore said...

Even some of the mainstream political blogs are starting to look at the Zionists power in Canada and are going... HUH?!?

But there is still much benefit to many people to ignore the obvious, and dire penalties for stating it.

Northerntruthseeker said...

The Canadian Hate Crime Laws see to the dire penalties for stating the truth.

It looks like Canadians are finally waking up to the nightmare and going: Huh????

I wonder when the zio-controlled press will finally have to open up to all the scandals that their dreamland Israel has been involved in? Don't hold your breath for an answer any time soon!