Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is This Not Like Putting A Fox In The Hen House?

Ok... I found this article in a posting under, and I could not believe what I was reading. It seems that the US, even with its so called department of Homeland Security, has just allowed a criminal senior Mossad operative back into the country, after his visa was revoked in 2007 for "poaching" (STEALING) US Pentagon secrets for Israel.

Now is it just me, but if I was spying for that evil country, and was caught red handed stealing state secrets, I would be in either a US jail right now, or even the Guantanamo Bay facility and charged with espionage. This senior Mossad operative just gets his visa revoked and is sent back to Israel.
On top of that, now Barack Obama's office has given him back his visa so that he can return to the US and spy and steal some more? What the heck is wrong with America?

Here is the article:

Obama Restores Mossad Spy’s Visa

Uzi Arad met with Larry Franklin in the Pentagon cafeteria to shoot the breeze (if you believe Arad). I’ve got a few other ideas what they were doing. Because this senior Mossad operative was caught poaching U.S. secrets from Pentagon officials his U.S. visa was revoked by the Bush Administration in 2007.

But given that we’re talking about Israel here, its spies seems to have the resilience of a Punch and Judy show clown. Knock ‘em down a few times and they bounce right back. At least, that’s what’s happened to Arad. After being appointed Bibi Netanyahu’s national security advisor, he gained a new lease on life. The Obama administration also restored Arad’s visa:

Netanyahu’s advisers – attorney Yitzhak Molcho, National Security Council head Uzi Arad and public relations chief Ron Dermer – will return Friday from preparatory talks in the U.S. capital.

Sources tell me that because of the regulation under which his visa was revoked only the attorney general or president may restore it. That means the decision to do so went very high. And no one either in Israel or here actually announced the decision. They just figured it would be better to let bloggers try to make something of it.

Eli Lake, who reported originally on Arad’s visa denial for the Washington Times seems to have dropped the story. I wonder why.

Frankly, I’m shocked that Obama would give in on this one. Unless he figures he’s going to sock it to Bibi at next week’s meeting and he might as well throw him a sop like Arad. H/t to Helena Cobban.

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NTS Notes: It seems again that there are certain rules for some people, but different rules for these, the so called "chosen people". This is definitely insane, and is like deliberately putting a fox in the middle of the hen house! Mossad pulled off 9-11, and now it seems that their operatives are being allowed back into the country to do their dirty work again by the American peoples' own government.

Wake up, America!

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