Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Dumbing Down Of An Entire Generation

Why are people not rising up and overthrowing their corrupt governments? Why are people sitting idly by while their economies implode and they are losing their entire livelihoods?

These are questions that are constantly being asked, and yet they seem to be totally ignored. I myself have been putting out the answers and yet people do nothing! I have watched as this generation is actually dumber than the last, and the question becomes... Why?

The answer may be right under our very noses. The criminals are purposely poisoning this generation to create nations of mindless zombies. This generation does not ask questions like previous generations, and the children of today are taught in schools not to think and rationalize any topics, or subjects. They are becoming mindless automatons. Mindless robots!

Here may be the answer as to what is causing this downgrade in our society. Watch the following video, and my comments will follow:

NTS Notes: Are the Zionists poisoning our bodies to make sure that we do not rise up against them? If anyone takes the time to look at their Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion, it states clearly that they will do what is necessary to prevent us from fighting back against them, even using chemicals to weaken our minds and our bodies!

Take all steps necessary to cleanse your bodies of all of their poisons. We need clear and healthy minds for the fight against criminality.

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