Friday, July 31, 2009

More Re-Writing Of History: WHO Brought The Slave Trade To America

I have made it one of my purposes in writing these articles to have what is called today "Historical Records" revealed for the lies they contain, and to have true history exposed for everyone to read and benefit.

In my recent upswing in activities and research into true historical documentation, I ran across several articles written by Walter White. I was already familiar with his work: The Hidden Tyranny, The Harold Rosenthal Interviews, which I have posted in a previous article for everyone to read. I found that he has written other articles, including one which exposes who exactly brought the Slave Trade to America.... I am therefore presenting this article in its full context here for everyone to read. Please take the time to look over this important piece of true literature:

NTS Notes: As I stated before, the more you research, the more you realize that what we have been spoon fed into our brains through our education system for the last century has been nothing but lies and falsehoods. We must now understand the true nature of these criminals, and their dastardly deeds throughout history. Facts are facts.

More to come...


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