Friday, July 3, 2009

More Criticism To Answer

A short blog today:

I have recently come under fire for my posting of the Jack Bernstein article in a previous blog. People are now coming forward and claiming that I am suddenly a supporter of Jewish people, and am ignoring their crimes against all of us...

I am and always will be a supporter of truth, and against CRIMINALS. NOT all Jewish people are evil, and many are ignorant of the crimes of their fellow "tribesmen". To say that all should be charged with the crimes of their peers is totally wrong. That kind of thinking is the same as saying that because of the crimes of some German people in the second World War, that ALL German people should be held responsible! Get the point?

To claim that all Jewish people are evil plays into the Zionist hands. If we were ever to go after all of the Jews for the crimes of some of them, then the criminals will be able to play their "hate" and "race" cards against us. These criminals have been able to put in Hate Laws in many countries due to that very wrong type of thinking.

It must also be stated that most Jewish people do know what is going on, and for them to sit idly by and be complacent while our world crumbles is also very wrong. That is also criminal behavior on their part. I have always appealed to people of all faiths to stand up against criminality and join together to fight for their fellow human beings. An example is how most Jews know that their compatriots in Israel are starving and slaughtering the people of Gaza, but do absolutely nothing. That makes them either willing or unwilling accessories to that crime. To do NOTHING is very criminal!

Lets get the facts straight. Some very important Jewish people came forward to warn all of us about the crimes of their tribesmen. One was Benjamin Freedman, who broke away from the Zionists and warned the world about their attempts at world domination. People that have not heard his famous speeches should google: "Benjamin Freedman" and actual take the time to hear them. Another important person who saw the truth about his "people" and decided to write about it was Jack Bernstein. Remember that Jack Bernstein was KILLED BY THE MOSSAD for revealing the truth about how sick and twisted Israel really is! That JEWISH man paid with his life so that the rest of us could know the truth!

Therefore I hope that the points are clear. I am after the Criminals who are out to destroy our world, the Zionist Talmudic criminal Jews. These people are bent on domination of all of us, and must eventually answer for their crimes. These are the ones that must be brought to justice.

More to come...



Barbara L said...

Sighs at your conundrum. I found reading Jack's material 3 years ago before I knew anything about Zionism to be one of the most eye opening pieces ever. He is readable, not to long, to the point, and he exposes so much. and he paid the ultimate price.

But then, interestingly, you have Mr. Harold Wallace Rosenthal who was also assassinated for pouring out vital Zionist information. But he was bragging about how stupid we goyim are and would not understand his words. Very different motivation, he was so vile. Was good he was ... removed.

But Jack Berenstein opened my eyes also to the horrible Zionist prejudice of the Ashkenazi to the Sephardi who are now all being treated like Palestinians within Israel. As I write this they have kicked thousands out of their homes because they are the wrong kind of Jew. If I had not read Berenstein I would not have understood that.

Anyhow, you and I know there are good of all people. I think now everyone ALMOST in Israel is pretty lousy. All you have to do is read the comments in Ha'aretz and you will find most of them are pretty talmudic.

But there are major exceptions of course. And at the rate they are going, I was watching Sephardim saying they are considering joining hands with the Palestinians because they have more in common. Also.... many years ago the Ashkenazim murdered thousands of Sephardim in one week of poisoning.

American jews many are not so into Israel at all. They do not consider it "home". Many send $$ but that is because they feel forced or blackmailed by the criminal organizations like ADL etc. They would never move there! But those who do buy the BS really buy it. And in America there are a lot of NON JEW Zionists in power. Joe Biden for one.

It is not cut n dried at all. But the weight does come pretty hard on the nasty Nazi.. er Ashkenazim. And you are so right. By blind hatred, we fall into the trap the Rothschilds are setting for us all. By falling into hatred, we become tetched by sickness of the soul as well.

Anyhow, you know I "get" it. I just hope more do. I doubt this ramble will open any new thoughts in anyone. But I agree, read Mr. Freedman, Finklestein, Chomsky, Bernstein, Jeff Halper, and you will learn so much because they KNOW from the inside and can give another side entirely.

In fact, Henry Makow of Save the Males website, which is fabulous, is Jewish and the B'nai Brith is after him to take his site down because of the things he says about the Zionists. And his folks were Holocausters ~ he has spoken of his Israeli experiences. He never quite "got" it though until they came after him a few months ago and then he hit a whole new level.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I agree, Barb... The point is that these criminals want us to associate ALL jewish people with the criminals. THAT way they can go and say "see, they are all hateful and racist because they hate all of us!" People have been duped by a lot less in history.

I also agree that Rosenthal said it best by showing that the goyim are too stupid to realize who the real criminals are until it is much too late.

I also have stated clearly that we must get the good Jewish people fighting on our side against their evil compadres because they too will suffer if their plans for world domination reach fruition.

Thanks for helping in making sure that the message is not distorted by the criminals!