Monday, July 27, 2009

The Holocaust Of 1919: Oh, The Horror!

I live in Canada, where under the "rules" of the draconian Hate Crime Laws, I am suppressed from talking about anything to do with the Holocaust of World War TWO, and I must emphasize the TWO. Absolutely no research, no blogs, no comments to the negative, no rebuttals, etc.... That is the price for living in this Zionist controlled nation.

However, I am free to talk about and to put up any articles about any other genocides in History. I therefore am here to present the facts about another genocide of 6 MILLION people, the great Holocaust that happened after World War ONE....

Yes, the Zionist controlled press was adamant in putting up articles in 1919 that talked about the impending genocide of 6 MILLION jewish people after the Great War (World War ONE)... I present to you an article printed in the American Hebrew News from 1919 that pleaded with people to help to make sure that 6 MILLION Jewish people would not perish:

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NTS Note: As of August 11, 2009, this article was removed from for "Copyright Infringements", but my contacts have informed me that this was done purposely by the Zionist criminals themselves. They are trying to block the truths from history from coming forward. I therefore recommend that until this situation is cleared up for all of my readers to just google the article yourselves and read it there, or on a pdf file.

NTS Notes: This 1919 "Holocaust" has been PROVEN to be a massive hoax and a massive lie. 6 MILLION Jewish people did not perish as a result of the Great War. The figure of 6 MILLION comes up many times in history when it comes to genocide of the Jews.... I leave it up to others to research and to come to their own conclusions about other "recorded" genocides of history.

America, if you do not act now, soon your freedoms of speech and thought will also be restricted.

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irish4palestine said...

I do feel badly about people in Canada after the last few months it's become clear the infestation there is rampant. America is not far behind you but they may be waking up. And in europe they are working hard as well, they are just expanding their grip on any discussion or examination of anything remotely detrimental to Israel. I am still trying to get past the fact that they managed to get a poxy ruling in the European court to make it illegal to boycott Israel, hows that for control.