Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Cure For Cancer! (?) What Is The Medical Industry Waiting For?

Sometime ago, I put out a blog talking about the fact that cures for a lot of serious ailments is actually readily available, but is suppressed due to greedy interests...

There is nothing more diabolical in medicine today than the efforts by nefarious people within both the Canadian and American Medical Associations to prevent a possible and real cure for Cancer from being made available to the public!

Let us look first into some facts about the present state of Cancer treatment. It is a fact that BILLIONS of dollars are put forward both by the government and through fund raising by the public towards research into cures for that wretched disease.... Present methods of "curing " Cancer involve using very dangerous drugs, and radiation. It is a known fact that NO proven case of cancer has ever been cured by "chemo-therapy". It is also known that so called "chemo-therapy" actually weakens the body's immune system, and in almost all cases, the Cancer comes back and in a stronger form to attack that weakened body!

I stated some time ago that a very important person in the field of Cancer treatment, Royal Rife, had his research from the 1930's suppressed by that same medical establishment. I will touch again on Royal Rife in a future blog. If you the reader wants to look at how this man was railroaded by the medical establishment, just google Royal Rife, and look at his work.

I am presenting a video here that will shed some light into a possible KNOWN CURE for Cancer that has been suppressed from public knowledge.

First a bit of background: It has been known for thousands of years about the healing power of Hemp, and its oil. Ancient medical doctors cured many common ailments by giving their patients Hemp. It is also through the activities of many powerful money backers in the Medical establishment that Hemp has been taken out of production as a medicine. People have been falsely led to believe for a long time that Hemp, because Marijuana is a product of that plant, is dangerous and addictive. Hemp is a natural plant that has amazing medical properties when properly used, and real research into its possible usage as a Cancer cure should take place.
If Hemp does prove to be a real cure for Cancer, could you imagine the implications? Suddenly billions of dollars in annual grants and funds would be cut off and thousands of people in the Cancer treatment industry would be out of work. No wonder they want real cures suppressed at all costs!

Here is the video. Take the time to watch and understand what this person has been up against:

NTS Footnote: I present this video as information only, and in no way condone the present usage of Hemp as Marijuana due to the fact that in Canada and the United States, it is considered as a Narcotic and an illegal drug. But think about it... Billions of dollars are put into Cancer treatment annually. What are they waiting for? If this is a possible cure, then why not allow it to be properly researched and tested? Who is stopping that, and who has to gain by making sure that this information never gets out?

Do you now see why this important information has been suppressed? Greed, and Money perhaps?

More to come...


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