Monday, February 9, 2009

Why are people not rising up in this time of crisis?

There has always been the question of what can the general public do at this time of crisis, and what should be done about these criminals and their minions. Maybe its time for people to simply get off their couches and actually take a hard stand against criminality.

Seems easy enough right? Well, the problem is very wide spread... Our so called western democracies have been nothing but puppets of these criminals for years. They control the media. They control the government. They control the police, and the military. They control most of the major corporations, and most of the utility companies. They spoon feed all of the crap into our systems that keep us docile. They want it all, and right now are very close to achieving that aim.

The problem with trying to achieve their ultimate control has always been that they do not control the numbers. We still outnumber them, and only through their minions, and their control of groups such as Free Masons and the Zionist Christian groups, can they possibly achieve that control. These groups are nothing more than brainwashed fools believing in the falsehood of a "chosen people" that should be protected at all cost. That is one important factor, another is the use of chemicals in keeping us under their control. Chemicals such as Aspartame, Sucralose, Sodium Fluoride, and MSG, absolutely riddle everything that we consume daily. These chemicals are extremely toxic to human health, and their adverse affect is to actually dumb down the human brain.

Have you ever wondered why there has not been more public outcry about what is happening? Well, maybe its time for you, the reader, to research the truth behind Aspartame poisoning, Sucralose poisoning, the effect of MSG on the human body, and primarily the effect of Sodium Fluoride on the human brain!

Possibly the worst known poison consumed by people is Sodium Fluoride. We have been fooled into believing that fluoridated water is good for preventing tooth decay.... WRONG! Fluorine in the form of sodium fluoride is a deadly poison created as a bi-product of the aluminum smelting industry. Aluminum in the form of bauxite ore in nature is bonded to fluorine and the removal of that fluorine is essential in extracting the aluminum. The side effect is a massive amount of sodium fluoride as residue. Years ago, the aluminum industry got their hired chemists to approach the government with a novel idea... Add that sodium fluoride residue to our drinking water, and to our toothpaste, to help to prevent tooth decay. Few at the time researched sodium fluoride properly, and thanks to huge donations from Alcoa, and others, the governments blindly passed legislation to add that chemical to our drinking supplies.

Lets be clear here.... Sodium Fluoride does not prevent tooth decay! That is an outright lie, and has been perpetuated for almost a century. The real truth is that sodium fluoride in the body breaks up into sodium and fluorine ions. Sodium is readily absorbed within the body, but Fluorine is a deadly poison. Fluorine has been proven to be a chemical that attacks the human nervous system, and primarily the brain. It has been proven in research that adding fluoride to the drinking supply of prisons has caused less rioting, and a more docile group of inmates. This research was first conducted in the Soviet Union, and later in Germany. Obviously, the US, and other western governments were aware of these findings, and still they decided to add that poison into our daily lives (Or was this what the criminals wanted all along?)! Right now, over 90% of the US water supply is laced with this dangerous chemical. Have you ever wondered why the citizens of America have not risen up to challenge the criminals? Is it not possible that fluoridated water is one of the culprits?

A dumbed-down, and docile population is like sheep to these criminals. Few people are willing to fight back, and poisoning of their bodies could very well be the cause. The solution is obvious... Watch what you eat. Avoid these chemicals as much as possible, and begin leading a more healthy lifestyle. As long as we are slaves to these monsters and their criminality, we shall never be free!

Research these findings for yourselves. Look carefully at what you consume daily. The findings are startling.



Penny said...

saw you posted at nobody's blog

gotta chuckle, my blog had a news article, why no slave revolt and then we launched into a fluoride discussion.

looking for some other canucks on line, you found one,me also maggies musings and rusty node, swallows nest, shades of grey,

anyway, there are lots of truth seekers around.
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Penny said...

hey nts:
did you check out the link to Fluoride Action Network at my blog, or hell maybe you are familiar with them?

If not, here is the link

lots of good info there, cover NA really well