Saturday, January 17, 2009

Living In Canada: Zionist Occupied Territory

There has always been much to say about the difference between Canadians and Americans... Our primary difference has to do with the Geography, and the fact that 30 percent of the Canadian population speaks French.... Canada has always had the unique situation of being the United States' biggest trading partner, and listed on the UN reports as one of the most free countries on the face of the planet....

Little do a lot of people realize that Canada is actually one of the biggest Zionist occupied territories on the face of the planet...

Lets again look at some truths about Canada. Our government is totally under the control of the Zionists in Ottawa. They use several organizations, one being the Canadian Jewish Council, as a means of keeping our Parliamentarians in Ottawa under their strict control. Few people in Canada even realize that in 1973, Canada passed its so called "Hate Laws", whose purpose was to make any acts of racism, or hatred against "minorities" a federal offense. Little do people realize that it was the Zionists who wanted these laws passed, as a means to suppress any opposition against their goal of taking control of Canada without any opposition. These "Hate Laws" have suppressed any free speech, and any attempts by free thinking individuals to finger the Zionists as criminals!

The so called "Hate Laws" have gone as far as to put individuals such as Ernst Zundel into prison for questioning the Zionist doctrines. Mr. Zundel only wanted to ask for proof of genocide against Jews in the last century, and our Zionist controlled Kangaroo court system in Canada used the "Hate Law" legislation as a means of putting him in jail for years! If I was to even question the Holocaust in any articles, I too could be jailed due to these draconian Laws!

Is there something wrong with society when people are refused the rights to ask basic questions? Is it not human nature to question and ask why and how? It makes anyone stop and think that maybe there is something to coverup that these evil people need "laws" to suppress real research!

Canada has been pictured for almost a century as a bastion for freedom, and peace. Little do Canadians know that our government is nothing more than puppets for their Zionist masters... You want further proof? All that anyone has to do is to look at why Canada has committed troops to Afghanistan. The Zionist controlled press has put out a pack of lies about why we have soldiers in Afghanistan. They continue to preach the lie that our soldiers are there to fight the "evil" Taliban fighters, to keep the country free from oppression... The REAL truth is that our government was ordered by the Rothschild empire in Europe, through their Zionist contacts in Ottawa, to send troops there to secure the Heroin, and Opium fields for production, and to protect the drug routes out of Afghanistan . This is done to keep the Heroin flowing to its primary customers in Europe!
Canada is part of a contingency of nations that have been ordered by these monsters to make sure the drugs are flowing out of Afghanistan!

Lets again not pull any punches here. The so called "evil" Taliban fighters have been the true fighters for Afghan independence for the last 3 decades... First against the Soviets, and now against the Rothschild Empire loyalists under the "UN" banner. The Taliban had shut down the drug trade out of Afghanistan in the 1990's and the Rothschild drug lords were getting desperate to make sure that their profits would not dry up. Under false pretext the Taliban were vilified in the world press, and subsequently were kicked out of Kabul and much of Afghanistan in late 2001. Soon after the Opium/Heroin was again flowing out of Afghanistan in record amounts! The Zionist overlords then ordered many of their subjugated nations, including Canada, to send troops there to protect their interests! Most people around the world are still kept in the dark to these facts, and that the Taliban are fighting today to wrestle their country away from these monsters. Bottom line is Canadian troops are in Afghanistan to support the evil drug trade, and to keep the drugs flowing out of that country to clients around the world!

Now we have the situation where over 100 Canadian soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan, and many people have been asking "Why" ?.... Again, it has been the job of the Zionist controlled media to keep the false message that we are there to fight for "freedom". People need to see the truth! Our Canadian government has committed troops for the next few years and the killings will obviously continue while people are kept from the truth!

Another factor that shows how Canada is Zionist Occupied Territory is the recent response by our own government to the massacre going on in Gaza. Recently many nations passed a resolution in the UN condemning Israel's actions against the Palestinians, calling it a genocide. 47 Nations passed the resolution out of 48 that voted.... The US did not vote, abstaining from the vote instead. The ONLY country that voted against the resolution, and thus being in support of Israel's heneous actions was.... Canada! Yes... CANADA! Is it not obvious that our government was ordered by their Zionist masters to vote against this resolution? And Canadians voted for these despicable human beings? The Zionist controlled press has not even said peep about this resolution also! Is it not amazing? Our country, pictured as one of the greatest peace loving nations on the planet is outright supporting genocide!

People need to see the true facts about our world. Many nations are under the control of these Zionist monsters. Canada has been their puppet for years, and most Canadians are not even aware of it. Only through the alternate press, as well as the Internet, can these truths be told.

It will take a lot of courage by citizens to rise up against these controllers. A nation under the control of these Zionists is not free!



Anonymous said...

Were you born this stupid, or did it happen to you one night when you were sleeping and your brain oozed out one of your ear canals?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Hmmmm.... Seems I am stepping on a few toes....

Try actually waking up from your dream world before making this type of comment!

Anonymous said...

check out

I dont know your background and you maybe be just one of "them".

Just to let you know if u dig deeper the enemy is just a group of evil people under freemason. To brush them all as Jews is a actually what the freemasons wanted, the anniliation of the god of israel righteous ones amidst the zionist defectors. Most people dont realise christianity and also islam are under freemason too bcos deep down they dont really wanna know and never asked the right questions when digging through the rabbit hole.

old testament scriptures in hebrew reveals everything and everyone involved. anything else is manipulation.