Friday, June 20, 2008

Letting people know about Hope in a dark time

I have done many blogs in this site, and have written comments in other sites.

Many people sometimes think that life to me is all doom and gloom.... It is not.

If you look at my profile by Googling: "Northerntruthseeker", you will find that I have put out many comments about songs from the 70's and 80's.... I find many of the works by artists from that time to be both inspirational, and to have important messages that even matter today.

My taste in music tells alot about my character. Cool Change by Little River Band was always one of my favorites from the 70s, as well as Poco's song Crazy Love....

I grew up, and listened to Heavy Metal bands in the 80's and early 90's.... Many ballads written by these artists also carried important messages about relationships, lost and found. Their stories reflected many of my own changes in my personal life.

I always look at the best in human nature, and the need for people to steer clear of apathy. If we cannot see the good in the world, then we are doomed to fall into the trap that the criminal element wants! By having us constantly fight, especially amongst each other, they further their goal of taking over by saying only they can "save" us. We must realize that we control our own destinies, NOT them!

Use inspirational music as an outlet for your own minds, and sometimes take a step back and realize how beautiful the world is around you. Never give in to the idea that all is lost in this battle.

I shall return.... There is so much to do!

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