Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Deep down the Rabbit Hole We go

I have not posted a blog in a while... It was good to take a break, and just view other blogs, and see what is happening elsewhere.

It seems that people are still not understanding about how governments are totally under the control of the criminal Zionist elements. Our media has been their sounding board for their ideals for so long that the truth is never presented. Only through the Internet is the truth able to get out for people to see.

Now it seems that more and more bills are being put forward to suppress the Internet from revealing the truth about our world, and who is in control. It is already taboo to talk about alot of the crimes of the last century, and now they want it put into criminal law to prevent any research into these atrocities.

You need to ask yourselves... Who benefits from laws to prevent research? Who has to gain? It is fact that there is only one group that gains from preventing research into such topics as the Holocaust, and they are working overtime to have any researchers jailed, or muzzled permanently!
Again, I will not go into this topic, because even in this country, such research would have me put into a kangaroo court, and jailed!

Lies, lies, lies... That is what our so called "written" history is... The massacres of the last century, the World Wars, the criminal Financial System, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the establishment of the state of Israel, ... The list is endless. We have been indoctrinated by the lies put out by the criminal controlled media into their beliefs and ideals. Many people have suffered as a result. More are sure to suffer shortly if the financial system finally implodes....

I must make a note of the passing of an anniversary just days ago... The 41st anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. Google USS Liberty for yourselves, and get aware of how these murderous thugs tried to sink that ship in international waters just to cause a real holocaust... a nuclear war in the Middle East! It was only through the bravery of these sailors that a massive atrocity of history was averted.

I have also been keeping tabs on developments in the Apollo Hoax exposure. Many sites are now coming on line with more revelations into that scam of history. The criminals are also hard at work putting out their own sites to try to "debunk" the Hoax truthers. In time, hopefully, more people will see the truth about that massive government swindle, and not be afraid of ridicule. It seems now that the ridicule is rapidly swinging over against the Apollo-gists, and their clinging to the Apollo lie!
Time is against NASA, because now more and more people are finally waking up to how ridiculous Apollo actually was!

I shall return..... There is so much to this unfolding story that has not been discussed yet. Look at websites like, and, for some excellent material about the criminal element, and some great interviews with other truthseekers. We can win this battle!

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