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Are You Afraid To Tell The Truth?

I have always been asked the question: "Are You Afraid Of What The Jews And Their Minions May Eventually Do To You And Your Family If You Continue With Your Articles?" and the answer is absolutely.... But the real fear that I have is that my son will grow up in a world where real history and real truth is suppressed and replaced with nothing but lies.... I figured out a long time ago that it is better to live in a few seconds of truth rather than a lifetime of lies and falsehoods...

I honestly have no fear at this time in what I write, and that is primarily due to the anger that I do feel from when the criminals behind Google recently tried to do to shut me down..... I am of course always on the alert as to what the Canadian "thought police" may do to myself and others who want to ask questions and seek the real truth... With their recent ludicrous attack on a real truth seeker, Arthur Topham in British Columbia, I am fully aware that I and others such as Greencrow and Penny who also live in Canada are very much "under the microscope".... We know that these criminals may take our sites down permanently, and/or have us all arrested for defying the Jewish power elite that controls this once free nation under bullshit "hate crime laws"...

In the meantime, I will persevere and not give up.... And right now, I do want to present a wonderful new article that comes from John Kaminski, who of course writes his articles over at This one is entitled: "Are You Afraid To Tell The Truth?" and mirrors what I have been saying for years about how the criminal Jews are indeed working overtime now in suppressing the real truth and are indeed working to destroy those who expose their crimes..... Here is that article in its entirety and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Are you afraid

to tell the truth?

You ought to be: Offend the Jews 

and your future is in jeopardy

By John Kaminski

When history is a lie, revisionism becomes the truth.
What we’re up against is bigger than any country. In fact, it’s bigger than all the countries in the world.
The ruthless powers that be have decided that only they can declare what is truth and that it is against the law to disagree with them. The human mind is being locked up for the final time.
Amazon, Google and Facebook are all Jewish entities, and all prohibit objective discussion about the lies told about the World Wars. Utterances that describe the events of World War II that are not approved by the Jews are now called “hate crimes”.
Jews most definitely cannot prove what they say about WWII — but we can. Six million?! Baloney! 296,081 is Germar Rudolf’s 2003 count, following the International Red Cross count in October 1980 of 273,905. How many billions of dollars have the Jews stolen from the world with this falsehood they have inflicted on everyone with their incessant and fallacious media propaganda?
Jews can’t prove there were gas chambers at Auschwitz or anywhere else. The thousands of hysterical Jewish testimonies about concentration camp horrors remain totally refuted by the International Red Cross visits during the war which found German treatment of prisoners far superior to the way Americans treated the Japanese prisoners they interned during WW II.
Think about why Ursula Haverback, age 89, would risk prison to tell the real story of WW II, in which three Jewish controlled countries — Britain, the USSR and the USA — conspired to eliminate the last viable challenger to Jewish financial control of the world, which was the German economic miracle devised and deployed by Adolf Hitler. Would Mrs. Haverbeck do this because she was insane, or because she was telling the truth?
Even more puzzling, why would the German government insist on jailing an old woman who questioned a simple detail of history — unless they were trying to cover up a gigantic lie? For those with eyes to see, the answer is clear.
Think too about Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadhafi, both of whom treated their citizens much more kindly than the Jewish-run countries of the West. They followed Hitler’s example of treating their own people well. And they were murdered by the Jewish Deep State using their favorite weapon, the American war machine.
Most Americans simply have not realized that all contemporary media — movies, music, TV, even books — are controlled by Jews. Those outlets not owned by Jews are statistically insignificant and generally ignored.
But now, the Jewish onslaught of trying to erase independent thought from the world has intensified. A whole category of history has been expunged by the Jews from all the electronic media they own, which is practically everything.
And honest people are being lined up for incarceration and silence so the Jews may more easily make their fabricated history become the de facto history of the world.

Imprisoned by lies

Everyone in the world is now prevented by financial blackmail from even contemplating the truth. Jews control all your money, no matter how many non Jewish intermediaries exist between you and them.
Even as you read this, the vise grips clamped around your head begin to tighten.
Play ball and you have nothing to worry about. Blow the whistle on these child-eating maniacs and you’re going down hard. They’ll kill your children. A Congressman whose questions were a little too sharp just resigned because of that threat. Remember what happened to Paul Wellstone.
Revisionists tend to be idealists. They observe objectively. What they write tends to be clear. They don’t make things up, unlike the purveyors of the lies they seek to revise.
I’m like everybody else. I believed the propaganda I heard most of my life (or at least since the late 1960s). Took me to middle age to be jarred into realizing I was believing in some obvious lies.
What if telling the truth will cost you your job? What if your wife and family call you a beast and throw you out of the house for harboring such horrendous ideas?
Jews own your soul because they own your money and also have the ability to take it all away from you at any time.
They want you to be afraid to tell the truth. As a replacement, they want you to believe their truth, which is invariably at variance with what actually happened.
Both World Wars, 9/11, the fouling of the sky with chemtrails, the poisoning of humanity with Glyphosate, and the capture of the world’s media — these are all Jew poisons you ingest daily.
God help you if you start telling people that Adolf Hitler was actually the good guy. It won’t matter to them that it happens to be the truth, because they’re so scared of what will happen to them should they choose to stop living their lie.

Mainstream history is entirely false

In case you don’t know by now, Jewish truth is an oxymoron. There is no such thing existing in the world. The Jews’ holiest books command Jews to lie to non Jews in all situations. Now they’ve swindled the money of every country in the world, which all dance to the puppet’s tune while their leaders steal most of the money.
The penetration of Jewish lies in the world mind is nearly complete. Most of what people have been tricked into believing is false.
Regarding the empirical facts of World War II, we can prove what we say and they can’t. They can only cast aspersions, trap you in blackmail, or if all else fails, hire some hungry poor person with sociopathic tendencies to murder you. If your offense is somewhat less bothersome, they use the courts, the law, the legal profession, the cops, and the TV stations which will tell everyone what a bad person you are because you disagree with the Jews.
In the European Union courts, when it comes to Holocaust disputation, they say the truth is no defense. They put you in jail merely for attempting to tell the truth.
How silly is that? Pick an adjective. Insane would be a good one.
Jewish scripture urges Jews “to kill the best Gentiles”, which they do, constantly.

A game we can’t win

The measure of Jewish control of Britain was amply demonstrated by the arrest and continuing harassment of singer Alison Chabloz. This self-appointed Jew organization had to browbeat the government four times before charges were finally pressed. She could have lampooned any other ethnic group and no one would have lifted an eyebrow.
And then they staged this phony arrest of Tommy Robinson supposedly protesting the Muslim rape epidemic to make sure Alison got no media coverage. (By the way, why have British authorities allowed the Muslim rape epidemic to continue for more than ten years?)
We’re playing a Jewish game with the media, and it’s a game we can’t win.
Jez Turner was put in jail for worse. He described Jewish control of British history perfectly and got slammed into jail during a particularly fruitful roundup of Revisionist activists
Now the Schaefers are in jail and Arthur Topham, who had been devoutly monitoring the daily status of the recently arrested, remains silent.
And this is what these anti semitism laws are all about: to prevent discussion of Jewish crimes.
Jewish soldiers kill Palestinians for fun. Jewish food producers poison Americans by the millions. Jewish drug manufacturers have addicted the whole world to their poison pills.
All Jews are sociopaths because they follow the insane commands of the Talmud. Jews are not allowed to report crimes by their fellow Jews. How can they be good citizens anywhere?
They have turned America into a sociopathic country, using the promotion of blacks to retard the culture of whites.
People are being lied to. The U.S. is the chief force for evil in the world, mostly because they are doing the bidding of rich Jews who control the world’s money supply.
Besides Israel and the Jews in the City of London I defy you to tell me another power in the world that can make the U.S. military go anywhere in the world and murder those they are ordered to eliminate.

Mindless obedience to murderous policies

Tell the truth and go to jail! It’s the new party toast. Everything has been reversed. Leave those child molesters alone; they’re the ones in charge of the world.
How in the world is anyone supposed to deal with a legal system that declares the truth is no defense. What would Thomas Jefferson say about that?
Everything has been reversed. The good people are being put in jail. The bad people are making the laws.
So that the freedom of speech and thought once guaranteed to all Americans are no longer in effect. Today, we can no longer criticize Jews for their manic criminality that negatively affects everybody on Earth.
We will be arrested if we do. But if we don’t the future promises only mindless obedience to murderous policies from which we may never be able to protect ourselves.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: I want to once again thank John Kaminski for this fabulous article...

I will state once again that I cannot agree or disagree with what John says about the Jewish "Holocaust" of the second world war... For if I was to go into any great detail about what I do know, I would surely have the Canadian "thought police" at my door to have me arrested under the phoney Canadian lunacy called "thought crime laws".... I instead will once again parrot the same statement that I have been saying for years, which is to have readers do their own research and come to their own conclusions about the validity of that part of our "history"....

I am however deeply pissed off that so many nations have fallen victim to the criminal Jewish elite that have forced said nations to impose their own "hate crimes" to have those who seek the truth be arrested for simply asking questions and seeking facts..... It does trouble me that so many revisionists have been jailed for simply wanting to do research and to ascertain what is the real truth about our history.... That should alarm everyone and have everyone ask the question:  "Why are they so afraid, that they have to impose "laws" to stop investigative research?  If what they say is valid, then they should not fear any research and investigation!"

I also must agree with John's assessment of our "history" ... I have been saying for well over a decade now at this blog that our "history" that is being taught in our schools to our children is pure and utter BULLSHIT.... The Jews absolutely want to keep brainwashing our youth with their lies to cover up how THEY have been the instigators of so many of our "wars" in our history as well as the ones who have been responsible for the vast majority of the crimes against humanity..... If real history was ever taught, I can guarantee there would be hell to pay, and those bastards would be running for their lives...

I will continue to do what I do here.... I can only be the messenger and to ask those with what little critical thinking skills they have left after the Jewish attempts to poison their minds, to take a real look at the facts and never be afraid to tell the truth and to call out exactly who the real criminals are..

More to come


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 19th, 2018

Yes, it is Sunday... And here comes my weekly rant..

I took yesterday as an "off day" to spend time with my mother who recently celebrated her 88th birthday... And to let everyone know, she is still there and has actually shown a lot of improvements since her bout this spring with breaking her hip bone... She is a stubborn person as usual and it has taken a lot of effort on the part of myself and the rest of her family to get her to eat properly and actually take care of herself... The only factor that is coming into play now is that she is showing signs of Dementia as she is so quickly to forget things and has a tougher time even recognizing people....

The other thing I did yesterday was to spend time with friends at a barbeque.... It was a pretty good experience as I sat around having a few beers and talking shit with people that I have not seen in a while... Many were of course congregating in their own groups while others had their heads firmly planted in their smartphones being oblivious to the world around them and even the company of others.... I did sit back and listen to what everyone was saying, and the usual discussion of sports, entertainment, and of course politics constantly surfaced....It was interesting to hear so many different perspectives about the world around us, and yet again I was deeply troubled that so many people still DO NOT GET IT.... My ears especially burned when I listened to one person who of course thought he "knew it all" was talking about the state of the Middle East and especially Syria and Iran, and did not have a clue... He spewed a bit about the "Iranian threat with their nuclear weapons" bullshit and how eventually there will have to be a war to "stop them".... I again did not pipe in, as I have learned from experience that was nothing but folly and that most people now a days are too brainwashed by what the Jewish pricks fill their empty heads with.... I could only shake my head in disgust, and even my better half said to me to "just ignore him, as he does not have a clue"....

Yes, we do have our work cut out for us today in trying to reach people with a reality check on what is really happening in our sick world.... I found out yesterday how much the propaganda and brainwashing via the Jew spew media still has its intense grip on our society and the minds of the sheep out there... It is a fact that there are fewer people out there with true "critical thinking" skills as most have indeed fallen prey to the evil concepts that to challenge authorities and the "facts" as presented by the liars in the media is somehow "taboo".... Many have indeed looked upon the writings of myself and others as nothing more than "hate speech" and blind themselves to actually sitting down and reading up first before spewing that illogical statement.... As I have stated so many times, the only people that we can reach these days are those who are 'sitting on the fence' and are willing to have open minds to the facts.... Everyone else is a hopeless case and basically and very sadly are a lost cause.....

OK.... I have been watching this last week about how the spin doctors in the US have been working their magic in deflecting all blame for that slaughter of some 50+ innocent Yemen school children in that senseless school bus attack two weeks ago by the Saudi military.... But the evidence is crystal clear now that the US supplied both the weapons and the logistics for the Saudi military to launch that attack.... Yes, the criminals in the US State Department went out last week and stated that the attack was an "accident" and that there would be a full investigation into this "incident".... What we have here is the liars in the US Government working overtime now in trying to deflect all blame, and all I can say is good luck to that.... Everyone that has done their research by now can clearly see that the attack was 100% deliberate, and the US and Saudi Arabia are absolutely guilty of this heinous crime... But honestly, what will be done to see justice to the victims of this slaughter? NOTHING... For the US and so many countries are heavily tied to the Saudis because of their oil wealth and of course weapons dealings with that criminal nation...

And what has really shocked me about that senseless attack in Yemen is how my own sicko government in Ottawa under that criminal Justin Trudeau has said absolutely zero about the Saudi involvement.... Apparently good ol' Justin is a two faced prick who on one hand claims the Saudis are in violation of "human rights" in Saudi Arabia while ignoring the slaughter of 50+ Yemen children by that regime.... And we can all see why, for the Canadian government has already received a "black eye" for their stance on "human rights violations" in Saudi Arabia where the Saudis reacted by threatening to close down the $15+ Billion dollar arms deal that Canada has signed with that criminal regime.... Now the idiots in the Canadian government are trying to "save face" as well as trying to save that arms deal agreement by saying ZERO about that Yemen incident.... The smell of hypocrisy here by the idiots in Ottawa is overwhelming indeed....

AND of course we still have the Trudeau regime up here in Canuckleheadistan screaming "human rights" all over the world and claiming that Canada will continue with supporting the rights of people right across the globe, while continuing to IGNORE the incarceration of Monika and Alfred Schaefer, both Canadian citizens, who are still holed up in German jail cells on charges for nothing more than questioning "history"...... I have been appalled by the lack of any movement by Justin Trudeau to seek the release of these two who have had their own "human rights" violated by being held in Germany illegally..... It does show how Justin Trudeau is nothing more than a two faced prick and a liar that says one thing while doing something else... And the other sad part in all this is how the  Canadian people continue to be kept in the dark about the plight of the Schaefers by the criminal control of the Canadian media by the Jewish pricks that want to see the Schaefers locked up and put away forever for challenging their control and their lies......

Well, there is not much to say these days about the ongoing war in Syria, other than the good guys, aka the Syrian government forces and their Russian/Arabic allies, continue to win all across that embattled nation... There is of course a "lull before the storm" in regards to the upcoming assault by the SAA and their allies against the last "rebel" held stronghold in the nation in and around the northwestern city of Idlib... But that assault is coming, and soon... .The troubling issue in the Idlib "pocket" has always been the status of neighboring Turkey, and how the Turks will react when the SAA begins their assault... However there has been some speculation that with the Turks sitting down with the Russians in recent talks that the Turks will not assist the "rebels" in any way to try to stop the SAA advance in Idlib.....The only puzzling aspect that I have read in recent days is how some towns and villages in the Idlib pocket are now calling for a "Turkish mandate" for unification with Turkey itself as well as Turkish President Erdogan calling for 'expanded' operations by Turkish forces within Syria itself.... It does make one wonder what the Turks are indeed up to and what the eventual outcome in the battle for Idlib will be?

I found some reports interesting in regards to the future of the SDF and the Kurdish forces that have illegally occupied the territory on the northeastern bank of the Euphrates River.... We find reports that the SDF is negotiating a reconciliation agreement with the Assad government in Damascus as well as reports that the SDF forces are willing to fight alongside the SAA for the liberation of the Idlib pocket.... Those news reports are the good news indeed.. .However, we find other reports that the US is once again expanding their operations in that region as well as building even more ILLEGAL 'air bases" that are in clear violation of sovereign Syrian territory and shows once again that the US has indeed invaded that sovereign state.... IMHO, the US is not going to leave Syria at all, as their plan for the occupation and dismemberment of that nation is still in full force, AND the US is indeed going to keep their bases as both a means of facilitating their evil plans to carve out a Kurdish state in the region and to have those forces in place for their eventual "war" against Iran..... It may still come down to a shooting war between the Syrians/Russians against these invaders just to liberate that region and to make Syria whole again.....

Penny over at Penny for your Thoughts, and others in the real truth movement, have been wathcing the situation in Turkey as it unfolds, where its economy has been in a tail spin as their monetary unit. the Lira, has been falling like a stone. This financial collapse in Turky is a planned operation, as the US has been against  President Erdogan's recent talks with Russia, as well as Turkey's recent report that they were willing to get away from the US/European sphere of monetary control and wanting to join the "BRICS" initiative..... Apparently the Jew controlled Rothschild criminal empire does not like to see one of their slave nations, Turkey, suddenly want to be fee of their grip, and has now been hard at work imploding the Turkish Lira as well as threatening to destroy Turkey economically by forcing that nation to accept one of their tried and truly destructive "IMF bailouts".... We shall see very shortly if Turkey continues to accept their Jew money enslavement or has the guts to break free and seek a better approach through Russia and of course China, who both have come forward and offered Turkey financial assistance... I hope that people do remember what recently happened in Greece, as that nation was being blackmailed by the EU and of course the criminal Jew run IMF into accepting a "bail out" that still to this day has destroyed that nation and left it enslaved to Rothschild Usury, while a better alternative was offered by the Russians to free that nation from that scourge.... Turkey should indeed look at what happened in neighboring Greece and seek a better alternative for the nation and its people...

As I stated in my last rant, I am not going to fall for this "Alex Jones" bullshit of being "censored", for I see it as nothing more than a twisted game by the Jewish pricks behind our so called 'social media" and Internet sites to give that prick traction.... And lo and behold, I was right, for since Jones' "banishment" and "censorship" his readership and his visibility has increased tremendously to the point that he has become almost a household name across America..... This has all been by design, as I and others are not fooled by that buffoon and his ramblings and continue to see him as nothing more than controlled opposition.... The man has been a consummate liar for decades who absolutely does as his Jewish masters and controllers demand of him.... He has never ever fingered the Jewish pricks as the ones responsible for all of the troubles that the world sees today, and instead continues to scream that it is the "Globalists" and an assortment of others that bear responsibility.... The bottom line is Alex Jones is out there to ruin the real truth movement and to keep people looking in the wrong directions for who is to blame.... And this recent game of having his sites "censored" is part of the Jews' game, and sadly so many people are being played as suckers... Do not be fooled and as I have said so many times, avoid his crapola site "Infowars" by all means necessary..

Well, I have spewed enough for the moment... And of course there are dozens of other key issues that I have missed in this report..err.. rant, and I will try to cover as many of those right here in my usual "last minute tidbits"........I wish that people would have over this idea that Hillary "Killary" Clinton is about to be arrested for her horrific long list of crimes against humanity.  US President Drumpf is not going to have that bitch arrested for she knows way too much and knows where all of the bodies and victims of US atrocities are buried. If that bitch was arrested, she could sing like a canary and the entire US govenment could come crashing down..... And about President Drumpf, I am sick of those who continue to support that criminal.  I read recent reports about how he was deeply involved with so many sickos such as the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and how he has a rap sheet miles long.  It is through those skeletons in the closet that the Jewish pricks control Drumpf and he will do exactly what his Jewish masters always demand....... I see that the vilification of Iran is still continuing via the Jew spew media, as the US government continues to massage and brainwash the sheep in America towards supporting a war against that innocent nation.  And yes, that war is definitely coming as the Jewish pricks want Iran destroyed to make room for total Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East..........And speaking of Israel, I see continuing reports about how the psychos in the IDF continue to indiscriminately shoot and murder Palestinians, while the world continues to turn a blind eye to this slaughter.  It sickens me that people still do not get it?  And how the psychos in Israel are still hell bent on having all of Palestine for their greedy and selfish selves while working overtime in having the Palestinians themselves left out of the equation.......I see the criminals in the US TSA are now rolling out "body scanners" in US subway systems, to go after non-existent "terrorists".  I knew this was coming, for the US Jew spew media has done their work well in scaring the American sheep with the bullshit notion that "terrorists are out to get you" and that propaganda has done its work well.  It will come to a time where everyone will have to be subjected to this type of personal invasion when anyone travels across what used to be a free nation called the US..........Interesting report here in Canada states that the criminal Trudeau government is going to ram through its Carbon tax fleecing of the Canuckleheads even if Provinces refuse to force that fleecing on their own citizens by the end of this year.  Yes, Justin Trudeau is hell bent on raping and pillaging the citizens of this once free nation through this Carbon tax fraud and sadly most Canuckleheads are still too stupid to realize that it is all a scam!........I see the American sheep are truly sick and tired of the lies being pushed by their Jew spew media to the point now that Jew run CNN's "ratings" have it well below the History Channel and below shows like "Ancient Aliens".   I find this heartwarming, and hope the trend continues to the point that these fraud "news outlets" are destroyed and permanently.  Nobody likes a liar!.........It will be interesting to see where the investigation into the Genoa Bridge collapse goes, for the Italian government is indeed looking for a scapegoat to take the blame for their own stupidity in not managing their own finances and allowing proper money to be diverted into infrastructure maintenance and upkeep.  Hopefully this will be a wake up call for all of the Italians that something is indeed not right in Italy!......... I have seen the reports where that psycho Jewish criminal behind "Facebook", Zuckerberg, has been going after internet suppliers and engines, claiming that internet 'neutrality' is a "problem". This SOB wants the entire Internet censored of course, and I say that this is a better reason to shut down "Facebook" permanently. That "social media" platform has to die, and the sooner the better...... I see that Arsenal has lost its first two matches against both Manchester City and the other day against Chelsea, making this the worst start for the Gunners in some 26 years.  It will take time for the new regime and the new coaching style to take hold, and I am not in a panic (yet).   The season is still 38 games long, and I am still crossing my fingers that the Gunners will turn around and will be near the top of the table by the end of the season......And finally, this week's take on skankville aka "Kardashian" hell.   Last week we had reports of queen skank, Kim, showing off her private parts (purposely of course) and this week we find the paparazzi going gaga about her showing off her body in Miami.  Yes, it shows what lypo-suction and other cosmetic surgeries can do to keep a two bit whore looking good for the cameras and to keep dumb ass Americans enthralled by this skank!   Yes, the lunatic asylum called "Kardashia" continues for another week to melt the minds of American sheep...

More to come


Friday, August 17, 2018

Our Abilities To Rationalize And Critically Think Are Under Attack: The 3 Trigger Terms Being Used To Stop Critical Thinking!

I have been so amazed these days in my dealings with my fellow Canuckleheads that occupy this country that I used to believe was the "most free nation" on the planet... Yes, I am referring to my country, Canada... But these days, due to the sheer ignorance of the people that I meet on a daily basis that have their faces firmly planted in their smartphones and are too oblivious to the very world around them, I have been calling this nation "Canuckleheadistan" instead....  It is absolutely shocking to see how far this nation has indeed fallen...

Right now, the so called "truth movement" is under severe attack thanks to the Jewish criminals that want to muzzle free speech and have everyone absolutely befuddled these days... These psychos are also working overtime these days in their want to have our abilities to see their criminal ways curtailed with their "hate crime" laws and the want to label anyone who calls out their crimes "antisemites"..... As a result, everyone that uses critical thinking skills and sees the world for what it is is under attack....

I have been most annoyed and dismayed at how people have been losing or have lost their abilities to think critically.... And of course I have been searching for reasons as to why.... Well, just today I came across the following article that comes from the Waking Times website at, that answers this question as to how our abilities to critically think have been coming under fire by these criminals, and I want to share that article with my own readers.... This one is entitled "The 3 Trigger Terms Being Used To Stop Critical Thinking" and I have it right here in its entirety... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


August 16, 2018

It’s a strange world of newspeak we live in. What was once a society devoted to logic and progress is now being herded in echo chambers of thought control and anti-critical thinking. Without the ability to examine an issue impartially and completely there is little hope of maintaining liberty and freedom, as history repeatedly demonstrated.
Today, we find that thinking is a diminishing art, and in its place, sound bites and stop-thought terms are used to put the brakes on the mind. These terms are widely used as signals to prevent minds from looking too deeply at a topic or issue.
Thinking critically means making reasoned judgments that are logical and well thought out. It is a way of thinking in which one doesn’t simply accept all arguments and conclusions to which one is exposed without questioning the arguments and conclusions. It requires curiosity, skepticism and humility. People who use critical thinking are the ones who say things such as, “How do you know that?” “Is this conclusion based on evidence or gut feelings?” and “Are there alternative possibilities when given new pieces of information?””  [Source]
The three terms most widely used today to this avail are detailed below.
1.) Conspiracy Theorist – This term is so overused that it really is devoid of any practical meaning. If you were to examine it at face value, though, it describes a person who is looking to understand injustices in our world and is willing to look at uncomfortable facts in search of negative influence… of which there is plenty in our world today.
However, ‘conspiracy theorist’ has literally become a derogatory term that is attributed to anyone who refuses to accept mainstream narratives at face value. It doesn’t matter that there is overwhelming evidence to indicate that mainstream media does not value objectivity or report on important issues thoroughly or truthfully.
Now we find this term applied as a prefix to well-known journalists and media personalities, almost as we use the term Doctor. It’s an adjective that precedes them everywhere, so that before you even know what issue is being discussed, you know that the issue is coming from someone considered to be fringe and unacceptable.
2.) Alt – We see the label ‘alt’ being applied more and more frequently as an adjective for sentiments that supposedly do not fit in with the accepted status quo. Ideas outside of the box.
Alt-Media. Alt-Right. Alt-Left. Alt-News. Alt-Health. And so on.
The signal here is that the mainstream is the safe space, and that any segment of ideas or thought given this prefix is outside of that mainstream, and therefore not something ordinary people would want to associate with. It takes complex ideas and sensitive issues and benches them, so that when the hive mind stumbles upon something ‘alt’ they immediately react with fear, disdain and feigned outrage.
There is no ‘alt’ in our world. We are one, and any faction of ideas is really just a spinoff of the shared reality we all live in. If segments of this shared space are off-limits and labeled as so, we all lose.
3.) Hate Speech – This term is one of the all-time favorites of politicians and tyrants. After all, what could more dangerous than hate?
Newsflash: Hate speech is not the same thing as a hate crime. Speech is just that, speech. It is literally vibrating air moving through space, and unless we’re talking about and LRAD crowd control cannon, sound really can’t cause people physical harm.
It is fascinating to watch how people use this term so freely as if speech itself can be criminal. American society is founded on the idea of freedom of speech and self-expression, which at its core is the recognition that as human beings we do not and never will all see the world in the same way. It is an acknowledgement of the fact that different people have different ideas about how the world is and should be. That these differences shouldn’t be used as a basis for discrimination.
The term hate speech is one of the most loaded and ambiguous terms in the political lexicon. Beware.

Final Thoughts

Next time you see or hear these terms being used, ask yourself what it is about the story that you’re not supposed to think too deeply about. Allow both sides of the argument to share equal time in your mind, and honor the independent, sovereign being within yourself that deserves a chance to make up its own mind about how it wishes to view the world.

NTS Notes:  When I first started writing this blog over 10 years ago, I was constantly being called an "Antisemite" and of course a "Conspiracy Theorist"... And after years of knowing that these idiots are too stupid to realize that these terms were invented to try to destroy anyone that sees the true evils in this world, I am proud to say that I wear these terms as badges of honor....

Everyone should know by now that the term "Conspiracy Theorist" was invented in the 1960's by the US intelligence group trying to destroy anyone that was wanting to investigate the murder of JFK and also wanted to expose the crimes of the US government... And they have used that term so well that we still find those who cannot understand and see that those with critical thinking know the real truths about these incidents are quick to label them as "conspiracy theorists" with the same meaning as being a "quack" or a "nut"..... But again with a bit of research and actually using some brain cells, many discover that these "conspiracy theorists" have been right all along...

The "alt" of course is short for "alternative" and of course the Jew spew media has loved that one as labeling those who know that the "media" is full of liars are "on the edge" or "kooks".... Again, like "conspiracy theorist", many have been fooled into believing that the "alt" media are the wackos in our societies.... BUT of course those with real critical thinking skills know that the "alt" media are not controlled and have no fear in getting the real truths out...

Of course the "hate speech" term was also invented by the Jewish criminals who want to suppress anyone who discovers and is not afraid to expose those crimes..... Anyone who has the courage to stand up and tell it like it is these days is automatically labeled as being a "hater" and what they have to say is automatically called "hate speech".... I too have suffered from this indignity due to my want to tell the truth and to call out the criminals by name..... As the author states, this is one of the most "loaded" and "ambiguous" terms out there and many are too quick to jump on it before understanding what a person being labeled with that lie is saying....

Yes, we in the real truth movement are indeed under fire and the Jewish criminal element has been using these three terms as psychological weapons of choice to suppress our information and findings.... I again must ask readers to not fear these terms and to continue to use their own rational and critical thinking skills to dig through the bullshit that we are constantly being bombarded on a daily basis to get to the real truths....

More to come


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Revisiting The 1979 Vela Incident: Proof Of That Israeli/South African Nuclear Test Appeared In Radioactive Nucleotides Found In Animals!

About 7 years ago (Yes, it has been that long..) I filed a report about the 1979 Vela spy satellite "incident" where an American Vela spy satellite #6911 apparently recorded the testing of a clandestine joint Israeli/South African nuclear device on the southern Indian Ocean island of Bouvet on September 22nd, 1979. The Vela satellite recorded the "double flash" light form that blast, and consequently caused quite a stir with governments right across the globe. This was definitely a nuclear test of a low yield device, and showde the proof that the psychotic state of Israel was indeed a clandestine "nuclear power" and in clear violation of the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty and the US Symington act.... It also showed that the Israelis were advanced enough in their own nuclear technology that they were selling nuclear secrets and nuclear technology to the apartheid state of South Africa..

For posterity, I want to present here the link to my original report from 2011 about this clandestine detonation of a nuclear device for everyone to see here:

OK,  Since my original report I had been periodically asked for some further proof that this was indeed a clandestine nuclear test... And earlier this week, we find this report from the IFL Science website, at, where apparently a short time after that Vela incident, there were reports of high levels of radioactive nucleotides in sheep and other animals in Australia!   Here is the link to that report here:

What we have here is the "smoking gun" proof that there was definitely a nuclear test conducted in the southern Indian Ocean in September of 1979... These nucleotides and especially the Cesium 131 that was found in these sheep does NOT occur naturally and almost 100% of the time comes directly from nuclear weapons testing.....

I have said for years now that the psychotic state of Israel is and has been for some 50+ years a "nuclear power" and is in clear violation of the both the Symington and Glenn acts of 1977 that bans any US support for any nation that has developed nuclear weapons and is not a signator of the 1963 nuclear non-proliferation agreements.. Israel is neither and what it means is that every single penny that the US has sent to that psychotic state since 1977 is in clear violation of US Law!  The Vela incident proves this to be fact...

Yes, the Israelis did indeed sell nuclear technology to the apartheid South African government, and subsequently the South Africans clandestinely developed and built as many as 11 nuclear bombs... These weapons were South Africa's "deterrent" against its neighboring African nations and would have been used only as a last resort if the White South African government ever was in danger of falling...

AND as I wrote in many previous reports, the South African government made a clandestine deal in 1991 to have their nuclear weapons taken out of the nation and to be "disposed" of by both the UK and the US... However, when that shipment of these weapons eventually arrived in the UK and under the guidance of none other than Dr Kelly (Yes the same Dr Kelly that was soon after murdered for the knowledge he knew about this and other shady UK government nuclear deals..) the crates that they were shipped were opened only to find 3 missing nuclear weapons!... What had happened was the Israeli Mossad was able to intercept the ship in transit in Dubai and had the nukes removed....

We also know that the Israeli Mossad not only stole these nuclear weapons, but they subsequently had one of them sent to North Korea... The proof came in the 'nuclear test' by North Korea in 2008 that had the spectrometer signature showing that it originated from South Africa....

I have been standing behind my statement that there are still TWO rogue South African nuclear devices loose on the planet and in the hands of the criminal Israeli Mossad.... And with a life expectancy of some 30 years before the devices lose their usefulness and power, there is still the threat on this planet that these monsters would detonate one of these devices to have the blast blamed on someone else... The potential for a nuclear "false flag" is absolutely real, and if it does happen we should all be ready to point the finger at who to blame...

More to come


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Prisoner Of Truth: Update On Ursula Haverbeck - In German Jail For Asking Questions!

I have been awaiting any new news on the status of both Monika and Alfred Schaefer, both of which are still under basically "house arrest" in Germany awaiting the start up of their next phase in the German kangaroo court system for asking questions about the "Jewish Holocaust" of the second world war, as well as Monika's fabulous video (which I still have up at this blog on the right hand side for now) that basically is an apology to her own mother for that same "Holocaust".... It is shocking to see these two brave and absolutely innocent souls having to suffer under the German system of "justice" that is nothing more than a fraud in itself..

However, we have had almost zero reports about another prisoner of truth and conscience, Ursula Haverbeck, who is also suffering under the German system of "law" for nothing more than challenging the facts behind the "Holocaust" and wanting to see the forensic evidence that  proves once and for all if that period of history and that "genocide" actually occurred.... Ursula is in fact now 90 YEARS OF AGE, and is getting ready for her "day in court" come this September 12th, where she will absolutely be found "guilty" in that kangaroo court for "inciting hate" and will probably live the rest of her life in a cold German jail!  The fact that the German "law system" that is nothing more than a joke has the nerve to lock up a 90 year old frail woman for asking questions shows how far the German nation has indeed fallen..

I want to present here the latest video report about what has been happening to Ursula Haverbeck that comes from the REAL VIDEO website (Youtube will have this video "banned" of course..) for all to see for themselves... I have my further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I am glad that an alternative to that disgusting Youtube is now available, and I too will be going to THAT site from now on for a lot of my future videos... I again cannot stand or condone the censorship that Youtube and other criminal sites are doing to suppress the truth..

Lets face it... I was disgusted last year when I heard about Ursula Haverbeck and how the Jew controlled German "law" system had her arrested on the ridiculous charges of "inciting hate"... Again this is a 90 year old woman for fuck sake!    What this shows is the sheer desperation of the Jewish elite in their insane want to prevent anyone from simply asking questions about their so called "Holocaust"..

I again cannot directly challenge the history or the facts behind the "holocaust", due to my living in Canada.... I can only ask that readers take their own initiative and research and explore the facts for themselves and to ASK QUESTIONS..... Real history should not be blocked and subjected to "laws" that prevent research and discovery... People do deserve the truth...

And yes, I am still awaiting any more news about the Schaefers.... If that news comes out, I will have it here at this blog for everyone to see for themselves.. .Stay tuned..

More to come


Genoa Italy Bridge Collapse: Shocking Report States That Experts Were Well Aware Of Problems Years Ago, But Failed To Act Due To Outrageous Maintenance Costs!

Many who have read this blog for years know full well that I have had major concerns about our "infrastructure" right across North America and especially in the United States... There is right now literally tens of thousands of bridges and other major infrastructures that are in dire need of repair, and the vast majority have now fallen into neglect... Every single on of these are basically ticking time bombs and could possibly fail sometime in the near future causing serious casualties and loss of human life....

Now here we go with that major artery bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy where the Morandi Bridge linking two major Italian motorways collapsed yesterday during a peak traffic period, causing the destruction of the bridge itself and the deaths of some 39 people so far..... It has been a major tragedy for Italy, and at the moment the Italian government has called for a major investigation of this disaster....

Yes, there will be a LOT of finger pointing for this disaster.... And what I found today, thanks to Web News System website, at, shows that some of the people responsible for the proper maintenance of that bridge were well aware for years now that it was in dire need of repair or replacement!  This report shows that this bridge was indeed a "ticking time bomb" and the disaster that we just witnessed the other day was definitely going to occur sooner or later.... Here is that report for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Revealed: Experts warned two years ago that 50-year-old 'uneven' Genoa bridge should be demolished because no one would pay for its 'exorbitant' maintenance - as Transport Minister says those responsible for 35 deaths 'will have to pay'

  • Morandi Bridge in Genoa had needed several rounds of maintenance work 
  • Bridge, built in 1967, collapsed during fierce storm, killing at least 35 people
  • At the time of collapse, it was undergoing work to strengthen foundations
  • Expert warned in 2016 maintenance more expensive than knocking it down
  • Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli vowing those responsible would 'pay up'
The motorway bridge which collapsed in Genoa, Italy, killing at least 35 people had been the subject of a series of 'exorbitant' maintenance works and had been causing issues for decades, it has emerged.
Engineering experts had warned that it would have been more cost effective to knock the bridge down than to continue to repair the 'uneven' construction.
The Morandi Bridge, built in 1967, was a main thoroughfare connecting the A10 and A7 highways and had therefore been heavily trafficked for more than 50 years.
Tuesday morning was no different, and dozens of cars fell several hundred feet when a 260ft section of the concrete bridge collapsed shortly after 11.30am.
Tragedy: This graphic shows the part of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa which collapsed on Tuesday morning, killing at least 35 people
Tragedy: This graphic shows the part of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa which collapsed on Tuesday morning, killing at least 35 people
Transport and Infrastructure minister Danilo Toninelli called the incident 'an enormous tragedy', vowing that those responsible for the collapse would 'pay up'.
'The first information would seem to say that the maintenance had been carried out, but it can not be so. These tragedies can not happen in a civilized country like Italy.' 
Despite its majestic design, the structure of the Morandi Bridge, using two types of reinforced concrete, had caused issues over the decades and required expensive maintenance.
In the early 1990s, the suspension cables along the bridge had to be replaced, and further restructuring work was carried out in 2016. 
In 2016, Antonio Brencich, associate professor of civil engineering at the University of Genoa warned that the Morandi Bridge's maintenance costs 'are so exorbitant that it would be cheaper to build a new one'.
Before: The 3,615ft long Morandi Bridge, completed in 1967, had needed several rounds of maintenance work over the past decades
Before: The 3,615ft long Morandi Bridge, completed in 1967, had needed several rounds of maintenance work over the past decades
Shocking: The bridge collapsed on Tuesday morning as Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli vowing those responsible would 'pay up'
Shocking: The bridge collapsed on Tuesday morning as Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli vowing those responsible would 'pay up'
Rescuers at work amid rubble and wreckage after the collapse of a section of the Morandi motorway bridge in Genoa
Rescuers at work amid rubble and wreckage after the collapse of a section of the Morandi motorway bridge in Genoa
The collapse came two years after a professor of civil engineering warned that the Morandi Bridge's maintenance costs 'are so exorbitant that it would be cheaper to build a new one'
The collapse came two years after a professor of civil engineering warned that the Morandi Bridge's maintenance costs 'are so exorbitant that it would be cheaper to build a new one'
In the article, quoted by Il Tempo, Professor Brencich says issues with the bridge being uneven and 'semi-horizontal' had plagued the construction since the early 1980s.
In December 2016, Genoan newspaper Il Secolo XIX claimed maintenance of bridges in the area had been lacking funds because authorities 'preferred to allocate more funds to new works'.
The paper accused officials in the Liguria region of only making important restorations when issues with bridges had become obvious.
Ian Firth, a former president of The Institution of Structural Engineers said the Morandi Bridge's 'very unusual' design creates a 'stiff arrangement' between the supports which is not common in cable-stayed bridges.  
Mr Firth added: 'It is too early to say what caused the tragic collapse, but as this reinforced and prestressed concrete bridge has been there for 50 years it is possible that corrosion of tendons or reinforcement may be a contributory factor. 
'There are no obvious signs to say what specifically triggered the collapse at this time; the fact that there was reported to be a storm at the time may or may not be particularly relevant.' 
The highway operator said today that work to shore up the foundation of the Morandi Bridge was being carried out at the time of the collapse, adding that the bridge was constantly monitored.
Tuesday's incident is the latest in a string of bridge collapses in Italy, a country prone to damage from seismic activity but where infrastructure generally is showing the effects of economic stagnation. 
Designer: The Morandi Bridge was named after its designer, Italian engineer Riccardo Morandi
Designer: The Morandi Bridge was named after its designer, Italian engineer Riccardo Morandi
Same same, but different: The Morandi Bridge's sister bridge, the General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge in Venezuela, which partially collapsed in 1964
Same same, but different: The Morandi Bridge's sister bridge, the General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge in Venezuela, which partially collapsed in 1964
The Morandi Bridge, also known as the Polcevera viaduct, was named after the engineer who designed it - Riccardo Morandi.
Morandi, who died in 1989, specialised in working with reinforced and pre-stressed concrete to design a series of bridges in Italy, South America and Libya. 
The bridge which carried his name took four years to complete and was opened to the public in 1967, with the then-President Giuseppe Saragat presiding over the inauguration ceremony.
The bridge over the Polcevera stream was 3,615ft long, 148ft high and its longest span stretched 690ft.
Another Morandi bridge in Venezuela, built to a similar design to the one in Genoa, partially collapsed in 1964 after being hit by an oil tanker, just two years after it finished.
The General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge, also known as the Lake Maracaibo Bridge, had been completed just two years earlier when a tanker steered into it - killing seven people.
The collapsed part of thee bridge was rebuilt eight months later and no major issues have been reported since. The CNR civil engineering society called for a 'Marshall Plan' to repair or replace tens of thousands of bridges in Italy that have surpassed their lifespans, having been built in the 1950s and 1960s with reinforced concrete.
The group said the bridges were built with the best-known technology of the time, but that their working lifespan is 50 years. 
It added that in many cases, the cost to update and reinforce the bridges is more than it would cost to destroy and rebuild them.
The CNR called for a major program to replace most of the bridges with new ones that would have a lifespan of 100 years.
It cited previous collapses, including one in April 2017 in the northern province of Cuneo that crushed a carabinieri police car.
Fortunately, the officers and the driver they had pulled over in a traffic stop heard the creaking noise and got out of the way in time.
Another was an overpass in the northern city of Lecco that collapsed under exceptional weight, crushing a car and killing the driver. 

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit shocked by this report?  The facts are that this structure was absolutely in need of replacement due to the ridiculous maintenance costs that would have had to been paid just to keep it from falling... And basically because nobody wanted to foot the bill, it became a ticking time bomb and this collapse was definitely going to happen sooner or later..

Yes, this report also shows that many of the structures, and especially the bridges, right across Italy are in such dire state of disrepair that many are absolutely in need of replacement.. But who would foot the bill?  Italy has been in a state of near bankruptcy for the last decade with the criminal Jewish run IMF calling on the government in Rome to restructure their "debt" or face the same debt monetary crisis that both Greece and Spain face right now..... The bottom line here is that there is NO money for basic infrastructure needs and we see the result of that folly with this bridge collapse in Genoa...

AND again what has happened in Italy should be a wake up call for both my American and Canadian readers... The US government has been throwing away taxpayer money for decades now in illegal wars for Israel while putting almost ZERO dollars in for much needed infrastructure repairs or upkeeping... We see the results with so many bridges right across America as bad or WORSE than the one in Genoa.   It will only be a matter of time before we see the bridge collapse in Italy repeated right here in North America..

More to come


One update:  I got an email from a colleague that has read this article and he sent me the following picture that he said is also up at Jim Stone's website at IF this is the picture of that elevated bridge structure of the part of this bridge that collapsed, then anyone with any common sense can see how it would have indeed collapsed... Here is that picture:

I am trying to verify if this is a picture of the underside of that bridge, and if so then we can see how the disintegration of the structure, due to age and neglect,  most definitely led to the collapse...