Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Here Is Another Reason Why There Will Be NO War Against North Korea: Missiles Placed In Japan Are For OFFENSIVE Purposes And NOT Aimed At North Korea!

With the recent "false alarm" in Hawaii that just occurred last Saturday, I have received a few emails that are asking me if I am sticking to my stance that the "threat" from North Korea is bogus.... Yes, that "false alarm" still has a lot of questions that have yet to be answered, and yes I am sticking to my stand that all of this propaganda and fear mongering that we are seeing about this non-existent North Korean "threat" is absolutely bogus... I said before that the "fear porn" that we are experiencing now about North Korea is for the purpose of selling and placing weapons in that Asian theater to be aimed at China....

Well, lo and behold, but I once again being proven right about the real purpose of this bogus "North Korean threat".... And the information comes here courtesy of the Aletho News website, at www.alethonews.wordpress.com....For according to this report that I have right here for all to see fort themselves, apparently the Russians are no fools and see those "defensive missiles" being placed in Japan right now against that non-existent "North Korean threat" as for OFFENSIVE purposes!  Here is that report and my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

US missile systems in Japan may have offensive purpose & be controlled by Washington – Moscow

RT | January 15, 2018
The US-made Aegis missile-defense system deployed in Japan could be used for offensive purposes and fall under full control of Washington, the Russian foreign minister warns.
The deployment of the American Aegis Combat System, designed to provide defense against short to intermediate-range ballistic missiles, casts a shadow over Russia-Japan relations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during his annual Q&A on Monday. Moscow has serious concerns over its purpose and who will be behind the operational control of the missile system in Japan. Despite Tokyo’s assertions, Moscow remains unconvinced.
“We have data that the system that will be deployed in Japan is based on universal launchers, which can use assault weapons,” the foreign minister stated. He added that Washington has never given control over its weapons to the country of deployment and this time will be no exception.
“We have heard that it will be Japan that will allegedly operate this system, and the United States will have nothing to do with it, but we have serious doubts that it is so.”
The statement comes on the heels of a report, which states that the stationing of the Aegis system is allegedly aimed at curbing Russia and is intended as a deterrent against its nuclear missiles, Japanese media say, citing an unnamed official.
Last month, Tokyo decided to boost its ballistic missile defense system and approved the purchase and deployment of two Aegis Ashore batteries – expected to become operational by 2023 – at a cost of around $2 billion.
Moscow has repeatedly stressed that it is eager to engage in dialogue over the stationing of US missile defense systems overseas, to make sure they will not “become a serious destabilizer” of the international climate, according to Lavrov. Despite US claims that the weapons are not directed against Russia, Moscow has “plenty of evidence that all this is not so.”

NTS Notes:  Well, I will not gloat, but once again I am proven right... I called it a long time ago that all of those weapons that are presently flooding into Japan and South Korea are NOT for "defensive" purposes at all against this bogus North Korean "threat" but are being rushed in to threaten China and very possibly targets in the Russian Federation as well...

Yes, the propaganda of fear has been doing remarkably well on the minds of gullible people... We are being inundated constantly through the Jew spew media about this "big bad North Korea" and their "insane" leadership,when the reality is all of that propaganda is for placing a massive amount of offensive weapons in Asia that are aimed primarily at both China and Russia......

Hopefully the message should be clear to everyone here, and they can stop cowering in fear about this "North Korean threat" ... All that fear is doing is to sell American weapons to nations in Asia, and right now business is booming for the American military industrial complex..

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Updated: Hawaiian Nuclear Missile Attack False Alarm: What The Hell Really Happened There?

Someone sent me an email just the other day saying that "I was slipping" in my articles when I supposedly missed the recent Hawaiian "nuclear missile strike" that turned out to be a "false alarm"..... I honestly did not report on that fiasco that had the Hawaiian people in an absolute panic for almost 40 minutes last Saturday morning due to the fact that I saw it as a huge mistake and that there was absolutely no incoming nuclear missiles that were about to obliterate the over 1 million residents of the islands....  Or so it seemed at the time...

I figure I would put in my "2 cents worth" and discuss that may have really happened in Hawaii with the false alarm.... We have report after report that came out shortly after the false alarm that claims that an operator in one of Hawaii's large amount of US military bases was alerted to an incoming 'ballistic missile' and sounded the alarm.... After that point, the warnings and sirens went off all over the main island of Oahu and there were alerts on many of the other islands simultaneously..... The panic that ensued was nearly catastrophic in itself with reports of people absolutely going insane in trying to find ways to find shelter and cover from what may have been a nuclear strike..... But after 38 minutes, the alarms were turned off with the "all clear" message sent out... There was no detonation of any bomb or missile anywhere near the islands, and of course people's panic quickly turned to anger with demands that an investigation take place and those responsible for the false alarm be severely reprimanded...

I for one have a bit of knowledge on how military alert systems operate, and I found it so strange that the excuse for this false alarm rests with ONE operator who mistakenly caused the alarm due to incompetency or simply "pushing a wrong button"......I have been wondering since Friday if something else really happened and we are not being told the real story about this "false alarm"....

Well, lo and behold, but Jim Stone over at his website at www.jimstone.is, has a most interesting take on this Hawaiian fiasco, and I want to share it with everyone here... I of course have further comments and thoughts to follow:

15 January 2018


"Confident" is the best I can do when it can't actually be proven. But the back channels of the internet have filled up with massive numbers of trolls that are onto this story like maggots on a rotting dog, trolls that are saying the most stupid things, like "I wonder what nation owned the sub, Paraguay? (as if they are serious) and other absolutely ridiculous crap.

FACT: There is only ONE nuclear nation that has submarines that fit the description that is not Russia or the U.S. and that is ISRAEL.

The banality of the trollage points ONE DIRECTION: ISRAEL.
Naked banal we have seen it everywhere countless times predictable stupid ISRAELI TROLLAGE.
"Now we have to scream "Nazi" sniff, and force Germany to cough us up another sub . . . . . sniff.

I was a little bit skeptical of this until I saw the nature of the trollage. Now I am like - "Oh my God!"
14 January 2018

Yesterday's nuclear launch on Hawaii real? Possibly.

The following is thus far urban myth, but people should be aware of it because it could be true, and is certainly plausible. If a submarine was destroyed, it is overwhelmingly probable for it to have been Israeli.

I have a way to know if this story is true. Israel should have THREE dolphin 2 submarines in 2018. If the years go on and they can only show two, one of them just bit the dust. The Dolphin 2 submarines have air independent propulsion, which gives them a range and endurance second only to a nuclear submarine. One of these could have made it to Hawaii, especially with clandestine surface support.
The possible submarines are: Dolphin, Leviathan, Tekumah, Tanin, Rahav and Dakar (not yet commissioned) with the last 3 having a very large air independent range. People ought to be able to confirm one missing by keeping an extended (years long) eye on Israeli naval bases.

Once again, the above cannot be confirmed true, but it is intriguing to say the least. Keep an eye on Israel's subs.

Here's an intersting post on this topic. I'd have to say I agree.
I live on maui. The "oops" Hawaii ballistic missile alert just doesn't add up. Think about your job. Imagine the biggest fuck up that you could possibly commit. A fuck up that doesn't damage your workplace or harm anyone that you work with, or outside of work, but a MASSIVE fuck up none the less. Something that would get you immediately fired and or put in prison even.
What would it take for you to fuck up that bad at your job?? Would it even be possible? Is it something so easily done that would have such catastrophic effects? Is it something so simple as hitting a wrong button and sending an alert to a million plus people? I'm sorry but there are no "buttons" that are set up to do that. I just don't see this as a big mistake, there's something more. I'm not sure what but I know it wasn't just a simple fucking mistake.
A subsequent response:
Head dude was asked if he was there when it all went down. He said no, the system is set up so that no one needs to be there. Kinda contradicted his button pushing story.
BTW, I'm on Kauai - Aloha!
My comment: The cover story really is rock stupid. As if the emergency alert system has a custom "button" for a nuke attack, that automatically sends out a canned message. And that is exactly why the purported whistleblower testimony about a submarine nuke launch is so plausible, it is FAR MORE plausible than an idiotic "oops" story.

NTS Notes:  OK, I am not completely sold on this report by Jim Stone being the real thing, simply because to "intercept" an incoming ballistic missile as the article claims is nearly impossible even with current missile defense technology...

However, there is the other aspect of Israeli "Dolphin class" nuclear missile submarines that was missed in this assessment.. Most of them of course do have nuclear missiles on board, but they are not "ballistic" suborbital flight missiles, but CRUISE MISSILES..... And yes, those cruise missiles do indeed carry a nuclear payload....  AND since cruise missiles do fly so much slower than ballistic missiles, they can be detected by radar bases near Hawaii and can be intercepted and blown out of the sky well before they were to hit Hawaii....

The idea that the psychos in Israel and the "cabal" could be behind this attempted nuclear strike against Hawaii may be a bit "far fetched" and I am looking for other clues that may indeed back up Jim's story... However, considering how truly diabolical these monsters are and how they may indeed be looking for a "false flag" attack to somehow get a nice little war going against North Korea, Jim's article does garner further investigation by the real truth seekers out there...

I also need not remind everyone of how Israel has indeed been involved in clandestine "terrorist" attacks in the past with their near "stealth" submarines.... We have the sinking of the South Korean ship "Chosen" a few years back that most definitely was carried out by an Israeli clandestine submarine attack, and we have the attack on the USS Cole back in October, 2000 that was definitely caused by an attack by an Israeli submarine that launched a "Popeye" cruise missile into that ship.... I therefore will not dismiss Jim Stone's report yet...

There is so much more about this Hawaiian false flag than what we have been told..... If I do come across any hard facts about what caused that alert, I will bring it here for all to see... Stay tuned...

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* I just read this morning the latest updates from Jim Stone's site that again should have everyone going "Hmmmmmm....", and especially with an interesting report that the sirens went off on Saturday morning over at Hickam Air Force base.. The sirens and alert system at that air force base are supposedly INDEPENDENT of the Emergency Alert System for the rest of Oahu!  Here is Jim's update:


Hmm, let me guess - They were observing the "anomaly" the whistle blower (below) mentioned that they were already aware of from the day before, had systems locked, activated the anti missile defense system practically instantly, shot down the launched missiles within a minute, killed the sub, AND THEN, 38 minutes later, gave the all clear. How about that for a back story? Obviously it can't be confirmed, but it sure beats the "bumbling fool" on alert button ludicrosy.

Hawaii update

The new line from the MSM is that the police knew it was a false alarm five minutes after the alert was given. I CALL BUNK, because if that was true, how on earth did the EAS take 33 additional minutes after that to give the all clear? Would they not be the first to know? The police should have gotten the all clear from the EAS. If they did not, who gave them the all clear? It's not like all the cops have a secret line to military command post X. I CALL BUNK, it is a cover story for something much bigger.

Remember a few years ago when there was aconfirmed missile launch off the coast of California that was also subsequently scrubbed and white washed? It was proven that it was launched by a Chinese Navy Jin class ballistic missile nuclear submarine, and it got scrubbed by the Pentagon and debunked by Snopes. Yet it was so freaking obvious what it was that no one, even hunch backed emma believed the Pentagon. What happened in California is a SOLID, ROCK SOLID PRECEDENT for there to have been a real missile launch and shoot down off of Hawaii, with subsequent media white wash. You can't trust a damn thing the media says, they are all a bunch of scamming traitors.

The real back story to the Chinese missile incident is that it was a warning shot to the U.S., to prove China could circumvent detection by the U.S. The missile was fired 30 miles off the coast, and sent on a trajectory that caused it to land 400 miles to the west, in the Pacific. The U.S. claims territorial waters 250 miles out, and China totally violated that but what could the Pentagon do? Encourage them to launch another missile the other way?

NTS Notes: OK, I for one am indeed perturbed by the reports that so quickly called this thing "just one big mistake", for the story does indeed not add up... Basically, big mistake my ass... There is so much more than what meets the eye here, and we are NOT getting the full story about what really happened in Hawaii on Saturday morning....

I basically am not sold on what we have been told, and will indeed try to get to the bottom of this.... It does make one wonder if there was a diabolical "false flag" attack that was indeed planned here that was stopped at the last moment...

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Yes, it is Sunday.. The second Sunday of the new year, and time once again for my weekly rant..

First and foremost, my "better half" is finally on the road to recovery from this latest "strain" of Influenza... She absolutely came down hard with that nasty bug about 4 days ago and the worse was in fact on Friday where she had such a high fever and body chills that I was indeed contemplating taking her into the local health clinic if she did not show signs of recovery...Luckily she has been getting progressively better after that point, and yesterday she had probably her best sleep in about a week... I was busy yesterday taking care of some of the chores around the house and I did not find time to do much in terms of either sitting down to surf the Internet or even blogging....  Yes, family matters take precedence and I figured I would catch up on a lot of what I may have missed in this rant...

But lets face it.. I was never ever wanting to see her or I go out and get that goddamn "flu shot" that the Jew spew media was promoting constantly over these last few months, for I have known that the criminal Big Pharma "vaccine" absolutely does NOT work... And then we have the news over these last few weeks via the Internet that the "vaccine" that they have been insisting on pumping into the bodies of idiots out there was the "wrong" vaccine for this strain of Influenza in the first place!  Honestly, how diabolical is that?  These criminals knew from the very beginning that their "vaccine" does not work and is the wrong variant, and yet they were out there promoting it to "prevent the flu"....  To me, it is surprising that few people that went out and gullibly allowed them to pump that poison into their bodies are up in arms about these  facts....

OK, Onto other business... Many have been wondering of course what it has been like up here in the "Great White North" in terms of temperatures and conditions in this below normal winter season.. And yes, baby, it is still intensely cold outside.... We are now in the most bitter part of January, and the daytime highs here in the real centre of Canada are hovering around the -25C range (thats -10F for you Americans on the Fahrenheit scale), while at night it has been getting down to a bone chilling -35C (-31F) with windchill factors reaching down to the -45C (-49F) range.. .And yes it is so damn cold that even automobiles have been freezing up.....  And what is the forecast for the rest of this month here?  Well, they figure there may be some "moderation" to around the -10C mark, but expected temperatures to be in the -25C towards the beginning of February....

I honestly have to laugh when I still see morons out there try to attribute this intense cold that we are seeing across North America to the fraud of "Global Warming"...In fact, I found out that the major prick behind the "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" fraud,  Mr "Manbearpig" himself, Al Gore has now been out there still promoting this hogwash, but now calling it "Climate Crisis".... Honestly,  a "crisis"?  I am really surprised that more people are not going after this SOB and his entourage for still trying to push this fraud fear into everyone that the "planet is overheating" when the reality is so much different....

I do want to make sure that people do not get swept up into the false notion that all of this intense cold is signalling the start of a "new ice age" as some of the idiot "scientists" out there are now promoting... I have already said in previous rants and so many articles that this cold spell is due to diminished solar output from our Sun, Sol... And that this reduced energy output is part of a natural cycle that usually lasts about 44 years between high and low output.. However, this reduction is different, for it is coupled with a reduced solar sunspot activity signalling a reduction in Sol's magnetic field.. The last time that occurred was of course a few centuries ago in what is now called a Maunder minimum... When a minimum happens, our planet does go through a period of cold temperatures that can last for decades..... History shows that the last time one of these minimums happened, much of the planet did suffer through the "mini ice age" of the 17th to 18th centuries with low seasonal temperatures, cooler summers, and long bitter winters....  Yes apparently we are only now starting into a Solar Minimum, and many of our nations are now ill prepared for the cold since they have been foolish enough to believe in the fraud of the planet warming....

OK, Enough about the weather... I wanted to put out an article or two the other day to cover what has been happening in the "war zone" of Syria, and the news from the front lines of the war to free the Syrian nation from the evil US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal has been exciting for the Syrian people.. The good guys, the SAA along with their Russian, Arabic, and now Chinese as well, allies have been pushing into the "rebel" held area of Idlib Province with their bulls eye definitely on the massive air and military base at Abu Duhur.... I stated in my last rant that if the Syrian forces are able to capture that important base, then the entire Idlib pocket could collapse... Abu Duhur is not only a major military installation, but it is almost in the exact centre of the entire "rebel" held pocket and an important communications and transportation centre..... Its fall would force most of what remains of the "rebel" resistance into areas of western Syria along the Turkish border and encircle what is left of the US/Israeli "ISIS" into a pocket in eastern Idlib/Hama that can be annihilated by the SAA forces... Yes, the so called 'rebels' absolutely do know the strategic importance of Abu Duhur and that is why they have been desperately trying to launch some "counterattacks" to push the SAA forces back, but so far have been failing miserably.....  I for one am in fact awaiting the word about the fall of Abu Duhur base to the good guys, and I will indeed post that report when it does come available...

I have indeed been puzzled by the actions of Turkey over the last week in regards to their actions in Syria....Just a few weeks ago we find reports that the Turks were willing to work with the Russians in ending the conflict in Syria as well as supporting leaving Bashar al-Assad in control of the country... But over these last few weeks we have seen the Turks fall in line with the criminals in the US and Israel by bashing Assad with the old and tired line that he "has to go".. And then just this last week with the SAA about to destroy the US backed 'rebels' in Idlib Province, we find the Turks suddenly rushing in weapons to these "rebels" to try to stop the SAA advance, and further reports of the Turks now massive a large contingency of force in northern Syria to attack the Kurdish "rebels" as well....  Obviously the Russians are not too happy about the Turkish change, and I too am wondering what kind of game Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is trying to play in Syria?

Well, I did indeed read the news about US President Drumpf supposedly making a public statement about nations such as Haiti and other hell holes calling them a few derogatory names such as "shit holes"... Honestly, even though I can not stand Drumpf, he is absolutely right.... These nations have been turned into sewers by the evil Jewish pricks that only want them to extract their wealth and of course sources of basically slave labor...... Haiti for example has always been a hell hole, with the worse poverty in the entire Northern Hemisphere... It did not help that the Haitian nation suffered from that massive earthquake almost a decade ago that it still has not recovered from... And that the so called 'aid' that was supposed to be sent to that nation was instead gobbled up by that Jewish criminal prick, Hillary "Killary" Clinton and her evil "Clinton Foundation" for her own personal wealth and to be used for her to try to obtain the US Presidency.....Haiti is a mess, and sadly the terms "Shit hole" and "Hell hole" are correct...  Fuck the idiot "liberals" out there that are now slamming Drumpf for telling the truth here...

And.. Drumpf is right when he says that the US should be taking in immigrants from nations such as Norway instead of those from those hell holes... The facts are simple here, for immigrants from nations such as Norway would be far better educated and more willing to work than the illegal migrants and other scum that have been flooding into our nations from those hell holes...  I again must point out how great the "immigration" of these migrant workers has been working here in Canada, where most, if not all, of these "immigrants" are not only not working at all but have been a further burden on this nation's already bursting social and welfare services.... And the fact is that most of these migrants from those third world sewers are incapable of not only working but actually becoming part of Canada's "multicultural" society....   I for one have no qualms about any migrant or immigrant coming here as long as they are willing to be part of Canadian society and actually wanting to work, but again all I have seen is a bunch of useless people that have been sucking the life out of Canada's welfare system and will continue to bleed Canadian taxpayers to death indefinitely.....  The best thing that can happen with these illegal migrants is to send them all packing to those hell holes they came from....  Therefore, Donald Drumpf, even though he is still a massive Jew butt kisser, is actually right in his assessment about US immigration policies and those "liberal" idiots out there that are all screaming about his statements can all just fuck off and get some real lives...

I really do hate to be right on what the entire "North Korean threat" has been all about, but I am right... There will be NO war against North Korea, period, end of story... The entire "threat" has been artificial all along as I have stated so many times, and was created to use the psychological effect of "fear" in so many gullible people... What we have here is the US wanting to sell a massive amount of weapons to nations in Asia that are bordering China... And the reason should be obvious just by looking at a world map, for these weapons are NOT aimed at North Korea but absolutely at China.... I can guarantee that in the bowels of the Pentagram aka "Pentagon" some brainiacs have been working on methods of "containing" China considering the massive growth of China both economically as well as militarily, and someone came up with the idea of using "fear" in nations such as Japan and South Korea to get those governments to go on massive buying sprees for American made weapons aimed at the non-existent "threat" of North Korea... And yes, that 'fear porn" has worked beyond their wildest dreams, for right now we see a South Korea and Japan bristling with massive amounts of newer and more deadly weapons made in the US..... The US is hell bent obviously in arming their allies with these weapons to contain China's massive growth, and the result has been a boon for the US military industrial complex....  The bottom line here is this; North Korea is not a threat and is being used as pure propaganda bunk by the US and the Jew spew media.  The real issue is and always  has been China and its increasing influence in Asia that could end America's dominance in the region.

Apparently the news is still not good about the status of Monika Schaefer and how the criminal German government basically arrested that innocent woman and have thrown her into jail on the ridiculous charges of "inciting hate" by her apologizing to her own mother two years ago about the Jewish Holocaust....  The German government is absolutely hell bent on keeping her incarcerated illegally while they work on getting her into a 'show trial' on charges of violating their own disgusting and sick "Holocaust denial" laws..... I for one am deeply disturbed by this, for it shows the absolute stupidity and insanity of what Germany has now become.... I have been wondering what ever happened to the proud German people that used to stand up for what is right, but have now bowed down to their Jewish masters and controllers and have allowed their nation to be destroyed.... And where in the HELL is the Canadian government in all this?  Here we have a Canadian citizen sitting in a German prison cell illegally and not a peep out of the Trudeau regime in Ottawa that should be out there demanding her release!  Yes, apparently the Jewish pricks that control Canada have indeed demanded that their puppet Justin Trudeau do nothing to stop the Germans from seeing Monika Schaefer found guilty in a kangaroo court trial and then subsequently forced to spend time in a German jail....  Again, as I said before, I am absolutely ashamed of calling myself a Canadian from seeing what is happening here...

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment on the most important issues out there...But of course I have left so much else out there "on the table" and will try to cover some of those issues right here in my usual "last minute tidbits"...... The war in Yemen is still going strong with no end in sight.  Someone said to me last week that Yemen has turned into Saudi Arabia's own "Vietnam war" and he may be right.  The Houthis are making their nation hell on earth for the Saudi invaders, and have been fighting back diligently and quite effectively.  Sadly though the thought that millions of Yemen civilians are about to starve to death is quickly becoming a reality...........I am sticking behind my assertions that this "Michael Wolff" and his crud book "Fire And Fury" is pure crud.  Even though Drumpf is an idiot and a Jew butt kisser, it should be obvious that the Jewish pricks are trying to use this "book" as yet another method of trying to keep him in line and in their pocket......The psychos in Israel are now trying to escalate the conflict in Syria by launching air strikes directly against targets in that nation last week.  It should be apparent that the Israelis do not want to see their "rebels" destroyed by the Syrians in Idlib province and these air strikes are their own "plan B" to prevent their defeat.........Anyone else notice that all of those "reports" from the Jew spew media about the "protests" in Iran have all fizzled and died?  Obviously the US/Israel plan to start a new "revolution" in Iran has failed miserably, and they want to make sure the American people are kept in the dark about that defeat.  But fear not, but these sinister pricks will try again with another plan for they still want to see Iran destroyed....... Well, another year, and Hillary "Killary" Clinton is STILL not in jail for her massive list of crimes against humanity, and in spite of the constant reports coming out that she is about to be charged, there still are no charges pending and she basically is still "free".  Yes, Killary may never see a day in jail in spite of all the rhetoric, for she knows where all the bodies in Washington DC are buried and could  bring down the entire government if she is ever charged with treason..........And speaking of corruption, I see Benyamin Miliewkosky aka "Netanyahu" is still out there in spite of the massive corruption and scandals that he is involved in that sick and twisted state of Israel.  This monster should be in jail, but instead is now working on getting the psychotic state of Israel involved in even more wars of conquest.........Oprah Winfrey for US President?  Should never happen, considering how racist that witch really is and how she stated in a video years ago that whites should all die.   I sure hope for the sake of the American nation that they are not stupid enough to ever consider this creature as their next President............National elections about to take place in the Russian Federation, and unlike the US laughable "vote" the Russians apparently will not use electronic voting machines that do not print out paper ballot verification.  Yes, the Russians will not see their elections "stolen" like what happened in the US, and I definitely can see Vladimir Putin re-elected as President by a land slide........I saw a report where "Playboy" magazine is about to have a 'transgender' as their upcoming 'centrefold'.  Honestly, is this what our world has turned into that these freaks are now even coming out in these type of magazines as well?......Drones hit a Russian base in southern Syria last week, and it should be so obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that these drones were absolutely 100% owned and operated by the US itself.  Yes, the Americans are still stupidly trying to poke the Russian bear as often as they can...........I saw reports that state that the US is once again sending forces back into Afghanistan.  I thought the whole idea was to get the hell out of that country?  Yes, apparently with the news that the Taliban is once again threatening the Afghan Opium poppy fields, the Jewish elite are demanding the US go back in to protect that asset and their cash cow.......... Olympic Games in South Korea are fast approaching, and honestly, who cares?  I said before that the games have been ruined by politics, doping, and now allowing transgender athletes to compete, so why bother?........ Bournemouth plays Arsenal this morning, and the Gunners have to win to try to keep pace with teams above them in the table standings, or their chances of a Champions League berth will be all for naught........Hey, someone sent me a link to a "reddit" article called 'psychotic Taylor Swift thoughts".   I will check them out as soon as I can to find out what other people think of this psycho as well.........And finally, I guess I will once again close this rant with my shots at those other psychos and wastes of flesh, the Kardashians.  Supposedly skank #1, Kim, went out and stripped down to pose on "Instagram"  half naked for her 'fans'.   This makes sense, for her only claim to fame has always been nothing more than being a brain dead soft porn star with no other skills.  Yes, America, this is the type of creature most of you admire and it is no wonder the American nation is going to hell....

More to come


Friday, January 12, 2018

Important Health News: Vitamin D Is The Best Defense Against Influenza

I have not been able to do much "blogging" over these last few days due to my "better half" coming down very hard with that "strain" of Influenza that has been hitting everyone... She has been so sick that I contemplated earlier taking her to the local hospital for any additional treatment that she could obtain... Luckily, the worse seems to be over, and she is presently sleeping and after doing a lot of other personal and family business and needs, I figured I have enough time to fire off at least one article this evening at this blog...

Yes, everyone that I know has been stricken with what ever "bug" has been going around... I can consider myself lucky this year, for in spite of being prone to getting a lot of colds and sinus infections, apparently my boosting my intake of both Vitamin C and Vitamin D has paid off and at the moment I have avoided contracting "the flu".....

And yes, I have always been an advocate of fighting off "the flu" by avoiding those goddamn "flu shots" that absolutely do NOT work.... I have already shown in so many previous articles here at this blog that the "flu shot" that the criminals are administering and that people are suddenly in a panic to obtain, not only does not work but is the WRONG "shot" for this year's strain of Influenza.... I find it therefore diabolical that these criminals behind Big Pharma and of course their compliant Jew spew media outlets, are out there using pure propaganda and lies in getting idiots and morons to line up to get their 'seasonal flu shot' that again..DOES NOT WORK....  In fact, to prove this as fact, I want to present the following link to an important article at Natural News website once again that backs up this statement here:


Well, now that we know that vaccines for "the flu" do not work, once again people have been wondering what is the best method of combatting "the flu"... I have already pointed out that proper hygiene and sanitation is of course necessary, and of course that means hand cleaning at all times... But the other method is to take your vitamins, and especially Vitamin D....

To show the importance of Vitamin D in the fight against 'the flu', I want to present the following Youtube video that actually came out last April that everyone can watch here about the importance of Vitamin D in not only fighting "the flu" but avoiding other ailments such as the "common cold" as well...Here is that video:

NTS Notes:  I for one have long been an advocate of taking high doses of Vitamin D to avoid so many ailments that we find in our modern lives.....  I personally take 5000+ IU Vitamin D dosage daily and about 3000 IU of Vitamin C during "flu season" to try to boost my own immune system and to ward off diseases....

Yes, I absolutely do recommend that people do their utmost to take vitamins to fight off "the flu" and to boost their immune systems.. It is so much better than rolling up your sleeves and allowing criminals to inject their poisons into your bodies by a long shot...

Well, back to taking care of my "better half"...I for one am glad that she is on the road to recovery..... I am still crossing my fingers that I will avoid this 'strain' of "the flu" this year by taking care of my body and boosting my immune system.... The next few days will be telling...

More to come


Celebrating 10 Years Of Northerntruthseeker

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Well, today marks the 10th anniversary of this blog.... I for one am truly surprised that I have lasted this long!

Yes, 10 years ago today, I wrote my first article here at NTS..... And to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this mostly successful endeavor, I want to take a fond look back at that first article which I have here once again for everyone to see for themselves:

Saturday, January 12, 2008
Connecting to other informative sites

This is my first blog article! And I have to say, it is great to get out from sites such as "myspace" and present some information here for people to research for themselves about the real world we live in.

Lets first start up by thanking sites such as www.iamthewitness.com for their valuable research in showing the real world for what it is.

Lets face it... The world right now is a mess, and very little of the truth is available through the mainstream media (MSM).... We have been lied to about our monetary system, our controlled media, our government, and our history. Its time for us to fight back, and expose these criminals for what they are... Criminals!

I also suggest that people take the time to listen to Benjamin Freedman's speeches, especially the eye opening one he did way back in 1961, and to listen and watch Eustace Mullins videos closely. These are all eye openers to the truth about our sick world.

My other blogs no longer exist as I concentrate on this one instead.. I decided to concentrate on presenting factual information here based upon the truth... It will take time to develop an audience since I am new at this "blogging" business..

I am not an "Anti-Semite", due to the fact that that terminology is very illogical to start with. I am a real truth seeker, and always have been. I spent years trying to get the message out to people through direct contact, but to no avail....That is why I have turned to blogging instead. There will be no material presented here that is not backed up by facts that everyone can research for themselves.

Fear drives people away from research....I will not cover the "Holocaust" due to the fact that I live in a nation with very questionable "Anti-Hate" laws... Basically, if I am in defiance of those laws, I could see jail time. All of my links to other sites are used to only back up my material. I have also posted comments in those other sites, and am open to any comments, and suggestions.

Never be afraid of discovering some truth about our world. The dominance of the criminal elements must be exposed, and defeated. We can take proper steps in that direction by passing information around FREELY for others to observe, read, and research.

We still live in a free society, or so it seems.... I will gather information, post material, and try my best to discover how to expand this site and to present some reality and real facts here.... It takes time to learn how to attach videos and audio files, and I am a "Newbie" in that regards.

Freedom, people.. That is what it is all about!

More to come


Honestly, looking back I now wonder what in the hell was I thinking?  I look now at that first article and I have to laugh... Even the title is actually quite ridiculous since I did not touch much on the subject of the title in the article itself...

I did pay homage in my first article to a great site written by Darryl Bradford Smith called "I Am The Witness", and everyone knows by now that very sadly Darryl himself quit writing that website a few years back...Yes, there have been many other real truth seekers that have come and gone, but I am still around..

I originally and very wrongfully called the "mainstream media" the "MSM" as noted.. It took a few years since I started writing here before I realized that the entire "MSM" was indeed fully controlled by the Jewish pricks that want to dominate our world and after that point I rightfully started calling those propaganda and brainwashing outlets the "Jew spew media"......

I also laid it out as plain as I could in my first article that I cannot and would not write about what I do know about the Jewish "holocaust" of the second world war, simply because in doing so would see my efforts and myself destroyed by the criminals that run this formerly free nation called "Canada"..... I have stuck to that policy from day one and now 10 years later I have not changed my stance...

I also started from article one with my closing "More to Come".. That term was something that had been swimming around in my head from my days when I wrote at "myspace" and elsewhere and decided to apply it here... Amazingly now 10 years later every article still ends with that phrase....

Yes, in spite of the errors I was prone to when I first started writing here, I persevered and have learned over that time on how to make better articles that focus in on what I hope people want to see.....

Well... Here is to a "successful" first 10 years here, and I do hope that in spite of the criminals over at "Google" wanting to shut me down, that I am still around 10 years from now....

And as usual..

More to come


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

War On Iran: Thanks To US/Israel Bullshit "Protests", Iran May Now Back Out Of Any "Nuclear Deals"

I was surprised this morning when I opened up the local printed rag (newspaper) and right there in the so called "editorials" were a bunch of Jewish prick authors spewing the lie that the Iranian "protests" were still "going strong" (!) and that the Iranian government was somehow "cracking down" on the so called "peaceful protestors".... Nothing could be further from the truth, and these bullshit articles once again show exactly WHO controls the media and the message getting into the heads of dumb ass sheep out there....

I figure it was time once again to set the record straight on those so called 'protests" that did happen in Iran, but as of now have both failed and basically disappeared... The Iranian government did a thorough investigation into these "protests" and discovered that they were absolutely 100% run by CIA/Mossad operatives... In fact, I want to first bring forward a most interesting report that came from Jim Stone's website, at www.jimstone.is, just a few days back which shows that these "protestors" were in fact CIA/Mossad operatives disguised as "businessmen" that were injected into Iran shortly after the nation allowed their borders to be "opened for business" thanks to the last Iranian nuclear deal that was supposed to end "sanctions" against the nation over two years ago... Here is Jim's report here:

7 Jan 2018


This is huge, because Turkey and Iran are not friends. If Turkish media ran this report, it is legit and No, contrary to the scamming U.S. MSM and planted media in the middle east, Ahmadinejad was not arrested. The Al-Arabia report about the former Iranian president being arrested for inciting the protests is a HOAX. Here is the truth:
According to the Turkish press, the CIA sent 900 agents fronting as businessmen to Iran under the disguise of helping Iran recover from economic sanctions. Once they were in Iran, rather than conduct business, they fronted the riots. HERE IT IS FOLKS, THE FULL REPORT. HA HA HA, BUSTED!
"Turkish media outlets said Michael D'Andrea, the man in charge of the CIA operations in Iran, has led the recent unrests and riots in a number of Iranian cities and towns.
The Turkish-language Takvim newspaper reported that D'Andrea has masterminded the violent protests which killed 20 people in Iran.
It added that D'Andrea has sent 900 agents disguised as businesspersons to Iran to ignite unrests and riots in the Iranian cities and towns.
Earlier, the Turkish-language Aksam newspaper had also released a similar report.
The Turkish media revelations were made after Secretary of Iran's Expediency Council (EC) Mohsen Rezayee disclosed that the US, remnants of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam's regime, Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCRI) and Saudi Arabia masterminded the recent unrests in Iran within the framework of an operations room in Erbil of the Iraqi Kurdistan region.
"An operations room was formed in Erbil a few months ago, led by Michael D'Andrea, the man in charge of the CIA operations in Iran; also the chief of staff of Saddam's son and Saddam's brother-in-law along with a representative of Saudi Arabia and a representative of Monafeqin (hypocrites as MKO members are called in Iran) were in there. Certain reports have also claimed the presence of the UAE's representative in the operations room and we are studying them," Rezayee said on Saturday.
He said that the operations room had plotted to start its activities in Iran late in fall, using social media, and then hit a blow to the Islamic Republic early and mid winter, adding that they had named the project as "Fruitful Convergence".
Rezayee, also a former top commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), further explained that they wanted to take control of the Iranian cities from the government in the first phase, smuggle weapons to the country to kill people and then pressure the UN Security Council to impose new sanctions against Iran under the US pressure, adding that in the second phase they wanted to pave the ground for the MKO members to enter Iran and then make the Europeans accompany them in measures against Tehran.
"And these are the overall points of the Erbil scenario," he concluded.
Iranian people took to the streets across the country for the fourth consecutive day on Saturday, to show their solidarity with the Islamic Republic and condemn the recent scattered riots in some areas of the country. They shouted slogans and carried placards, condemning violence and sedition. They also carried images of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and Iran's flag to show allegiance to them. Last week, a number of peaceful protests began in several areas across the country, with the participants calling on authorities to address their economic issues. However, the economic protests in a number of Iranian towns in the past few days turned into riots each comprised of a few hundred protesters after the peaceful gatherings were overshadowed when armed elements and vandals showed up among ordinary protesters and began to launch attacks on public property, police stations and religious sites. The original protesters soon left the streets upon calls by the authorities so security forces could deal with the rioters and sporadic violence, which continued in some towns and cities for several days.
People across the country, including Khuzestan, Qom, Kermanshah, Ilam, Gilan, Alborz, Lorestan, North Khorassan, Golestan and Hamedan provinces, gathered in important squares and streets of their cities and towns to show unity and deplore hijack of the recent economic protests in Iran by rioters in the country. They chanted "Death to the US", "Death to Israel" and "Death to the Seditionist" slogans to condemn US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's support for the recent riots in Iran.
On Thursday, millions of Iranian people across the country held fresh rallies to voice support for the Islamic Republic and denounce violence and riots and held the US and the Israeli regime responsible for the recent wave of violence in Iran.
Ayatollah Khamenei warned on Tuesday that the enemies have mobilized all their power and tools to hit a blow at Iran, alluding to certain foreign states' role in the recent riots in the country.
"The enemy has always been waiting for an opportunity and a breach to enter and hit a blow to the Iranian nation," Ayatollah Khamenei said, addressing the families of the Iranian martyrs in Tehran.
"During the events in the past few days, the enemies of Iran allied to create problem for the Islamic Republic by different tools in their hands, including money, weapons, policy and security organizations," he added.
Ayatollah Khamenei said that the nation's spirit of bravery, sacrifice and faith blocks the enemy and its hostilities, adding that he will speak with people about the recent protests and unrests in Iran in due time.

So there you have it, that is what really happened in Iran, and no, Ahmadenijad was not reported to have been arrested in any legitimate reputable media outlet, not even in Turkey which is at odds with Iran.

The reports of Ahmadinejad's arrest only appeared via Al Arabia, a known American backed propaganda front (this is the same outlet as Al-Quds)

OK, I absolutely believe this report, for it shows how the US and Israel would sink so low as to send their agents into Iran disguised as "businessmen" and then have them fan out across the nation to try to fuel these phoney "protests".... And it is so amazing just as Jim states that the Turks are the ones that come out with this blockbuster report....

It is now logical for the Iranian government to absolutely NO longer ever trust anything coming out of the US, and they have not only gotten rid of these protests, but I can guarantee have cracked down and caught as many of these CIA/Mossad operatives that they can before they try to escape the nation.... And on top of that, they have also stopped the teaching of English in their schools as a second language to make it that much harder for these CIA/Mossad agents to operate in Iran itself....

On top of all that, comes this new report from Jim that states that the backlash from this vain attempt from the US and Israel to overthrow the government in Iran has gotten as far as the status of the so called "nuclear deal" that Iran did sign off on over two years ago and has lived up to that agreement fully while the US and Israel have NEVER abided by its terms... According to the following report, the Iranians are now very possibly about to back right out of the "nuclear deal" due to the arrogance and stupidity of the US and Israel:

After U.S. backed protests in Iran, Iran will be backing out of nuclear deals

Iran is very upset about the recent proven CIA staged riots in their country. Iran was already stressed when Trump backed out on the sanctions deals, and the riots put them over the edge. Right now they are only talking, but I would bet they have every intention of completely backing out on all nuclear deals.
Spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi had this to say: (from farsnews
Contradictory reports surface on the endorsement or non-endorsement of the sanctions waivers by the US president and any of which will have different effects; but if the sanctions suspension are not extended, that would violate the nuclear deal and naturally, the Islamic Republic of Iran will take the necessary action," Kamalvandi said in an interview with the state TV on Wednesday.
The Islamic Republic may reconsider its cooperation with the UN nuclear agency in case of a US non-compliance with the landmark multilateral nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, France and Britain plus Germany) in 2015," Salehi said in a telephone conversation with IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano on Monday.
He reiterated that if the United States does not implement its commitments under the JCPOA, the Islamic Republic of Iran will take decisions that can affect its current cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Iran's defense minister promises a "crushing response" to the recent U.S. attack on Iran

Our country, as an independent state, has always shown that it would never keep quiet against such damage," General Hatami told FNA after a cabinet meeting in Tehran on Wednesday.
He referred to the Tuesday remarks by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei who warned Washington of Iran's retaliatory measures, and said, "They (the Americans) have received a decisive response wherever they have inflicted damage on our country and this time they will certainly receive a response as such."
Addressing a large gathering of Iranian people from the Central city of Qom in Tehran on Tuesday, Ayatollah Khamenei blamed the US, the Zionist regime, certain regional states and Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCRI) for the recent riots and unrest in Iran, warning Washington of Iran's response.
My comment: There has been nothing said about what the "crushing response" will be, because after all, what can they do? But they are mad.

However, this is significant: London's ambassador to Iran was very concerned about the extent to which Western media lied about the riots America staged in Iran and more importantly, the fact that the BBC did all it could to make the riots worse.

TEHRAN (FNA)- British Ambassador to Tehran Nicholas Hopton expressed concern about the way his country's media outlets have covered the recent riots and unrest in Iran, and implied that some British media did not respect London's official policy of non-interference in Iran's affairs.
"I am concerned about the British media coverage of the recent unrests in Iran," Hopton said, addressing a conference in Tehran hosted by Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Relations (SCFR) on Tuesday.
He stressed that the Iranian people need to make their decisions by themselves, and said, "What the protestors want to utter is no way related to us and the British government would not have any interference."
BBC's Persian service sought hard to incite riots in those cities and towns where people where out to chant slogans about their economic grievances. BBC's world service, including its BBC Persian, is funded by the foreign office.
His remarks came after the mainstream media in the West, specially BBC, gave a wide coverage to the economic protests in a few Iranian towns that each comprised of a few hundred protesters, but none has covered the massive pro-government rallies held in different cities and towns.

I honestly do NOT blame the Iranians at all... They put their trust into the thought that a "deal" with the Americans over their non-existent nuclear weapons program would indeed bring a long sought after peace and open the nation to proper international trade... But the truth is that the US and Israel are hell bent on having Iran destroyed by every means possible, and the Iranians must understand that you should never ever try to make a deal with the devil.....

Well, there you have it... The so called "protests" in Iran have been stopped cold and they have failed miserably for the criminals in both the US and Israel... Therefore if you turn on the Jew spew news these days and the liars are still trying to promote the lies that the "protests" are still ongoing, know that these so called "media" fools are lying their asses off....

The criminal US and Israeli bulls eye for "regime change" is now squarely on the peaceful nation of Iran... I for one do wonder what else these diabolical monsters have up their sleeves to have that nation destroyed and millions dying as a result.....

One other note... I have been under fire from a few commentators about my linking material at this site to Jim Stone's site... The fact is that I am NOT 100% behind Jim Stone, for we have our differences including where Jim still strangely supports the lies of Project Apollo... But as I have always said, even those who are "suspect" in the so called "truth movement" do put out some decent and truthful material from time to time, and Jim's reports here are factual and deserve recognition....

More to come


"Fire And Fury" Is Complete Bullshit.. Wolff Never Interviewed ANY Trump Cabinet Officials Before He Wrote His "Book"!

Just the other day someone asked me for my take on the recent "expose" that has been all over the Jew spew media and the "talk of the town" in the US and even up here in Canada as well, called "Fire and Fury"..... I figure that I would put up one article here to give my own two cents worth about that "book"..

OK, I will not beat around the bush here... I can not stand Donald Drumpf at all , for the simple fact that he is a Jew butt kisser and does NOT have America's best interests at heart... He has surrounded himself with Jew treacherous "dual citizens" that do not give one hoot about America and the will of the American people.. They only care about their glorious and most evil twisted and psychotic "state" of Israel, that is a pure poison on this planet.... Many have claimed that these monsters have been "manipulating" Drumpf and have been the ones directing his policies.. I find things a bit different, where Drumpf himself has always been controlled by the Jews and has always had their interests come first and foremost, and therefore he maybe listening to his 'cabinet' and his inner circle of Jews, but he is absolutely an Israel firster and has always been...

Suffice to say, I have read several of the "exposes" that have come online that this "Michael Wolff" has claimed has been happening during the first year of the Drumpf Presidency.... This character "Wolff" puts out a pretty good spin of Drumpf, claiming that the US President is basically incompetent and a buffoon.. This "book" is therefore a hit piece to the extreme in efforts to try to destroy Drumpf (even though he is doing a pretty good job on his own with his Jew butt kissing), but I have wondered about the "sources" that Wolff has been using to get his information from?

Well, lo and behold, but this "Fire and Fury" may indeed be nothing more than a pure piece of garbage and nothing but pure "fiction"... For according to the following link that actually comes two days ago from the Daily Caller online news service, at www.dailycaller.com, apparently this "Wolff" character did NOT even interview ANY of Drumpf's cabinet members at all before he wrote this "book"!   Here is the link to that Daily Caller report here for everyone to see for themselves:


NTS Notes:  WHY am I not in the least bit shocked by this report?  It goes to show that this "book" is indeed nothing more than pure fiction and filled with stories basically based on "second hand" news and here-say!  Honestly, how can this writer put out this "book" without even talking to Drumpf's cabinet first to give verification of the information it contains?

Again, I have no love for Drumpf, for I see him as dangerous for the American people and absolutely does NOT have the American people's best interests at heart... However, apparently even though Drumpf is indeed in the back pocket of the Jews, they are working their magic now using this "Wolff" character (who no surprise to me is Jewish as well..) to put out this fiction to try to either destroy his credibility, OR as I am surmising; to be used as a weapon to make sure he follows his marching orders directed by the Jewish elite....

The bottom line is this... This "book" called "Fire and Fury" is based on nothing factual, and sadly so many people have swallowed its paragraphs of bullshit without any thought... We have the Jew spew media right now ramming this thing into the minds of gullible Americans and brainwashing them into the belief that this book is based on fact... It is indeed an astounding piece of fiction and pure propaganda at its best...

More to come