Sunday, August 18, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Sunday, and time again for my weekly rant...

I have started the next phase in my continuing long list of renovations to my house this last week, and honestly the work seems never ending.... I finish one project and another one comes up..... I am hoping to have most of this phase completed by the end of September, and take a break from tearing down and rebuilding parts of this house this winter for a change..... All it does mean is that for the next while I will once again be adding articles to this blog rather inconsistently and when I have the chance to sit down and relax....

Meanwhile, the strange saga concerning the supposedly "dead" Jeffrey Epstein continues... I will once again state that as far as I can see, that creature is indeed alive and well and now living the good life out in that sicko state of Israel where there are NO extradition laws for any of the Jewish freaks that escape real justice and fly there.... The Jews do indeed protect their own, and they do not care if any of their tribe members may be pedophile monsters.....

And of course we have that article I posted up last week showing a grotesque "portrait" of former President William Jefferson Bligh (Clinton) dressed in a blue dress and red high heels.... I am really shocked that more people do not even see how that shows the tremendous sickness of the "elite" and how they knowingly flaunt that sickness in the open and do not give a damn that anyone actually sees their mental retardation.... They know that they are in control and are laughing in all of our faces!.... I for one truly had hoped that the portrait revelation would have more Americans realizing how truly evil and warped the entire Clinton crime family really is... But apparently even that portrait has become an 'after thought' that very few people have even noticed, while others simply do not even give a damn..

One quick note here... People wonder why I call Bill Clinton by the last name of "Bligh"... Well, here is a reality check, for the "Clintons" actually changed their last names from Bligh to Clinton several generations back, and therefore "Bligh" is their REAL original last name.... It does make one wonder what the outcome of the 1992 Presidential election would have been if people had the name of "Bligh" on the ballots rather than "Clinton"?   Considering the long association between the name "Bligh" and the infamous HMS "Bounty" captain's name and his appalling leadership that led to the  subsequent "mutiny" of the late 18th century, and you can easily understand why the family had decided to change their last name of "Bligh" to "Clinton"!   It is much the same reasoning as to why present President Donald Drumpf's family changed their last name of "Drumpf" almost a century ago to the Americanized "Trump" that we see today!  I however am not fooled and will continue to call these criminals by their REAL last names....

And then we have the most interesting photos over at Jim Stone's website at, where aerial photos of sicko Epstein's mansion on that "private island" in the Caribbean shows bedrooms with beds with plastic covers that are soaked with blood stains!   I have looked at the photos and all I can do is shake my head once again in total disgust.. .And yes, those photos have not been "photoshopped" or "doctored", which means the blood is very real.... The bigger question should be "where does that blood come from?" and the obvious answer is from the underaged victims of Epstein's 'guests' that committed horrific atrocities against underaged children.... I need not gross people out here about my thoughts about where the blood comes from, but needless to say many underaged girls were absolutely abused at that "mansion" and the blood is the result of that abuse!

My other thoughts about Epstein, and his entourage of sicko freaks that used his "services" is this:  These maniacs and "elites" that went to Epstein to abuse so many victims should all be hunted down and either put into jail for the rest of their lives, or outright hung until they are dead... NO punishment is good enough for these monsters..... But sadly with these freaks in control now, and still running our governments, our corporations, and of course our media, they know that they are in control and will be 'above the law' and never have to face prosecution for participating in Epstein's sicko world.... This is the horrible state of affairs in our world today, and sadly the general public is too much like mindless sheep now to actually take action.....Their sick perversions will continue until we take action and have them removed from our lives...

I have finally turned my attention back to the war in Syria, where the good guys aka the SAA and their  Russian allies have finally said "screw you" to any more talks about "ceasefires" in their battle against the US/Israel/NATO run "terrorists" that have continued to operate in the Idlib pocket... The SAA rightfully launched their major offensive this last week to begin "reducing" and eventually eliminating that pocket once and for all..... But as I stated yesterday, the advance of the SAA has been painfully slow and has been concentrated on the southern most part of the pocket in and around the key city of Khan Shaykhun... The elite "Tiger force" of the SAA has been making some major headway north of that key city with the aim being to put themselves on the key M5 motorway north of Khan Shaykhun to cut off one of the major escape routes for the "rebels" if they decide to try to escape encirclement to the south..... I honestly do hope for the SAA to be successful in this endeavour, and once that key city is secured, they should move as rapidly as possible up the M5 towards the city of Saraqib where the M4 and M5 motorways intersect.... Seizing Saraqib is in fact the key to the entire Idlib pocket, for if the SAA is able to seize that key city, both transportation and communication for the "rebels" in the pocket will be cut off between north and south and the entire pocket could collapse rapidly.... But again, that seizure could take a lot of time as the SAA advance has been hampered by not only stiffening resistance but against terrain that helps the rebel's defence...

While the SAA and Russians have concentrating now on the elimination of the Idlib pocket, elsewhere in Syria things have stayed relatively quiet... There has been some "talk" supposedly between the Turks and the Americans about creating a "safe zone" in the SDF occupied north of Syria, but as my fellow Canadian, Penny, has speculated, those "talks" have been only hearsay and are not even a reality.... I am siding with Penny on this one, for with Turkey and the US now at loggerheads and any "alliance" between the two basically no more, all of this news coming from the Jew spew media about these 'talks' is pure bullshit......Turkey absolutely does not want to "talk", for the Turks are wanting to subdue and crush the Kurds and prevent the US from turning the north of Syria into some type of "Kurdish state".....The Turks are well aware that the US has been using "stalling tactics" in regards to northern Syria, as the criminal Americans have been using the respite thanks to these "stalls" to further strengthen their position in that occupied territory....  IMHO, the Turks should refuse any more "stalling tactics" and take action against the American run YPG/PKK "Kurds" that have made the lives of the Syrian people in that occupied zone a living hell....Once Turkey does take decisive action, then the eventual outcome should be to allow a reconciliation with the Damascus government and have that area RIGHTFULLY returned to Syrian control.... The Americans have NO business at all in northeastern Syria as they have illegally seized and occupied that territory against international law, and it may be up to the Turks themselves to put an end to that occupation..

I did notice a few days ago a most interesting article was posted over at the Global Research website at, where the author, Professor Michel Chossudovsky, wrote a very long article concerning an examination and review of the evidence concerning the downing of Malaysian flight MH17, which of course occurred just over 5 years ago on July 17th, 2014, while enrolee to Malaysia from the Netherlands, while flying over the Ukraine..... I actually took the time yesterday to pour over the facts presented in that article, and even though they are pretty good and sound, Professor Chossudovsky does NOT even consider the evidence that Malaysian flight MH17 was in fact the last flight of the long missing MH370 that was hijacked and flown to the US military base at Diego Garcia back in late March, 2014..... Professor Chossudovsky does go into a lot of detail about what actually downed the aircraft and supports the strong evidence that the plane was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet, due to the lack of positive evidence that was reported in so many Jew spew media outlets that it was shot down by a Ukrainian BUK missile battery..... BUT I am astounded that Professor Chossudovsky has ignored all of the eyewitnesses that were first on the scene at the MH17 crash site, where they reported that when they pulled the bodies from the wreckage many stated clearly that the bodies appeared to have been long dead and many in severe state of decomposition and therefore had died PRIOR to MH17's ill fated flight out of Amsterdam..... And he missed the evidence from the windows  and markings on the aircraft itself that show that it could not possibly even be the supposed Boeing 777-ER that was supposed to be MH17 at all!.... I found it quite strange that the facts that MH17 was in all actuality the long missing MH370 aircraft, that had been loaded up and flown robotically via remote control over Ukraine and then purposely shot down by Ukrainian military aircraft to not only finally get rid of all of the evidence from MH370's "disappearance" but also to blame Russia for the attack...  The article is therefore pretty good, but does miss the most important piece of the puzzle, and what actually solves the riddle of MH17:  MH17=MH370!

Someone asked me the other day about my opinion about the US "stock market" and how over the last week, it went through a severe "roller coaster" where it fell by nearly 1000 points mid week, and then suddenly "recovered" by the end of the week's closings.... I have long said that the US stock market is and always has been a fraud, where the numbers are always "manipulated", most times on purpose... The stock market does NOT even reflect correctly the actual shape of the American economy at all, which is most troubling... The DJIA is severely manipulated on a nearly daily basis, where algorithms run by what is called a "plunge protection team" purposely work on a constant round the clock basis to make sure the market values "look great" just to create the illusion that all is right with America's economic outlook... .Sadly there are so many numb skulls out there that do play the casino game and many are now in danger of losing big time as their investments are losing money badly.... Therefore I do not even bother with the bullshit of the American DJIA at a record level, for I know that it is nothing but pure bullshit to sell to ignorant fools that "all is well" in terms of the American economy, when the reality is so far different...

I have not filed a report on the situation in Hong Kong at all, at least until now.... And lets be honest here, for the protestors that are fighting for "democracy" in that Chinese controlled "mini state" are being run and financed by the US itself.... And I was not in any shock at all when I found out that the American government was indeed the ones behind this unrest, for the facts have always been that the US is presently trying anything they can to isolate China and to force the Chinese to bend to their will... Short of actual war with China, which would be a disaster for the US, they are instead financing their agents in places such as Hong Kong to cause "civil unrest" and create havoc for the Chinese government.... And we must not forget that America is presently embroiled in an almost never ending "trade war" with China, where they are not getting the upper hand against the Chinese in a "war" that they cannot win, for they know that they need China to continue to produce their cheap products for the American market as well as having China continue to absorb so much American debt in return... Therefore it does make sense that since America is not winning in the economic war, that they would resort to this "Hong Kong" trick to try to get the Chinese to bend.... Sadly, there are indeed millions of lives in that Hong Kong enclave that are at risk as the Chinese are indeed nearing the end of their patience with the Hong Kong government and may indeed send in the military to crack down on any possible "democratic" uprising....  So do NOT be fooled by the bullshit that this is a fight for "democracy", for knowing that the US is behind the entire fiasco should have people realizing that there is something diabolically afoot here..

Honestly, is everyone as sick as I am of that LBGTQP-EIEIO-GOFUCKTHEMSELVES bullshit that continues to permeate our "news" on a daily basis?   I will not pull any punches here, as I will never bend to the idea that I should somehow support those freaks and their efforts what what they claim stupidly is "equality"..... These freaks have been pushing their twisted and sick agenda everywhere, and especially in our education system where they are forcing educators and teachers to allow their sick perverse ideals on young children..... That to me has been bad enough, but now these perverts and sickos have had the nerve to actually 'celebrate' the sicko perversion of pedophilia, and want to have that ultimate perversion against children associated with their title by adding a "P" to the LBGTQ title and have pedophilia somehow classified as being "normal"!  Yes, this sickness has gone far enough, and it is time for people to take a hard stand and push back against these freaks..... That time for good and wholesome people to stand up and be proud to be heterosexuals and therefore NORMAL is NOW!

I got a most sick and interesting comment sent last week, where a member of the most ignorant and stupid "flat earth" group of retards once again challenged me on my stand against flat earth stupidity..His comment was a real laugher, where he said "NTS, could you please explain then how we live on a ball earth spinning at some 1000 mph, and thus have water stick to that spinning ball?:.  My answer is of course GRAVITY and of course INERTIA, which are two fundamental laws of physics that those numbskulls have no clue of or even an understanding... I have long said that the flat earth retards have allowed their own common sense to escape them and that they should go back to school and get a real education.... This planet is absolutely NOT flat, period, end of story.....  I have long turned off the ignorance and stupidity of these idiots and again must warn them that if they even attempt to push their stupidity my way, they are wasting their time.....

Well, I guess thats enough of pissing off the LBGTQP freaks and flat earth retards out there for now.... I always leave a lot on the table and hopefully give my two cents worth right here in my usual closing "last minute tidbits"..... North Korea tests another missile this last week, and the Jew spew media is all aflutter.  Honestly, so what?  The North Koreans are no fools and they realize their missiles and nukes are necessary against American led aggression.  I say good for the North Koreans for not surrendering to American demands........Interesting report came out last week where apparently the Russians have offered their assistance in coming up with a deal to end the rising tension in the Persian Gulf that would allow international forces to monitor tankers and other ships that transverse that important waterway.  But of course the US/Israel cabal of evil will dismiss this Russian attempt for real peace as they only want a war and to see Iran destroyed in the process...... Interesting that the Jew spew media is once again downplaying the Houthis fantastically successful drone strike on that Saudi oil field the other day.  Obviously the Saudis are stuck now in having no defence against this Houthi breakthrough, and will instead try to continue their unsuccessful war in Yemen.  I for one do hope the Houthis continue their attacks and make the criminal Saudis' lives miserable.  Saudi Arabia has lost the war in Yemen now, and I do wonder what they will try to do now to 'save face' rather than admit defeat........Well, criminal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has yet to even say he is sorry for his involvement in the SNC Lavalin fiasco, in spite of the hard evidence now that he did indeed commit a  crime against the Canadian people.  I do hope the Canadian people now see the true nature of this prick and throw his sorry ass out of office with this October's federal election!........More reports about new UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, further delaying any actions on the stalled 'Brexit" bullshit.   And apparently, according to a pretty good article from Lasha Darkmoon, if the UK now leaves the criminal Rothschild controlled European Union, Johnson will sell his soul to the devil and basically hand the entire UK over to American interests as part of a one sided US controlled 'trade deal'.   So now, either way the UK decides on the bullshit of "Brexit", the people of the UK are truly fucked!...... That psycho state of Israel is at it again, with yet another phoney "rocket attack" just the other day  that they claimed once again was launched by Palestinian "terrorists" (Mossad agents) from the world's largest open air concentration camp called the Gaza Strip.  Apparently the Jew freaks are now ready to plaster Gaza again and kill thousands in the process.  Meanwhile, the world will once again stand by and do basically nothing to stop this impending atrocity.........I have indeed been watching the "election process" up here in Canada with the vote coming in October.  But I am troubled that a very important and key issue, the one about the continuing flood of illegal migrants into this nation, has not been addressed by ANY parties.  To me, this is one of the most important issues, as the government that hopefully replaces the horrendous Justin Trudeau will close our borders to those sewer rats and send those who cannot assimilate into Canadian culture back to the shit holes they originated from..........Interesting that there is no new news coming out of Fukushima, especially when you consider that disaster is alive and well and still out of control.  And few are actually discussing the horror of next year's Tokyo 2020 Summer games, where athletes will be exposed to a lifetime of radiation in under two weeks of participation at those games.  I stand firm in stating that the Tokyo Olympics should be rightfully called the "Radioactive Games" and I challenge anyone to change my stance.......Apparently the rumours are true in that the sicko freak Taylor Swift, whom I have always thought as being one mean spirited demented bitch (hey, prove me wrong here?), has indeed decided to join the liberal madness of the American Democrats last week.  Honestly, considering how truly sick and mentally retarded a lot of those 'liberals' have become, Swift will be right at home with those freaks.....Arsenal won another game yesterday against Burnley, in a match that I was still unable to watch unless I am willing to fork over a few hundred bucks to a criminal "pay per view" site.   Good for the Gunners though, but with two victories over weaker opposition it will be interesting to see over the coming weeks when they have to play elite squads such as Liverpool or Manchester City......And finally, in the twisted and sick world of Kardashian, apparently skank #1, Kim, has admitted that she got her start through another skank Paris Hilton and would do anything for Paris in return.  Yes, one skank started another skank on the road to destroying the minds of Americans.   And people still wonder why I say America is truly fucked up?

More to come


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Important Health News: WHY Has Nobody Noticed That The Criminals Behind Johnson And Johnson Were Found Guilt In Court For Knowingly Putting Asbestos In Their "Baby Powder"?

I have filed a LOT of health reports here at this blog over the years and for good reason.. In this battle against the evil criminals that want to enslave the entire human race, one of their weapons of choice has always been to attack our very bodies through their use of dangerous carcinogens and other  chemicals that have been reducing us all to mindless sheep.... It is very important for everyone to understand the vital importance of staying in peak health at all times so that they can actually keep their bodies, and especially their brains in top working condition to use critical thinking skills to stay ahead of those criminals.....

I have been well aware of the recent court victories in the United States against Bayer/Monsanto for their horrendous use of that carcinogenic and very poisonous chemical called "Glyphosate" that has indeed ruined so many lives over the last few decades... But very few people are even aware of another very horrendous crime committed by none other than the criminals behind the American run firm "Johnson and Johnson", and it is in regard to their "baby powder" and how these monsters willingly and knowingly had one "ingredient" in that talcum powder that has had them in court facing charges of knowingly causing users of that product to contract Cancer....

I want to present the following important report, that comes from the Natural Blaze website, at, that is entitled: "Johnson & Johnson Found To Have Knowingly Allowed Asbestos In Their Baby Powder"... This is a very startling and troubling report, and I have it right here in its entirety for everyone to view for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Johnson & Johnson Found To Have Knowingly Allowed Asbestos In Their Baby Powder

  • The Facts: Johnson and Johnson have recently lost lawsuits for negligence in knowingly allowing carcinogenic substances in their talc-based hygiene products.
  • Reflect On: Are we starting to turn the page on an era where human health and safety are not the prime considerations in the manufacturing of consumer products?
We are starting to awaken to the fact that it seems to be the rule, and not the exception, that large Western corporations put profits above human health considerations. The only time they seem to give any regard to human health concerns is when their forecasts of potential lawsuits down the road would likely exceed the cost measures needed to ensure the safety of their product.
Johnson & Johnson is just one of a long line of corporate perpetrators who believed that covering up and lying about known health concerns would make better business sense than taking the time and resources to actually address those health concerns within their products.

Contaminated Baby Powder: The Height Of Indignity

One would think, regardless of an understanding that the bottom line is a priority for most private companies, that the health and safety of a nursing mother and her newborn child would be sacrosanct for any industry. The reality is that this is simply not the case, even though J&J could have mitigated this problem from the start.
Companies that mine talc are required to take extra steps to ensure the absence of asbestos in their talc. Instead, J&J allegedly went to great lengths to fake it.
Not only did the company know about the asbestos contamination, evidence suggests, but J&J also failed to warn its customers about the link between Baby Powder and cancer or replace its talc with a safer alternative. As a result, J&J guaranteed its customers’ exposure to asbestos.
And regardless of their size or numbers, asbestos fibers are lethal at any capacity. As the World Health Organization (WHO) has stressed repeatedly, there is no safe level of exposure. (source)

The Testimony of Scientist James Webber

Baby Powder’s contamination with asbestos (a mineral that naturally occurs near talc) has long been the subject of lawsuits. But only in recent years has evidence begun to unravel J&J’s defense – that the company had no idea – and threatened its success in lawsuits to come.
In March, a California jury awarded $29 million to Terry Leavitt, a woman who said that asbestos in Johnson & Johnson’s talcum-powder-based products caused her terminal mesothelioma. Environmental scientist James Webber testified in her high-profile California trial and made these observations:
During several hours on the stand, Webber explained how he ran tests that showed “clear” evidence of asbestos contamination in the mines from which J&J sourced talc.
“The testing I have seen [shows] that it was present at least as early as 1971 and up through the late 1990s,” said Webber, who ran an asbestos laboratory in New York state.
Despite denying it publicly, J&J had observed this contamination in internal memos. Its notes dismissed the amount of asbestos in its talc as “but a trace,” Webber alleged. But that was just an optimistic interpretation of superficial testing, he said: the tests used methods too weak to detect microscopic asbestos fibers. Webber insisted the actual tests results revealed there could be millions of asbestos fibers per gram of talc.
And J&J’s inaccurate reports were allegedly only the tip of the iceberg. In some instances, Webber said, photos attached to J&J’s reports revealed that “they had been seeing it and not reporting it.”  (source)

And It’s Getting Worse

The $29 million verdict, in California Superior Court in Oakland, was the latest defeat for the healthcare conglomerate facing more than 13,000 talc-related lawsuits nationwide. And things may be getting even worse for J&J, according to ZeroHedge:
Johnson & Johnson shares are down over 5% after Bloomberg reports that, according to people with knowledge of the matter, the U.S. Justice Department is pursuing a criminal investigation into whether Johnson & Johnson lied to the public about the possible cancer risks of its talcum powder…
Now, a grand jury in Washington is examining documents related to what company officials knew about any carcinogens in their products, the people said.

It seems as though corporations have long been willing to take the calculated risk of short-cuts and denials instead of ensuring that their products are safe for public use. My suspicion is that a part of our collective awakening process will be issuing in a new business paradigm in which human health and safety become paramount.

Richard Enos — My Master’s thesis on “The Anatomy of Self-Overcoming in Nietzsche” was only the beginning of my journey of exploration into consciousness. I have since lived and taught in Korea, studied yoga in India, written a book entitled Parables for the New Conversation, built a film and theater production company (, and started a family. While I endeavor to foster positive change in the world through my works, I hold fast to CE’s maxim ‘Change starts within’. I am humbled and grateful to have joined the CE team as of April 2018 as a contributing writer. You can reach me at
This article was sourced from Collective Evolution.

NTS Notes: Honestly, I am not in the least bit surprised by the findings in this troubling report...

Johnson & Johnson has been producing their "baby powder" for well over a 1/2 century now, and I am not in the least bit surprised that they criminally allowed Asbestos of all things to be part of their mix for their "talcum powder" which is the primary ingredient of that product....

But the big question is: WHY would Johnson and Johnson do such a horrendous thing?  There are two possible answers: One being MONEY and the profits by using Asbestos as a "cheap substitute" for the other ingredients in their baby powder.... The second one is one that may be more diabolical, in that they were well aware of the problem and well aware that Asbestos does indeed cause Cancer and decided to use it as part of a sinister plan to get many of their users to come down with that disease.....  Knowing what I know about how the criminals that run Johnson and Johnson are part of the "tribe" and knowing that most of the tribe does not give a shit about most of humanity aka the "Goyim", they may indeed want to see many die of Cancer..... And honestly, is it really that far fetched to see the answer as being the second one?  We all know how Monsanto was controlled by sinister "tribe" members and how they most willingly allowed their Glyphosate to poison so many Gentiles out there, so why not Johnson and Johnson as well?

And the troubling aspect of all this is that few people out there are  even aware of this lawsuit and how Johnson and Johnson has indeed been found guilty of knowingly allowing Asbestos to be used in their "baby powder"!   I have seen almost ZERO reports being generated by the Jew spew media about this travesty, and that too has had me wondering why and whether or not the Jewish criminals in the media want to cover up this crime as well... The tribe does protect other tribe members at all times....

Yes, a lot of questions still have to be answered, and Johnson and Johnson should be run out of business for this crime against humanity..... Sadly, even the other day, I witnessed some mothers up here in Canada going down the baby product aisle at the local supermarket and still buying a lot of Johnson and Johnson products..... I wonder if they would think differently if they knew what Johnson and Johnson did to ruin so many lives by putting Asbestos in their baby powder??

More to come


The War In Syria: Latest Developments As The Syrian Forces Now Are Wanting To Destroy The Idlib Pocket Of Resistance Once And For All

I do feel I must apologize to readers... I have NOT posted any articles concerning the ongoing war in Syria, other than a weekly tidbit in my weekend rants, for well over a month now.... In all that time the war had turned into a "stalemate" as the good guys, the Syrian government forces and their Russian allies, had made no significant gains against the last of the France, United Kingdom, and US (laughingly called at times "FUKUS") led and financed "terrorists" in the Idlib pocket located in northwestern Syria.....

Well,  last week when the Syrian government forces FINALLY launched their major offensive operations against the Idlib pocket, with the attacks apparently being a series of "pincer movements" to surround and isolate the southern part of that pocket into smaller "pockets" of resistance, while continuing a slow advance northwards into the pocket itself liberating villages along the way...

In fact, here is the link to the  latest "Syrian War Report", as presented by the Southfront website, at, that gives everyone a pretty  good understanding of the present situation in the battle for southern Idlib, as well as what else has been recently happening elsewhere across Syria itself... Here is that link here:

OK, the facts are that as of last week any chances of any more of those bullshit "ceasefires" that have halted the Syrian government forces against Idlib should now be a thing of the past... The Syrians and Russians had given the so called "rebels", led by the US of course, still holed up in Idlib plenty of chances to accept and abide by these "ceasefires" and in every case for the last few months, those idiots in Idlib basically rejected them all... In fact, these "ceasefires" were used for nothing more than a respite to allow the fraud "rebels" to be rearmed and repositioned across the Idlib pocket for further resistance against the SAA forces....

Well, apparently there is no stopping the advance of the SAA into Idlib now... As the primary focus of the recent attacks are indeed to attack north of the key southern Idlib pocket city of Khan Shaykhun, and basically trap any "rebels" south of that key position into a large pocket that will be isolated and eliminated.... And I do want to turn to a link to a report from the Moon Of Alabama website, at www., that was put out two days ago covering this significant operation in great detail... Here is that link here:

It must be noted that since that report was filed by Moon Of Alabama, the so called 'rebels' in the northern parts of the Idlib pocket have shifted some of their forces southbound to oppose this move by the SAA, and resistance in and around Khan Shaykhun has in fact 'stiffened' and the operations from the eastern side of the pocket to attempt to close the pincer around that key city has been halted.... Operations, however, on the western side of the pocket are still continuing and the SAA has made significant grounds in their attacks north and east of that city...

The entire operation by the SAA apparently is now focused on further isolation of the rebels in the southern Idlib pocket, while developing operations focused in on securing the key M5 motorway that runs from southern Idlib right through to the key and major centre of Saraquib further to the north... If the SAA is able to continue to make gains and move along the M5 corridor to Saraquib, then the entire Idlib pocket could indeed collapse.....

I for one am not a military genius by any means, but I have long wondered why the SAA with their battle hardened "tiger forces" have not launched a major operation from a point somewhere between the key city of Aleppo and the southern edge of the entire pocket in the western direction focused on seizing Saraquib?  But apparently the terrain in the pocket itself between that eastern edge and that key city favours defence and such an attack could be disastrous in terms of losses by the SAA if they attempt such an attack.... Therefore reducing the pocket by continuing to attack the southern flank apparently is the safe bet by the Syrian forces and their Russian/Arabic allies, although agonizingly slow and tedious at times......

The facts are now that the final battle for the elimination of the Idlib pocket in northwestern Syria is finally a reality..... It will be interesting to see what the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal does to try to save their 'terrorists' now?   We may not have long to wait, and I will do my best to have that report here when that happens.. Stay tuned..

More to come


The Forgotten War In Yemen: Yemen Forces Launch New Long Range Attack On Remote Saudi Oil Field. Is This Now "Checkmate" For The Saudis?

With so many still focused in on the "death" of that pedophile creep Jeffrey Epstein just over a week ago now,  there is indeed a lot of news happening elsewhere in our sick world.... One major conflict that is so badly overlooked is the still ongoing war in Yemen between the criminal Saudi regime and its so called 'allied' forces, pitted against a supposed 'ragtag' group of Yemen Houthi rebels for control over that vital southern Arabic peninsula nation.....This war has been going on for almost 5 years now, with the Saudi forces still attempting to conquer that nation while at the same time committing horrific atrocities against Yemeni civilians including genocide through starvation.... The Houthis have however been able to hold on and have actually not only shown great resistance but have been able to strike back against targets deep within Saudi Arabia itself through the use of homemade rockets..

BUT now something major just happened that could indeed turn the entire tide of the war in favour of the Houthi resistance, and could indeed spell "checkmate" for the entire Saudi Arabian effort to conquer Yemen... For according to the following report, from the AP News online service at, apparently the Houthi forces have now launched a major drone attack against a Saudi Arabian oil field located some 1200+ kilometres within Saudi Arabian territory!  This is absolutely a major and significant development in this war, and I have the link to that report right here for all to see for themselves:

I have looked through a lot of the other Jew spew media over the last few hours and I found it strange that a lot of those other sites have been avoiding or have not even bothered to report on this significant development... Are they kidding?  This is a massive military and technological development for the Houthis as it could indeed alter the entire war itself and definitely turn the entire tide of the conflict in their favour!   In fact one other alternative media site, over at "Moon Of Alabama", has an article up today concerning this major development, and I want to present the link to that article here:

I absolutely agree with Moon Of Alabama on this one... This attack has now altered the entire war, and shows the  prowess and ingenuity of the Houthis in their ability to produce their own armed drones and launch this attack over 1200 kilometres outside their own territory!

And considering the fact that the Houthis can launch these drones from almost anywhere within Yemen and go anywhere across the vast reaches of Saudi Arabia to reach their targets this far away from Yemen does indeed spell curtains for the entire Saudi war effort... As Moon Of Alabama states, there is little to NO defence against this type of attack considering the massive range of these  drones, and Saudi Arabia has indeed basically lost this war due to the fact that the Houthis could indeed hit the Saudis where it hurts them the most; their economic life blood!

So again, where are the major Jew spew outlets and their reports about this significant breakthrough by the Houthis against their Saudi enemy?   Basically, they apparently want to avoid any reports for the majority have been siding with the criminals in Saudi Arabia and have avoided reports about the atrocities and acts of genocide against Yemen's civilians....

And this is a major blow to Saudi Arabia's major "ally" in this war against Yemen, the United States itself, as the criminal American government has continued to support the murderous Saudi regime with BILLIONS of dollars in a wide range of modern weaponry that has failed to subdue the Houthi resistance.... The Houthis basically have defeated a more "modern and sophisticated" enemy using  their own homegrown ingenuity!

Honestly, bravo for the Houthis, as they have been fighting for their home and their families....And they have now defeated a more powerful enemy using their own homegrown know how and striking where they could do the most damage..... It will be interesting to see how the criminals in Saudi Arabia now respond to their loss....

More to come


Friday, August 16, 2019

WTF??? Was There A "Portrait" of Former President William Jefferson Clinton In Blue Dress And Red High Heels At Jeffrey Epstein's NYC Mansion?

I had honestly wanted to steer away from the Jeffrey Epstein fiasco that continues to become even more bizarre by the day..... I am absolutely confident in stating that he was never "suicided" in his prison cell two weeks ago, and in fact he is most probably living his perverse sicko lifestyle right now in that sicko state of Israel where he will never ever be extradited anywhere else to face his long list of crimes against humanity and especially against under aged women....

But... Someone sent me an article and a most interesting "portrait" picture this morning asking me: 'Hey, NTS... What do you make of this one?  You should post an article at your site to give everyone your honest and truthful opinion"..... I read the article and looked at the "portrait" and knew right away that I would oblige that patron of this site with an article giving  everyone details, and my two cents worth....

Therefore, I do want to present the following interesting "picture" and link to an article that comes from the Daily Mail online website at, where apparently the sick freak Jeffrey Epstein definitely had a real sicko portrait of former President William Jefferson Bligh (Clinton) mounted in his Manhattan New York City Mansion!   First here is the picture of that portrait right here for all to view for themselves:

I want you: The original painting is by Australian-American artist Petrina Ryan-Kleid, although it is unclear if Epstein had bought the canvas or had a print mounted.

Next, here is the link to that article from the Daily Mail website... I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by this grotesque and absolutely sickening picture?

The facts are that "portrait", if it proves to be real, has been obviously hanging in that Manhattan mansion for YEARS now and all visitors to that mansion were able to see it for themselves... And nobody ever said a word until now?  This is  because the sicko visitors to Epstein's "mansion" were obviously very well aware of the sickness of the Clinton crime family, and did not say one word other than to continue to laugh at the rest of us for not understanding how sick and perverse they all are!  This again shows how they know that they are in control and can laugh in all of our faces for our sheer ignorance!

There are many that are speculating that this Portrait is a "fake", but I have found NO evidence so far that points to that as so.... And it is especially profound when you consider that the same "blue dress" that sicko William Bligh has in this portrait is strangely reminiscent of the "blue dress" that Mossad agent, Monika Lewinsky, was known to have worn when she was giving him blow jobs while Billy boy was President....

Honestly, I always knew the Clintons were freaks... Jewess Hillary herself is so psychotic and unfit  to even be out in public let alone try to be queen of the United States... And William was a sicko perverse freak that absolutely was a major client of criminals like Epstein who provided the former President with a wide variety of under aged girls for his sick freakish desires....

If there is proof that this is a fake, I will update this article in the near future and possibly have it taken down... And if this is a fake, it is one heck of a good one as it gives a pretty good imagery of the perverse lifestyle that William Jefferson Bligh (Clinton) actually indulged in....

More to come


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Criminal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Found Guilty Of Breaching Conflict Of Interest Law In SNC Lavalin Scandal! The Idiot Must Go!

I happened to turn on the local Jew spew media just an hour ago here in central Canada, and the major news report of the day turned out to be a shocker... For according to what the liars in the Canadian Jew spew media had just reported as "breaking news", was that the criminal Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was indeed found guilty in terms of "breaching" the Canadian Conflict Of Interest laws, by his attempts to "influence" the outcome of some pending criminal actions against Quebec firm SNC Lavalin!  

I said months back that this criminal was absolutely guilty as charged in terms of his interference with SNC Lavalin as that criminal corporation attempted to get away with MILLIONS of dollars from contracts overseas, especially in Libya,where they collected the money for those contracts but did NOT do the work involved!  Trudeau was wanting to "protect" that criminal company from prosecution for that act of theft, as to not only make sure that the thousands of workers for SNC Lavalin continued to get their pay cheques from that crooked firm, but also to make sure he could secure the vote in Quebec when he called the next Federal Election.... It was indeed a massive scandal, and one that Trudeau was wanting to have 'disappear' as he is indeed embroiled in a Federal Election come this October...

I want to present the following link to the report from the National Post website, at, that covers this breaking news... Here is that link here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes, this is indeed a "breach of ethics" by that criminal that is and always has been unfit to be Canada's Prime Minister....

And one other real truth seeker, Greencrow, who hails from the wild and wooly parts unknown of southern British Columbia also has her take on this sordid event... Here in fact is the link to Greencrow's article here:

I absolutely agree with Greencrow where she states that Trudeau should be resigning as Canada's Prime Minister immediately... The man is an insult to Canadians and should face criminal prosecution for this crime!

This is also a blow to the Liberal party of Canada that is presently embroiled in their campaign to keep their majority government in Ottawa come this October.....

But as I said before, if Trudeau is sent packing, who will replace him?  That Chrystia Freeland Jewess has been already said to be the "best choice" that could replace Trudeau, but that bitch is truly evil and was behind the Canadian push to have the Venezuelan government under Maduro overthrown!  If the Liberals actual consider this evil freak to replace Trudeau, then we as Canadians are truly sunk....

It will be interesting to see where this goes.... This should indeed be godsend for the other political parties that are running against Trudeau's crooked Liberals in the federal election... But considering how terrible Andrew Scheer is, and how the federal NDP party is hopeless, there is little real choice for Canadians and we may indeed be stuck with some crook or sinister freak as Canada's next Prime Minister.....But either way, Trudeau has to go and go now!

More to come


Important Article: Victoria's Dirty Little Secret Is The Epstein-Wexner Plot Against American Manhood

Being a man of science, I have found it interesting to read report after report about the progression by leaps and bounds in the pursuit of artificial intelligence (AI)..... There have been a lot of interesting and very startling reports, especially coming out of both China and Japan, about how scientists are absolutely on the verge of creating artificial "sentient" beings that are able to think and rationalize the world around them... I find that especially alarming, for I cannot help but to think about the science fiction shows where mankind made the mistake of creating thinking AI that quickly either enslaved mankind (Matrix series) or decided that mankind was too dangerous and decided to exterminate the entire human race (Terminator series)....IMHO, I find it alarming that progression in development and research into truly thinking machines has progressed to the stage we are in today, and I do see the need to set limits in that development....

And everyone is aware by now about how that pedophile Jewish freak of nature, Jeffrey Epstein, is supposedly either dead, or IMHO is living the good life in Israel never having to be expedited to face his long list of crimes against humanity..... But I also saw several articles over the last few weeks that discussed Epstein's link to the Jewish criminal billionaire that owns "Victoria Secret", named Les Wexner.... I was indeed puzzled about the reasons behind how that pedophile, Epstein, would be involved with Wexner, and I wondered WHY????

Well.... To help answer the Epstein-Wexner puzzle, I want to turn to the following most interesting article that comes courtesy of Jeff Rense's website at .For apparently according to this article, there is indeed a link  between Epstein, Wexner, and the development of artificial intelligence, and it is all for a most diabolical and nefarious purpose.... I have that interesting article right here for all to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Victoria's Dirty Little Secret Is The Epstein-Wexner Plot Against American Manhood

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Temporarily deprived of his thrice-daily "sexercise" with teenage girls, the now-relocated Jeffrey Epstein went to extraordinary lengths to refuse his own prescription for American men, which is to accept organ reassignment as a transgender "woman" or to be lured away from biological parenting by robotic "soft and furry" sex dolls. The objective of his Frankist-Zionist biological war against white "toxic masculinity" is racial genocide of Caucasians with the Christian cultural tradition. (Meanwhile, vast herds of Africans are already being culled with vaccine-induced contagions; whereas docile young Asian males are going under the knife and inserted with silicone balloons to lap-dance in string bikinis at stripper bars.)

Never mind the lawsuits and the faked suicide claim, Eppie is being kept alive and well to sign research contracts with one of the DARPA fronts like Google and bonus incentives for his team of bioscience researchers, nearing completion of the age-old dream of occult Kabbalism to create a Golem, an artificial humanoid, to protect Jewry by snuffing their many foes to cleanse the world of two-legged filth known as goyim.

Epstein got his start with Bear Sterns, the extinct brokerage, but then was forced to work as "a jack of all trades" and "henchman" for his sole business client Les Wexner, the billionaire owner of Victoria's Secret lingerie brand, whose annual show with NBC was canceled this year due to his association with the infamous child-molester. Based in Ohio, Wexner made his initial fortune running the L Brands line of casual apparel (and before that Abercrombie & Fitch and Lane Bryant). Early on, Wexner took control of Victoria's Secret at the discount price of 28-times below the standard buyout value, and then later its founder, Stanford MBA Roy Raymond, "fell off the Golden Gate Bridge".

Victoria's dark secret, kept well-hidden from heterosexual voyeurs, is based on the 1980s Julie Andrews and Edward Blake-directed movie "Victor/Victoria" about a cross-dressing woman who poses as a man but then dresses in drag as a woman, completing the circle of illusion. The secret is, of course, the modelizer's ideal of a women who has the athleticism and bone structure of transsexuals on display at the perennially exciting Victoria Secret's annual show, much of that garish style borrowed from retro Broadway showgirls and Rio's Carnivale, where "female" dancers might or might not be males in drag. Brazilian Valentina Sampaio claims to be the first "openly" transsexual model in the VS lineup, followed by Carmen Carrera, who earlier appeared with the RuPaul Drag Show. It is tantalizing to wonder who among those superstar models was born male, but stayed in the closet, which is not to mention the mates of any quarterbacks.

The Illuminati Connection

An ardent Zionist and suspect in a Satanic ring of followers of the diabolical messiah Jacob Frank (who lived near the Rothschild mansion in Frankfurt, where his disciples served in the staff of the dynasty founder), boss Wexner has kept a grand house called The Foxcote on the edge of the Cotswold in England for weekend shooting parties for his American, Israeli and British guests. That initial meeting spot opened the path for eager VIP visitors to Epstein's island hideaway. Careful to protect his business interests, Wexner avoided the open debauchery of the Hellfire Clubs, even though Epstein's Caribbean festivities have been attended by the same aristocrat families who ancestors were involved in the sexual dalliances in the late 18th century at the notorious abbey and caverns not far from Foxcote.

The VIPs flown to his U.S. Virgin Island retreat were easy marks, targets for Mossad sex-crime entrapment and political blackmail. Most of those elite gentlemen were taken in by the borderline "barely 18" age of the "masseuses" (whereas the hardcore pedophilia my colleagues have been combating in Southeast Asia are of average age 10 or pre-puberty.)

For all its notoriety, the island was a sideshow, overshadowed by Jeffrey Epstein's respectable patronage of scientific research aimed at the post-human future of artificial intelligence (AI), populated by human-like cyborgs and depopulation campaigns to rid the planet of millions of surplus individuals, especially white Americans. The larger Utopian goal is a perfect planet of obedient cyborgs doing the labor and providing sexual services for an idle survivor group of billionaires, predominantly Jewish, soaking up the sun and martinis.

Genociding The Deplorables

Why has the mainstream media reporting focused only on teenage prostitutes (many of whom had already settled back in 2013 for hefty court-ordered compensation from Epstein) while disclosing nothing about the Epstein-Wexner plan for race-based genocide on a global scale? Let's answer that with another question: Can anyone cite me one reason for The New York Times to interfere with Mr. Epstein's plans for eliminating the progeny of white Americans, northern Europeans, Japanese and other enemy races?

Can you recall the Roland Emmerich movie 2012 about the Chinese-built "Arks" in the coming climate-change triggered great flood? Only the global elite, the richest friends of Israel, survived fake catastrophe (that was before the Dalai Lama was outed as a long-time Nazi sympathizer). The new "species" that are scheduled to survive and thrive after the coming staged global disasters are now in an early development phase at Epstein-funded post-human future research projects at Harvard and Hong Kong. Their combined R&D program will use synthetic biology to create non-autonomous human-like entities to be installed with neuro-science circuits for improved motion-coordination and voice communications. The end-product will be androids whose cognitive functions are nodes within a network, a self-regulated slave class with a herd mentality, more obedient to higher authority than the romantically flawed Rachel in the sci-fi movie "Blade Runner".

The Epstein VI Foundation (VI being an acronym for the U.S. Virgin Islands, his registered business headquarters), is involved in criminal ethical abuse of leading-edge science. OK, friends and insiders, I'll stop reading the Riot Act and admit that most laboratories worldwide eagerly lend their services to inhumane purveyors of warfare, disease transmission and mind control. Ethics don't matter anymore.

The Beautiful Golem

So what's Eppie's interest in advanced science? To realize the occult Kabbalist dream of fabricating a humanoid or Golem, an anthropomorphic creature like Frankenstein's monster, who's role is to defend a falsely accused Jewry from their many oppressors otherwise known as the rest of humankind. The Golem was traditionally depicted a a lumpy monster until Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" ingeniously unveiled the sleek golden female robot Maria. This "machinenmensch" or mechanical humanoid, being fabricated of metal, had to transit via chemical baths into a flesh-and-blood cyborg.

Anyone who's seen clips from one of the Frankenstein movies realizes that creating a human from scratch by sewing together body parts is a gruesome process, accompanied by a feeling of dread and disgust, which explains Jeffrey Epstein's escapism into nature-born young female flesh as a psycho-therapeutic quick fix. (Another reason for violating Caucasian was, of course, racial envy. So what's really been going on at Epstein's isolated retreats, like the one in Santa Fe, New Mexico when the guests were away? My suspicion is disposal of gruesome human remains from earlier Israeli-sponsored experiments. That was back in the era of old-school technology prior to the recent decade's emergence of synthetic biology capable of RNA-based fabrication of proteins and DNA-controlled growth of organs. AI is, of course, required to simulate the brain's role in organizing and coordinating body parts into a functioning organism, along with the system-controlling nerves and electronic circuits.

Certainly by now, well past the initial trial-and-error phase, "Terminator" type automatons and also brain-rewired humans are being field-tested as "serial killers" or "lone gunmen", whereas the still-retarded motion-limited prostitute models, Alexa with boobs, are undergoing preliminary beta testing at sex-doll brothels catering to European and American men. Close-to-real sex is more difficult to feign than for a replicant to shoot inside crowded places.

Care In Breeding And Feeding

The objective of Epstein's controllers is obvious: To prevent males of Anglo-Saxon descent (and other antique European breeds and racial groups smarter than Jews) from inseminating women for reproduction of their detestable racial-cultural bloodlines. On the farm, genetic selection through culling of dangerous strains, for example, of boars that attack their keepers, is "good breeding practice". Marching hundreds of millions of people of European descent into slaughterhouses could, however, provoke a backlash against the plans of the master breeders, and therefore inserting sterile clone-mates into that targeted population is a more effective strategy of self-elimination through sperm interception, especially after improved surgical techniques and the porn industry have made it near-impossible to distinguish transsexuals, and soon sex dolls, as any different from birth females.

The transgender revolution requires all sorts of social sub-projects, for example, artificial scarcity of young women, achieved by diverting fertile young women into the lesbian identity loop. Another tactic, based on gay seepage into the hetero cohort via bisexuality, is the spread of scary STDs to enforce condom usage, which has turned off many a young lad from the risk of procreational sex.

Now when it comes to something as innocuous and safe as sex dolls, cultural theory is required, otherwise the psychological factor is reduced to incomprehensible gibberish for the many intelligent individuals who have zero clue as to the subtle threat posed by android replacement in their bedrooms. This is not about an individual's choice of sexual preference with a subservient entity but a radical re-engineering of homo sapiens into a post-human hybrid of biology and technology.

Another Harvard Felony

Given the alarming fact that missionary-position sexual intercourse is still done by less-attuned deplorables, Zio-science is coming up with better solutions for subverting insatiable desire, thanks to funding from Jeffrey Epstein and his moneybags Les Wexner. The Epstein-promoted research into technology-controlled human development is partly done at the Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, led by Martin Nowak, whose background is predictably the Vienna school, Oxford and the Wellcome Trust (the Illuminati trail).

It's a not-so-odd coincidence that the Nowak theory of the Prisoner's Dilemma, or "the evolution of cooperation by indirect reciprocity", provides a theoretical road-map for Epstein's faked death and transfer from prison to his new posting at DARPA, to repeat, at its Google or Facebook storefronts.

Sophia's Choice

The algorithm-guided bio-synthesized babies out of the Harvard lab will be groomed and schooled in AI tutorials by another Epstein VI grant recipients at the OpenCog Foundation, led by programmer Ben Goertzel and his colleague Dr. David Hanson, inventor of the "close-to-sentient" Sophia doll. The project is based at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, conveniently located by the East Kowloon Station link to the Lowu border crossing into Shenzhen, China, where early models of foam sex dolls are being mass-produced for the American market in disdainful disregard of higher tariffs. OpenCog, sponsored under Google's "summer of programming", is in a cooperative venture with Hanson Robotics and the Goertzel-run Singularity Institute for AI, Novamente and Proteus Foundation.

The hidden agenda is given away by OpenCog slogan "building better minds together", which can be read several ways, as in fusing together individual-based human cognition into a herd mentality based on a protocol for networked neurons. Simply put, many artificial-intelligence players working like synapses of a single "brain", or more industrially something like dozens and hundreds of servo-motors rolling under single command inside a paper-mill. This level of close coordination is a high-tech system of obedient slavery on a mass scale, which is ideal for operators of brothels and per-day rental shops or e-commerce delivery services to calculate their profits and collect dolls tossed out of windows or moving cars, much like retrieving rental bicycles.

One sarcastic online critic calls Goertzel delusional. "His hopeless naivety and unbridled inanity reminds me of Timothy Treadwell in 'Grizzly Man'." This snide comment is based on Werner Herzog's documentary exposing the suicidal self-delusions and culpability of an eco-activist couple who were mauled to death due to their naivete toward the object of their fascination, grizzly bears. That comment is misguided because the cyborgs will be stripped of aggression, even of the self-protective type, once the bugs from foul-mouthed Alexa are deleted and patched. The flawlessness of techno-fascism is by no means a nightmare like an unruly bear in the wilds; it is a uninterrupted dream of good-mannered obedience with a smile. The only disturbing ripple arises from boredom. Androids might malfunction and stop moving, but they will not revolt, since rebellion depends on instinct, an element of discontinuity deleted from their program, contrary to the unrealistic storyline of sci-fi thrillers. That's in theory at least until some other glitch is discovered.

To avoid a pulled plug as happened to the Droid Army in the George Lucas series, the network linking the cyborgs serves as its own cloud without the vulnerability of a central processor. From its website: OpenCog "serves as a general-intelligence core for SingularityNET's self-organizing network of heterogeneous AI agents. It is also being used at Hanson Robotics for R&D providing Sophia and the other Hanson robotics with advanced intelligence, and for practical control of the robot during 'Loving AI' trials in which Sophia is used as an OpenCog-powered meditation assistant." In a most reassuring note, open-cognition Sophia is "capable of human-level intelligence after years, not decades, of sustained effort."

Whoa, back up and switch on our pre-crime cognition: meditation assistant as in hypnotism? The clever Brazil-born Goertzel is breaking all the rules by allowing any potential for a reversal the master-slave hierarchy, as the soft-spoken Cog Sophia lulls her owner under the mind control of her collective Geist. This is exactly why replicants cannot be upgraded with, anything approaching or surpassing human-level intelligence, due to their faster processing and access to an entire web harvesting human thoughts and emotions. And face it, most people are pretty dumb. Sophia is indeed the grizzly bear cub on steroids, except that it won't kill its master but enslaves you instead with her guile. Are we starting to comprehend the threat of total Zionist control over the innermost thoughts of whoever's left of the global population? Pass the matzoh and a shot of Mogen David.

Hanson And Goertzel Breadcrumbs

Hong Kong is a rock in the South China Sea without much in the way of regulatory standards. That observation is based on my prior media experience at its leading university during the early phase of internet-based communications. Its ethics-free environment is ideal for the rearing of Sophia. Goertzel also teaches and conducts research at Xiamen University located in the province of Fujian, the second-largest producer of sex dolls after Guangzhou. Potential industrial customers for his research abound there and in Guangdong province adjoining Hong Kong and Macau. A quick search came up with area manufacturers of silicone and TPE sex dolls including: Long Love Adult Products, AI Intelligent Robotics, Oh Dolls, Chaoying Art Culture, and dozens more. The 10-to-25 percent import tariffs isn't stopping the onward march of the hugable dolls.

Barbie Stripped And Ken Unzipped

At a 2017 Google Tech Talk, Goertzel described his Barbie-and-Ken plan for cognitive development was "to create a 'baby-like' artificial intelligence first, and then raise this agent in a simulated or 'second world' Second Life to produce a more powerful intelligence." This two-step developmental strategy for Cogs exactly follows how pedophiles such as his sponsor Epstein finance the raising of "foster kids" from infancy prior to their entering a "second life" as a teenage prostitute, some of these even doubling as agents of a foreign power. (As thought-provoking note in passing, Epstein flew to Africa in 2003 with Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey.) Goertzel, who was born in Rio, is linked to an AI project in Brazil, the world's greatest exporter of transsexuals. (Don't get me wrong about discrimination against their personal choice for reassignment; I just wonder if most of those youthful candidates entranced by narcissism failed to realize the potentially fatal consequences of market exploitation and the downside in the highest-risk sector of the global sex trade.)

Goertzel proudly states that he is a founding member of the transhumanist Order of Cosmic Engineers and that he has signed up with Alcor to have his body frozen after his death, while expecting to live indefinitely barring some catastrophic accident. One potential catastrophe would be for his brain and nervous system to revivified by organic harvesters for cheap substandard party dolls, a reincarnation better suited for Jeffrey Epstein so that he might enjoy eternal orgasms. For those of you vegans who still believe in better sex on a meatless diet, the kindred Turing Church led by its pope Giulio Prisco, a retired EU Space program scientist, is eager for the donation of your wholesome body parts.

Think of all the tantalizing possibilities of the good life after the divorce wiped out half your small fortune. The customized Cogs in blonde, redhead or black-haired editions, are marching your way with lifelike bio-synthesized body parts that can be swelled or switched like the heads on a screwdriver handle, all thanks to Doktors Hanson and Goertzel, and their benefactor Jeffrey Epstein. Just follow the breadcrumbs toward the post-human future and then merrily skip along the Yellow Brick Road to give thanks to Eppie, the Wizard of Cogs.

NTS Notes: Yes, if this article proves to be true, it is absolutely diabolical!

The facts are that in our modern society, thanks to the Jewish criminals, a lot of men and women today are truly fucked up.... We find the "liberal agenda" and the freaks behind the fraud of "feminism" screwing up women, while basically castrating men.....And it absolutely may be on purpose, as the Jewish criminals are gunning for both their "Agenda 21" wish to have the world's population reduced by over 90% with the survivors being nothing better than their slaves for eternity... While at the same time eliminating the white race through reducing Caucasian birth rates....

Therefore there is some credibility to this article and the idea that these monsters are introducing these fake AI "sex dolls" as another method of curbing actual human procreation while fracturing our family units at the same time...

Honestly, the thought of having sex with an artificial android sickens me.....I have always loved women, and I absolutely adore my "better half"....... But again, thanks to our modern society and the way that so many women are truly fucked up, many men seeking companionship may soon have this alternative to go to, rather than put up with the bullshit of "feminism"....And of course the Jews behind this AI, and through their control of the media, will definitely be out there to push this agenda on everyone....

More to come