Thursday, July 28, 2016

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Yes today is Thursday, and NOT Sunday... But since I missed out the last two weekend rants and there is indeed so much happening around our sick world that I feel I need to put in my two cents worth, I figured it would be time for a "special" rant....

What can I say that has not already been said by everyone with two brain cells to rub together about the most evil and wicked person on planet Earth, Hillary "Killary" Rodham Clinton that has not already been said?  This crypto Jewish freak of nature is now the US Democratic Party candidate to become the next President of the United States, and may God, if there is one, have mercy on the American people if they are actually STUPID ENOUGH to vote for this sick demonic freak!  Yes, the so called Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia that just ended (thank goodness) last night was a sham and a farce...It was so surprising to witness that other Jew, Bernie Sanders, throw in the towel and throw his support behind the freak Killary considering everyone knew that the US primaries were fixed and Killary was a long time ago selected to be the next President by the Jewish Elitist pigs that run America....

Yes, Killary will most definitely be the next US President for the simple fact that the Jew spew media will LIE their asses off for the next few months leading up to the November vote stating that the "election" will be "too close to call" and that will signal the criminals that run the Diebold voting machines to switch over as many votes as possible to give Killary a "narrow" victory over Donald Drumpf.... It is a fact that most Americans are too brain dead now to actually do anything about it, and the fixed and stolen elections for this November will signal the beginning of a new Clinton crime family era in the White House with Killary in control as the new Empress of America... And again may any God (if there actually is one..) have mercy on the failure called the United States of America....

I have watched and listened while on vacation as the Jew spew media has done their utmost to try to criminalize everything possible against Donald Drumpf who of course should be able to win the vote this November to be the next US President barring the Diebold voting machine fix.... I do agree with Buelahman's assessment of Drumpf as absolutely not the answer for America by a long shot... Drumpf is of course almost as much controlled by the Jewish elite as Killary with one exception.. Drumpf will not have the US launching World War III as quickly as Killary wants, and Drumpf will possibly actually try talking to the Russian Federation and the Iranians rather than Killary's want for war..... But of course again the fix is in and Drumpf will go down to defeat this November by outright cheating and the American people will once again be too stupid to do anything about it....

Yes the two party system in America is a farce and sadly there is no third party candidate with an actual conscience to take America away from the criminal Jewish control and grip... And it does sadden me to watch and listen to the laughable rhetoric between the Democrats and Republicans knowing full well that they are just two sides of the same coin.... The criminal Jews will continue to maintain their control and sadly the only chance for Americans to break their evil grip is outright revolution....

OK, I was right about the Nice France false flag attack being a fraud, and more and more the evidence is crystal clear that NOBODY died in that event and it was indeed a set up... I also saw the report while on vacation where the French government had the nerve to demand that all CCTV videos that may have captured what really happened during that "event" be destroyed!   Honestly, that should have raised a red flag immediately that the whole thing was a farce due to the fact that the French government itself was in on the charade and wanted to have evidence of the fakery destroyed....

Then we have the case of the Mossad agent masquerading as a "reporter" named Richard Gutjahr who was at BOTH the Nice "trucking incident" as well as the more recent Munich "Mcshooting"... Honestly, that was a dead giveaway that BOTH incidents were indeed conceived and run by the Israeli Mossad to try to strike fear in the German and French public so that they would stupidly surrender their rights for the fraud of more "security".... I am also surprised that even the Midgetman from Idaho who runs the Ugly Troll website has picked up on this, considering that troll has blindly and stupidly called most of the other shooting false flag incidents in the past as being real... Honestly, if this fool cannot put two and two together and realize that ALL so called "shootings" and "bombings" and even "truck ramming" that we have seen over the last decade are absolutely false flags and phoney, then the fool is an idiot and should never be in this fight....

Yes, the Munich "shooting" was absolutely 100% phoney and a set up... It involved a "hit squad" of at least 3 Mossad agents and of course the Mossad agent Gutjahr there to "film the event" (Yes, the Jews love to film their actions which again shows their sickness...).... But the shocking thing is that the German people are truly that stupid and are willing now to surrender their rights and freedoms for the fraud of "security" much like the French.... Honestly, are the Europeans now as gullible as the Americans and Canadians?

Please do not get me started about the most recent "incident" in France where an agent of the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, or "ISIS" for short went out and "beheaded" a frail 84 year old priest in Normandy... The moment I heard that "ISIS" claimed responsibility for that fiasco, I knew it was another false flag to further stir up anger in the French... And of course thanks to the French Jew spew media whipping up the anger in the French due to this attack, it has worked like a charm with the French government calling for an "all out war" against ISIS..... How gullible indeed are the French?

I have been very pleased to see the news in Syria get better and better by the day... Right now the good guys, the Syrian army and their allies, have the US financed mercenaries and killers aka the "rebels" all holed up in Aleppo with no escape routes left.. The good guys are now giving these mass murdering criminals a chance to surrender or else be slaughtered.. And with the reconquering of Aleppo by Assad's forces, the war to free Syria from the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal will have turned fully in favour of the good guys and any more talk of demanding Assad to leave will have been defeated... Yes, the fall of Aleppo could indeed signal the beginning of the end of the sick Israeli dream of having Syria cut up into small pieces to allow its sick dream of a greater Israel be demolished....

When I heard that the US was indeed behind the "coup" attempt in Turkey, I thought to myself "what else is new?"... The criminal US government has for decades now stuck its nose in the affairs of other nations and has been behind dozens of coups in nations worldwide.... Now that the truth has surfaced, it is time for President Erdogan of Turkey to take his nation out of the American/Israeli sphere of influence and turn towards the Russian Federation for an alliance..... It would be also in Turkey's best interests to get the hell out of NATO and demand the US get the hell off their territory immediately... Lets face it, for the failed coup in Turkey has once again shown the criminality of the United States and should be a wake up call for all nations that they are better off by not being a patsy for the American empire....

Greencrow, ( a great fellow Canadian truth seeker put out in this week's "Caw Rant" the astonishing fact that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has indeed "surrendered" to the criminals at Lougheed Martin and is willing to fork over billions of dollars now for the most useless F35 fighter POS (Stands for Piece Of Sh*t for those who have been wondering...) plane, due to the fact that Lougheed Martin did exactly as I predicted before and "threatened" to pull some 10000 jobs out of Canada if Canada did not accept their POS fighter!  Yes, this is indeed BLACKMAIL, and I am so surprised that Trudeau turned his back on the Canadian people and his own ethics (and of course his own election promise..) and agreed to surrender to Lougheed Martin!   Honestly, Trudeau should have let the Canadian public know exactly what Lougheed Martin was up to and pulled the F35 contract immediately... Considering the fact that the Canadian government is about to spend upwards of 100 BILLION dollars for the useless F35 "fighter", it would have been better that Canada pull out of the contract and take that 100 BILLION DOLLARS and use it to find work for those 10000 people that would have been out of a job once Lougheed Martin pulled out of Canada... Considering the much better F18 Super Hornet was a better fighter and much cheaper than the F35 POS, that 100 BILLION would have not only been able to give Canada easily several hundred F18's and still have plenty left over to find the best jobs for the people thrown out of work by Lougheed Martin as well!  And we could also consider the fact that Boeing, the company behind the F18 Super Hornet would have indeed with a Canadian contract be willing to give jobs to many of the people thrown out of work by Lougheed Martin as well..... Honestly, Justin Trudeau is an idiot for accepting blackmail and I am so surprised that the Jew spew media here in Canada has absolutely NOT reported at all on this fiasco.....

I saw last week reports about this being the second anniversary of the MH17 fiasco over Ukraine that the US is still stupidly trying to blame the Russian Federation for their arrogant false flag attack.... And these reports are still calling the MH17 a "mystery" when it is no mystery at all... For those who still do not get it, the fateful flight of MH17 was in fact that final flight of the long "missing" MH370 that was flown out of Malaysia and secretly flown directly to the US military base at Diego Garcia.... From Diego Garcia, the now repainted and relabeled MH370 Boeing 777ER was flown with other military aircraft to the United States where it was decided to have it sent as a flying bomb to destroy the delegation gathered in March 2014 in The Hague Netherlands to discuss the Iranian "crisis" situation... Luckily the Dutch did indeed intercept this flying missile and it was diverted to a base in Europe.  It was then decided by the Jewish power elite that the MH370 aircraft would be used as a false flag attack to blame Russia and it was conveniently flown out as MH17 with the long dead bodies from the original MH370 flight taken out of cold storage and reloaded into the aircraft... But everything went awry with the MH17 flight and even after the Ukrainian airforce on cue blew this robotic aircraft out of the sky over Ukraine, every shred of evidence gathered from the wreckage including the already rotting bodies on board showed that it was indeed the last flight of MH370!   How anyone cannot see the link between MH370 and MH17 is beyond me..... There is no riddle at all, for MH17 does indeed equal MH370!

Well, there you have it... I have indeed tried to cover as much of what I have missed over the last 11 days as possible... And for those issues that I may have not covered in full, I will touch on them here in what I usually call my "last minute tidbits"..... What the hell is the US trying to pull now in the South China Sea?  Poking China to try to get a nice little war going over some small islands that they have no business in what so ever, and now I see that even the French are getting involved?   Yes, the US is desperately trying to get a war going just to save itself from economic disaster.... I saw a report today that a US spy surveillance aircraft had to make an "emergency landing" in the Russian Federation?  Honestly, I do not know what Barry Soetoro is trying to do now, but this "landing" in Russia stinks to high heaven.....The daughter of Mossad agent Richard Gutjahr was ALSO in Munich during that phoney "Mac attack"?  How convenient is that?  And again is glaring evidence that this attack as well as Nice were indeed conceived and run by the Mossad.......Israel is now wanting to further seize more territory in southern Syria under the lie that they need it for "security"?  Bad enough they have illegally seized the Golan Heights, but it is so obvious now that since Assad is winning his war to gain his country back, Israel will now try to create their "Greater Israel" by other methods......Not sure about the "attack" in Japan, but that looks and stinks like a set up like all the other false flag attacks.  And yes these false flag events will continue until either the people stupidly surrender their guns and their freedoms or they wake the hell up!..... Let me get this straight: A busker and activist living in Jasper Alberta, Monika Shaefer, is being attacked by the Jewish pricks that control Canada for questioning their so called "Holocaust"?  I have many questions for these pricks including their numbers of deaths and their claims of "gassings" during that so called "Holocaust", but that could take up most of this rant, and I have not the time for their arrogance and stupidity.  Honestly, anyone with any logic can see the flaws in the "Holocaust" religion, but as usual Canadians are muzzled from questioning and even research thanks to the draconian and fraudulent "hate crimes" here.  Yes, truth never needs laws to support itself, only lies do........For those that want to know, Banff and Lake Louise are not cheap and most activities were absolutely ridiculously expensive.  Yes, I did go up the Sulfur Mountain Gondola ride in Banff, but that was $44 Canadian per person for the round trip ride to the top of the mountain!  A rip off by all accounts, but considering how many people in Banff were willing to fork over their money so willingly for the experience, I do wonder...... Someone asked if I saw any wild animals at all in Banff National Park, and honestly I saw NONE.  But again that makes sense when you consider that most wild animals will stay clear of any humans (they can smell us for miles...), and there were thousands of tourists everywhere I went in that park.....I see the criminal Rothschild empire private army called "NATO"'s build up in eastern Europe is still going on at a rapid pace.  It still shocks me that people are gullibly believing their government's and of course the Jew spew media's outright lies that the Russian Federation is somehow a "threat" and could "invade Poland" in an instant without actually looking at the facts.  The facts are simple in that Russia is not threatening anyone and the real pricks here are NATO themselves that are wanting this war with Russia for their Jewish masters to avoid economic disaster and the people turning on them.  It is my hope that people do wake up in time and stop this madness before World War III and the end of the world that we know it becomes a reality........ NO need here to put up anything about the Kardashians in this rant for Killary the Kackling, Killer, Kommie Kanckled, Krazy, Kooky, Kike, Kunt, Klinton, has done enough this week to make everyone with any intelligence sick to their stomachs.  The hard part to swallow is that there are still some 10% of the American people still gullible enough to actually vote for this satanic demonic creature?

It is good to be back....... Too bad the world is as fucked up as ever.....

More to come


I Am Back From Vacation...New Articles To Come Shortly...

Yes, I am back...

I spent the last 10+ days out in the Canadian Rockies, seeing many attractions that I have not seen in well over 10 years.... I spent the majority of the time out by Banff, Lake Louise, and Calgary Alberta..

Lets be honest here... I went to Banff at the wrong time... The place was indeed beautiful, but was overcrowded with too many visitors and especially visitors from Asian countries overseas..... The townsite has some 8000 permanent residents but during this time of year has possibly some 25000+ visitors.... It was packed like sardines, and yes I am not kidding here!  

The mountain view was great, and scenery is of course spectacular... I did not see many wild animals, and when I stopped and asked a Park superintendent as to why, he of course responded logically that with all the people packed into the park, the animals are staying away!  Yes, the human influence is once again pushing into the wild animals' natural habitat.....

I did bring a laptop, but I kept my word to my better half and only turned it on to keep abreast of what has been happening in our sick world while on vacation...Honesty, I had to turn the damned thing off because I am SO DISGUSTED by how the world again seems to go to hell during my absence from blogging....

I will probably be doing a mid week "rant" today or tomorrow just to get up to speed on what I see has been happening during my vacation time.... There is indeed so much to cover and I will do my best to put my 2 cents worth forward....

It is good to be back, and there is so much to do to get back up to speed on this blog... So stay tuned...

As usual..

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Northerntruthseeker Taking A Much Needed Vacation Break

I will be off on vacation for the next 10 days starting tomorrow....

Yes, it is a much needed vacation break, and I will NOT be posting my weekend rants for the next two Sundays, and only periodically taking out my laptop just to keep up with what is happening around our world...

And indeed things are heating up.... I originally thought that the Nice France "attack" was legitimate, but more and more evidence is now coming forward that shows that it may indeed be another false flag where NOBODY has died.... I suggest that readers check out Jim Stone's updates over at his site at to get themselves up to speed on the latest about that fiasco...

And of course we just had the failed coup attempt in Turkey... Penny from Penny For Your Thoughts said a week back that Turkey was indeed ripe for a coup, due to the fact that Turkey was indeed trying to make peace efforts with the Russian Federation, and the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal would not allow Turkey to escape their clutches... It does appear that this latest coup was indeed bought and paid for by the US/Israel/NATO cabal, and luckily for the people of Turkey it has failed, at least for the moment..... I suggest that everyone look at Penny's site at for the latest updates and continuing reports on what exactly is happening in Turkey....

I can guarantee that during my absence there will be more turmoil around the planet, as the criminal Jewish elite does their worse in trying to keep their grip on our nations and to keep us enslaved... Please take the time to check out the fine work from colleagues whom I call the "Finest Bloggers That I Know" for truthful reports on the ever changing situations..... It is worth your time...

I will be back.... I am not a quitter, but a vacation is much needed to rest and "recharge"..... And as usual...

More to come


Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice France Attack: Truck Driver Rampage Has A Glaring Hole

As I stated in my previous article about this latest "attack" in Nice France, something stinks to high heaven... Yes apparently some 84 innocent people are now dead as a result of a "truck driver rampage" that occurred yesterday with hundreds more injured... But are we getting the real story?  Being the pessimist I am, I am continuing to dig into this latest "terrorist" attack, and am trying my best to present new evidence here for everyone to see for themselves..

I found a most interesting article that was just released by a fellow researcher, Jim Stone, who of course writes his blog at It contains some very interesting and glaring inconsistencies that everyone should be made aware of, and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Truck driver rampage story has a glaring hole

Here it is: Supposedly this guy went on a 40 MPH rampage for 30 minutes. But he only went 1 mile. Common core failure. COMMON CORE BREACH! 40 mph for 30 minutes equals 20 miles. To cover only one mile, he could have only been going two miles an hour. 
So we have a glaring problem with this story already.

So we have a glaring problem with this story already.

If this story actually happened, something else makes a lot more sense: The truck was taken over via remote control, the people remote controlling the truck caused a malfunction in a little less than a minute and a half, and the driver sat inside the disabled truck in shock for 28 minutes and 40 seconds until the police arrived and shot him. Gun thrown in to add spice, he probably did not have one or he would have shot bystanders. "Allahu Akbar" line added for spice (yes, he "shouted that" the moment before the final bullet hit him, even though he'd already been shot at for a while.) How would he know RIGHT WHEN THE RIGHT BULLET WAS COMING SO IT WAS TIME TO SAY THAT?

Lots 'O bullshit here already, if they want REAL NEWS to be believable, they can't spike it with this B.S. if it is real to begin with! Ok, let's line item this:

1. He went 40 mph.
2. He went one mile.
3. It took him a half hour to do it.
4. He had a gun, and already "demonstrated" with the truck that he wanted to kill people. But he shot no one.
5. He conveniently shouted Allahu Akbar.

Yep, that all makes sense to me. How about a little more sense than that even? REAL PROBABLE SCENARIO:

1. His truck was taken over via remote, as all vehicles sold in the U.S. are required to have after a little known law passed in 2005 mandating that some form of cell networked linked control had to be in all new vehicles from 2005 onward. This probably became law in Europe also.
2. They sped it to 40 mph, went through the barricades and started mowing people down with it.
3. After a mile or so and in less than 2 minutes, they caused a malfunction in the truck and it stopped, probably by ripping an air line loose (which would lock up the brakes)
4. Mo sat there in shock, with the doors locked because they locked them via remote, for 28 minutes and 40 seconds (until police arrived). That is how you can explain why he did not get out and run during all that time, and why he shot no one despite "having a gun".
5. Finally armed police arrived and shot him through the glass, and they made up an excuse that he had a gun.
6. "Allahu Akbar" was added to the story for spice.

NTS Notes:  When I saw the reports of a "rampaging" truck driver, I stopped and reflected on the infamous San Bernardino California false flag event of earlier this year, where the supposed husband and wife "shooters" raced their SUV down a main thoroughfare in downtown San Bernardino into a police blockade.. These two "shooters" of course met their "demise" in the subsequent hail of police gunfire... BUT REAL evidence has come out that showed that the SUV was actually remote control operated for that final preplanned race down the San Bernardino street, and the supposed "shooters" were already dead long before their vehicle ran into that police gunfire!   I began to realize that what we may have just seen in Nice was another "remote controlled" vehicle purposely being driven into these innocent people, and the Tunisian "terrorist" may indeed be nothing more than the "patsy" to take the blame!

I am indeed puzzled by the time frame for this Nice attack... Honestly, 1 kilometer distance for 20 minutes?  That indeed does not add up, considering the reports claim the driver was going "40 kilometers per hour", when in reality if the report is "truthful" the  'truck' was only going as little as 3 kilometers per hour!  At that speed, any bystanders can easily dodge the truck.....

I am also waiting for any evidence that there was indeed a "drill" taking place in Nice in the time before this "attack" has taken place.....  If anyone has a link to any factual evidence in this regard, I am all ears....

I also find it strange that this supposed "attacker" did indeed sit in his truck for at least 28 minutes before the police arrived to kill him... It would appear that Jim could be correct in that this man is indeed an innocent victim and actually the "patsy" to take the fall and be subsequently killed before he can give his side of the story... Again we have here is "dead men tell no tales" and quite possibly a poor man has indeed been murdered for a crime that he may have possibly NOT committed!

And you do have to love the ridiculous "Allahu Akbar" tale that the Jew spew media throws in for good measure.. We have seen this happen with all the other fraud attacks and once again the criminals behind this act hope that the gullible masses are too stupid to realize that they are once again being played as fools....

 And of course I again have to ask ... WHY Nice France?  If this was indeed a "terrorist" act and the "terrorists" really wanted to leave a message for the world, then they could have and should have chosen neighboring Monaco where the "elite" go to vacation and party!  But of course we always find in all of these events innocent people suffering while the criminal elite get off without a scratch.....

I have yet to say this was a preplanned and staged false flag event.. But the evidence is very much showing that to be a fact......

As more evidence comes forward, I will try my best to bring it forward here for everyone to see for themselves.. And I once again ask my own readers to bring forward any strange facts and evidence that they have come across and I will present it here for all to see..... Stay tuned....

More to come


Nice France Attack: Something Stinks Here For The Fraud Of ISIS Is Taking The Blame, And Other Points Of Contention....

Yes, yesterday was a very bad day for France, as a TUNISIAN man drove a large lorry through some crowded streets in Nice killing some 84 people and leaving maybe hundreds more hospitalized... We are still getting some information about this incident, and there will be more reports to follow this one... Needless to say that this incident could not have happened at a more convenient time for the French government as everywhere across France there have been rallies and protests against the French government's policies...

One thing that first alerted me that something was not right about this incident in Nice was the following report, where supposedly the fraud "terrorist" group called ISIS has taken the "blame" for this horrendous attack in Nice.... First, here is the link to an article from the Time online news service, at, where "ISIS" indeed has taken the blame and the Hollande government is now "cracking down" on these "terrorist" groups:

OK, It figures that the criminal Hollande government in Paris will not let a "terrorist" attack go to waste... I can guarantee the next step will be the imposition of "martial law" in France just as what happened in the very fraudulent "Paris bombings" of last year.....  But what really makes this whole Nice attack stink to high heaven is the fact that this "ISIS" has taken the blame knowing full well that "ISIS" itself is a complete fraud and is owned and operated by the Americans and Israelis... Honestly, how convenient is that?

Next we find something very peculiar happening today.... For apparently even with the facts that it was a TUNISIAN "terrorist" that carried out this attack in Nice, we find the French government calling for more strikes against "ISIS" in Syria!  Here is a report from the "Telesur" online news service for everyone to see for themselves... I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Yes, there was a very real attack that has just taken place in Nice, France, and there are very real victims here... (Not looking at this as any "hoax", at least yet....)

What astounds me about this Nice attack is of course the following points of contention:

(1) How quickly the fraud of ISIS has taken the "blame" for this attack... All it means is that the French government will indeed involve themselves more deeply in the war against that fraud terrorist group....The fact that ISIS is indeed a fraud should have everyone raise red flags on this attack......

(2) That this attack took place in Nice.. The facts are that with the so called "elite" vacationing only a few dozen kilometers away in neighboring Monaco, I do have to ask why if these "terrorists" were real and legitimate, that they did not go and carry out this "attack" against "elite" in Monaco instead?  Has anyone also noticed that when these attacks take place, that they are always against innocent civilians and never against the criminal "elite"?  And people wonder why I am always a skeptic when these attacks take place....

(3) How this attack has taken place at just the right time for the Hollande government considering how the French public is now in open revolt against its policies.. .This attack will now give those criminals the convenient excuses they need to impose another wave of "martial law" across France itself!

(4) The supposed attacker was a TUNISIAN 'terrorist', and yet the French government is now calling for strikes against Syria?  Excuse me for asking this question.. But is Syria now Tunisia?  The last time I checked a world map, Tunisia and Syria are separated by over 1000 kilometers.....  But what we have here is the fraud of "ISIS" taking the "blame" and giving the French government their excuse to join with the other criminals in their attacks against Syria... How convenient is that for the Hollande government?

The bottom line is that yes, this attack was horrific and there are indeed many victims from this atrocity... However, the timing, the fraud terrorists taking the blame, and the French reaction , should have everyone suspicious and digging deeper .... We should not believe what the Jew spew media and our governments are claiming about this attack, period....

More to come


Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Sickness Of Political Correctness: Black Lives Matter Is Ridiculous Because ALL LIVES MATTER!

I received some interesting emails and a few comments these last few days asking me to give my views about this "Black Lives Matter" crap that is all over the media, and to put in my own two cents worth on what I see is really happening... I figured I would oblige simply because all of this is again nothing more than the bullcrap of "political correctness" now gone wild.....

First and foremost, I do want to present a link to an article that was posted through Mike Adam's Natural News website that gives a great perspective on what this "political correctness" is truly all about and basically tears it to pieces.... Here is the link to that article for everyone to view here for themselves:

In my view, this "political correctness" bullshit is indeed a level of mental illness and is in fact being used for the ultimate destruction of the United States itself.... It is a fact that most of our societies these days are actually hampered due to people cowering in fear of failing to be "politically correct" in their every day dealings... That is a disaster and quite honestly I do picture it as a program for the breakdown of society itself....

Next, I want to look at this bullshit called "Black Lives Matter" or "BLM" for short that is all over the news... Lets face the truth here, for this "BLM" group is nothing more than a George Soros propaganda group that is being used to incite violence across America.... First here are a few interesting articles that shows proof that BLM is indeed bought and paid for by Dr Evil himself, George Soros:

Honestly, I am not surprised at all that one of the most evil men on planet Earth is behind this fraud BLM group... This master criminal has already done so much damage all over the planet in inciting violence everywhere and once again I truly have to ask WHY he is not behind bars in a jail cell for his crimes against humanity?  But the fact is that George is in fact Jewish, and he is doing his work as part of the Jewish master plan for world domination as laid out in their most disgusting Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion blueprint.. 

OK, someone asked me about what had just happened at the Major League Baseball game on Tuesday in San Diego California, when one of the singers of the Canadian music group, The Tenors changed the wording of the Canadian national anthem "Oh Canada" to put forward his honest views that 'All Lives Matter" and to take a shot at the fraud "political correctness" that ONLY "black lives matter" ... First, here is the video of that incident in San Diego for everyone to see here for themselves:

Let me make it clear here, that I fully applaud the efforts of this singer for taking a stand against the evil of this "Black Lives Matter" bullshit.... I do NOT see him as a "lone wolf" as the Jew run media tries to portray, and I agree with some of the comments made in this video..... I am also deeply saddened that this singer is now "suspended" for his actions and that he has been forced to "apologize" for his actions because I absolutely applaud his efforts in light of the "liberal" (Jewish) criminal attempt to force this Black Lives Matter bullshit in our faces....I do not see this "All Lives Matter" statement to be contradictory to the understanding that black lives matter just as much as other lives... I see it as a statement that truly ALL LIVES DO MATTER!

So, dear readers... Tomorrow, the fraud BLM group is indeed planning for massive riots right across America under the bullshit that black lives matter and to hell with everyone else... What we are about to witness is that ultra criminal George Soros turn his paid mercenaries loose on America in the hope that they incite so much violence that a full blown race war is now triggered... And THAT is exactly what that other ultra criminal, Barry Soetoro, hopes to happen to bring in martial law across America....

Yes, ALL LIVES DO MATTER, and once again, the hell with this political correctness bullshit!

More to come


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The War To Keep Syria Free From The US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Washington To Demand Assad Out By August 1st, Or Else (!)

The news coming out of Syria over the last while has actually been pretty good.. The good guys, the Syrian government forces along with their Russian and Arabic allies, have been winning major battles against the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal forces comprised of the fraudulent  "rebels" along with the so called fraudulent "ISIS terrorists"..... The battle for Syria's largest city, Aleppo, has now turned against the criminals as the Syrian army has indeed cut off the last major military supply route into the city itself.... Again, once Aleppo is secured the war to destroy Syria by the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal will will have been lost and Syria will indeed be on the road to freedom....

But as I have said before, the US and Israel are absolutely sore losers, and rather than admit defeat, they have once again upped the ante.... For according to the following report from another real truth seeker, Penny, through her website: "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, apparently the US is once again 'demanding' that President Bashar al-Assad leave Syria by this coming August 1st, or "else"!.... I have that article right here in its entirety for my own readers to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Washingon to Make Final Offer to Moscow - Assad Transitions August 1 or else.....

Frustrated by months of failure in Syria, the Obama administration is taking what might be its final offer to Moscow:  Enhanced intelligence and military cooperation against the Islamic State and other extremist groups if Syria’s Russian-backed president Bashar Assad upholds a ceasefire with U.S.-supported rebel groups and starts a political transition, the Washington Post reported Wednesday, July 13.
Does that sound like black mail to you? It sure reads that way to me! 
The US will share intelligence on it's proxy army IS and it's other proxy armies "extremist groups" if and only if Assad upholds a ceasefire and begins to exit his office
When Secretary of State John Kerry meets Russia’s top diplomat and possibly President Vladimir Putin in Moscow later this week, Syria’s civil war and Assad’s future will top the agenda. Kerry is trying to reverse a trend in which he has hailed a series of agreements with the Russians only for them to fall short, according to officials with knowledge of internal American deliberations.

The officials said Kerry is dangling in front of the Kremlin Russia’s long-sought requests for intelligence sharing and targeting assistance in return for Russia using its influence to end the fighting and start ushering Assad out of power. But Kerry will be wary about offering too much.
"Dangling" nice word choice
The talks in Moscow are scheduled fewer than three weeks before an August ultimatum for diplomatic progress.
“The target date for the transition is 1st of August,” Kerry told reporters two months ago, hoping to get Russia and Syria to halt military operations. So either something happens in these next few months or they are asking for a very different track.
Black mail and then threats! That's some kind of diplomacy!

The U.S. is now offering more robust military cooperation against IS and the Nusra Front, Syria’s al-Qaida branch, and information to help Russia target affiliated militants. Kerry won’t go as far as to suggest joint U.S.-Russian operations, according to the American officials, who weren’t authorized to speak on the matter and demanded anonymity, The Wshington Post says.
"The US is now offering more robust military cooperation against IS and the Nusra Front"???
That's an acknowledgement that the US has only been half heartedly/ hardly/ not at all/cooperating in the fight  against IS and the Nusra Front. Makes you wonder what the US has been doing? (Facetious, again)
“We have teed up ideas to the Russians,” State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters Tuesday, saying the Moscow discussions would be an indicator of Russia’s sincerity.
 "The talks in Moscow are scheduled fewer than three weeks before an August ultimatum for diplomatic progress. All signs augur poorly for a breakthrough.
Fighting is intensifying near Aleppo, Syria’s largest city. Assad has reasserted control over more areas of the country he had once lost"
 “The target date for the transition is 1st of August, Kerry told reporters two months ago, hoping to get Russia and Syria to halt military operations. “So either something happens in these next few months or they are asking for a very different track.”
  But as added carrots, ( dangling carrots- very derogatory wording) the U.S. is now offering more robust military cooperation against IS and the Nusra Front, Syria’s al-Qaida branch, and information to help Russia target affiliated militants. Kerry won’t go as far as to suggest joint U.S.-Russian operations, according to the American officials, who weren’t authorized to speak on the matter and demanded anonymity.

WaPo continues
"Russia’s bombers also have attacked anti-Assad rebel groups that have received weapons, training and other forms of support from the U.S. and allies such as Saudi Arabia" (No mention of Turkey supporting the rebel groups only Saudi Arabia- curious)
 And, as a dissent cable signed by 51 State Department officials illustrated last month, a sizeable part of America’s diplomatic establishment believe a U.S. military response is necessary to resolve the Syrian conflict, given Moscow’s increased leverage through its presence on the ground.
 Ah, yes the State Department memo ... Let's rehash that together shall we?
 The U.S. Air Force is ready to create a no-fly zone in Syria, as stated by General David Goldfein, Rosbalt reported.
 According to him, there are three conditions necessary to introduce a no-fly zone. First, is the permission to shoot down all planes that enter the no-fly zone, including Russian ones.
You can, of course, read the other conditions at the link above
Third & final point: 

hattip anonymous linkie person! (links are so handy)
“We will provide AWACS support and the plan is to have them to flying over international airspace and Turkey and that will allow us to look into airspace in Iraq and Syria,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference July 9. “This is a clear signal of our resolve to help tackle terrorism.”
The planes are one of the few concrete assets that NATO has, with most of its military hardware belonging to individual member states.
 AWACS are aircraft with powerful radars that allow them to monitor airspace for hun-dreds of kilometers around. They can also be converted into command posts to coordinate bombing raids and other air operations.

Could the no fly zone be the 'or else' to Russia?

From the past 24 hours: 

NTS Notes: It does appear that with all the problems that the US government has been trying to create at home are now failing miserably, so now these criminals are once again turning their attention to Syria and making this type of outlandish demands on the Syrians and Bashar al-Assad...

And once again we find the calls for this fraud "no fly zone" to be created over Syria itself... But considering that it has only been the Russians that have  been invited into Syria to destroy the fraud of "ISIS" there is no hope in hell of this "no fly zone" being implemented without open war against Russia itself!

And lets not fool ourselves here... The "Al Nusra" rebels are a group of US/Israel bought and paid for mercenaries and as phoney as their "Al Qaeda" or "ISIS".... The US is therefore once again lying their asses off when they claim that they will offer "robust military cooperation" against these groups, simply because THEY RUN THESE GROUPS!

I for one am sick and tired of the twisted game the US is playing in regards to Syria... They have been wanting Syria destroyed only to appease their masters in Tel Aviv, and with the Syrian/Russian/Hezbollah/Iranian alliance winning big in recent battles against the fraud terrorists, they are once again getting to the point of desperation with this new demand that Assad leave "or else".....

I agree with some of the points that Penny points out in this article, and if I were the Syrians, I would definitely tell the criminal US to take their demands and shove them up their collective asses!

More to come