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Israeli Spyware Is A Blight Unto The Nations!

I have received a lot of comments and emails about my recent article by Jew Israel Shamir.... I again will leave that article stand for now, BUT I will no longer promote any of his works here at this blog... One commentator pointed out a recent article by that Jewish author where he claimed that there was NO evidence of the massive mass murder and genocide of Russians that occurred after the Jew Bolsheviks took over that nation almost 100 years ago, and I found that to be appalling... Apparently Mr. Shamir is trying to apologize and rewrite proven history of the murderous psychosis of the "tribe" and I will NOT stand for that!

OK, now that I have that business out of the way, I want to concentrate on a new article that I want to present here for my own readers to view for themselves.... This one comes courtesy of the Diversity Macht Frei website, at www.diversitymachtfrei.wordpress.com, and is entitled: "Israeli Spyware Is A Blight Unto The Nations".... As the article title shows, this report deals with the evil nature of Israel's diabolical criminal spyware organization and how it is being used to destroy nations.... I have that article here in its entirety, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Israeli Spyware Is A Blight Unto The Nations

The great anti-Semitic fantasy is that Jews, operating from some secret base somewhere, are involved in almost every form of nefariousness across the world. A recent article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz shows that this fantasy is, to significant degree, true.
It documents how Israel firms are shipping surveillance technology to dodgy regimes across the world. The technology offers almost total penetration of mobile phone systems, allowing dissidents to be tracked and monitored. Their calls can be listened to; their messages and emails can be read (or sent); the phones can be turned into microphones allowing real-world conversations to be heard.
Israel has established a leading role for itself in this dubious technological sector.
Privacy International has been publishing research studies about international trade in surveillance technology since 1995. A PI report issued two years ago noted the tremendous growth of the industry. Whereas in 2012 it encompassed 246 companies globally, by 2016 the number of firms had more than doubled, to 528. There are 27 Israeli firms on the list, making Israel the country with the highest per capita ratio of surveillance companies. Local and international data indicate that Israel accounts for between 10 and 20 percent of the global cyber market. In 2016, investments in Israeli startups in the industry accounted for 20 percent of the world total.
The dizzying success of the Israeli interception and surveillance industry is not a chance development that was generated by a spontaneous eruption of Jewish genius. When the high-tech bubble burst, in 2000, the Israeli economy went into a tailspin, which was countered by the intervention of Finance Minister Silvan Shalom and his successor, Benjamin Netanyahu. The government increased security expenditures by more than 10 percent and encouraged the local startup industry to enter the fields of security and surveillance.
The Israel Defense Forces, for its part, played the role of a business hothouse, as its technological intelligence units swelled and their graduates channeled the knowledge they’d acquired into a host of startups.
Indeed, a recently published study found that the 700 local cyber companies were established by a small group of 2,300 Israelis, 80 percent of whom belong to the exclusive club created in the IDF’s intelligence units, notably Unit 8200.
The Israelis have helped governments persecute political dissidents in Latin America. And it’s not clear that the technology was sold only to governments.
Another source who spoke to Haaretz confirms that Israeli firms are continuing to sell offensive cyber capabilities to Mexico as well, even after it became known that they were being used against civilians. “One of the things that always scared me in Mexico is that you never know whom you’re actually talking to, and who’s behind him,” the source says. “Everything there is utterly corrupt, but they are very careful not to reveal their purposes to the Israelis.”
…An instructor who trained local agencies in Latin America in the use of Verint systems, relates that he personally witnessed the abuse of the products. “There was one time that I was teaching people how to collect information from the social networks,” he recalls. “I’m working with the trainees and explaining things to them, when suddenly they ask me to run a check on [political] demonstrators. Just like that, in the middle of the training session.”
Another similar anecdote from an unspecified location.
“I happened to see a super-wrong use of the systems,” says Tomer, who has trained intelligence bodies all over the world. “I’m telling foreign trainees about the system’s capabilities, and they pounce on it and start to place people under surveillance for negligible reasons, right before my eyes.Someone was critical of the president’s move to raise prices, someone else shared a hashtag identified with the opposition – and in an instant they’re both on the surveillance list.
The Israelis are quite happy to cooperate with crazy Islamic regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere. Haaretz says Israeli technology was used to “fabricate cases of heresy against Islam in Muslim countries that don’t maintain formal relations with Israel.”
More detail is provided about Indonesia.
Indonesia is no haven for the LGBT community, either: Same-sex relations are classified as a criminal offense there. Reports by human rights organizations have noted the tough policy against the community, as well as against religious minorities, under legislation that bans “blasphemy.” Three sources who spoke to Haaretz talked about wrongful use of Verint products in Indonesia.
In one case, the systems were used to create a database of LGBT rights activists who had been targeted for surveillance.In another, the victims of the spyware were religious minorities. “As soon as I arrived in the country, the client told me that my help was needed with an investigation that was bogged down,” Netanel, who worked with the Indonesians to activate the systems, relates. “Very quickly the investigation turned out to be a case against a non-Muslim public figure who was accused of heresy, an offense that carries the death penalty.”
As far as I can determine, what he says here is incorrect. There seems to be no offence of heresy in Indonesia, only blasphemy, and the maximum penalty for it is not death, but 5 years’ imprisonment.
Nonetheless, the case he is describing is almost certainly that of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama,  known as Ahok. He was a Christian Chinaman and popular governor of an Indonesian province who was expected to make a bid for the Indonesian presidency in future. Accused of blasphemy against Islam, he was imprisoned for 2 years. Critics said the case had been concocted to derail his political career.
Hundreds of thousands of Muslims protested against this governor and demanded that he be arrested and punished for “blasphemy”.
So here were Jews stirring up Muslim hatred against Christians.
When Israeli origins might be perceived as problematical, the Israelis can easily pretend to be from elsewhere.
Two prominent countries on the Israeli cyber map are Cyprus and Bulgaria. The choice of those countries, says a particularly experienced source, derives from low costs, the fact that both are members of the European Union, and also because, despite the European cachet, they are still undeveloped in a way that ensures toothless regulation.
According to Cyberia’s Guy Mizrahi, “Cyprus is definitely one of the preferred countries. Some countries are unwilling to work with Israeli companies and insist on working with a European firm, so you need an additional front to win bids. In most cases, when you want to sell in the EU, and very definitely in the Gulf states, you will need a non-Israeli front.”
Anti-Semites often accuse Jews of playing both sides, of both causing the problem and selling the solution. In the case of cyber espionage, this is literally what they’re doing.
The demand for both defense and offense has led to a widespread phenomenon in the Israeli cyber industry: the sale of espionage capabilities alongside security products. The phenomenon can be likened to a group of hackers who develop malware and afterward sell the antivirus, or to physicians who spread epidemics and then sell the vaccination. Though in some fields this is prohibited practice, in the security world it’s common and widely accepted.
Having investigated the matter, Israeli MP Yehuda Glick came to an interesting conclusion.
“Instead of being a light unto the nations, the Jewish state is circulating weapons that are used in crimes against humanity, and it makes no difference whether it’s a rifle by the force of which a woman was raped by soldiers, or a digital system used for surveillance.”
And, in Israel, none of this is illegal. All of these sales have been approved by the Israeli government. So there actually is a secret cabal of Jews green-lighting iniquity across the globe.

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by the findings presented in this report?

It is a sad and terrible aspect of our present Internet technologies that the majority of the software used for its operation derives directly from software developed and maintained in Israel...And thus Jewish firms and their criminal aspirations control them and have been using them against us!

Our present software that is used on every computer around the world is presently riddled with Israeli embedded spyware.... This has given these bastards the capabilities to use that spyware for diabolical operations and as the article shows to destroy people and nations..

I need not remind everyone that one of the worse forms of spyware that the Israelis are presently using against us is in those fraudulent "social media" websites that have been used to gather every aspect of private information about their users and to use that information against them!

I do hope that this is a wake up call for everyone....

More to come


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Important Health News: The Incredible Story Of Laetrile Part III - A Cancer Cure Cover Up? The Conclusion

As I said before, I wanted to bring forward some real evidence of real cures for Cancer, due to the fact that I have personally witnessed so many of my friends and colleagues come down with Cancer only to be subjected to the ghastly and absolutely horrendous "treatments"  that our modern Medical Industry subjected them to.... In almost all cases their "treatments" did NOTHING to actually cure the Cancer and many of these patients eventually succumbed to the ravages of Cancer.... I have been well aware of actual cures for Cancer (Such as DCA aka Dichloroacetate) that the medical industry has purposely refused to let the public know about, due to the fact that in most cases these cures are so inexpensive compared to the price of their "treatments".... As I have been saying so many times, money does talk...

Well, once again I want to focus this article on a real Cancer cure known as Laetrile aka Vitamin B17 aka Amygdalin..... I have the following report, which is the conclusion to the 3 part series on "The Incredible Story Of Laetrile" right here from the "The Truth About Cancer" website, at www.thetruthaboutcancer.com, for all to read for themselves.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The Incredible Story of Laetrile Part III: A Cancer Cure Cover-Up? The Conclusion

In a hurry? Click here to read the Article Summary...

Editor’s Note: This article is Part 3 of a 3-part series on an incredible cancer-fighting compound known as laetrile, and first appeared in the April 2017 edition of TTAC’s Heroes Against Cancer member newsletter.

As we discovered in Parts 1 and 2 of this series, amygdalin or vitamin B-17 – known in its concentrated and purified form developed especially for cancer therapy by Dr. Krebs Jr. as Laetrile – is selectively toxic to cancer cells without affecting normal, non-cancerous cells.
However, Laetrile does NOT have the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other government agencies and cancer organizations such as the American Cancer Society (ACC) and the American Medical Association (AMA), who have called it a sham.
What’s going on? What is the reason for their determined opposition to this simple, natural remedy that could potentially save hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of lives?

Conventional Cancer Treatments Versus Laetrile

At present, conventional cancer treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Of these, surgery is the least harmful, because in some instances it can be a life-saving stopgap measure. However, most malignant tumors are generally inoperable. And once cancer has metastasized to other areas in the body, surgery has almost no benefit. Also, surgery only removes tumors at specific, known locations, but it does not remove the original cause of the cancer.
Radiation therapy burns tumors away. This approach has all the disadvantages of surgery, plus it actually increases the likelihood that the cancer will return. It is a well-known fact that excessive exposure to radioactivity is actually a very effective method to induce cancer!
Finally, most drugs used in chemotherapy are highly poisonous, not just to cancer cells, but to the rest of the body as well. Additionally, they weaken the immune system, paradoxically making a cancer patient more susceptible to disease. As mentioned earlier, Laetrile has demonstrated that it is selectively toxic to cancer cells without affecting normal, non-cancerous cells. But can Laetrile actually restore a person to health after contracting cancer? According to author and researcher G. Edward Griffin, the answer is yes, if the patient is caught in time before the cancer has advanced too far and if their body hasn’t already been too damaged or poisoned by toxic cancer therapies.
Unfortunately, most cancer patients start taking Laetrile only after their disease has advanced considerably and their case has been given up as hopeless by their conventional physicians. If they die (as many of them do), then they are counted as statistical failures for Laetrile. In reality it is actually a major victory for Laetrile that any of them could be saved at all. Considering this, it is impressive that so many thousands of so-called “terminal” patients have been saved and their lives extended by Laetrile.
So what is the basis for the continued determined opposition of the medical establishment to this simple, natural remedy? Before we examine their reasons, let’s take a look at what the actual scientific and clinical evidence reveals about Laetrile.

Scientific Evidence in Support of Laetrile

At least a dozen studies published in peer-reviewed literature over the past 10 or more years clearly show Laetrile’s effectiveness against cancer cells in culture, including:
  • In 2003, amygdalin and the cyanogenic glycoside prunasin (isolated from peach pits) showed anti-tumor actions, comparable in potency to epigallocatechin gallate, the anticancer component in green tea.
  • In 2013, viability of a human cervical cancer cell line was shown to be significantly suppressed by amygdalin as a result of apoptosis.
  • In 2014, amygdalin was shown to reduce growth and proliferation of three bladder cancer cell lines.
  • In 2015, amygdalin was shown to block the rapid growth and metastasis of non-small lung cancer cells in culture.
  • In 2016, amygdalin from apricot kernels prevented the growth of carcinoma and lymphosarcoma tumors transplanted into mice.
  • In 2016, amygdalin therapy was seen to prevent growth in multiple prostate cancer cell lines.
  • In 2016, amygdalin prevented metastasis in three different renal cell carcinoma cell lines.
  • In 2016, amygdalin was shown to be toxic to different breast cancer cell lines by inducing apoptosis.
The evidence is conclusive. Laetrile can prevent the growth and even invasion of many different types of cancer cells in culture. But what about in actual patients?

Laetrile Case Studies

One source of nitrolosides the Hunza are reported to eat is dried apricot kernels, which are found inside the apricot pit (stone)
The health records of the inhabitants of Hunza, and many other indigenous people around the world, indicate that there is a strong link between regular nitriloside consumption and a low, even zero incidence of cancer. Note: If you recall from Part 1, nitrilosides are compounds found in over 1,200 plant foods. Amygdalin/ B-17/Laetrile are a type of purified nitriloside. However, this is not sufficiently convincing evidence in itself, so let’s consider some case studies of Laetrile therapy:
Case Study 1 – In June 1971, Mr. David Edmonds of California was operated on for colon cancer, which had spread to his bladder. The cancer was so widespread that the operating surgeon said that it would be impossible to remove it all. The blockage was eventually removed by severing the colon and bringing the open end to the outside of his abdomen, a procedure known as a colostomy. Five months later the cancer had returned and Mr. Edmonds was told that he only had a few more months to live, around which time he began Laetrile therapy.
Six months later, Mr. Edmonds felt well enough to resume his normal routine and the cancer in his bladder had completely disappeared. During surgery to re-connect his colon, the doctors could not find any trace of the original cancer. It was the first time in the history of the hospital that a reverse colostomy had been performed. Mr. Edmonds went on to live a near-normal life, full of health and vigor.
Case Study 2 – In 1967, Mrs. Joan Wilkinson had a tumor removed from her lower left leg just below the thigh. Four months later she had a recurrence, requiring another surgery and the removal of muscle and bone. A year later, a lump was detected in her groin. Her cancer had returned and was spreading. Her doctors told her that more surgery would be required, but this time they would have to amputate the leg and the hip, while also removing the bladder and one of the kidneys as well.
At the urging of her sister and a mutual friend, Mrs. Wilkinson decided not to undergo surgery, but to try Laetrile therapy instead. Her doctor informed her that without the surgery she couldn’t possibly live longer than 12 more weeks. Five weeks after starting Laetrile therapy, the lump in her groin had disappeared. She continued to live a healthy and productive life for many years thereafter.
Case Study 3 – In 1972, Dr. Dale Danner, a podiatrist from California, developed a pain in his right leg along with a severe cough. X-rays revealed carcinoma in both lungs and massive secondary tumors in the right leg. The cancer was inoperable and resistant to radiotherapy. The prognosis was “incurable and fatal.”
At his mother’s insistence, Dr. Danner agreed to try Laetrile, but did not start the therapy immediately. Within a few weeks, the pain and coughing had progressed to a point where Dr. Danner was unable to sleep and forced to crawl on his hands and knees. Turning to his supply of Laetrile, he administered a 10-day dose directly into an artery and passed out. When he awoke 36 hours later, not only was he alive but his cough and pain were greatly reduced. His appetite had returned and he felt better than he had in months. Reluctantly admitting that Laetrile was working, Dr. Danner obtained another supply and continued his self-treatment with smaller doses. Three months later, he was back at work.
Case Study 4 – Alicia Buttons, wife of the comedian Red Buttons, was diagnosed with “hopeless” advanced throat cancer. She consulted Dr. Hans Nieper in Hannover, who treated her with Laetrile. She was alive and well 23 years later.
Case Study 5 – In August 2016, investigative reporter Greg Ciola interviewed Reverend Bob Celeste, from Maine, on a radio show. The Reverend had been diagnosed with a blockage a foot long in his colon in 2014. The blockage was surgically removed and the Reverend was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in his colon and other parts of his body.
world without cancer book
Reverend Bob Celeste credits G. Edward Griffin’s book “World Without Cancer” with saving his life after receiving a diagnosis of Stage IV colon cancer
Refusing chemotherapy, Reverend Celeste turned instead to apricots, apricot kernels, and daily prayer. Today, he feels that without having encountered Edward G. Griffin’s book, World Without Cancer, he would not still be alive. After a couple of months of carrying out this self-therapy daily, a PET scan revealed no cancer anywhere in his body.
According to G. Edward Griffin, thousands of such case studies have been reported and documented since Laetrile was developed in 1952. In his opinion and that of many other medical professionals as detailed previously in this series, Laetrile’s effectiveness and safety for treating multiple forms of cancer has been proven beyond any doubt.
Let’s look now at the basis for mainstream medicine’s steadfast opposition to Laetrile.

The California Medical Association Report

Almost all allopathic medical opposition to Laetrile is based upon a summary of a 1953 report by the Cancer Committee of the California Medical Association, which bluntly stated: “No satisfactory evidence has been produced to indicate any significant cytotoxic effect of Laetrile on the cancer cell.” Using this summary as a primary reference, government agencies immediately announced that it was illegal to prescribe, transport, or even recommend Laetrile.
The report summary was written by two men – Dr. E. M. McDonald, the Committee Chairman, and Dr. Henry Garland, the Committee Secretary. The Cancer Committee consisted of seven other prominent physicians, but they played no part in the either the report or the summary. In fact, none of them, including the Drs. McDonald and Garland, had ever even used Laetrile.
Instead, all Dr. McDonald and Dr. Garland had done was summarize and interpret the written records of other people who had done various experiments with Laetrile. These two “experts” read the reports submitted to them, summarized them, and issued their own summary to publicize what they had “found.”
Interestingly, around that same time Dr. McDonald and Dr. Garland had also made headlines across the U.S. by publicly claiming that there was no connection between cigarette smoking and lung cancer.
Dr. Garland gave a speech in 1964 entitled “Smoking and Health” to the Commonwealth Club in California in San Francisco and stated the following: “A current widely held hypothesis is that cigarette smoking is related to cancer. The hypothesis is not proven. Cigarettes are regarded by many as one of the better tranquilizers.”
Dr. McDonald was even more specific; in a feature article taken from “U.S. News and World Report” dated August 3, 1957, he opined “Here’s Another View, Tobacco May Be Harmless.” He even went so far as to claim that 24 cigarettes per day was a “harmless pastime” and that “a pack a day keeps lung cancer away.”
In light of subsequent independent research that has clearly established the causative relationship between smoking and lung cancer, Dr. Garland and Dr. McDonald hardly reveal themselves to be trustworthy, reliable public health authority figures. That’s not all. It turns out that both men had actually falsified their summary of the Laetrile experiments. For example, their report claimed that microscopic examination of tumors taken from people who had been treated with Laetrile showed “no evidence of a beneficial chemical effect.” Yet 10 years later, it emerged that one of the pathologists conducting the examinations had indeed reported not just one, but several instances of tumor destruction which he stated at the time could have well been caused by the action of Laetrile.
cigarette pack
Statements by Drs. McDonald and Garland that there was no connection between cigarette smoking and lung cancer were also proven false
In other words, Dr. McDonald and Dr. Garland had not told the truth. Their report also stated that laboratory technicians had tried, but failed, to release cyanide from Laetrile. And yet, just two months prior to the report being released, the American Medical Association’s chemical lab had reported that it had been successful in releasing cyanide from Laetrile. So had other labs, including the California Food and Drug lab and the cytochemistry lab of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Once again, Drs. McDonald and Garland had obscured the truth.
Another important aspect of this report is that the patients in these studies had received extremely small and ineffective doses of Laetrile; much too small to really prove anything one way or another.
Today, it’s not uncommon for a patient to receive two to three grams of Laetrile in a single injection. Generally, 30 or even 40 grams are required before a cancer patient typically notices any tangible signs of improvement. In the California study, the maximum total dose was only two grams, divided among 12 injections. Five patients had received only two injections, while another five had received only one!
It’s not surprising that these studies had failed to obtain convincing evidence that Laetrile worked.
What is surprising and shocking is that this and other similarly discredited reports continue to be cited by the FDAand cancer organizations such as the American Cancer Society as definitive proof that Laetrile is a hoax. In fact, extensive and detailed studies from a world-famous cancer institute had established Laetrile’s effectiveness as an anti-cancer therapy beyond any doubt – before it was forcefully suppressed. It makes for quite a story…

Second Opinion: Anatomy of a Cover-up

In 1977, Newsweek estimated that up to 70,000 Americans – roughly a tenth of the cancer population at that time – crossed the border to get hold of Laetrile in Mexico. Apparently, a significant proportion of cancer patients in the U.S. had lost faith in conventional therapies and nineteen U.S. states had enacted legislation to legalize Laetrile.
Ralph W. Moss, PhD, had majored in classics and attended Stanford University on a National Defense Education Act Fellowship. Returning to New York in the early 70s, he applied for and obtained the position of Science Writer in Public Affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.
Moss began working as a science writer in public affairs at Sloan-Kettering in June 1974. Around that time, in the context of the ongoing war on cancer, Dr. Robert A. Good, MD, had recently been appointed the President of Sloan-Kettering Institute. Lloyd J. Old, MD, and Chester Stock were both Vice-Presidents, while the President of the overall corporation was Lewis Thomas, MD.
In 1974, Moss met Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, a distinguished research scientist who had spent most of his career at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Moss was surprised to learn that Dr. Sugiura was working on amygdalin, sincethe official position at Sloan-Kettering was that Laetrile was ineffective. He was even more surprised when Dr. Sugiura showed him his meticulously detailed research notes based on laboratory experiments he himself had carried out at Sloan-Kettering, which clearly showed that cancer cells in the bodies of mice treated with amygdalin stopped growing for a number of weeks. After a while, they would start growing again.
As mentioned in Part 1, Moss saw that mice that only received saline solution went on to develop metastatic cancer in their lungs 80-90% of the time, as opposed to Laetrile-treated animals which only showed metastases 10-20% of the time. These results were clear and they had been reproduced multiple times by the ever-meticulous Dr. Sugiura.
In fact, these results were so promising that the leaders of Sloan-Kettering held two secret meetings with medical authorities representing the U.S. FDA, the National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health, and the American Cancer Society to discuss Dr. Sugiura’s results. The conclusions of the first meeting said the following: “Parenteral (injected) amygdalin excreted unchanged; oral amygdalin excreted as the thiocyanate. The Sloan-Kettering group believe their results show that amygdalin used in animals with tumors show; a decrease in lung metastases; slower tumor growth; and pain relief.”
Further, it was agreed that Sloan-Kettering Institute would consider clinical trials on amygdalin – and that the FDA would publicly endorse research on amygdalin as in the public interest. The Vice-President, Dr. Old, even went so far as to initiate joint clinical trials with Dr. Mario Soto de Leon, who practiced Laetrile therapy in Mexico.
The second meeting took place at the National Cancer Institute on March 4, 1975 and included institute head Dr. Frank Rauscher,  as well as many other prominent attendees from the National Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, the FDA, and American Cancer Society. At this meeting, the U.S. government declined Sloan-Kettering’s plea to conduct human clinical trials using Laetrile.
After this meeting, there was a noticeable change in the attitude of Sloan-Kettering’s top brass. Dr. Good, Dr. Stock, and Dr. Thomas began to publicly make negative statements about Laetrile that, according to Ralph Moss, “ranged from misrepresentations to…egregious lies.” It culminated with Dr. Stock, the Vice President, issuing a shocking public statement that stated, “We have found Laetrile negative in all the animal systems we have tested.” This statement by Dr. Stock finally convinced Moss that he was witnessing a cover-up.
press conference
Sloan-Kettering held a press conference in 1977 stating that amygdalin was not effective against cancer and there was no need for human clinical trials
His conviction was strengthened when he obtained photocopies of Dr. Sugiura’s laboratory notebooks, which showed that amygdalin, when injected into the body cavity of mice in high doses, slowed tumor growth up to 50% and also prevented both new tumors and secondary lung metastases an incredible 89% of the time. According to Dr. Sugiura, these were the best results he had seen in 60 years of employment at Sloan-Kettering. For instance, on March 1, 1974, Dr. Sugiura noted that “the general health and appearance of amygdalin-treated animals with tumors was much better than that of the controls.”
On June 15, 1977, Sloan-Kettering’s top brass held a press conference in which every major actor in this drama – Dr. Stock, Dr. Good, Dr. Thomas, and others – all repeated the same falsehood; that they had no experimental evidence that amygdalin was effective against cancer and therefore no reason to support taking it to the next stage of testing in human clinical trials.
Interestingly, Dr. Sugiura – who was also present at the press conference – when asked whether he agreed with Sloan-Kettering’s conclusion that Laetrile does not cure or prevent cancer, made the following enigmatic statement: “I agree –of course my results don’t agree – but I agree with what our institution says.” He also added that he stuck to his results and that he hoped somebody would be able to confirm them later on.
As far as Sloan-Kettering was concerned, a final “blind” test – in which all test mice, both treated and untreated, were mixed in and housed in the same cages – and which led to 42% of tumors being stopped with saline solution, relative to 27% with amygdalin – was sufficient to overturn Dr. Sugiura’s previous four years of repeated, positive Laetrile studies.
However, as Dr. Sugiura pointed out, these last results were very peculiar, because saline solution has no inhibitory effect on tumors at all and certainly should not have stopped tumor growth 42% of the time. Something very strange was going on.
The final conclusion, presented by Dr. Lewis Thomas, President of Sloan-Kettering to a Sub-Committee for Health and Research of the U.S. Senate in July 1977 was that Laetrile had no effect at all on cancer.
To understand why this happened, one needs to simply imagine if cancer were to be cured by a single nutrient present abundantly in natural foods. The gigantic commercial and political industry of cancer treatment would collapse completely! Clearly, there was too much at stake to allow this to happen. As William W. Vodra, former Associate Chief Council for Drugs, FDA, said, “Nobody is going to pay $70,000 for a new cancer drug if they can buy Laetrile for 75 cents.”
In July 1977, Ralph Moss revealed all he knew at a press conference, publicly refuting every one of Sloan-Kettering’s false claims about amygdalin’s lack of effectiveness against cancer. The following Monday he was fired from his position for “engaging in activities that were harmful to the institution and for acting in a manner that conflicted with his most basic job responsibilities” and escorted out of Sloan-Kettering. In other words, he had refused to be part of the cover-up and paid with his job.
Three years after Ralph Moss was fired, he published a book documenting his experience called The Cancer Industry. He has since devoted his life to researching various anti-cancer therapies from around the world and has published 15 books on this subject, including Questioning Chemotherapy: A Critique of the Use of Toxic Drugs and Antioxidants Against Cancer. He continues to serve as a consultant to doctors, scientists, and patients worldwide regarding issues relating to complementary medicine. He currently directs “The Moss Reports,” an up-to-date library of detailed reports on more than 200 types of cancer.
Interestingly, in 1994 Moss was invited by Harold Varmus, MD, Director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) to be a member of NIH’s Alternative Medicine Program Advisory Council. However, no apology or retraction has been forthcoming, either from Sloan-Kettering or any other government or cancer organization.
Today, the vast majority of cancer information sites still claim that Laetrile is useless as a cancer treatment. This type of misinformation is profoundly disrespectful towards the hundreds of thousands of cancer patients and their long-suffering families, by denying them access to a highly effective and safe treatment that could potentially save them or extend their lives. The sad truth is that cancer is an industry. More people are making a living from cancer than are dying from it.

Where to Find Laetrile

For over a hundred years, standard medical textbooks have described amygdalin as non-toxic, without a single case of death or illness related to its use. In one experiment, rats were given 70 times the normal human dose of Laetrile. The only side-effects seen were greater appetite, weight gain, and superior health.
Typically, patients who have never been treated with chemotherapy or radiation have significantly better recovery rates when treated with Laetrile. It is said that no person taking Laetrile has ever developed cancer – and cancer patients who respond favorably to Laetrile do not relapse as long as they are maintained on Laetrile therapy. Laetrile can be given intravenously, intramuscularly, and orally. If there is no sign of improvement initially, larger doses are typically given intramuscularly or intravenously.
doctor setting up an IV drip
Laetrile can be administered via intravenous therapy (IV), injected into the muscle, or taken orally
All that being said, it is not advisable to take Laetrile except under the careful guidance of a qualified medical practitioner – especially if you have been diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately if you are looking for legal Laetrile treatment, you will need to venture outside of the U.S. as it is technically illegal in the States. There are a number of clinics in Mexico that provide Laetrile therapy, optimally in conjunction with an integrative treatment protocol.
From a cancer prevention perspective, incorporating foods rich in nitrilosides (amygdalin/B-17) into your diet appears to be a prudent and worthwhile endeavor that is unlikely to cause any harm. With well over a thousand foods to choose from, you are likely to find some that can work with any type of specialized eating plan you may be following. Philip E. Binzel, Jr., MD, author of Alive and Well: One Doctor’s Experience with Nutrition in the Treatment of Cancer Patients, states in his book that there are over 1,500 foods that contain nitrilosides, including apricot kernels, peach kernels, grape seeds, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, bean sprouts, lima beans, and macadamia nuts.
Another helpful resource you may be able to find in used bookstores or by searching online is a little cookbook that G. Edward Griffin’s company first published back in 1976 with a second edition released in 2000. It’s called The Little Cyanide Cookbook: Delicious Recipes Rich in Vitamin B17 by nutritionist June de Spain. It contains a list of foods you can find at most grocery stores along with 300 recipes for getting more amygdalin into your diet.

NTS Notes: Lets face it... The reason why so many of these medical experts have refused to allow the usage of Laetrile for actually curing Cancer is because they all sold out to the money thrown at them by Big Pharma and the Medical Industry... Again, there is NO money to be made in actually curing patients of Cancer, while there is BILLIONS in profits made through the horrific "treatments" for that disease that absolutely does not cure Cancer or wipe it out, but instead wipes out patients' bank accounts!

As I said in previous articles, people that actually do come down with Cancer should not panic, but should do their own research into the REAL cures for that disease.... Using alternative methods, rather than the prescribed "treatments" put out by the crooks and criminals in Big Pharma and the Medical industry are far better than allowing themselves to be subjected to dangerous treatment methods that in all cases weaken the patient and do nothing to actually cure the disease...

More to come


Sunday, October 21, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Sunday once again, and better late than never here comes my weekend rant..

I have once again been spending a LOT of time over these last few days visiting my mother and now doing what may be "phase V" of my home renovations projects... On top of that, I am still doing my regular daily job... That means that there has been very little time to sit down and surf the internet and do some daily articles.... I will do what I can when I have the time and hopefully use these weekend rants to cover on some of the important material I may have missed in the preceding week...

Just the other day I posted an article by Jewish writer Israel Shamir, and I received a couple of comments about that post... One I found so insulting that I have refused to post it and I quickly sent it to the trash bin.... The other was a bit more tame, and yet asked me why I would post an article by Israel Shamir considering the fact that he is indeed Jewish and has put out some recent articles that can be deemed to be suspect..... I will state that I have no qualms about ANY writers who come forward with some truthful articles even it they themselves are deemed to be 'suspect'..... That goes for the Jewish writers as well...

Many of my long time readers are aware that I have posted a lot of articles by Jewish writers such as Gilad Atzmon and of course Norman Finkelstein...Both of them are well known to criticize Israel and a lot of the criminality of their own tribe... They both have done their best to point out the multitude of crimes by their fellow "tribe members" but both still adhere to a lot of the beliefs of Judaism itself.... I for one have absolutely no qualms about their truthful articles and will have them at this site from time to time.. I may not agree with their thoughts on the criminality of their fellow tribe members, and of course I cannot stand the evils of Judaism itself... But I will give them their due for their fine works of literature... In the case of Israel Shamir, he falls somewhere just outside the same category as both Finkelstein and Atzmon, as he is a strong supporter of Judaism and never seems to say anything derogatory about the criminality of Israel... But the last article did not touch or have anything to do with Judaism itself and was aimed at the inadequacies of Russian intelligence in the face of western intelligence and their lies...Therefore the article stands and is pretty good reading for all... I hope this helps to clear up any misunderstanding...

Is it just me?  Or is everyone else just sick and tired of this "political correctness" bullshit that in my view is being used to muzzle and destroy true free speech.... I have been reading a lot of articles from so many websites these last few months where we find "political correctness" running wild and destroying common sense.... One example is how the moronic "liberals" and other brain dead fools are trying to stop "clapping" as a method of applauding fine performances... I find that to be so ridiculous and as I said in a previous rant, I hope that people instead actually clap a lot "louder" to shut the fucking Liberals up.... And another example, and one that I saw myself recently, was when I was out to attend a sporting event where one of my neighbour's children was playing soccer... Nothing politically correct there at a children's soccer match, right?  Wrong.. For I was wondering when I was watching the game WHY there was nobody keeping track of any scoring?   I was told that the minor sports league was attempting to do away with scoring in games to not make any of the children "feel bad" about losing!...I thought, you have got to be fucking kidding me?  How in the hell will children be able to understand the differences between winning and losing and how to actually learn life's lessons if there is no emphasis on keeping scores in games and learning what it is like to lose as well as to win?  This indeed is more political correctness gone wild, and from what I have seen elsewhere in terms of how our modern society is treating children, it is no wonder a lot of them are now growing up to be pretty fucked up....

Then we have the cases of course of the young adults, especially men, who are now being chastised and having their lives made a living hell in our colleges and universities for fraudulent "sexual abuse" or "rape" charges being hurled at them by fellow female college students.... I have seen article after article now coming out where young women are coming forward and thanks to the "Me Too" movement, are openly and freely accusing every man in sight of 'attacking them'... In many cases, these "attacks" have turned out to be either minor incidents of a man just touching them, to other cases where the women are outright lying their asses off...... This to me is "liberalism" gone haywire and is working to destroy the lives of so many men who attend colleges and universities today.. Worse, for colleges and universities used to be places for young men and women to socialize and get together and now we find such socialization to be taboo.... The fear of being charged falsely of "sexual assault" by such women has serious repercussions, for all it will do is prevent any possibility of having normal social situations and interactions, where in the old days men would meet and get to know women.. But not any more.... I do fear for the future of our society as a whole as a generation of young men and women are now living in isolation and away from human interaction out of fear of being accused falsely of "sexual provocations".... Is this part of the Jewish planning for the destruction of our societies?  You bet it is, and I do wish that people would wake the fuck up and put an end to this "me too" and "women are always right" madness!

Well, the propaganda machine in the US is still at it in terms of the war in Syria.. For the criminals in the US government are still trying to sell the American public the lies that they are in Syria to "fight terrorism" with the recent news about how US backed SDF forces are continuing to "fight" US backed ISIS forces in the Euphrates River valley region of eastern Syria.... As I said before, this is pure theatre and pure propaganda, and is absolutely pure propaganda to try to fool the world into the lie that the US is still in Syria to "fight ISIS".....  I have seen the reports about "hundreds of US/SDF forces" being killed or wounded by "ISIS" forces and I have to laugh... US agents killing other US agents?  Get a grip on reality here, people.....

Then I saw late last week some reports coming out of the 'liberated' city of Raqqa, that shows the devastation caused by the US and their proxy SDF forces as they murdered thousands  of innocent Syrian civilians in cold blood... It was a slaughter, and yes the US is absolutely complicit here in this horrific war crime... I said in previous posts that the idea that the US has only killed a "few thousand" Syrian civilians in the 7+ year proxy war to destroy Syria is pure bunk, as the findings this last week showed mass graves containing thousands of Syrian civilian dead in Raqqa alone.... That and in spite of it now being well over a year and a half since US proxy SDF forces 'liberated' Raqqa, the city itself  is a ghost town and nothing  but pure devastation... We have seen since the liberation of Aleppo now almost 2 years ago about how the Syrians have rebuilt that city into a vibrant metropolis that it is today, and in comparison the US has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to rebuild Raqqa from the horrific destruction that they themselves committed... And are there plans to actually rebuild Raqqa any time soon?  Absolutely not, and what we see in Raqqa today will be there for years to come and show the world exactly what 'liberation' by the US is all about!

The one thing that pissed me off last week about the Americans still illegally operating in northern Syria was the report that the French are now wanting to get into the fray by wanting to establish their own illegal "base" in Raqqa province....  I do wonder what the French are up to, and what their "pay off " will be by putting their soldiers in harms way and illegally into Syria?   It does appear to me that the French Government wants in on the illegal booty, including the vast oil reserves, of northern Syria for their own greedy and selfish selves....

The situation in Idlib province is the same as what I reported last week... Little actual movement to enforce the terms of the "agreement" between Russia and Turkey to disarm and create a demilitarized zone, but there has not been any serious outbreak in violence in the entire province... Granted, we find the odd articles about some "rebel" groups still fighting sporadically against other "rebel" groups, but the enforcement of the agreement appears to be ongoing, though slowly...... It will indeed be interesting if the present "ceasefire" continues to hold for I can guarantee the US/Israel/NATO cabal does not want peace to break out as they are still hell bent on having the war in Syria continue....

I saw all of the reports about the so called 'devastation' that was inflicted by the recent Hurricane Michael that swept through the Florida panhandle and Georgia... I am not sold on this being this "horrific" hurricane as the Jew spew media has tried to portray, and I did wonder, as I said in last week's rant, if there was a bigger game going on here?  Well.... We have this Hurricane supposedly taking aim at the Tyndall US Air Base in the Florida panhandle, and "wiping out" some 22 (or more) F22 raptor fighter aircraft... I saw the reports, and I was puzzled.. How in the hell would the US put some 22 (or more) of these supposedly "state of the art" fighter aircraft in harms way, knowing that this "massive" hurricane was approaching?   There was plenty of time to remove the aircraft from the base (they do fly, right?) but the articles that followed argued that the aircraft "destroyed" by this hurricane were in "disrepair" and could not be moved... The result according to these articles is BILLIONS of dollars worth of US fighters destroyed, at least according to these reports... I for one am not sold on this, and I smelled a rat...

Jim Stone stated at his website that something was terribly amiss with these "destroyed" F22 Raptors at Tyndall, and I am agreeing with him....  The simple fact that the US would have at least 10% of their entire F22 fleet of fighters at Tyndall smells fishy alone, but to claim "total destruction" from this CAT1+ Hurricane seems outrageous.... Jim Stone stipulates that these F22's were never there at Tyndall, and the real "missing" 22 aircraft are right now being shipped or are already in Israeli hands sitting across the ocean in the sickness of Israel itself.... It is a fact that the Israelis are desperately trying to find an answer to beating the S300 batteries that the Russians have now installed in Syria, and their F35 POS "fighters" are woefully inadequate (no shock here) for destroying the S300 emplacements.... The answer seems to lie in the ability of the F22's to possibly do the job, and the compliant Jew run US Government may have indeed just sent 22 of these ultra expensive fighters to Israel and used this "22 destroyed from hurricane" bullshit story as their cover to give them to their Jewish masters......  We shall see soon if this is true, when reports start coming in about US F22 Raptors attacking the S300's in Syria..

I have been looking at all of the different new sources that are giving different views of what actually happened to Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul Turkey earlier this month...... Yes, the man was most definitely murdered, and all evidence points towards the Saudis themselves doing the job by using one of their patented "hit squads"..... But what has been puzzling has been the US reaction to this outright murder by the Saudis and how the US Jew spew media continued to lead people astray as to how and by who Khashoggi was actually murdered.... The US as well as the Saudis themselves had to finally "admit" that Saudi agents murdered Khashoggi and yet they are doing nothing to bring the Saudis to justice for murdering an American citizen!   This shows once again how money talks and how the US Government is absolutely in bed with the Saudis... There will therefore be no justice for Khashoggi, and it will be business as usual for the American dealings with their Saudi "allies"....

It is also no wonder that the US has still turned their back on the plight of the Yemen people, as their Saudi "ally" continues its attacks and slaughtering of innocent Yemen civilians.... And as the Saudi grip on the Yemen nation continues to tighten, thanks to US support, the humanitarian situation continues to worsen... I saw a report last week where some 10+ MILLION of Yemen's people are indeed in a state of famine and the vast majority of this number will die from starvation.... This is indeed genocide being conducted by the Saudis and their criminal "allies" including the US, and yet the US Government continues their dealings with the criminal Riyadh government as if it was "business as usual"?   I for one am deeply outraged, AND as a Canadian am equally outraged by the criminal Trudeau regime in Ottawa here in Canada also continuing their "business as usual" in dealings with the murderous Saudi regime... The Canadian government has billions of dollars in sales of weapons to Saudi Arabia, and they do not want to lose that lucrative contract, even at the expense of millions of Yemen civilians!  Yes, money does talk, and to hell with innocent lives in the balance...

Last week Wednesday, Marijuana was officially "legalized" here in Canada, and I have had some of my colleagues south of the border asking if I was going to go out to one of the licensed establishments selling the stuff to buy some legal pot for my personal usage... I will be honest here.. I used to smoke the stuff during my college days some 30+ years ago, but have not touched the stuff in decades... I am not against the legalization of Marijuana, but IMHO I see this legalization in the aspect that it is a "cash cow" for the Trudeau government in Ottawa as they rake in millions and possibly a few billion from the taxes they impose on the legal sale of Marijuana to the public....  The Canadian government has been trying to sell the Canadian people the bullshit lie that they wanted to "legalize" Marijuana now to cut out the drug traffickers and have it "regulated".....But I see things so much differently, as the government themselves want to be the drug traffickers for their own profits.....Again, money talks, and the Trudeau regime does need the revenue from Marijuana sales to go into their general coffers...

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment..... I have once again left a lot on the table, and hopefully I will cover some of the major news that I missed this last week in my "last minute tidbits"...... Mass immigration march moving north from Guatemala through Mexico towards the US border?  I smell the evils of George Soros here once again, and I saw evidence that his "organizations" are once again funding this illegal migrant march!  Hopefully either the Mexican government puts an end to this madness, or if any of these migrants actually do make it to the US border, the US government prevents their illegal entry!..........I thought the migrant flooding into Canada had stopped?  Apparently I was wrong as thousands of these illegals apparently are still flooding across Canada's southern border on a monthly basis and the Trudeau regime is doing NOTHING to stop this flow.  To me, the solution is simply to shut the borders and send these migrants back to the shit holes they came from!...... Yes, I have seen the articles about how both Facebook and Twitter have been "censoring" accounts on the claim that these accounts are not "politically correct" and do NOT meet their supposed "standards".  My solution is simple; Shut down your Facebook and Twitter accounts immediately and do NOT give these spy groups the time of day.  If people actually listened, then both of these crooked "social networks" would be put out of their misery in no time flat.........People all abuzz this last week, when President Donald Drumpf called that two bit whore Stormy Daniels "horseface" on "social media".  Well, guess what?  Stormy Daniels is actually quite ugly and I too would not have any fear in calling her "horse face"!  I will give Drumpf his dues on this one...... People in America are finally crying foul and realizing that there is massive voter fraud that could indeed ruin the 2018 primaries elections.  What took them so long?  Voter fraud in America is now almost as American as Apple Pie.  The big question is; What will the American people actually do to stop the frauds in their election system from ruining the 2018 vote?........ Israeli agents lob a few 'bottle rockets" once again from the Gaza Strip back into Israel (which of course hits nothing) and now the Israelis are threatening "retaliation" in the form of all out war against the helpless Palestinians holed up in the strip itself.  Yes, these psychos in Israel are wanting blood and they will indeed slaughter Palestinians once that attack is launched........Are not the British people supposed to be officially leaving the EU, as part of the "Brexit" vote agreements from two years ago, this week?  I knew the criminals behind the EU would do everything in their power to keep the British people enslaved to the Jew run EU and apparently that "exit" will indeed be "delayed" and in my honest opinion will never happen!  Wake up, Britain, for you have been fucked royally! .......And I see that Italy is the next huge financial mess in Europe that may be "rescued" by the criminal IMF with their patented "bailouts".   I for one sure wish the Italian government looks at the mess that happened in Greece a few years back and how that nation had to surrender itself to IMF criminality, before they decide to take one of these crooked 'bailouts" aka "austerity measure" that could ruin the Italian nation and leave the Italian people in debt servitude to the Jewish pricks behind the IMF forever.......I see insane John Bolton (Jew kiss asser of course) is pushing US President Drumpf to get out of the INF nuclear arms treaty with Russia.  Yes, this raving lunatic is indeed trying to set the US up for a major war against Russia as his Jewish masters demand.  The thought of war with Russia, which could go nuclear in a heartbeat, does indeed terrify myself as it should everyone else......... Still awaiting new updates on the sham trials of both Monika and Alfred Schaefer in Germany.   These bullshit trials have gone on long enough, for the outcome has already been determined.  Both Monika and Alfred were deemed 'guilty' by the bullshit German justice system long before they even went to trial, so the German court should spare us their theatrics and come out and say they are guilty no matter what truth both bring forward!  Kangaroo court indeed....... Arsenal plays Leicester City tomorrow, and with a win the Gunners could actually move up into third place in the table!  A remarkable feat, but again the real challenge will come when the Gunners play the 'elite' teams in the table, and we shall see by those outcomes exactly what kind of team Arsenal is this year..........And finally, a look at the crazy world of Kardashian skankville.  Apparently, the paparazzi news was abuzz this last week about the collapsing relationship between skank #2, Khloe and Tristan Thompson.  As far as I am concerned, in spite of the failings of Thompson, he should get the hell away from these trollops and idiots for his own sanity and not look back.  Look at what happened to Lamar Odum for the prime example of what happens when you get linked to these skanks.   Yes, America, your nation is so fucked up, but you can always have solace in your Kardashian world of craziness to lean on!

More to come


Saturday, October 20, 2018

Interesting Article By Israel Shamir: Cloak And Dagger

We have not heard a peep from the criminal British government under that hideous Theresa May for the last few weeks concerning the fraudulent Skripal "poisoning" incident in Salisbury England dating back to March of this year....And I have seen some reports about how Sergei Skripal himself, the man at the centre of all of this controversy that was supposed "poisoned" while sitting at a park bench in Salisbury, has now "disappeared"... There have been some reports coming out that Sergei Skripal may in fact be dead (The old "dead men tell no tales" trick?) and may have been silenced to prevent him from blowing the whole fiasco wide open.....

But the strangest things that I have seen have been how the Jewish run media (Jew spew for short..) has still been promoting the falsehood that this Skripal poisoning was "real", in spite of all of the evidence to the contrary... The British government in fact raised the stakes just last month by trying to finger two Russian tourists, whom British "intelligence" has been fingering as "Russian agents" as being the men who conducted the poisoning... But their evidence was so contrived and so blatantly stupid that even a moron could see that the British government was stuck and rather than admit that they falsified the entire Skripal poisoning for political gain, continued to say that the two men. Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, were Russian agents sent to poison Skripal in Salisbury!

I do want to present the following report that comes from the Southfront website, at www.southfront.org, and is authored by Israel Shamir... This one is entitled: "Cloak and Dagger" and takes a good look at where the fraudulent Skripal "Incident" sits today.... It is an interesting article that shows the "cat and mouse" game being played between western and Russian intelligence over so many key issues that are covered by both the Jew spew media and of course the alternative media... It also shows how Russian intelligence has been losing the "spy game" against the west that continues to promote false propaganda against the Russian Federation as a possible prelude to a major war.... I have that article right here in its entirety, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Writen by Israel Shamir; Originally appeared at The Unz Review
Russian intelligence operations have taken a heavy hit recently. It is hard to evaluate the exact measure of things in the murky world of spies and counter-spies, but it appears that the Western spies have had extraordinary success in the subterranean battle.
The external, visible signs of the hit are less than mind-boggling. A group of Russian diplomats had been detained and deported after an attempt to learn what is cooking in the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). It had been claimed they were members of a GRU squad caught in flagrante while accessing Wi-Fi network; not exactly red-hand assassination stuff. The Russians denied even that; however, the claim is not specially damaging.
Israel Shamir: "Cloak and Dagger"
In a different development, two (separate but interacting) fronts for Western intelligence, Bellingcat and The Insider, claimed they have discovered the real identities of the two Russians accused by the Brits of involvement in the weird case of the alleged Skripal poisoning.
None of these achievements is important by itself. It makes sense for the Russians to make an effort and discover what is planned against them in the OPCW of which they are members. The Russian officials complained that the Western members excluded them from their deliberations and did not share their data, thus defeating the very reason for the OPCW’s existence. This is connected with the alleged Syrian chemical attacks and with the Skripal case, where the best Russian defence against ungrounded accusations came from clandestinely obtained sources.
If the OPCW would function as it should by its charter, the Russians would be notified officially that the Swiss lab had established that the samples proffered by the British as taken from Salisbury, could not be produced in Russia. But the Swiss played coy, and the Russians had to steal the very product they were entitled to by right. The OPCW did not reveal on its own initiative that the samples from Syria weren’t obtained by the OPCW officials in Syria, but passed through the unverifiable chain of the White Helmets network. Nor did it reveal that the chemical weapons seized in Douma had been made in England, in Salisbury.
If the Russian intelligence wouldn’t try and snoop in the OPCW labs and discussions they would be rightly accused by their superiors of wasting their budget and not earning their salaries.
Ditto discovering the identities of Salisbury agents. There is nothing that connected the two men with Skripal, or with alleged poisoning. There is not a single frame of endless CCTV videos that shows them near Skripal’s house. Even by the British version, they could not possibly cause harm to Mr Skripal as he had left his home before their arrival to the vicinity and didn’t come back at all.
And anyway nobody has had access to Mr and Miss Skripal since the alleged poisoning excepting for a call Miss Skripal had made to her aunt in Russia that practically debunked the official British story. If she had not had the courage to make this call while slipping the observance of British intelligence, she would probably be dead by now.
If we want to find out who could poison Mr and Miss Skripal, we may ask the Brits a simple question, they know the answer to: who took the picture of them in the restaurant just a few minutes before they fell ill? Who did they dine with? Why did they turn off their phones for this meeting? Could it be connected with the D-notice (UK government prohibition to publish certain material) issued regarding a certain Mr Pablo Miller, Sergei Skripal’s former MI6 handler and a dweller of Salisbury?
The UK government is reticent about the involvement of Mr Skripal in the production of the Golden Rain dossier on Trump by the ex-spy Mr Christopher Steele of Orbis Intelligence, though it may explain some mysterious points of the story. That would justify the interest of American and Russian intelligence in Salisbury.
However, the presence of Russian spies in Salisbury can be explained by its nearness to Porton Down, the secret British chemical lab and factory for manufacturing chemical weapons applied by the White Helmets in Syria in their false-flag operation in Douma and other places. It is possible that a resident of Salisbury (Mr Skripal?) had delivered samples from Porton Down to the Russian intelligence agents. This makes much more sense than the dubious story of Russians trying to poison an old ex-spy who did his stretch in a Russian jail.
Likewise, the Netherlands story of Russian hacking connected with the Dutch commission investigating the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 sounds realistic. The commission refused Russians access to its findings; this unfair dealing would force any intelligence service in the world to try and learn what had been found.
Not that it was of any use. The Dutch commission indeed found out the numbers of the missile that destroyed the jet; the Russians went through their documents and proved that this particular missile had been delivered to the Ukraine (when it was a Soviet republic) and remained there. A scoop! Now we know what happened with the jet – it was destroyed by the Ukrainians, presumably by mistake, like they downed another Russian airliner. However, the Western media ignored this scoop altogether. They decided to blame the crash on the Russians, and so they did to the end. Even if Russian intelligence were to find and deliver to the Hague the Ukrainian soldiers who operated the missile launcher, the Dutch, as loyal NATO members, would look other way.
This already happened regarding Syrian chemical attacks – the Russians and the Syrians delivered the very kids who unwillingly participated in the White Helmets’ staged and filmed ‘attack, directly to the OPCW. It was of no use. These guys are not after truth, they are just repeating the narrative they learned by rote.
Still, Russian intelligence worth of its name would be expected to try and obtain maximum findings in order to help the government to clear Russia’s name of unjust accusations. There revelations of Russian activity weren’t particularly dangerous or vicious. But while this subject had been discussed, a very painful and distressing development had been revealed.
The Western intelligence services have achieved incredible knowledge of whatever happens in Russia. They have obtained extensive databases of Russian everyday life from traffic violations and fines to passport scans, from residence registration to taxi requests, from messenger chats to emails, allowing them to trace persons and events in Russia with uncanny precision.
Many databases had been stolen and sold by small-time crooks; Western intelligences had made a concentrated effort to buy whatever is available on the black market; some bases were stolen and sold for crypto-currencies on the deep internet.
The most valuable databases had been sold by the crooks and/or traitors, while the Information Security Centre of FSB (ЦИБ ФСБ) led by colonel Sergei Mikhailov who is now being tried for the high treason, did nothing to stop the leak.
It appears that by cross-checking a Russian passport, the Western services can find the passport holders with a deficient or faulty tracking history, insufficiently legended, in the trade talk, who are likely to be members of secret services. People have history, while agents have legends; if these legends are faulty, they are traceable. It refers only to low-level agents, to the operatives of not-very-high-class, who are likely to travel West with this sort of documents. High-class agents have a full legend, that is complete personal (probably fictitious) history, and they probably use foreign passports.
By monitoring messengers, the Western services could discover people who had sent or received messages congratulating them with the traditional Day of the KGB operative. This is very common even in Facebook, though it is usually done by retired agents or people who had casual connection to the secret services.
Much of this debacle can be learned through Pavel Vrublevsky, a prominent internet operator and businessman (he created Chronopay, the Russian system for online payments) who had been described as ‘cybercriminal No. 1 in the world” by an American expert, Brian Krebs of the Spam Nation fame. Vrublevsky was accused by Colonel Mikhailov of breaking internet security and had been sentenced for two years of imprisonment but released from jail when his archenemy Mikhailov had been charged with treason. Vrublevsky denied Krebs’ accusations. In his view, Krebs works for a Western secret service, and he helped the traitor Mikhailov. I have no idea whether it is true or not; however, Vrublevsky is free while Mikhailov is in jail. Pavel Vrublevsky gave me his explanation of the recent developments in the Russian services especially for Unz.com.
Russia is unique by its lax internet security and confidentiality rules and practices. For years, all the databases of Russia have been stolen and sold, while ISC FSB did nothing (or little) to fight it. Vrublevsky thinks the FSB had been misled by the Western services and concentrated its efforts on fighting viruses, worms and Trojans, while it was a money-and-time-wasting enterprise. The stolen databases allowed the West to get almost an complete picture of lower-level Russian spies.
Vrublevsky thinks that British intelligence convinced the GRU (probably we should say that GRU is not called GRU anymore but GU, the Chief Directorate of the General Staff, but it hardly matters) that Mr Skripal wanted to return home to Russia. Probably they were told that Mr Skripal intended to bring some valuable dowry with him, including Porton Down data and the secrets of the Golden Rain dossier. It is possible that Skripal had been played, too; perhaps he indeed wanted to go back to Russia, the country he missed badly.
Two GRU agents, supposedly experts on extraction (they allegedly sneaked the Ukrainian president Yanukovych from Ukraine after the coup and saved him from lynching mob) were sent to Salisbury to test the ground and make preparations for Skripal’s return. As we had learned from videos and stills published by the Brits, the two men had been carefully followed from the beginning to the end. Meanwhile, British intelligence staged a ‘poisoning’ of Skripal and his daughter, and the two agents quickly returned home.
There is not a single man close to Russian intelligence who thinks that Skripal had actually been poisoned by the Russians. First, there was absolutely no reason to do it, and second, if the Russians would poison him, he would stay poisoned, like the Ukrainian Quisling Stepan Bandera was.
However, by playing this card, the British secret service convinced the Foreign Office to expel all diplomats who had contacts and connection to the exposed GRU agents. The massive expulsion of 150 diplomats caused serious damage to the Russian secret services.
Still, the Russians had no clue how the West had learned identities of so many diplomats connected to GRU. They suspected that there was a mole, and a turncoat who delivered the stuff to the enemy.
That is why Vladimir Putin decided to dare them. As he knew that the two men identified by the British service had no connection to the alleged poisoning, he asked them to appear on the RT in an interview with Ms Simonyan. By acting as village hicks, they were supposed to provoke the enemy to disclose its source. The result was unexpected: instead of revealing the name of a turncoat, the Belling Cat, a site used by the Western Secret Services for intentional leaks, explained how the men were traced by using the stolen databases. Putin’s plan misfired.
The Russian secret service is not dead. Intelligence services do suffer from enemy action from time to time: the Cambridge Five infiltrated the upper reaches of the MI-5 and delivered state secrets to Moscow for a long time, but the Intelligence Service survived. Le Carre’s novels were based on such a defeat of the intelligence. However they have a way to recover. Identity of their top agents remain secret, and they are concealed from the enemy’s eyes.
But in order to function properly, the Russians will have to clean their stables, remove their databases from the market place and keep its citizenry reasonably safe. Lax, and not-up-to-date agents do not apparently understand the degree the internet is being watched. Considering it should have been done twenty years ago, and meanwhile a new generation of Russians has came of age, perfectly prepared to sell whatever they can for cash, it is a formidable task.
There is an additional reason to worry. Such a massive operation against Russian agents and their contacts could signal forthcoming war. In normal circumstances, states do not reveal their full knowledge of enemy agents. It made president Putin worry; and he said this week: we’ll go to heaven as martyrs, the attackers will die as sinners. In face of multiple and recent threats, this end of the world is quite possible.

NTS Notes:  OK, first order of business... Yes, Israel Shamir is Jewish.... I have no qualms in periodically putting up articles by Jewish writers for their fine content... I have in the past of course put up some amazing articles by other Jewish writers such as Gilad Atzmon and Norman Finkelstein as well..... And I will continue to promote such articles in the future if and when they become available...

I found this article to be informative in terms of the possible link of Russia's GRU to the Skripal 'poisoning' incident... And I have indeed heard of this "Belling Cat" through a lot of internet research over this last year, but was unaware of it being a front for western intelligence....

And I for one am a bit pissed off at the Russians for what they brought forward in terms of exposing the truth that the missile that shot down MH17 a few years back did originate from Ukraine... They have refused to take the one step further to show the evidence that the aircraft from the MH17 shoot down was the same aircraft from the disappeared of MH370 over the Indian Ocean from a few months back!

I do agree with the assessment that Russian intelligence and their spy organizations has been given a black eye by the efforts of western intelligence.... The Russians had their chances to win a serious propaganda and political victory by exposing both the Skripal fraud poisoning and MH17 for the frauds they were and for the world to see, and they blew it big time...

However, the truth is well out there now, especially in regards to the Skripal fraud "poisoning" that the Russians absolutely did not do the deed.... Israel Shamir brings forward the idea, in my own opinion, that the entire "poisoning" episode was a charade and was done to bring down Russian espionage operations in the UK.... Is this a possibility? Perhaps.... But the question to me still remains as to where in the hell are the Skripals today?

More to come