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The Syrian War: The Damned Media Is Using Fake News Again To Sell Gullible Americans On The Idea That They Must Intervene In Syria Again! Part II....

I put up a post just earlier today that showed the criminal liars in the Jew spew media weaving their web of lies, where they got CAUGHT using film footage from a gun range event in Kentucky from over two years ago, and trying to sell the gullible American public the lie that it was from the Turkish invasion of northern Syria from yesterday!   It does indeed show how low these bastards will go to try to sway American public opinion on the lies that the United States should go marching back into Syria to "protect" the criminal Kurds from the Turks!

But apparently, that was NOT the only Jew spew media lie... For I came across another one, thanks to fellow researcher Jim Stone, through his website at, where apparently the Jew spew media tried to telecast a video of a "Kurdish" woman holding what was supposed to be her own "dead" child... And the video and the message itself failed on so many counts that it became laughable....

Here in fact is that article from Jim Stone's site that covers this "Kurdish woman holding her dead baby" for everyone to see right here... And pay close attention to the "Twitter" video that is embedded in this article that shows the farce clearly... .I have my own thoughts  and comments to follow:


A Kurdish woman and her hoax "dying baby"

I was awful skeptical of Erdogan's actions against Syria that happened the moment Trump announced a troop withdrawal from Syria, which up to now has only amounted to the moving of 50 troops within Syria. They have not even left, yet we suddenly get this conflict to justify them being there to make Trump look ridiculous for ordering their withdrawal.
It is therefore quite obvious Erdogan is a tool and nothing more, AND WE NOW HAVE A VIDEO WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.
I don't know what the scumbags drug the kids with, (they do this in Mexico so they can sit with a "disabled kid" and beg, ) but I have seen this here lots, and know exactly what it is.  And it looks like at least one Kurdish woman did this for a camera op.  NOT GOOD
In this  Twitter video a "Kurdish" woman who is probably on a stage somewhere in the bowels of CNN fakes holding her perfectly clean perfect skin tone obviously good health child, who looks just like they do when they are drugged, and curses Trump for her "almost dead" baby. BUT THERE IS A PROBLEM: The kid blinks just over half way through the video and it is the exact same blink the kids will do in Mex when they are drugged.
If someone had to do this for a photo op, the current crisis in Syria is probably just B.S. being fronted to damage Trump.
With the way the kid is being handled, it is not likely the mother's child either, it is likely a stolen or purchased kid that was drugged and used. No one jostles a truly sick kid like that, or any kid at all that is cared about.
AS A RESULT OF THIS VIDEO EXISTING, I'M CALLING IT: THERE'S NOTHING HAPPENING IN SYRIA BEYOND WHAT IS NEEDED TO BASH TRUMP. This sudden "flare up" is obvious hoaxing beyond the pale, and they are using the typical "women and children" tactic communists always use to get a manipulative sympathy established. Don't fall for it.

NTS Notes:  The "Twitter" video enclosed in that article is indeed a real eye opener... Which is what happens at around the 50 second mark in the video as the supposedly "dead" child actually blinks his eyes!

Jim may be right that this video was absolutely staged.... The Kurdish woman looks way too pristine and the child itself is way too clean... I do not know if the child was "drugged" though, but this whole thing smells of a photo op to sell more faked news by the liars in the Jew spew media...

I am truly sick and tired now of the incessant lies coming out of the Jew spew media.... They actually thought that people would swallow this one, and that horrid "civilian slaughter" video as well?   If Americans are truly this gullible, then there is no hope for the US at all....

And I must note that I do not agree with Jim Stone where he states in his article that this is out there to somehow "bash" Donald Drumpf.... Drumpf himself is fully in bed with the Jewish criminals and is absolutely fully aware of the situation in Syria.... And I am agreeing with my fellow truth seeker, Penny, when the evidence is now coming out that this US "withdrawal" from northeastern Syria may indeed be nothing but a scam....

There is a lot more than what meets the eye in regards to this situation in Syria.... I will continue to probe deep into it to try to get the real truth out.... So stay tuned...

More to come


The Syrian War: No Deal (!) As Apparently US Forces Are Still In Key City of Manjib And Are Blocking SAA Attempts To Get Into City!

I have been playing a LOT of catching up over the last day on what is really happening right now in northern Syria..... I have been so amazed at all of the 'convoluted' news coming out everywhere, and especially the massive lies being reported by the criminals in the Jew spew media...

In fact, the news have been so extremely distorted and full of falsehoods about everything happening in northeastern Syria.... I saw reports the other day that stated that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces were already moving towards the key northern city of Manjib, but were suddenly "attacked" by US led "coalition" criminal forces as the convoy crossed over into Kurdish SDF territory!   And even that news about what happened with that convoy was severely distorted and absolutely NOT even covered by the liars in the Jew spew media at all.....

But luckily in my absence away from this blog over the last day and a half, my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, has been all over what has REALLY been happening in northern Syria, and has filed several reports at her blog 'Penny For Your Thoughts' at I do recommend that readers go over to Penny's site and take a good look at her continuous reports about the reality of this Syrian war for themselves...

And in fact, I do want to present right here Penny's latest report on the ever changing situation in Syria, where she shows some interesting revelations that what we have been sold as being an American "withdrawal" from northeastern Syria is indeed nothing but a load of BULLSHIT!  Here is Penny's article right here and I have my own further thoughts and comments to follow:

Monday, October 14, 2019

No Deal! US Troops Block SAA from Entering Ayn Al Arab (Kobani) & Manbij.

 Ever had to deal with a narcissist in the real world? Sadly,  I've had to.
 Oh how they lie and lie. Lies give cover  to other lies, regularly.

Narcissists view other people as objects and feel completely justified in exploiting them. Lying is integral to impression management and mirroring; the lies enable narcissists to present false images of themselves to potential targets
  With the media mouthpieces, alt as well as msm,  always at ready to do their bidding it's easy enough for the narcissists in charge to lie, flagrantly. This latest news exemplifies exactly the narcissistic mindset of those that should not lead. They are playing us for fools and the vast majority are more then happy to be foolish fools. (That's clear today in the media hype: alt and msm) 
 The news report below demonstrates how a lie is covered with yet another lie.
Despite all the claims that the US 'green lighted' this move by withdrawing troops..... there are a whole bunch of US troops impeding SAA. Despite claims of a deal. It's clear there isn't one. 
I'm shocked! Not! 
 It was clearly stated here the withdrawal pull back claim was Phooey. Baloney. Hogwash. 
And the SDF deal with Damascus was shot down as well.
  "Watch out for spin doctors.  Making non credible claims. Glossing over and obfuscating, today as expected, certain sites are deceiving, obfuscating,  employing 5 eyes spin in line with the  CIA’s CNN."
 US is  Not Withdrawing Troops The US withdrawing troops? Or moving them back? Laughable.  Recall the big psyop late last year about the US troop withdrawal? Didn't happen then. Isn't happening now.
Go back to July 10/19 : U.S Forces Staying in Northern Syria INDEFINITELY

Damascus has NO demonstrable agreement with SDF/YPG/PKK, though that's the claim.
Which was covered extensively in today's earlier report, where it was explained clearly why there is no rational or realistic reason to believe this agreement exists.
How to cover that big lie? Why pile on yet another one. No one will question it. Well hardly anyone will? There was no deal. Okay? It didn't exist. Ever. There was no troop withdrawal. No green light. There is just lies on top of lies atop more lies.

Morningstar online 
"US TROOPS blocked the Syrian army from entering Kobane and Manbij this morning, despite a deal being struck with Kurdish forces allowing them to defend the semi-autonomous region known as Rojava"
I covered the fact that SAA had not entered Manbij yesterday- despite the myriad of bogus claims everywhere. 
 The Syrian government, meanwhile, said in a press release that the coalition does not let them enter Manbij.
Syrian government stated flat out they can't get to Manbij. Because it's occupied by US troops alongside their Kurdish proxies. The SAA has no deal with the SDF Kurds because the SDF Kurds  are in no position to make a deal. Which is why Russia has been negotiating with non SDF allied Kurds. Get it? SDF/YPG/PKK can't make deals. They are embedded with Usrael.
A military agreement has been negotiated by the Syrian Democratic Forces militia alliance under which the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) would enter the largely Kurdish cities of Kobane and Manbij.

The government forces began mobilising to the area late on Sunday night to protect the towns, which had come under fierce bombardment by the Turkish military and its jihadist allies of the Free Syrian Army.

But early today, US forces had blocked the bridge which is the main road into Manbij to stop SAA forces from advancing to the city.
Footage showed four vehicles across the road barring anyone from passing.

The US claimed it was “deconflicting” with Moscow and the Syrian government so that the SAA forces can find a route into Kobane while keeping US personnel safe.

But sources indicated that the US was also blocking roads outside Kobane and video footage circulated appearing to show vehicles preventing entry.
Talks between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian government produced the agreement, which is purely on a military basis.
Rojava’s autonomous administration remains responsible for running the areas under its control while political negotiations were said to be continuing.
Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.  As stated in today's earlier post- News report # 5

(a) Should we believe that at a time when Damascus is holding all the cards they make a deal that doesn't require the administrative return of these areas to the central Syrian government?  Does that make sense to you? 

There is no deal between Damascus and SDF.  There never was. The claims about this deal were so absurd and false it could have only been spin. And yet, most people are happy to go along with the lie. The US troops are still present. That's clear too.

Recent related that isn't already embedded above:

NTS Notes: I had honestly thought that this American 'withdrawal' from northeastern Syria was a reality and that it was indeed happening right now... But as Penny shows, the SAA and others wanting to liberate northeastern Syria are finding themselves facing AMERICAN forces embedded with the Kurdish extremists and other criminal elements!

So..... It does beg the question as to what was all this hoopla about the Americans finally getting the hell out of northeastern Syria all about?   Was it nothing but political propaganda and a bunch of "fake news" coming directly from US President Donald Drumpf?  That indeed may be the case here....

I therefore will be continuing to pursue the real truths and reality of the situation in northern Syria... I do want to thank Penny for  bring forward these points and her own perspective into what is really going on which flies in the face of the bullshit that we see elsewhere and especially from the fake Jew spew media outlets.....

There is an old saying that the first casualty of any conflict is the REAL truth... And apparently we are seeing that bitter reality here in Syria!

To me, the reality is that the Kurds are indeed getting exactly what they deserve right now for making their deal with the devil aka the  US and Israel...... I have said many times that the Kurds are not as they are portrayed by the Jew spew media, and in reality are nothing but "back stabbers" for not even wanting to make real peace with the Damascus government that has been so willing to bring them back into the Syrian fold even after their criminal genocide of so many innocent Syrian civilians especially in and around Al Raqqa last year..... They have been sold a bunch of  bullshit baloney for thinking that they could have their independent state assured by the devil and they are paying the price for their own ignorance and stupidity....

The war in Syria goes on... And it has gone on way too long now.... I do want to see the good guys, the Syrian army and the Syrian people succeed in reuniting their nation as a whole.... Hopefully somewhere down the line someone in the Kurdish group of fools will see the light!

More to come


The Syrian War: The Damned Media Is Using Fake News Again To Sell Gullible Americans On The Idea That They Must Intervene In Syria Again!

Yes, I have been watching all of the developments in Syria over these last few days..... I was busy of course with Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday, and I am now able to finally get back to filing off a few reports at this blog on the ever changing situation as the Turkish invasion continues and NOW as I had expected the Kurds have come crawling back to the Damascus government and have allowed Syrian Arab Army forces to come into northeastern Syria to "rescue" them.... But as I said in yesterday's rant, the Kurds are nothing but HYPOCRITES for they wanted to basically throw away their chances for a real future by ignoring Damascus's great offer a few years back that would have given them the security of being part of the Syrian family... IMHO, they are getting what they deserve right now for making agreements with the devil itself AKA the US and Israel...

And yes, there are people right around the globe right now that have been swallowing the Jew spew media reports that the Kurds need "help" and that it was a "mistake" for the US to announce their withdrawal from northeastern Syria which basically left the Kurds at the "mercy" of the Turks.....

But what I found today shows exactly how low the US Jew spew media will stoop to fool the American people into the false belief that the Turkish invaders have been attacking and 'slaughtering Kurdish civilians'.... For according to the following report that comes from the Aletho News service, at www.,  the liars and scoundrels over at that Jew run ABC bullshit "news service" are now lying their asses off by portraying falsely a Turkish assault on "civilians" by using news footage from a Kentucky gun range from over 2 years ago!   Here in fact is that Aletho News article for everyone to see once again how the liars in the media do work, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Fake news fail! ABC claims footage from Kentucky gun range shows Turkish attack on Kurdish civilians

RT | October 14, 2019
In a scarcely believable display of extreme incompetence or bald-faced lying, ABC News has broadcast footage from a Kentucky gun show, claiming it shows a Turkish assault on Kurdish civilians in northern Syria.
The news organization made the humiliating fumble on its World News Tonight show on Sunday and then again on Good Morning America on Monday. It featured in a package that was heavily critical of US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria.
“Slaughter in Syria,” the on-screen graphic screamed as anchor Tom Llamas introduced the footage. “This video, right here, appearing to show Turkey’s military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town,” Llamas said as the tape rolled.

There’s just one problem, the video wasn’t from northern Syria, it was filmed about 6,200 miles (10,000km) away during a gun show at the Knob Creek Gun Range near West Point, Kentucky.
The open air gun range holds the dramatic shows twice a year and they have been immortalized in numerous YouTube videos. ABC played a video from 2017 in its Sunday snafu.
Viewing the clips clearly shows that it’s the same scene but the video has been edited to crop out the audience watching in the foreground.

After broadcasting the fake footage into homes across the US, ABC also uploaded it to YouTube. The video was subsequently deleted when the massive error came to light.
World News Tonight issued a correction on Monday, saying that ABC News “regrets the error.” “We’ve taken down video that aired on ‘World News Tonight’ Sunday and ‘Good Morning America’ this morning that appeared to be from the Syrian border immediately after questions were raised about its accuracy,” it tweeted.
ABC’s mistake is made even more glaring by the fact that footage from the Kentucky gun show previously went viral in another fake news fail when it was claimed that it showed Kurdish forces destroying Turkish tanks in January 2018. Too bad ABC don’t employ any good fact checkers.

NTS Notes: Well, I had expected this kind of bullshit to come out of the liars in the American Jew spew media..... These bastards have been constantly lying for years now about the war in Syria and have been caught every time in their sickening bullshit... Now they get themselves caught once again!

And this figures, for these consummate liars are pushing this propaganda to sway American public opinion to the falsehood that the US must get back into Syria to somehow "save" the Kurds..... But the reality is of course that America should stay the hell out of northeastern Syria to begin with!

But these liars are indeed hoping that Americans are truly this gullible and I can guarantee they will not stop with these lies again.... And these lying sacks of shit wonder why the American people no longer trust their own "news" outlets?  

More to come


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 13th, 2019

Yes, it is Sunday.... It is Thanksgiving weekend right here in Canada, and I do want to wish all of my fellow Canadian readers a Happy  Thanksgiving.... And time once again for my weekend rant.

I have found the time to fire off this rant after all...The Thanksgiving turkey is in the oven and most of the fixings are ready to go thanks to my cooking....  And yes, I do cook and my better half has always loved my culinary skills.... Many times she has had to admit that my cooking is either equal or even better than hers!

Meanwhile, we are presently digging out here in central Canada from heck of a winter storm.... And yes this one came very unusually early this year, where in normal years we would not see a drop of snow until at least towards the end of this month at the earliest..... And this storm was indeed a doozie, for the amount of snow that we received in these parts was easily more than 25cm (10 inches).... And the temperatures have plummeted over the last while as well with daily highs barely above freezing (0 celsius aka 32 fahrenheit) with the overnight lows falling to well below the -10 C mark.... The snow is obviously here to stay as a result....

I must reiterate once again that this snow fall coupled with near record cold temperatures for this time of year here in central Canada proves once again that the fraud of there being a 'climate crisis' is just that; a FRAUD!..... I have been watching to see if what is occurring here in Canada is reflected elsewhere across the globe, and I will state that from what I have been reading and observing, the answer is a definite yes...... The planet is cooling, and this is a fact.... There is and never has been a so called 'climate crisis' at all, as we are now entering a very long cold period on this planet that could last as long as a decade... This "cycle" of planetary cooling is in fact a natural occurrence, and is caused by a natural decrease in solar radiation output from our sun, Sol, but with a major twist... This natural "cycle" of diminished solar radiation output is coupled with decreased solar sunspot activity that occurs once every few centuries and is of course called a "grand solar minimum"....

The last time this "grand solar minimum" occurred was 3 centuries ago, and was associated with what was called the "little ice age" across Europe where winters were abysmally long and summers were absolutely unusually cold.... AND it must be pointed out that during that "little ice age" food production levels around the world collapsed, leaving millions to starve to death as a result.... This is the most troubling aspect of this new 'grand solar minimum' when we consider the fact that the world's human population has grown to nearly 8 billion people, and any diminished planetary food output could see BILLIONS on the verge of starvation!   THAT aspect more than anything is why I have been screaming for people to wake the fuck up, give the scam artists behind the "climate crisis" the boot and have them arrested for their lies, and prepare everyone for a very long cold snap coupled with the need to make sure we all have the food supplies necessary to "ride it out".....

So, with the reality being that we are headed into a planetary cool down, what about the scam artists such as that horrid "Greta Thunberg" and the rest of her brain dead and brainwashed fools out there?  I honestly would love to see many of them given a reality check and have them get a lot of help to be deprogrammed from the lies that they have been fooled into believing.... And the real "ring leader" of the entire "climate crisis" hoax being that disgusting George Soros and his minions?  I would love to see Dr Evil aka "George Soros" be arrested for this crime and the other in a long list of crimes against humanity and be thrown into a cold jail cell for the rest of his miserable life.....

Meanwhile.... We have the new reality in the war in Syria which is of course the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria to crush the Kurdish forces..... With the US apparently "withdrawing" from northeastern Syria, the Turks have been so far successful in their assaults against the Kurdish resistance and are now rapidly moving southward seizing large areas of previously Kurdish held territory..... The Kurds are of course screaming to high heaven that they have been "abandoned" by the Americans and are now having to reach out to the Damascus government for assistance....

I have looked at the situation in terms of the Kurds in northeastern Syria now facing annihilation by the hands of the invading Turks, and honestly they are getting exactly what they deserve... The Kurds were offered over 2 years ago to be welcomed back into the Syrian family and be given their own  autonomy by Damascus with the guarantee of freedom of religion as long as they accepted rule by the Damascus government... .However and most stupidly, the Kurds rejected the offers by the Bashar al-Assad government at that time as they were stupidly and idiotically willing to accept a deal with the  devil itself, in having the US and the psycho state of Israel offer them their "independence" instead....

We now see the price of the Kurdish folly of stupidity, as the US has now abandoned them to their own fate at the hands of the Turks, and the Kurds having to basically cry out to Damascus for help... I honestly would love to see the Kurds having to surrender now to the Damascus government and accept the fact that their future does lie with the Syrian people.... But will Bashar al-Assad now be willing to accept the Kurds back now considering those idiots rejected the same proposals 2 years ago and instead participated with the US in mass genocide of innocent Syrians in northeastern Syria (ethnic cleansing attacks, especially in and around Al Raqqa)? ... Honestly, the Syrian people are indeed wanting their nation whole once more, and if the Kurds want back into Syria, it would have to be with stipulations now including the arrest of the Kurdish leadership that allowed those ethnic cleansing attacks to take place that cost the lives of thousands of innocent Syrians....  That would be the price to pay for their stupidity...

I knew when I posted that article yesterday covering John Kaminski's fabulous new essay about the "tyranny of minorities" that I would get some backlash and a few hateful comments to boot....But surprisingly, I have received ZERO comments this time bashing me for somehow being 'racist' from posting that material as fact..... Apparently a lot more people are indeed now waking the fuck up and seeing that what we have in regards to this "illegal migrant' rush into our nations is nothing more than an invasion of our nations!.... And yes, many of the scoundrels and misfits that are now flooding into our countries do indeed come from those African third nation shitholes, where the average IQ is below 70, meaning moronic levels of intelligence...... It is a fact that almost ALL of the crimes we are witnessing across both the US and Canada today are being caused by these third world pieces of shit that do not have the intellectual levels or even the skill levels to "assimilate" into our societies... Instead with their lack of ability to adapt to OUR cultures and our ways of life, they are basically left out in the cold with nowhere to go and nothing to do, and no real futures at all in our societies.  Therefore a LOT of them do turn to crime..... I cannot help but notice that even the Jew spew media right here in Canada has long stopped reporting as to exactly who the criminal are that are presently committing the big upswing in crime levels across Canadian cities, but I would bet anyone that the majority of them are being caused by this third world filth....

And with the Canadian "federal election" coming just over a week from now, I am disgusted that this "illegal immigration" invasion of Canada is somehow NOT the top priority for Canadian voters.....I am so disgusted that the "top priority" for Canadians according to the liars in the Jew spew media is instead so focused in on the non-existent "climate crisis"....... I have watched over the last week as that heinous Justin Trudeau and that equally disgusting Andrew Scheer have both been battling it out over who would be a "better leader" and who would somehow tackle the fraud 'climate crisis', while there is not one peep from either of them concerning the need to close our borders from the illegal migrant flood of sewer rats..... And we have that Singh and May idiots also harping and squawking about the fraud 'climate crisis' while not even bothering to explain to voters how much that lie would indeed cost Canadians if these two idiots somehow become government or hold the so called 'balance of power"..... It again falls onto the only party running here in Canada being the People's Party that has taken a firm stance with their focus on closing our borders immediately if they do become government..... But of course even I have had to admit that the PPC will NOT form the government next Monday (unless a lot of Canadians do wake up and quickly..) and that Maxime Bernier will stuck with a few seats in Ottawa if he is lucky...... That is so sad to see, and troubling as well, as the real issue for this federal election should have always been the state and future of this nation as a whole, and not about some fraud 'crisis' that will only bilk Canadians out of their hard earned money...

I have to wonder why most Americans have not by now been truly sickened by the political circus that is still going on in Washington DC.... The fraud Democratic rat party is still out there harping and barking like a bunch of idiots that President Donald Drumpf should be somehow "impeached" for something that supposedly happened in Ukraine, but where the real proof has come out over the last while that it was the Democrats and their heinous party leaders including that cackling bitch, Hillary Rodham Clinton, that actually did the crime.....And what is so troubling is watching the Jew spew media across America make themselves out to be nothing but fools and idiots for pushing the fraud that Drumpf was somehow the 'criminal' here, and pumping the lies into the gullible American brains almost 24/7...... It is indeed sad to watch being a Canadian as the US itself is absolutely on the verge of a massive civil war that would indeed tear the nation apart at its very core thanks to these criminals spewing their trash and calling for Drumpf's head in the process..... It was also interesting to see in the midst of this crisis in America that Drumpf himself called the Marines to be prepared for action in the continental US, in what could be seen as a violation of the US constitution that disallows US military forces from being in an active combat state at all during times of peace, unless in states of emergency.... The only way the US President can call the armed forces of the United States into action on US soil is if there is a crisis that has been voted on and approved within the US Congress itself... It does therefore appear that if this crisis is not resolved and soon, there could be something that the American people have never seen in the US's  243 year existence, which is "martial law" in America itself.....

And about that heinous and most evil Jewess Hillary Rodham Clinton herself... Apparently I and others may be right in that the sickening Democrat rats may be wanting to see her zombie carcass reanimated once more and actually run for the Democratic Party in next year's Presidential elections.... And considering the very limited attention spans of most gullible Americans, the Democratic rats are hoping that the American people will once again forget about the criminal "Killary"'s long list of murders and crimes against humanity and have her be ordained as 'Queen' of America come November 2020.... The sad part is that with America being such a mess politically and every election being fixed, I would not doubt at all that if Killary runs in 2020, the fix will be in and she will be made Queen.... And considering what a psychotic and evil bitch of a monster she truly is, if she gets into power in the White House, we could either safely say goodbye to the once free United States and most probably be in World War III by early 2021!.......

One last thing before I get onto my last minute tidbits, close this rant, and get back into preparing dinner... A few readers commented to me about my stance on the political mess that has become America stating that I am suddenly a lover of Donald Drumpf..... I wish that people such as those would actually read my long list of articles blasting that bastard for the last few years, especially in how much that prick loves and sucks up to his masters in that psycho state of Israel.... Drumpf himself has not "made America great" as his slogan stated when he ran in  2016, but instead has further handed over control of America itself to his Jewish masters..... Drumpf has also accelerated many of America's wars overseas when he claimed that he would be instead bringing the soldiers home..... I would rate Drumpf's Presidency as therefore an unmitigated disaster, and he himself as nothing more than a buffoon that is not the right person to lead the United States.....

Well, that is it for the moment... I thought I would have no time to fire this one off, but I made it!.... And I will indeed close this rant with my usual last minute tidbits to cover some other topics of the day..... The Jew spew media continues to harp about North Korea somehow 'violating' world peace by continuing to test and fire off some missiles.  I absolutely have no problems with North Korea testing their deterrence against the US that wants to see their nation destroyed, so as far as I am concerned, go ahead North Korea and continue to fire away!........ News out of the UK is now showing that the criminal Prime Minister Boris Johnson is indeed now wanting to call for a new 'vote' on the Brexit deal.  I absolutely saw this coming and have been alerting readers to that fact for the last few years.  The facts are that the Jews in charge do not want to see the UK escape their clutches at all, and therefore the entire idea of "Brexit" has been nothing but a sham after all.........Meanwhile, across the English Channel, the Yellow Vests protests have now been going for some 40 weeks now, and apparently are now losing some steam.  I honestly wanted to see the French overthrow that evil Macron  when the protests first started, but now it seems that effort is much too late, and sadly the protests have amounted to nothing.  France is honestly fucked and the only real alternative now is a violent revolution to make the real changes occur that will save the French nation and its  people.....You want to know how bad it is in California right now?  I have said that California has turned into a mess thanks to the basically communist government operating in Sacramento that has destroyed so much of Californians' way of life as well as turn its cities into  open sewers.  But with the "power crisis" that just occurred that caused many Californians to suffer without electricity, the commies running Sacramento has gone too far and the good people of that state have to force the idiots in charge out!.....I had thought that the economic war between the US and China would have been over by now, but apparently even I was wrong about that.  It does appear that we will continue to see those two nations spit at each other and act like overaged children rather than sit down and hammer out real deals and concessions, especially in light of the fact that the US and China absolutely do need each other!........And speaking of economic crisis, while the Jew spew media in America continues to blind the American public with the stupidity of the laughable impeachment process, America is in an economic tailspin.  We are indeed all heading towards a new Greater Depression that will make the one in the 1930's look like a cake walk!...........Yes, I have seen the news that Boeing is now in economic hell due to the fact that their "Max 737" will probably not be flying at all anywhere across the world for the rest of 2019, while nations are definitely canceling their purchases of those ill gotten aircraft.   We shall see if Boeing itself survives this crisis, for they are indeed one of America's largest employers and I actually would not want to see Boeing's tens of thousands of employees suddenly out of work!...........I was shocked the other day when I saw another of those "flu shot clinics" going on at the local Pharmacy, and all I could do is shake my head in disgust.  With the revelations that the criminals in charge are indeed using their "vaccines" to manipulate our very genome, I wonder why anyone would be stupid or gullible enough to get their so called "shots" injected into their bodies?.........I found out that some local young adults were recently selected to go to the Tokyo Summer Olympics next year in 2020.  I could only shake my head in disgust and must ask the parents on how they could ever allow their children to be subjected to the high levels of radiation that they will get in Tokyo next summer?  Apparently the Fukushima disaster that is still going strong to this day has been forgotten by so many people and some will indeed pay the price for that folly by eventually coming down with Cancer..........And speaking of Cancer, I recently saw a few people in these parts wanting people to donate for "Cancer research".  I have had enough of the fraud of "Cancer research" for the facts that the real cures are out there and actually readily available for anyone.  But of course many cures will be suppressed as there is no money to be made by the criminals behind Big Pharma in actually curing people of Cancer........Another shooting, this time at a Synagogue in Germany late last week.  That one smells of a false flag operation from the word go, and one to garner "sympathy" for the criminal Jews.  I wanted to put up an article here about that one, but finally said why bother when the facts speak for themselves that this one was a set up.... Interesting that there was indeed a "mysterious" missile strike against an Iranian oil tanker last week, and the Jew spew media could not even be bothered with any coverage at all.   But I am sticking to my guns on this one, and calling it what it really was: An ISRAELI submarine launching two "popeye" class cruise missiles that slammed into that tanker!...........Someone asked me a few weeks back why I hate those in the "LBGTQP-EIEIO" group of freaks and scumbags.  I honestly have no qualms with anyone's sexual preferences, but when these bastards start pushing their sick agenda into everyones' faces and somehow call it "normal", then I do have a problem.  I would love to see these freaks put back into the closet where they belong, and I would gladly be the one to pound nails into that closet to keep it shut!.........No EPL soccer this week, and in spite of still not able to see the games live on the talmudvision (thanks a lot you greedy EPL bastards for going full "pay per view"!), I am going through withdrawals..... I actually did catch the Aussie Rules Football "Grand Final" a few weeks back, and continue to have a few laughs about the quirkiness of the Aussie game. But that version of "football" pales in comparison to a real good SOCCER match......Someone asked me last week that if I wanted to get off of the Kardashian bashing and find a new target, they said that weird and disgusting Miley Cyrus was available.   OK, I have looked at Miley and her sick antics, and even though she is a freak and disgusting, she still pales in comparison to the Kardashian skanks that have round the clock stupidity that has blinded so many Americans.  I will keep Miley in mind though...... And about the Kardashians?  Believe it or not, but nothing major to report on those  freaks this week that caught my eye.  Maybe next week, for they are still out there and will do their usual "media hound" stupidity that will rot the brains of most Americans.  I can hardly wait....

And again, Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian friends and readers.....

More to come


Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Tyranny Of Minorities

*First a quick note... I may be delayed in getting tomorrow's rant off due to this being Thanksgiving weekend here in the formerly free nation called Canada... That, and my better half has been under the weather and I have to attend to her needs, as well as do the cooking tomorrow (Yes I do cook..) for the Thanksgiving feast.... I will try my best at firing off the rant if I have a two hour window tomorrow, but if not it may be completed by either later tomorrow or even Monday!  Thanks for your patience everyone...

Meanwhile... I have been under fire for my attacks on the increasingly frustrating illegal migrant issue up here in Canada as I watch the stupid government in Ottawa continue to allow every piece of scum from third world shit holes come crossing our southern border with NO hope for any real future in this nation....  I have said that this along with the fraud climate crisis hoax are the absolute election issues that Canadians must think about coming this October 21st.....  I do hope that they will choose wisely....

But I am obviously not alone in my thinking about the illegal migrant crisis here in Canada and the United States...For John Kaminski has just released his latest article where he too blasts this situation that is indeed destroying our nations by eroding our societies and culture!  

I therefore want to present John's article, that comes from his website at, and is entitled "The Tyranny Of Minorities", for all of my own readers to read and ponder for themselves... Here is that article, and I absolutely do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Published: Saturday, 12 October 2019 12:41

Irreversible step down
the stairway to destruction
When minorities rule, nations strangle and die. We see it happening today, all over the world. Worse than that, and something to worry about: when minorities become majorities, they generally kill off the previous owners.
To flood target nations with helpless imbeciles is the reverse of what usually happens. Typically an invading power such as the East India Company was able to demand subservience because of its superior military might no matter how small its contingent of invaders. And it’s how Jewish strategists today can rule countries today despite being a minuscule percentage of the population, because they control all nations’ money supply.
Either technique inevitably destroys the host country. The one we’re getting today is a deliberately planned Third World invasion which will produce an upsurge of random violence a la South Africa necessitating a police state crackdown in order to “restore order” (read: cancel all civil liberties) and “guarantee the safety of law-abiding citizens” (those who keep their mouths shut).
The accelerated invasion of Third Worlders into the white countries of the Northern Hemisphere is obviously a strategy by the moneyed intelligentsia to keep the American public as feeble minded as possible in order to maximize profits from their various exploitation potential.
Simple math: take a 65 IQ Somali and mix him in with your average 93 IQ American and you get a country full of lowball retards, sucking at the public trough and contributing nothing to the economy, just the way the Jews want it, a tried and true recipe for social disintegration.
This is the situation in the world today. That’s why all our politicians are plastic and either totally in hock to the Jews or not in office. I think that’s why Tulsi Gabbard was eliminated by the Democrats from their prospective presidential candidates. Even though she’s not really conscious about the Jewish reality of the world (they control everything), she is not one of those programmed robot candidates who say we should open the borders and pay down the national debt.
I think this is the point where AI is likely to take over the world, if it hasn’t already. AI is the Jewish world brain, formulating your future down to the merest specification of your approaching unavoidable slavery. Where every detail of your day is worked out in advance by helpful government advisers. This is social nirvana on demand from the people who know best and are still out of jail. They are the Epstein types, dominant in legal and financial circles, many of whom have an eye on drinking your children’s blood. Wish I wasn’t kidding.
It may well be that the judicial system has never dispensed actual justice. It has always only defended those who could pay the most, be it king, priest, blackmailer or scuzball banker — or all of the above.
You will believe what they tell you to believe or you simply will not exist. No more talk about democratic representation. That project was tried and failed. It served its purpose of leading the huddled masses toward socialism. But now in China, your bank account is inextricably linked to your real time reality. The man jaywalked and 10 points was deducted from his bank account before he reached the other side of the street.
This is our future, casting a giant black shadow as great as our final black shadow that haunts us all, yes, that one that is repressed, which by doing makes every answer we ever invented totally false.
We now have white homosexuals and black Communists telling the rest of us “normal” folk how to run the country. Of minorities telling the majority what to do. It was a major mistake that we did not oppose this with every resource at our command, because now we have the tail clearly wagging the dog and our country going down the drain.
Key element in all this is the Jewish media, constantly advocating policies that are not in the best interests of all those who are not Jews.
It seems to be a popular meme among blacks these days that they are “owed” reparations for the indignities their ancestors endured in the past. Yet in all these “Democratic” schemes there is never a mention of how it was whites who saved so many Africans from themselves from a continent that has proven itself unable to develop civilized societies, or in some cases, unable to refrain from eating each other for dinner.
We need a wrestling reversal to the hold that the Holocaust religion has on us. Every verifiable fact reveals the Jewish hoax of everything to do with World War II, yet the world has come to believe the Jewish version of these events because of their entrenched hold on worldwide media, especially history books.
You can’t make any private deals with the Lord on High that won’t be seen as fraudulent by every angel who ever lived. That’s how we got this foul deal in the Catholic church, by ignoring the immutable laws of Mother Nature, covering up a culture of rape, and insisting it dictates may neither be challenged nor debated. That’s where governments got the idea they didn’t have to tell you the truth. So that’s what we’ve accomplished as a society, and as you can clearly see, we have pretty much wrecked the place.
Does anybody remember why this country was founded — freedom from the unfeeling acts of a foreign government controlling our lives. Yes, I know, that is what the Indians told our forefathers, and what the Palestinians tell us today about the homicidal, U.S. backed Israelis. Since we are saying this today, does that mean the fate of all Americans is destined to mirror that of the American Indians and Palestinians? Only you get to decide.
We see our political and religious leaders grouped around a waterhole in the desert deciding how much to charge the peasants for a drink. That a few million die has never been of great concern to them. In the future looms a darkness that continues to grow, a mass madness, perhaps, whose remedy remains elusive.

NTS Notes:  I want to thank John immensely for coming up with this fabulous essay that basically backs up everything that I have been saying for the last few years about the destruction of our nations through allowing these third world "minorities" aka "illegal migrants" to flood our nations and destroy our societies...

And John is correct about the fact that a LOT of these third world "migrants" do NOT have the intelligence that we have in our nations.... I only need readers to look up the world maps that show the IQ levels of each nation around the planet and to focus in on third world nations primarily from Africa that have a much lower IQ than almost every single western nation!  It is from THOSE nations that the vast majority of these "immigrants" and "illegal migrants" are now flooding into our nations right now.. This is fact and not fiction, and I will not back down from this fact by anyone that suddenly thinks of it as being 'racist'... Again, facts are facts...

And we only need to look at what is happening right now in South Africa as an example of what will happen to all of our own nations if we do not stop this influx of third world sewer rats... The white minority that ran that nation very well and gave South Africa a FIRST world status in terms of development and technological advancements are  now leaving in droves and leaving the Black majority in charge... The blacks in South Africa absolutely do NOT have the intelligence or the capabilities of running a modern first world nation, and we are now watching South Africa slide down to third world status very rapidly.....  This is fact and not fiction and I dare anyone to call me a 'racist' for stating the truth here...

Yes, this destruction of our white advanced societies has been in the planning stages for the last century at least, and is one of the cornerstones of the Jewish "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" document for their world domination, through the destruction of the Caucasian race.... These criminals are no longer needing to have wars and bloodshed to destroy our nations, for all they have done now is to open our borders wide and allow third world lesser intelligent individuals to do the damage and destruction....

I can guarantee that I will probably get the usual "hateful" comments for this article, and by now I am used to it.... I will not waver from telling the truth about the real crisis we are in now by allowing these third world sewer rats to come in and destroy our societies and cultures.... This has long been the goal of the Jewish elite, and we are watching their evil plans succeed..... It does make one ask the question as to when people will wake the fuck up and demand that our governments finally close our borders and stop the destruction of our societies?  Apparently with the Jews in charge of our governments, that may not happen soon enough!

More to come


Friday, October 11, 2019

The Insanity That Is America: Kansas Girl Arrested For Pointing Finger Gun? Hopefully It Was Not Loaded!

I am presently snowbound... The blizzard that is hitting these parts of central Canada is hitting us very hard... And as I said in a previous article, "curse you Greta Thunberg and your other Climate Crisis" idiots for claiming we are somehow 'overheating'.....

And therefore I have a lot of spare time suddenly and have spent the last few hours surfing away on the Internet, reading a lot of reports, and deciding to do a few more articles than usual here....

It has been a long time since I have filed any articles at this blog discussing the sheer stupidity and ignorance that I see happening across America today...The facts are that the Libtards and other numb skulls in America are presently "running amok" and causing so much hardship on the American public, that I can say thank goodness I am not an American..... And one article popped up during my surfing that shows the sheer stupidity in America and one that I did want to share with my readers here...

The following article comes from the PJ Media website, at, and is so ridiculous and again shows how bad things have become in the formerly free nation called the United States... For according to this report, apparently a Kansas schoolgirl, aged 12, got arrested recently for doing the most dastardly thing imaginable, which is to make a 'finger gun' and point it at several of her schoolmates!   Here in fact is that most interesting report, and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Kansas Schoolgirl Arrested, Charged with Felony for Brandishing Finger Gun


Gun hand gesture
(Photo by Johannes W on Unsplash)
One of the nice things about a moral panic is that it frees up individuals from responsibility for their own actions. If everybody's panicked about some supposed social ill, it's okay to do very silly things because you're just trying to protect people. Whether the boogeyman is global warming, or explicit song lyrics, or violent video games, or whatever else you're convinced is dangerous, your righteous indignation is justifiable. And if it's about guns? Dude, panicking about guns is pretty much mandatory. They don't even need to be real guns. These days you can freak out about toy guns, bubble guns, cookies in the shape of guns... even finger guns! The important thing is that you're protecting the children.
A 12-year-old Overland Park girl formed a gun with her fingers, pointed at four of her Westridge Middle School classmates one at a time, and then turned the pretend weapon toward herself.
Police hauled her out of school in handcuffs, arrested her and charged the child with a felony for threatening...
According to Johnson County District Court documents, on Sept. 18, the girl “unlawfully and feloniously communicated a threat to commit violence, with the intent to place another, in fear, or with the intent to cause the evacuation, lock down or disruption in regular, ongoing activities...”
A person familiar with a more detailed incident report spoke to The Staron condition of anonymity. The person said that during a class discussion, another student asked the girl, if she could kill five people in the class, who would they be? In response, the girl allegedly pointed her finger pistol — like the ones many children use playing cops and robbers.
That's a big no-no. The first rule of gun safety is to treat every gun like it's loaded, even the one that's literally just your thumb and forefinger.

Seriously, though, how is this a police matter? It's a 12-year-old girl, armed with nothing but her finger. Are we going to force kids to wear mittens year-round so they don't accidentally shoot somebody?
Hat tip to Cam Edwards, who points out that a couple of kids recently brought realguns to school in the same district but weren't charged with a felony. If finger guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have finger guns.

NTS Notes: Honestly, this is one of the most sickest and ridiculous excuses for anyone to be arrested for...

I honestly had to read this a few times before I realized this was actually serious... And this young lady gets arrested and charged with the felony of "threatening" her school mates for pointing a finger gun???? I wonder what they would have done if the "gun" was actually loaded and she fired off a few rounds!!! (tongue in cheek pun here readers..)!

This once again shows how things have gotten so bad in the US right now, that good citizens are now being arrested for the most stupidest excuses imaginable.... And can you imagine how this young girl and her parents must be feeling right now?  This young lady may have a police record now against her that could ruin the rest of her life for nothing more than pointing a "finger gun"!

I used to cover a lot of the most ludicrous and stupidest things that I see happening around us in articles at this blog.... And there is a lot of readers who send me emails and comments with links to craziness such as this incident in Kansas.... Maybe its about time I got back to posting articles about the  insanity around us!

More to come


Breaking News: Iranian Tanker Hit By Two Missiles In Red Sea - False Flag Attack?

Many readers remember how I stated several months ago, when those two Japanese tankers got hit by missiles in the Gulf of Oman, that I stated that was definitely a 'false flag' attack and most definitely carried out by the psycho state of Israel firing several "Popeye" class cruise missiles from one or two of their German built Dolphin class submarines operating in the area..... At that time, the criminal Jewish state was definitely wanting that attack to be blamed on Iran so that they could somehow cause countries around the planet to band together for an attack on that innocent nation.... Luckily there was enough evidence at the time that came out that showed that Iran did not cause that attack, and the criminal Israelis were stopped then..... BUT it did not mean that they would stop doing these type of attacks, and using submarine launched "popeye" cruise missiles as their weapon of choice...

Well... Fast forward to just this morning, where apparently an Iranian oil tanker was 'mysteriously' struck by what apparently was a missile attack while it was sitting near the Saudi port of Jeddah in the Red Sea......And I want to present the report about this latest attack that comes from Press TV online, at, right here for everyone to see for themselves.... I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Fri Oct 11, 2019 05:32AM [Updated: Fri Oct 11, 2019 03:05PM ]
Photo of Iranian oil tanker SABITI after being hit by two missiles in the Red Sea near the Saudi port city of Jeddah on Oct. 11, 2019 (Via social media)
Photo of Iranian oil tanker SABITI after being hit by two missiles in the Red Sea near the Saudi port city of Jeddah on Oct. 11, 2019 (Via social media)
Two separate explosions, possibly caused by missile attacks, have hit an Iranian oil tanker operated by the National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) near the Saudi port city of Jeddah, in what Tehran calls a "dangerous adventure".
The incident took place some 60 miles from Jeddah early Friday, according to a statement by the NITC.
The explosions have hit the vessel’s hull, causing heavy damages to the vessel’s two main tanks, which has resulted in an oil spill in the Red Sea. The spill is currently stopped, according to officials.
Technical experts are currently investigating the cause of the explosion. They believe it was a "terrorist attack", unnamed sourced told the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA). 
The statement by NITC said the SABITI tanker was hit by two separate explosions at 5:00 and 5:20 am Friday, probably after being struck by missiles.
It said the crew members are currently safe and none of them has been harmed in the explosions. The tanker is currently in a stable condition, the statement added.
Photo of Iranian oil tanker SABITI after being hit by two missiles in the Red Sea near the Saudi port city of Jeddah on Oct. 11, 2019 (Via social media)
The NITC later dismissed the reports that the vessel had caught fire, according to the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum's official news agency SHANA.
'Dangerous adventure'
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman later described the attack as “a dangerous adventure”, warning that all the responsibilities fall on those behind it.
“The investigations conducted by the National Iranian Tanker Company indicate the Iranian tanker has sustained damages after being targeted twice, at half-hourly intervals, from a place near its shipping route in the east of the Red Sea,” Abbas Mousavi said Friday.
He expressed concern about the maritime pollution caused by the massive oil spill in the region after damages inflicted on the vessel’s tanks, and said, “All the responsibilities for the act, including the extensive environmental pollution in the region, fall on those behind the dangerous adventure.”
He also noted that a probe is being conducted on the details of the attack and those behind it, and the results will be announced once it's done.
Earlier in the day, the US Navy’s Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet announced it is aware of media reports about the blast but had no further information.
“We are aware of the reports but we don’t have any further information,” a spokesman said.
The blasts have caused oil prices to jump by over 2 percent, media reports said.
Photo of Iranian oil tanker SABITI after being hit by two missiles in the Red Sea near the Saudi port city of Jeddah on Oct. 11, 2019 (Via social media)
The explosions came a few months after Iranian oil tanker Happiness-1 faced “engine failure” and lost its control with 26 on board off the Red Sea port of Jeddah, and was later transferred to the port city for maintenance.
According to Iranian officials, the incident had occurred on April 30 while Happiness I was on its way to the Suez Canal, and that water had leaked into the tanker’s engine room.
The Saudis refused to let the vessel leave and demanded that Iran pay $200,000 a day for maintaining the vessel in the port, some $10 million in total. It was finally released on July 20 and returned home.
Read more:
Also in June, two large tankers were hit by explosions in the Sea of Oman. The Marshal Islands-flagged Front Altair and the Panama-flagged Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous were hit in suspected attacks in the Gulf of Oman.
At that time, Iranian rescue workers rushed to the assistance of two tankers hit by the unspecified accidents in the Sea of Oman, transferring all of their 44 crew members to its southern shores.
Read more:
The Marshall Islands-flagged tanker was, according to reports, heading from Qatar to Taiwan when a fire broke out on the tanker approximately 25 miles from Iran’s Jask port city.
The Panama-flagged ship was also en route from a port in Saudi Arabia towards Singapore when a fire broke out approximately 28 miles from Jask.

NTS Notes: I will not even bother to ask the question about this being a false flag attack and who would benefit from doing this dastardly deed, for we already know who is fully capable of causing this attack..... For we all know by now which evil state would indeed do this to the Iranians..

And the question may be why now and why an attack on Iran?  It may be that the psychos in Israel have not got the "traction" that they wanted by attacking other nation's tankers to blame the assault on Iran, so they are now switching their tactics and going after Iranian tankers themselves.....  

Now it is up to the Iranians to get to the bottom of who did this attack, and when they do quickly discover that it was the Israelis, we all wonder what kind of reprisal they will carry out for this assault?  The Iranian government does know that if they were to retaliate and target anything in Israel, then the psychos in Israel will scream to the world via their Jew spew media and their control of world governments that Iran must be destroyed in "retaliation"..... Therefore at this point the only thing that the Iranians can do is to show the world that Israel is this diabolical and do nothing to try to give those mental cases their want for a new Middle Eastern war...

Yes,  I am indeed going to state it here that this was definitely an Israeli attack using several of their "popeye" class cruise missiles against this Iranian tanker.... The reasoning is simple, for all that anyone has to ask is "Who benefits?"....

More to come