Friday, February 22, 2019

Starvation In Venezuela? Watch This Video To See The Real Truth!

I am truly sick of how the criminal Jew spew media is now on a marathon of constant bashing against the legitimate and popular Nicolas Maduro government in Venezuela.... These criminals and liars have been going almost non-stop now claiming that Maduro is a 'butcher', a "murderer", and especially the claim that Maduro is "purposely allowing his own people to starve to death".... I have already dismissed the first two claims that he is a "butcher" and a "murderer" for the simple fact that there is NO EVIDENCE that Nicolas Maduro is that kind of criminal, and strangely these same charges were hurled at President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and it should be obvious that the liars in the media are simply rehashing those same falsehoods once again for Maduro in Venezuela....

But I have been a bit perturbed by the claim that the Venezuelan people are somehow "starving to death" as these liars are now harping... Granted, with the "embargo" and "sanctions" imposed on the nation of Venezuela by the criminal US government as their method of forcing regime change, there may indeed be some hardships being felt by the Venezuelan people... But honestly; "starving to death"?    This caused me to do some further investigation into that allegation, and right now I do want to present the following important video that shows that the statements by the Jew spew media that the Venezuelan people are 'starving to death' are absolutely false and nothing but pure propaganda!   Here is that video, where reporter Max Blumenthal tours a supermarket in Caracas Venezuela only to find a most startling reality about the so called "food shortages" in Venezuela as reported by the liars in the Jew spew media!  I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Well, there you have it... An on the spot reality check into the reports that the Venezuelan people are "starving to death" and we find once again that these 'reports' coming out of the liars in the Jew spew media are absolutely FALSE...

Yes, there are hardships going on in Venezuela as the US imposed "sanctions" and "embargo" has caused the Venezuelan people to suffer from the lack of a lot of supplies that normally flow into the nation from international sources...However, the truth is that nations such as China and Russia have now stepped up to the plate and have sent in tonnes of much needed supplies to the Venezuelan people...

And yes, what this proves is that we are being inundated by pure propaganda and lies about Venezuela, and those are being done on purpose to try to sway public opinion on the "need" for "international intervention" into that nation to "save the people"... But the reality is much different, as the liars in the Jew spew media are once again doing their job to try to get a full blown invasion of Venezuela!

I will continue to do articles about Venezuela, as the US is presently trying to "force" their fraud 'humanitarian aid" convoy across the border between Columbian and Venezuela that is nothing more than a trojan horse loaded with weaponry for "rebels" in Venezuela itself.... This is eerily similar to when the US forced a "humanitarian aid" convoy across the border into Syria at the city of Daraa back in 2011 that triggered the entire Syrian civil war!  Yes, history does appear to be repeating itself as the US is hell bent on getting their "regime change" going that could cost the lives of millions of innocent Venezuelans!

More to come


The Truth About US Criminal President Donald Drumpf: Sick Of The Winning Yet?

I for one am truly sick and tired of reading and watching reports that come over the alternative media from so called "reliable" sites that are still on the Donald Drumpf bandwagon.... It is a fact now some 2+ years since that criminal was selected to be the President of the formerly free United States of America that many of his so called 'promises' that he made to the gullible American people were never delivered and will probably never see the light of day until the next US Presidential selection come 2020... And it is a fact that since the time he was selected by the American people in 2016, his Presidency has actually turned into a massive train wreck with some 2 years left to go!

In fact, I do want to present the following report that comes from a real truth seeker, Buelahman, who writes the great blog "Buelahman's Revolt" at It is entitled: "Sick Of The Winning Yet?" and absolutely blasts away with a list of what that criminal Donald Drumpf has actually done since the last midterm elections of 2018.... Here is that article, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Brad shared a list of all the winning we’ve done with Trump as POTUS (I warned him BEFORE the election of what was coming):
The trainwreck that is the Trump administration has only intensified since the 2018 midterms. Let’s briefly recap all the winning we have seen from Trump and the GOP since November:
– The promised executive order on birthright citizenship never materialized
– Trump warned Antifa that they “could be in big trouble” and forget about it after the midterms
– Criminal justice reform passed Congress and was signed into law
– President Trump signed an executive order to “revitalize” blighted black communities in places like Detroit
– Brett Kavanaugh sided with the Left in an abortion case. John Roberts also sided with the Left on an abortion law
– President Trump issued an executive order banning bump stocks
– President Trump announced that troops were being withdrawn from Syria and Afghanistan, but later said they had to stay there “to protect Israel”
– In order to save face with his base, President Trump started the longest partial government shutdown in history only to cave and and reopen the government
– Trump signed the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act
– The GOP Senate passed a federal anti-lynching bill after the Jussie Smollett race hoax
– The GOP Congress purged Steve King from committee assignments and condemned White Nationalism for a second time
– The US withdrew from the INF nuclear treaty with Russia
– Opioid overdoses hit a new record under Trump
– President Trump signed USMCA aka NAFTA 2.0 which was endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce
– When the GOP Congress returned to business, it passed the anti-BDS bill, new sanctions on Syria and the $38 billion dollar foreign aid package for Israel
– The GOP Senate passed a resolution condemning Trump’s planned withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan
– Roger Stone, a close Trump associate, was arrested by the FBI
– President Trump signed the spending bill amnesty which doubled H-2B visas in exchange for 55 miles of bollard fencing. The bill contained a potential amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and a $200 million increase in foreign aid to Israel.
– Trump recently said at a rally that he wants more legal immigration than ever before
– Trump used the State of the Union address to talk about ending HIV, World War 2 and the Holocaust and fighting the scourges of socialism and anti-Semitism
– Border apprehensions have jumped by a stunning 84 percent over 2018 as illegal immigration is soaring back to levels unseen since the George W. Bush administration.
– The Trump administration declared a national emergency to impose sanctions on Venezuela hired neocon Elliot Abrams as “special envoy” to Venezuela and has thrown its 100% support behind regime change in Venezuela
– Mike Pence visited Auschwitz and compared Iran to Nazi Germany and accused Iran of plotting a new Holocaust
– The House unanimously voted to declare that “fighting anti-Semitism” is a US national security interest
– Trump demanded that Rep. Ilhan Omar resign over anti-Semitism for criticizing AIPAC
– Trump nominated Jeffrey Rosen to replace Rod Rosenstein as Deputy AG
– Trump declared a national emergency to build the border wall which was immediately hit with lawsuits as everyone knew it would be

NTS Notes:  I have looked at that list, and I absolutely have to shake my head at the fact that NONE of the so called "promises" that this criminal made during his selection campaign back in 2016 were ever put into place since that criminal got into the White House over two years ago... Instead we see a list of corruption, and wrongdoings, that may be actually worse than what his predecessors did!

But lets face reality here... Was Donald Drumpf actually going to be any different than the Jew dick suckers that were selected to be the President before him?  He was put into power through huge Jew money, especially from that heinous criminal Sheldon Adelson, and he answers absolutely to the demands of those criminals first and foremost... He bows to his Jewish masters first and foremost and the wishes of the American people are nothing more than an afterthought.

Oh yes, the American voters were indeed played as suckers with the fraud "Make America Great Again" slogan that has also turned into a massive bust.... America is NOT anywhere close to being "great again" and in fact indicators show that America is much worse than in 2016 as its economic woes continue with the nation about to enter a massive depression!

I do want to thank Buelahman for this list.... And I know that he is not one to "gloat" for being right about Drumpf all along, but the facts are clear that most everyone had high hopes only to see them dashed... I seriously doubt if things will ever change in America and when the  2020 vote does take place, the people of the US will once again have their hopes and dreams dashed...

And for my Canadian readers... Do you actually think that things are better here in Canada with that heinous Justin Trudeau in power?  Forget it, for that criminal is just as bad as Drumpf and we could indeed make a long list of the corruption that we have seen here in Canada since that idiot came into power as Prime Minister back in 2015...

More to come


Thursday, February 21, 2019

Is Venezuela On The Verge Of Becoming Another Syria?

I have indeed been following the reports coming out of Venezuela, and especially the bullshit lies coming out of the Jew spew media up here in Jewish occupied Canada.... I am so disgusted by the liars in the media trying to slam the rightful President Nicolas Maduro for his wanting to stop all "humanitarian aid" convoys from entering Venezuela from neighbouring Columbia...

 As I have said in last weekend's rant and from truthful reports coming from the alternative media, apparently the US is hell bent on shipping weapons and ammunition to "rebel" forces now operating in Venezuela under the guise of "humanitarian aid' convoys, and Maduro has every right to stop those shipments!

It is also a fact that the US and a criminal cabal of some 40+ (some say as many as 60) nations have now thrown their support behind the crooked US puppet Juan Guaido who does NOT have the support of the Venezuelan people at all, but has been anointed as the the new Venezuelan President without being elected by the people!  I also find this disgusting, and I do fear for the future of Venezuela and its people if that fool ever becomes their illegitimate President....

Well, the big questions become... Will the US actually intervene directly into Venezuela to get their patented "regime change" in motion?  And even worse, if they cannot get 'direct' regime change, will these monsters attempt the same scenario as they did in Syria by arming "rebels" and causing a terrible new civil war in Venezuela itself?   To help answer these questions, I want to turn to writer Tyler Durden, who has his articles at the Zero Hedge website, at, and has a new article written by Brandon Smith that asks the question that eveyrone: "Is Venezuela On The Verge Of Becoming Another Syria?"... I do in fact have that article right here in its entirety for all to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Is Venezuela On The Verge Of Becoming Another Syria?

Establishment elites have always had a predilection for regime change. Obviously, this strategy helps weed out nation states that might be uncooperative with their future plans for a fully centralized global economic and political order. We have also seen regime change occur when former puppet leaders go rogue and refuse to follow the script they have been given. Most of these men have acted as dictators and are not very empathetic public figures, so we rarely care when they get overthrown or murdered. That said, there are always wider implications to such events.
I believe the reasons for regime change and the destabilization of particular countries have evolved in recent years. In the past it was about bringing each countries under the new world order umbrella. Today, the goal seems to be an attempt to create points of global contention. That is to say, the elites want to draw much of the world into various forms of conflict, and they are using special regions of the globe as nexus points for these conflicts.
Syria was and still is one of those nexus points. The transmutation of Syria began as an extension of the Arab Spring. Western funded and organized coups in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt inspired even more extremism as well as a vast flow of black market military grade armaments. The CIA under the Obama Administration in particular took advantage of this chaos to fill training camps in Jordan with “moderate rebels”, the same rebels that would go on to launch ISIS and start a civil war in Syria.
While the billion dollar program to arm and supply Syrian rebel groups, many of which were closely tied to ISIS, was finally “officially ended” under the Trump administration in 2017, more covert US support continued for these groups as well support for Israeli incursions into sovereign Syrian air space.
Syria has had the potential to draw multiple nations into close and hostile proximity with each other, including the US, Russia, Israel and Iran. This was not a mistake, it was entirely deliberate.
I warned of the potential exploitation of Syria as a global point of contention for years before the actual insurgency took place because of the unique military alliances in the region. The only reason Syria has not yet been exploited to its full potential is because of the effective exposure of the conspiracy by the alternative media. The establishment push to use American troops to help ISIS extremists overthrow Bashar al-Assad presidency was thwarted. The mainstream media originally portrayed ISIS groups as courageous clean cut rebels fighting for freedom. This ended after the alternative media flooded the web with evidence of rebel led genocide and atrocities.
Had the American public and American troops been tricked into even deeper involvement in Syria as well as helping ISIS overthrow Assad, this could have potentially pushed us into direct confrontation with either Russia or Iran or both. We would be seen as the villains, supporting monsters as they commit war crimes in the name of an ideology many Americans despise.
Those unfamiliar with the concept of the False East/West Paradigm will probably be at a loss as to why the establishment would WANT to deliberately undermine America's geopolitical or economic position. Once they understand that both China and Russia maintain close ties to the globalist framework, and that they represent false opposition to the “new world order”, the reality of the situation becomes more clear.
I recommend my article 'In The New “Multipolar World” The Globalists Still Control All The Players' for facts and evidence on this dynamic. The engineered destabilization of the US and parts of Europe and the rise of the East is intended to cause the removal of the current economic model of sovereign nations and currencies led by the US dollar as the world reserve. This would leave quite a void in the global economic structure, a void which the elites plan to fill with a new centralized one world currency system.
This system, to be managed by the IMF, has been openly supported by both the Chinese and Russian governments. The delusion that the East is somehow opposed to the NWO melts away when we examine their long time alliances to the banking cabal, as well as the IMF programs the East now champions. But how do the elites plan to get the masses to go along with such a historic and painful shift in global economic architecture?
In my view, the confrontations in regions of confluence like Syria are intended to lead to World War; not in the form of a nuclear war, but in the form of a full spectrum economic war and smaller regional wars. There is another nation beyond Syria that I have also been warning about for many years as a potential nexus, or what the elites might call a “linchpin”. That region is Venezuela.
In my article 'How A Collapse In Venezuela Could Trigger Martial Law In the US', published in May of 2016, I outlined how the socialist structure of Venezuela in particular was so unstable that the slightest push could cause the entire country to topple. Venezuela did indeed crash economically to the point that martial law is the only mainstay holding the system together.
I have also warned that a collapse in Venezuela could spread into surrounding countries, already weakened by fiscal uncertainty and debt. Such a collapse in South America rather strangely matches the scenario described in Operation Garden Plot and Rex 84, a secret Pentagon plan exposed during the Iran/Contra affair which would use mass migrations from South or Central America as a rationale to enforce martial law measures within the United States.
In recent months, however, the Trump Administration has added a new dimension to the problem. Expanding sanctions against Venezuela are adding fire to the flames of economic collapse. With an even more aggressive stance against Nicolas Madruro including possible military action, the prospect of a direct US led coup is now on the table.
One would think that if the US government wanted a breakdown in Venezuela, all they would have to do is sit back and wait as the socialist nation imploded under it's own faulty economic policies. But apparently the country was not collapsing fast enough for the elites. My theory – the goal is to create another Syria, but this time much closer to US borders.
Venezuela has close ties to not only Russia, but also China. Venezuela's military ties to Russia are well known. Their military is supplied to this day by Russia, and Russia has been very vocal in their opposition to any US military involvement in the region.
Both China and Russia continue to support Nicolas Madruro as the president of Venezuela in the face of opposition from assembly leader Juan Guaido. The US and a number of European nations support Guaido. The question is, how far will a confrontation in Venezuela go?
US involvement in South and Central America does not paint a pretty picture. Reagan era coups in countries like El Salvador in the name of stopping communism created not only civil war, but also the installation of more violent dictators and regimes (look up the White Hand death squads in El Salvador for the ugly details). Not coincidentally, we also saw the use of death squads and extremists in the destabilization of Syria.
I find it interesting that extreme leftists like Ilhan Omar are suddenly interested in exposing the underhanded nature of such tactics. They remain decidedly quiet on the same kind of subversion in Syria, and aggressively push for a continued American presence there. My suspicion is that this might be an establishment attempt to gain conservative support for a US led coup in Venezuela. Whatever their leftist puppets attack, we are supposed to defend, right?
But in this case, the Trump Administration is just as insidious as the leftists in its activities, and support for such a coup would be an affront to true conservative principles.
It should be noted that the arming and training of insurgents in Syria started out undercover. At the time it was labeled “humanitarian aid”. In Venezuela, the US is once again offering “aid” to the people of Venezuela and the opposition party, backed by a US military aircraft. The establishment is not generally very creative in their tactics; they simply use the same methods over and over again because historically they succeed more than they fail.
If this dynamic happens again in Venezuela, I predict immediate and aggressive economic response from Russia and China, including yet another excuse for China to dump its US Treasury Bond holdings and dollar reserves, effectively killing the dollar's world reserve status. The US would be hit the hardest by this reset, and with the Trump Administration driven by globalist warmongers like John Bolton, there would be little sympathy from the rest of the world when the consequences land on our doorstep.
It should not be considered a coincidence that the situation with Venezuela is being accelerated at the same time as tensions between the US , China and Russia are hitting a crescendo. Add yet another regional conflict similar to Syria on top of the trade war, and the potential for a financial "World War III" is high. If allowed to play out uninterrupted, such an event provides even more cover for the “global reset” and the shift to a one world economic model.  Not only this, but a collapse epidemic in South America could lead to vast migrant caravans swarming to the southern US border far beyond what we have already seen.  As Operation Garden Plot outlines, this would inevitably be used as a rationale for martial law measures.

NTS Notes:  I will state that the US definitely wants their "regime change" in Venezuela, but with the Chinese and Russians in opposition to the overthrow of the legitimate Maduro Presidency, then the US will indeed resort to their usual "Plan B" which is to send in arms and turn loose a bunch of operatives and mercenaries (ISIS maybe?) to have the nation overthrown through a "civil war".... Therefore the answer to this article's question, sadly, is a definite YES!

It is indeed a sad statement to make that the US government is now a truly criminal state that wants to shape the world the way they want, and if nations refuse that 'change' they are targeted for "regime change"... And now we definitely see that Venezuela is the next target on their hit list!

The other sad fact is how the criminal Justin Trudeau regime up here in Canada is firmly behind this illegal regime change in Venezuela... I again want my fellow Canadian readers to understand how this new change in foreign policy has also turned this nation, that was once perceived as a beacon of true freedom, into a truly rogue and evil nation....

More to come


Even More Proof That ISIS Is And Always Has Been A US Run Fraud: US Helps Last "ISIS" Forces In Syria "Evacuate" To Neighbouring Iraq

Ever so often I do run into gullible people up here in Canada that continue to fall for the lies promoted by the Jew spew media that 'terrorism' is a "threat" to themselves and their families... I have taken the time to discuss the entire concept of "terrorism" with so many people and have tried my best to alert them and show them the facts that "terrorism" is indeed a massive fraud and nothing more than propaganda and "fear mongering" being done by our own crooked and criminal governments... It is a fact that a populace that lives under the spectre of "fear" will run to their governments to "protect them" and in doing so stupidly will surrender their rights and freedoms for the false concept of "security" from said "terrorists"..... It has worked wonders on so many stupid people and sadly very few are up to speed on the fact that it is all an elaborate hoax...

I have been stating for years that "ISIS" is indeed nothing but a massive fraud, and is fully run and controlled by the US government.... It has its purpose of continuing the 'fear mongering" that is promoted by the liars in the media and again our own crooked governments.... And sadly it has done wonders for the criminals in both the US and Israel as it has been  used so successfully as the tool for seeking the sickness of "regime change" all across the Middle East..... But again, it is absolutely 100% a massive hoax!

I have been stating in my weekend rants for the last few months about how that "battle" between the US run SDF forces and the US run "ISIS" forces for that small pocket of last stand "ISIS" resistance in the Euphrates River valley south of Deir ez-Zor in Syria was nothing but pure bullshit propaganda... Here we have this laughable and ridiculous "see saw battle" that has been going on for months now, and nobody, other than myself and a few with critical thinking skills, has logically been asking how these "ISIS" forces were able to maintain their "pocket of resistance" for so long without any food, water, medical equipment, and especially ammunition to continue this "fight"?   Someone obviously gave them these supplies to continue that 'battle' for all those months, and I point directly to the US as being the perpetrators for the fact that they wanted this "battle" to continue as their excuse to maintain their illegal positions in Syria itself.... Therefore the entire 'battle' was nothing but a massive charade and a pure propaganda stunt!

But all good things eventually do have to come to an end...And after months of this laughable "battle", the fraud "ISIS" forces have had to "surrender" to the US backed SDF forces... Now with that surrender, we would all hope that the US would capture all of these 'ISIS' forces and lock them up or put them up for trial for their crimes against civilians and humanity, right??? Wrong, for according to the following report that comes from the Press TV online news service at, apparently the US is allowing these frauds to escape and be sent over to neighbouring Iraq to obviously be redeployed!   Here is that article for all to see here, and I do have further thoughts and comments to follow:

The US-led coalition purportedly fighting the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group has reportedly withdrawn dozen of the extremists and their family members from their shrinking enclave in Syria’s eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr and near the Iraqi border.
The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that more than 50 trucks belonging to the military alliance and covered tightly with tarps carried the terrorists along with their family members out of Baghouz village east of the Euphrates River on Wednesday.
Informed sources, requesting not to be named, told the Britain-based monitoring group that US-led military helicopters were hovering in the skies over the area as the exit took place.
The Observatory had earlier reported that negotiations were underway between the US-backed and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Daesh remnants, with the latter demanding a safe passage to an unknown area believed to in the desert areas of Iraq’s western province of al-Anbar.
The observatory has learnt that no agreement has been reached up until now.
It announced on Saturday that SDF forces had captured Daesh’s last remaining enclave in eastern Syria.
The monitoring group stated the last few hundred terrorists, many of them foreigners, had surrendered in the past two days to the US-backed forces. It said some militants may still be hiding in underground tunnels.
Local sources, requesting anonymity, told Syria’s official news agency SANA on Saturday that US-led military helicopters landed in Syria’s eastern provinces of Hasakah and Dayr al-Zawr, and transported dozens of Takfiri commanders and militants to unknown locations following a deal.
The sources added that the extremists, in return, directed the US-led forces to their caches of stolen gold east of Shaddadi town.
The US-led coalition has been conducting airstrikes and operations against what are said to be Daesh targets inside Syria since September 2014 without any authorization from the Damascus government or a United Nations mandate.
The military alliance has repeatedly been accused of targeting and killing civilians. It has also been largely incapable of achieving its declared goal of destroying Daesh.
On February 12, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, in two separate letters addressed to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the rotating president of the Security Council, Anatolio Ndong Mba, denounced the coalition strikes conducted against Baghouz town a day earlier, saying the US-led warplanes had pounded a refugee camp.
Local sources told state-run Ikhbariyah Syria television news network that 16 civilians, including seven children, were killed as a result of the raid.
“This new crime is in line with the series of war crimes and crimes against humanity, which the US-led coalition has perpetrated against Syrian people, its continued support for terrorism, and its use of terrorists and separatist militia forces to advance its fiendish plots aimed at Syria’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity,” said the letters.
The ministry also called on the UN Security Council to stand up against such attacks and crimes.
It also demanded that the Council assume its responsibilities regarding the establishment of international peace and security, conduct an international probe into these criminal acts, condemn them, and put an immediate halt to these air raids as well as the “aggressive” presence of US and other foreign military forces on the Syrian soil.

NTS Notes: Here is an interesting video from France24 that shows this "evacuation" in progress here:

OK, The first questions are: Who exactly supplied the trucks for this "evacuation"?  Why is the US supposedly flying helicopters over this "convoy"as it runs its way over to Iraq? (Obviously as cover just in case the Syrian and/or Russians take a shot at this convoy!) And how in the hell would the Iraqi government even allow these "terrorists" to come over the border into their territory?.... Obviously the US is doing this fraud 'evacuation' to make sure their operatives get out of Syria and over to their bases in Iraq...

And what was in those boxes of "spoils" that were airlifted by the US from that "ISIS" enclave before this "evacuation" took place?  I will state that tons of Syrian gold was grabbed by the US run ISIS a few years back, and I will bet that much of this "spoils" is indeed that Gold bullion being whisked out of Syria never to be returned rightfully to the Syrian people!  Yes, this shows how indeed one of the first things that the US steals from any nation that they operate in or "invade" is indeed that nation's Gold supplies!  (See Ukraine and Libya as the prime examples...)

Lets be clear on this... The entire "negotiations" for these so called 'terrorists' was nothing but sheer theatre and being done to fool the gullible people through the liars in the Jew spew media... These US run mercenaries and operatives are going to the nearby US bases in Iraq to be 'retrained', "rearmed" and then to be redeployed elsewhere including right back into Syria!

Lets face the facts here as well... If these fraudsters had to try to "negotiate" with the Syrians and/or the Russians, there would have been NO evacuation, and every single one of these frauds would have been in a cold Syrian cell or better yet dead, or be paraded around showing the entire world exactly how this fraud of "ISIS" is indeed a massive hoax... The US could not afford this situation and obviously want their lie of "ISIS" to continue....

Yes, readers, there you have it.... This again shows proof positive that "ISIS" is and always has been a fraud.... It is time for the most gullible people out there to finally get up to speed and stop living in this fear of "terrorism" but instead go after our own governments for using it as a weapon to further their criminal aims!

More to come


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

National Emergency? The Grand Solar Minimum Is The REAL National Emergency!

* I again took yesterday as an "off" day to do some catching up on personal business AND to get some new equipment and supplies for the next phase of my home renovations projects... I will be concentrating on that work over the next few days and will put up articles at this blog when I have a bit of "down time".... Thanks everyone for their patience!

Almost everyone is aware of how US President Donald Drumpf has now called for a "national emergency" to get his much needed wall built across the US/Mexico border... And yes, I have read many reports that have been parroting the fact that the wall may never actually be built thanks to the stonewalling of the insane Democratic rats aka Liberals that have now infested the US Congress.... I am indeed crossing my fingers that the wall, in spite of all of the delays and problems with the US Jew butt kissing government, is built for it is essential to keep all the riffraff out of the US...

But.... I have a real hard time in seeing this wall issue as the real concern of the US people these days... For the weather across the United States and especially up here in Canada has continued to be brutal with temperatures well BELOW normal.... This of course shows definitive evidence that the planet is now absolutely entering the Grand Solar Minimum that I and others have been predicting for years now, and the US and Canadian people are ill prepared for this national emergency that is unfolding....

I do want to present the following video, that comes from the Investment Watch Blog website at It is entitled: "Grand Solar Minimum Is The Real National Emergency" and is a must see video by everyone.... I have it right here in its entirety, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes, this impending Grand Solar Minimum that will hit our nations hard is absolutely the real national emergency that everyone should be heeding....

The facts are that with this impending long stretch of cold around the planet, planetary food supplies and growing seasons will be extremely hindered and we could indeed see a food crisis unfolding within the next few years....

I am also astounded that so many gullible and stupid governments are still shilling the stupidity of the Global Warming bullshit and are wanting to push their stupid Carbon Taxes on the people, when they should be concentrating on preparing their populations for the extreme cold that we are going to see happen around the world for the next decade at least...

I have one thought that I do want to share with readers, and it has to do with the imposition of the fraud Carbon Taxes on gullible and stupid people... It is a fact that with colder temperatures approaching, that cold spell will call for the increased consumption of Petroleum products for keeping people warm and to keep the machinery working around the planet... Now, if they do get their Carbon Taxes in place now, that increase in 'Carbon producing" Petroleum products for energy needed during the upcoming cold snap will mean that these criminals will actually rake in even more money from this tax on that consumption.   Therefore I do believe this is actually why they want their Carbon tax now and not later... Once the cold sets in, our crooked governments will make billions in extra revenues from that fraud!   This is something that everyone must consider and another reason to NOT have this fraud tax shoved down our throats...

More to come


Monday, February 18, 2019

The Forgotten War In Yemen: Is The World Failing Yemen? (Is This A Trick Question?)

I have continued to keep tabs on the situation in Yemen, where the popular supported Houthi "rebels" are still in a pitched and see saw battle against the criminal Saudi regime and their allied forces that are hell bent on either destroying the nation itself or killing every civilian in that impoverished nation through famine...

I have indeed been calling the war in Yemen "the forgotten war" for a very long time.... It does appear that the Jew spew media itself in this nation and primarily in the United States has been purposely ignoring the real and grave situation in Yemen, as millions of innocent civilians are indeed on the verge of dying through a famine and of course the evil machinations of the criminal Saudi regime that has purposely blocked almost all humanitarian aid and food packages from reaching that starving populace.... It is indeed a travesty...

Well, I found the following important video that just came out the other day from the Al Jazeera network, that is a must see by everyone to understand the real situation in Yemen and asks the important question "Is The World Failing Yemen?"..... I have it right here for all to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have called the question "Is The World Failing Yemen?" a "trick question" for the answer is so obviously YES!

I am especially disgusted by the actions of the American government that has continued to aid the criminal Saudi regime in this genocide by continuing to provide them with the logistics and especially the weapons for killing the people of Yemen.... And we cannot forget the crooked Canadian government under that heinous Justin Trudeau that also supports the Saudi regime in this slaughter in Yemen through its massive "military contracts" to supply the trucks for the Saudi and allied troops that are used in the attacks in Yemen as well....

It is especially sad to watch this video and so many others that show the children dying of malnutrition by the thousands almost weekly now, thanks to the cutoff of necessary humanitarian aid by the Saudis and their American partners in crime.... It does beg the questions: Where is the outrage? And where is the rest of the world in all this?....

I will continue to present articles here on the situation in Yemen when they do become available... I for one absolutely do blame the Drumpf administration in Washington DC for continuing to allow this to happen due to their undying support of the criminal Saudi regime... The American people do deserve the truth here and should be demanding that their government stop aiding in this genocide immediately.

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The Global Warming Fraud: Sea Level Rising Is Absolutely Bullshit - Sea Level Data Altered By Scientists To Create False Impression Of Rising Oceans!

I have been attacking the fraud of Global Warming aka "Climate Change" from almost the time I started this blog some 11 years ago... I knew from day one that man caused "Global Warming" is and always has been a fraud since the real force that drives our weather is that big ball of light and energy at the centre of our solar system, our Sun Sol......

One "fact" that the Global Warming fear mongers have been using for decades has been that the oceans are rising due to "Climate Change" and they have claimed that the evidence has been presented by refutable "scientists"..... They have long claimed that with rising oceans, many of our coastal cities would be soon underwater along with so many islands around the world, forcing so many people to have to be force evacuated to avoid the rising waters.... But what I discovered just the other day blows holes in even that argument...

I want to present the following report that comes from the Natural News website, at www., that shows evidence that the so called "scientists" that are behind the fraudulent "Global Warming" fear mongering have been purposely altering their data for years to make it look like the oceans around the planet are indeed rising.... Here is that article for everyone to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sea level data ALTERED by scientists to create false impression of rising oceans

Image: Sea level data ALTERED by scientists to create false impression of rising oceans

(Natural News) A scientific paper published by a team of Australian researchers has revealed a startling find: Scientists at thePermanent Service for Mean Sea Level(PSMSL) have been “adjusting” historical data regarding tide levels in the Indian Ocean. Their “highly questionable” activities have depicted rapidly rising seas — but the truth is that there is no reason to be alarmed at all. Scientists have found that sea levels are stable — and have been for the entirety of the 20th century.

To put it simply, these PSMSL “scientists” have been arbitrarily changing their data in order to create the illusion of a problem that doesn’t actually exist.

According to the Australian research team, sea levels in the Indian ocean have remained stable for decades. Dr. Albert Parker and Dr. Clifford Ollier recently published their astounding research in the journal Earth Systems and Environment; their extensive research gives an in-depth look at how this massive deception was undertaken.

PSMSL “realigned” stable sea level trends

As the researchers report, there are multiple lines of evidence that show sea levels in the Indian Ocean are completely stable. Further, the scientific duo explains that the data-adjusters at PSMSL were taking “misaligned or incomplete” sea level data (which showed no rise in sea levels, or even decreasing sea levels) and “realigning” them.

As Parker and Ollier contend, “It is always highly questionable to shift data collected in the far past without any proven new supporting material.” But what makes the PSMSL’s data shifts even more questionable is the fact that older datasets were adjusted to look lowerwhile all newer sets of sea level data were re-configured to appear higher. When these arbitrary adjustments are taken together, it creates the appearance of a significant and concerning rise in sea levels — one that is entirely artificial.

As reported:

The sea levels in India, including Mumbai, and in Karachi, Pakistan, have been recently analysed and discussed in Parker and Ollier (2015) and in Parker (2016). In both cases, it was shown that the latest positive trends in the PSMSL RLR [revised local reference, adjusted] data are only the result of arbitrary alignments, and alternative and more legitimate alignments reveal very stable sea-level conditions.

Further, the researchers state that there are even greater concerns regarding the PSMSL’s so-called findings. They wrote:

What are more dangerous are the corrections recently introduced to the past to magnify the sea-level trend or the acceleration. As shown in the prior section, the adjustments introduced by PSMSL to make the RLR [revised local reference, or adjusted data] are arbitrary in Aden, Karachi, and Mumbai.

In one instance, Parker and Ollier referenced a 1991 study which showed that sea levels in Mumbai were falling by an average of 0.3 millimeters per year between the years of 1930 and 1980. The duo states that in PSMSL’s latest report, they declare that sea levels in Mumbai were rising by 0.52 millimeters per year during the same time period.

In other words, PSMSL completely changed data collected decades ago to show an increase in sea levels, rather than the decrease that was actually reported at the time.

To sum it up, Ollier and Parker have found there is no reason to believe that sea levels are rising — and that PSMSL has been wantonly adjusting sea level data to create the appearance of a problem that doesn’t actually exist.

Scientists use real data to show sea levels are stable

The Australian researchers declared in their paper, “Contrary to the adjusted data from tide gauges and the unreliable satellite altimeter data, properly examined data from tide gauges and other sources such as coastal morphology, stratigraphy, radiocarbon dating, archaeological remains, and historical documentation indicate a lack of any alarming sea-level rise in recent decades for all the Indian Ocean.”

In other words, a non-biased look at the original data from the tide gauges indicates that there is nothing to be worried about; current sea levels are well within “normal” ranges. In fact, the pair states in the conclusion that sea levels across multiple sites of the Indian Ocean have been stable for “all of the 20th century.”

The pair of scientists also state in their paper that all key data collection points have shown a sea level rise of 0.0 millimeters for at least the last 50 years — which is an indicator of stability in ocean levels.

recent report by NASA even showed that sea levels are actually taking a downward turn for the last few years — findings that lie in stark contrast to PSMSL’s alarmist report on sea level data.

There has been much controversy and fanfare over the alleged threat of rising sea levels, but it seems that much of this excitement is based on fiction rather than reality.
Ultimately, Parker and Ollier concluded that sea levels are, and have been, quite stable during the past century.

Sources for this article include:

NTS Notes: Well, there you go... Another "pillar" of the fraudulent Global Warming hoax has now fallen with this startling evidence that the so called "scientists" watching the levels of our oceans have indeed been altering their data on purpose to create the illusion that the oceans are indeed rising!

I have seen so many reports that have shown that in spite of the fear mongering, the ocean levels have absolutely NOT risen one iota....And now we see the criminality of the Global Warming fraudsters exposed for everyone to see for themselves....

So.... We now see that (a) Global Temperatures are not rising and are indeed falling.. (b) The ice caps are NOT melting and evidence shows that they are actually expanding.... (c) CO2 levels in our atmosphere are rising, but are NOT driving the climate (as expected, since CO2 itself is NOT a so called "greenhouse gas") and (d) the oceans are NOT rising at all and have been stable all through the last few centuries....  How much more does it really take for people to understand that they are being conned by these criminals????

One other note... I am so disgusted by those who have the nerve to call themselves "scientists" these days if they are willing to sell their own souls to these criminals for nothing but profits...... I have a massive scientific background and even though I cannot call myself a "scientist", I work with facts and evidence and would never sell out and lie like those bastards that support the fraud of man caused Global Warming have....

More to come