Monday, January 20, 2020

Financial Crisis News: Uncle Sam Just Used Its Financial Nuclear Weapon Again!

I have long used this blog as an important platform to get the REAL news and message out to readers, and to give them the honest truth on a wide range of subjects... One of those subjects is of course the real truth about our entire monetary system and our financial system.... And it is most important for people to see how our monetary and financial systems really do work in this time of impending world wide financial crisis thanks to the Jewish controlled system of world wide debt that will very soon cause worldwide economic collapse and hardship for everyone!

OK, with that in mind, I want to turn to a most interesting and informative report that comes from Tyler Durden through the Zero Hedge website, at This one is entitled: "Uncle Sam Just Used Its Financial Nuclear Weapon Again" and focuses in on the fact that the world is still at the mercy of the criminal United States through the fact that the world is still stuck with the US dollar as its "reserve currency" for international trade.... Here is that important article for everyone to see right here, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Uncle Sam Just Used Its Financial Nuclear Weapon Again

In August of 1945, the United States became the only country to drop nuclear bombs on an enemy.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were largely destroyed in the blink of an eye. And the Japanese had no choice but to surrender to the Allies, finally ending World War II.
Ever since, world superpowers have been rapidly advancing weapons technology, constantly raising the bar for destructive power.
It won’t surprise you to find out that the most powerful and destructive weapon in the world, though, by far, is claimed by the United States.

But this weapon has nothing to do with America’s nuclear arsenal. It doesn’t even require bullets.
I’m talking about the US dollar.
The US is still the world’s dominant superpower, still the largest economy in the world. And the US dollar is still the world’s dominant reserve currency.
This means that the VAST MAJORITY of international trade and cross-border financial transactions take place in US dollars.
  • When Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company sells petroleum to the Chinese, that transaction takes place in US dollars.
  • Last year when Air France (a European airline) agreed to purchase 60 jets from Airbus (a European aircraft manufacturer), that contract was negotiated in US dollars– even though both parties are European!
  • When commodities traders buy and sell cotton futures on the national mercantile exchange… in PAKISTAN… those trades are settled in US dollars.
  • When the IMF stepped in to bail out Argentina back in 2018 with an emergency loan, those funds were paid in US dollars.
  • And right now as I write these words, the Chile-based agriculture business I founded several years is selling literally millions of pounds of blueberries to wholesale buyers in Europe and Asia. Those deals are also closed in US dollars.
You get the idea. The US dollar is at the center of global commerce. Commercial banks, central banks, governments, sovereign wealth funds, and businesses around the world all need US dollars if they expect to be able to do any business internationally.
And that’s what makes the dollar such a powerful weapon: the US government can threaten foreign countries with nearly total financial collapse.
The US government realized it had this power roughly two decades ago after the September 11th attacks.
In their efforts to track down terrorist organizations and obtain intelligence, the Treasury Department began strongarming foreign banks to hand over financial information about suspected terrorists by threatening to revoke access to US dollars.
The threat worked. And a new weapon was born.
In 2010, they made some serious upgrades when Congress passed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, known as FATCA.
FATCA forces EVERY foreign bank and financial institution IN THE WORLD to share information about their depositors with the Treasury Department.
And if these foreign banks refuse to comply? You guessed it. They’ll lose access to US dollars.
We’ve continued to see the US government rely on this tactic more and more over the past ten years; in 2015, for example, the Treasury Department famously hit French bank BNP Paribas with an $8.9 billion fine.
BNP’s egregious crime? They were doing business with countries that the US government doesn’t like– countries like Cuba and Iran.
But wait a minute. BNP is a FRENCH bank! France has no beef with Cuba or Iran!
Doesn’t matter. Uncle Sam doesn’t like Cuba and Iran. BNP did business with Cuba and Iran. So BNP was punished.
And if BNP didn’t pay this ridiculous $8.9 billion fine? Yep, you know what’s coming– they’d lose their access to US dollars.
Just last week they did it again when the Iraqi parliament voted to expel all US troops from the country.
Now, it was just a non-binding resolution anyhow, which means it was just politicians making a bunch of noise. But the US government hit back, threatening Iraq with the loss of US dollar access if they went forward with the idea.
To be honest, when used in the right circumstances, this entire concept is pretty ingenious. It’s a powerful weapon that, unlike bombs and drones, causes no loss of life.
But the US government has been relying on this tactic WAAAY too much. Frankly they’re starting to look like a bunch of rowdy teenagers in skeleton costumes beating up a weakly Ralph Machio.
And every time they loudly threaten another country or foreign bank with losing US dollar access, they’re essentially daring the rest of the world to come up with another option.
Remember, America only has this power because there is no alternative to the US dollar. Not yet.
But people can only be threatened so many times before they start working on a solution.
In many respects it’s already happening. Countries like Russia and China are already engaging in trade with one another without the use of US dollars. And more and more governments are starting to hold Chinese renminbi as official reserves.
So far these actions have barely dented the US dollar’s dominance, so there’s not going to be any major change for at least the next several years.
But the world is definitely moving in that direction. They’ve learned that the US government is happy to weaponize its currency… so, fool me twice, shame on me.
Having the world’s dominant reserve currency is an enormous privilege that provides many economic benefits. And it has changed many times throughout history– from the Roman solidus to the Spanish real de ochoIt never lasts forever.
And at some point in the future when the US loses its dominant reserve status, historians will look back and realize they did it to themselves.

NTS Notes: The picture alone in this article speaks volumes, for it shows that the US dollar is indeed a bomb about to explode!

The facts are that the world has been at the mercy of the US dollar for way too long, and the crimiinals in the US government have been constantly using their dollar as a weapon to force nations into debt servitude...

It will be interesting to see what will happen now that more and more nations are doing their trading directly with each other and in other currencies than the US dollar... We  have seen too many times how the US has forced war on nations to force them back onto their dollar (Iraq in 2003 is a prime example..), and with the US empire now in steep decline, it does make one wonder what the US may have to use to prevent their own economic collapse as larger and more powerful nations turn away from the dollar!  Nuclear war over the US dollar?  That sadly is a strong possibility...

Again, this is very important news, and shows once again how the world has been far too long at the mercy of the US dollar.... Hopefully more and more nations are now realizing what a disaster it is to pin their 'reserve currency' on the failing dollar and will indeed look elsewhere to end their enslavement to the US...

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 19th, 2020

Sunday... And thankfully I am actually on time here for my weekend rant..

I know that a lot of people do not like the 'weather reports' that I sometimes start these rants off, and honestly that is too bad... I am trying to make the point that the "Climate Alarmists" and their push for us all to surrender to their concept of a one world government through the fear of climate change is nothing but pure bullshit....   I will continue with these reports, as they show clear evidence that the planet is no where close to overheating as those scoundrels claim, and is actually entering a very long period of global cooling thanks to a grand solar minimum caused by diminished solar radiation output from our sun...

And yes, it is damn fucking cold here in central Canada.... We had overnight lows last week plunge to the -35C range with wind chills at around the -45C mark...  My American readers can do the conversion themselves to understand that these temperatures are over 110 degrees Fahrenheit colder than the warm spell that many have been experiencing the last while on the American east coast... And yes, there was a short reprieve over the last few days with temperatures rising to the -15C mark, but with that rise we had a horrendous snow storm come blasting through this region that had just dumped upwards of 40 centimetres of snow....  I had just finished plowing out my yard and driveway the other day, which was no easy task considering my advance age of 59.....  And the forecast now for the coming week is to see temperatures at or near the -25C mark with even more snow coming by the end of the week... Therefore I do not give a damn about all of the "Climate Change" hysteria, for I can clearly see it for myself that it is indeed pure bullshit..

I am like everyone else in the alternative media in wondering what had happened to Michael Rivero over the last while and his posting of articles over at What Really Happened. com..... Michael had posted a short message at the top of his site stating that he was "under the weather", but that message was posted some 2+ weeks ago, and new articles had not been posted for some time.... Only over the last day have I noticed a few "new" articles, and I do wonder what had really happened to Mike?   We are all aware by now that  writers and blogs in the alternative media are now coming under fire from the criminal Jewish pricks that would dearly love to have all of us shut down to force people to have to accept the lies that they promote, and with some other sites now dead as a result of that action, many had believed that What Really Happened would be next.....

I have always been asked my opinion of Michael Rivero, and I will again state that I always have had my difference with him, especially when he sticks to the lies of Project Apollo and the "manned space missions" to the moon as being real... That of course stems from the fact that Michael was once an employee of NASA and periodically still wants to keep the option open of finding work with those liars..... And we cannot forget the fact that Michael is also a Sephardic Jew and therefore can be deemed as suspect in terms of getting the real truths out about the criminality of the 'tribe'...... Other than those differences, the What Really Happened site is pretty good as a reference point for a lot of material for so many in the real truth movement, and to see it shut down would indeed be a loss to us all...

It has been a most interesting week in terms of the situation in Iran, and especially the findings and investigations into the downing of Ukrainian Air flight 752 with those 186 passengers on board (including some 63 Canadians) near Tehran.... Yes, it was a tragedy, but I have been looking into the real truths about the circumstances behind that downing, and I will clearly state it here that this was NO accident at all... In fact, every indication now shows that the US/ISRAEL purposely jammed that aircraft's onboard electronics and blinded the aircraft's transponder.... The aircraft therefore became a sitting duck as it was no longer identified from ground radar as either 'friend or foe"... And we must consider the fact that the night of that downing, the Iranian air defence systems were put on high alert expecting an American "response" to the Iranian missile attack on the US base in Iraq.... The operators of those missile defensive batteries were on high alert, and when one of them saw a slow moving 'blip' on their ground based radar systems, with NO identification or signals (thanks to the US/Israel scoundrels) they had only a few seconds to decide if that was indeed an American cruise missile approaching Tehran!.... Under those circumstances, it is justified that they responded by firing off two air defence missiles that blasted the passenger jet out of the sky..... Yes, Iran did the attack on the passenger jet, but people have to go beyond all the blind stupidity of the Jew spew media that have been falsely claiming that Iran "did it on purpose" and see the real facts that the US AND ISRAEL are absolutely responsible for that attack by their nefarious actions...

And of course since that unfortunate Iranian shoot down of Ukrainian flight 752, we have had 'round the clock' bullshit coming out of the Jew spew media even up here in Canada blasting away claiming that Iran "did it on purpose" and that the Iranians are "murderers" and "evil" and that Iran must be attacked and destroyed... This is of course nothing but brainwashing propaganda, as the Jewish pricks that control the media are absolutely frothing at the mouth in wanting to have the general public's minds warped with the idea that a war against Iran at this time would be a "good thing".... The Jews want war, and they want Iran destroyed for their cherished little shit hole called Israel to achieve its long time goal of total hegemony over the entire Middle East... And these same evil bastards do not give a damn that such a war could see the deaths of millions of innocent people, for they look upon all of us as nothing but cannon fodder and the "Gentiles" that are lesser than human and can be destroyed in a war for their evil intentions...

Yes, I have put out my thoughts on what in the hell has been going on in the state of Virginia in the continental US.....  The "liberal" controlled government in the state capitol of Richmond would dearly love to see every single Virginian stripped of their guns and is  most probably about to try a false flag attack as early as this week... And the timing is perfect as apparently starting tomorrow, Monday, there are going to be protests across Virginia for the gun advocates and gun rights... It would be a perfect scenario for those same "liberal" bastards to pull off an attack during one of those rallies and to try to put the blame on "gun toting neo-Nazis"...... We have already seen the reports about how "crisis actors" are being hired for something BIG to occur very shortly in Virginia, and we cannot forget about the recent FBI 'arrest' of some so called "neo nazis" in Virginia last week as well.... This all definitely points to a staged event coming, and the good people of Virginia must be prepared and to finger the real culprits, aka their own state government, as being the real perpetrators!

I have always been disgusted by the way the Canadian Jew spew media has turned into a reflection of the garbage we see in the United States.... It used to be that Canada had a "semi independent" media, but NOT any more.... Almost every report that comes over the Talmudvision these days up here in the formerly free nation called Canada is an absolute reflection of the same Jew spew media lies we see on American broadcasts.... And the Jew spew media up here in Canada is doing their utmost to massage gullible Canadian minds into the concept that Canada has to follow exactly what the US wants and to have ourselves committed to the same sickening wars and conflicts that the US is presently embroiled in..... I used to believe at one time that Canada was different than the US and that  real freedom was still available here, but not any more......I have said many times that Canada is Jewish occupied and controlled, and I have found nothing to show anything different.

Meanwhile, in Syria I see that the Syrian Arab Army forces have launched another major offensive against the Idlib pocket after another disgusting and ridiculous "ceasefire" came to an abrupt end again late last week.... The SAA forces are once again aiming at seizing the M5 motorway all the way up to the key city of Saraqib, and I say to the Syrian people that enough is enough , no more bullshit 'ceasefires' and finish the job of destroying the US run "terrorists" still holed up in Idlib.... Fuck the ceasefires, and push all the way to victory!

It is also interesting to see that US run "ISIS terrorist" attacks are now increasing elsewhere within Syria... But that makes sense, as the US will do anything necessary to slow the SAA offensives, especially those targeting Idlib, and will continue to launch these attacks to try to draw Syrian forces away from other objectives...... And of course with the US still in control of the southern Al Tanf position in Syria, they have been using that position to train and arm their "ISIS" terrorists for attacks right across Syria itself.....I have long said that the key to Syria and for Syrian victory will eventually be the elimination of the US forward operations bases at Al Tanf, and I am sticking to that assessment.

It is interesting to see that now that the US push for war against Iran has temporarily fizzled out, the Jew spew media and their ass clowns in the US government have decided to finally issue the 'articles of impeachment' against President Donald Drumpf.  But again those articles are not worth the paper they are written on, for they contain nothing but "hearsay" and information based on nothing but lies and innuendos..... But this is of course 'distraction' for the American people and I can guarantee we will see the liars in the Jew spew media in the US run this bullshit again round the clock for the next while to put the American people once again to sleep and to distract them while the criminal US government goes about its business in lying, cheating, and destroying, elsewhere.... And honestly, I can not see President Drumpf being "impeached" for he is way too far up the butts of his Jewish controllers.... The American public should not be looking at removing Drumpf therefore for this bullshit "impeachment" but his evil actions in wanting to escalate wars across the planet!

A new and "mysterious" virus is apparently sweeping slowly across Asia, and many have been labeling this disease as "SARS II"..... I am watching for a lot more detail in terms of this disease itself, and from what I have read and learned so far, this one does indeed have some very strange and mysterious facts about itself, as well as its equally mysterious origin..... It is a fact that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of biological weapons labs right across the world, where our nefarious governments are working on 'weaponizing' some common diseases as part of their long term goal of population control via killing off billions of people around the world.... I would not put it past these scoundrels that this new disease is one of their creations or one that "accidentally" got loose.... And we cannot forget that with these new diseases, we will have the usual propaganda and push for everyone to get 'vaccinated'!....I will therefore not panic about this new disease, as I will be looking into the real facts before any assumptions are put up here at this blog....

Well, I guess that is about it for the moment for the major issues that have been on my mind this last week..... But of course for those that do want more, I will once again close this rant with my usual last minute tidbits to cover some other issues of the day....... Fires in Australia are finally beginning to wane with reports of heavy rains across some key states and major cities.  I again will state that people forget that it is SUMMER in Australia and with the continent dry most of the time, these fires have always been a common occurrence for the last recorded 150 years at least.  And we cannot forget that most of these fires this year have absolutely been man made as well!  Therefore, once again; Global Warming my ass!..........Over a week and a half since the US murdered Iranian general Soleimani, and the US government is still out there coming up with new and outrageous excuses for their cold blooded murder.  They should quit with the lies and admit that they killed Soleimani for the fact that he was actually killing the REAL terrorists aka US/Israel agents!........Still waiting for my favourite target these days, Greta Thunberg, to rear her ugly head and spew her garbage.  I have had some say that I am too hard on that foul creature by calling her a "bitch", but when you consider how that foul creature is in the scam for some $150 MILLION dollars, calling her a bitch is putting it mildly........Yes, apparently Prince Harry son of Captain James Hewitt, and washed up actress Meagan Markel are indeed wanting to get the hell out of the UK and under the evil eyes of that pedophile and mass murdering 'Queen' and escape to Canada.  But they are wanting to come here and live off of Canadian taxpayers, which I say "go fuck yourselves, you free loaders!".   If they want to come here, then they can pay for it themselves!.......Canada's idiot savant Prime Minister, Justin "Trust in Jew dough" Trudeau has been strangely silent this last while, but it makes sense for his Liberal handlers know that when he opens his fat mouth he sticks his fat foot in it all the time.  I still am amazed at how stupid the Canadian people were in actually re-electing him as PM last October!.........Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to change Russia's Constitution to make it more free, which is a good thing.  But of course we have the Jew spew media trying to tear him apart for his wanting to get the Jews out of power in Russia for removing their 'dual citizenship' status.  I say, good for Putin and Russia, for there should NEVER be any dual citizens allowed into any nation's government, period.....I see France is sending its only aircraft carrier, the Charles De Gaulle, to the Persian Gulf, and Macron is claiming that it is being sent there to help "maintain the peace".  Yes, sending more weaponry to threaten Iran apparently is good for "peace" according to the criminals that want to see Iran destroyed, right?........Yes, I have seen reports coming out of the Jew spew media showing people that have "died" due to "influenza", and thus those same liars are pushing everyone to get "vaccinated".   I will say that there is a lot more here in terms of what may have caused those "deaths from Influenza" than what we have been told.  And those same media liars have not told the other side of the story about how many people have been crippled or have died thanks to the 'vaccines'!.........The "Taal" volcano in the Philippines is about to explode, and could throw up enough ash to change climate around the globe for the next few years.  These type of volcanic eruptions are one of the driving forces behind REAL climate change indeed!  I am still awaiting some of the numbskulls behind the Climate Change fraud explain how volcanic eruptions actually do drive our climate?........War in Libya still going strong with reports that the Haftar LNA forces are making headway against the GNA forces in the capital city of Tripoli and apparently victory by the LNA is almost a certainty over the next few weeks.  The sad part about this war in Libya is how the Libyan civilians have been the true victims of the conflict and how Libya that was once a very prosperous and free nation has been destroyed by the US/NATO cabal of evil.........Someone last week called me an "antisemite" and I asked him to prove it.  The real SEMITES are of course the Palestinians, and I am NOT anti-Palestinian by a long shot.  I hope everyone gets the message here that the ass clowns screaming 'antisemitism' honestly do not have a clue as to what they are screaming about.......And about the fraud of LBGTQP mental cases, I have been asked many times to "tone it down" against those sick freaks, and I will refuse to do so, for they are indeed freaks and have NO place in our societies, period..........My favourite EPL soccer team, Arsenal, continues to fall down the standings and has NO hope now of making a charge up the table for this year.  It is next year time, definitely, for the Gunners, and I do hope that they make some serious moves in the coming off season to strengthen their roster...... I see organized baseball in North American has taken a serious black eye with the new Houston Astros 'cheating' scandal.  I say, if the evidence shows that the Astros have been cheating, then everyone  involved should be thrown out of Baseball, and the Astros last World Series championship stripped from them immediately.  Nobody likes cheaters, and to allow this scandal to continue to fester will only destroy professional baseball forever.........And finally, in the sick and twisted world of Kardashian skank-ville, apparently Skank #1, Kim, is now studying "Law" and is going to "Law School".   Honestly, considering the fact that creature does not have two brain cells to rub together, for some accredited Law School to take her on would destroy said school's entire credibility.   Heck, I doubt if skank Kim can even read a book, or even spell "Law", and here she is wanting to go to law school?   Yes, America, while your nation sinks further into a mess it cannot get out of, this is what passes for  "news" in your once free nation.  And people actually question why I say America is truly fucked?

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Climate Alarmists: Incapable Of Learning!

*First, a quick note... I may be delayed tomorrow in getting my weekend rant off... That is due to some personal and family commitments that I do need to take care of tomorrow starting in the morning... I will do my best after those are concluded and if I have the time to sit down for about 2 hours and type out my rant....  I am crossing my fingers now in the hope I will be able to fire off that rant by mid-afternoon or early evening, and I do appreciate and thank everyone for their patience...

OK, I have been all over the Ukrainian flight 752 plane crash for the last while, and taking a look at other happenings including the fires in Australia that apparently are now winding down thanks to some much needed rain fall in eastern Australia... AND I have stuck to my guns on those fires being caused primarily by the idiots in the "Climate Change" crowd that wanted to create the impression that these fires were caused by "Global Warming"... It does seem that with the evidence being clear, especially up here in the freezing Great White North, that people are finally waking the fuck up and realizing that this "Climate Change" rhetoric is pure unadulterated bullshit...

And speaking of the fraud of "Climate Change' or what ever the criminals behind that fraud want to call it these days, I came across the following very important video that comes from Tony Heller, and is entitled: "Climate Alarmists - Incapable Of Learning" and is full of facts that once again show that all of this hype about man caused 'Climate Change' is again pure hokum and bullshit...  Here in fact is that video for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I am glad that Tony Heller concentrates on the recent Australian fires and once again shows the evidence that they are not a "sign" of fires constantly happening in the future in Australia...The evidence does show that fires in Australia and elsewhere, if they occur naturally, are indeed cyclic and can be avoided by proper land management (Gee, did I not say that last year when we had the wildfires in California? And how those fires were indeed caused by the California state government's stupidity on not doing proper land management?)...

The facts are that the liars and swindlers behind the "Climate Change" fraud will do anything when  possible to somehow try to link natural occurrences to their agenda.....  And sadly too many people get suckered in too easily by their bull crap...

And BTW... WHERE is that little sick bitch, Greta Thunberg, these days?  Apparently with all of the cold weather we have been getting across the northern hemisphere this winter, which shows that we are indeed entering a grand solar minimum, she has disappeared at least for the moment... I will bet anything that once the cold ends and we get into springtime in these parts, that heinous creature will be back at it trying to push her fraud agenda on gullible saps....  People do need to take that foul creature to task and challenge both her and her handlers to show the proof of their "Climate Change" and force them to step up or shut the hell up!

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Something Is Very Rotten In The US State Of Virginia: False Flag Attack Coming?

I always get emails and comments sent my way asking me ALL THE TIME to take a look at some of the material that is put up as links in them.... .I recently received 3 emails asking me to give my "two cents worth" of what is really happening in the US state of Virginia right now, and I figured I would oblige for the fact that there is indeed something about to happen in that US state, and it could even happen as early as this coming MONDAY, the 20th day of January!

First and foremost,  I do want to present the following most interesting report that comes from one of my fellow Canadian real truth seekers, Canadian Wildflower, who of course writes his/her articles over at This article contains some interesting links and a Youtube video that should have a LOT of people with truth critical thinking skills look closely and say "Hmmmmm...".... Here is that article:

Virginia False Flag Coming Up…? 🤔

This configuration of news reports is very, very interesting, indeed! I just happened to  stumble upon both of them in the same order you see them here, which makes me want to say, Be ready to hear of some kind of “mass casualty event” in Virginia on or near January 20.
Th first report is courtesy of, and the second one comes from
Here they both are for you to decide for yourself.

OK, Something is definitely up in the state of Virginia, for we have seen these "hiring of crisis actors" so many times before, and in almost ALL CASES that these fools have been used by the criminal Jewish elite (George Soros comes to mind...) they have been used to stir up a LOT of trouble and have been used for the most nefarious reasons, especially the push to "disarm" Americans through the fraud of "gun control legislation"....

And this story does get a bit strange, for Jim Stone over at, has been on top of this interesting situation in Virginia, and I first want to present his first article that he wrote several days ago here:

It is obvious they are going full steam ahead with a Virginia gun grab, and it is going to be staged from Israel

PRO TIP: If you can, take your guns to a neighboring state NOW. Keep ONE with lots of bullets for combat or they might kick off the genocide, it is THAT SERIOUS.

FACT: They have glorified the AR because it is useless against their toys, the common guns that matter most will be a .270, then a 30.06, then a 12 guage slug.

ENHANCED PRO TIP: RENT A CHEAP STORAGE LOCKER IN ANOTHER STATE IF FRIENDS AND FAMILY CAN'T RECEIVE THEM. Keep only what is necessary for combat, boat accidents do happen and if you put them in a storage shed, use your own lock and keep your mouth shut, even with the people who run the place.

That way, if you do manage to survive getting the ONE (1) gun you kept at home taken from you, you can just go to the storage shed for the next best option.
If the Israelis really do handle this, you're going to learn all about palestine, first hand.
If you distribute your weapons to "keep them safe" and they are in the same jurisdiction, it won't work.  Communists first learn of friends and family associations, and act against everyone in a family or group with pin point timing, they'll hit Bob, Joe, Eric, Donald and Roy in separate homes at 3:51 on the same day. No one will be able to warn anyone, "keeping guns with friends to reduce losses" won't work, keep ONE gun and the rest really do need to be kept out of state and fetched when needed.

Odd happenings in Virginia

First item: The FBI set up an "Al Quaida" terror front where white nationalist gun owners are the terrorists. In this case, they were fronted as leftists that wanted to attack gun owners at the rally in Virginia.  This report from Breitbartgives all the Sherlock clues but the writer of the report was no sort of detective. It is all put together in the comments below the report. The "white nationalist" group is called "the base" which is what Al Quaida means in Arabic. We have explosives training, Nazis, white supremacists, Al Quaida, military style training camps, encryption violence, and Maryland, home of the world's most corrupted courts as part of this story line.
First hand knowledge: Maryland does injections disguised as "TB tests" on anyone they want scrambled enough for one of their plot lines. Maryland is definitely the most horrific jurisdiction in perhaps the entire world. That this story line is playing out there is not a surprise to me, nothing that comes out of this can be trusted to have any accuracy at all. Maryland absolutely will drug people and make them believe or testify to anything, and then render them incapable of connecting a coherent thought of their own for the rest of their lives. 100 percent communist gulag. I have seen the shots myself and how they coerce people into taking them, a 15CC syringe full of mysterious yellow liquid is NOT a TB test and the shot is designed to put the drugs into your lymphatic system, where they can linger for decades.

Out take: Three people were grabbed for a "terror" plot from god knows where, and made to believe whatever. Perhaps there is a thread of reality about their origins, and maybe they actually played the game a little, but when they entered the system in Maryland the story became whatever works for the agenda and the patsies are gonna believe it. The world really needs to know about Maryland and how what is going on there is identical to the worst Bolshevik Russia ever did, they flew it perfectly under the radar until I saw it myself. There is no such thing as a 15 CC TB test administered via a syringe and needle, what the hell is that shot?

I flew a litlte loose with that (like I did when I recently revealed that temple) because Dutchsince, Field, Abel Danger and possibly Mike got vanished recently, and people need to know Maryland is GROUND ZERO while I am still able to say it.

Next item:

Virginia is now hiring crisis actors for the "terror" story they need to kick off the gun grab.  And the pay is $250 per day.  PLEASE NOTE: If Soros is paying for this, you'll probably end up getting jipped. He may be a billionaire but he's over-extended himself and rips off his role players whenever he can.
And I quote:
"But the only problem is Soros is a bitch-ass dickstain.
That motherfucker promised to pay me $2,000/week and give me health insurance. He promised to set up a retirement account. He even promised to give me a sizable bonus at the end of the year. But after the inauguration, when it was time to be paid, no check came in the mail."
My comment: Well, that's good to know, but I can't be sympathetic.

Next item: Virginia is going to have Israel handle the drones during the gun grab

You can't make this stuff up, but HERE IT IS. and I beg to question: Why are they consulting ISRAEL of all places right now, for drones, when China provably makes better drones a lot cheaper? Is the first American gun grab actually going to be staged from Israel?
So we have: Already the FBI sent a group of patsies to one of the gun rallies in Virginia and "busted them", only to vanish them into a hell hole in Maryland, where they will be perfectly transformed into what is needed for a story line. We have crisis actors being hired, and military contracts with Israel.


That's a piece of combat gear I have never seen before, WTF is it?

OK, I may not always agree with Jim, but he does present some most interesting points... I am not in full agreement that an impending false flag will be launched from "Israel", but I will say that if there is an attack coming soon, it definitely has the criminal  Jewish "tribe" written all over it...

And I want to presents some very important information about those supposed "militia" groups that are supposedly going to Virginia from elsewhere across America and may be used as the 'PATSIES' or the excuse to legislate full blown gun control in that state.... And much of it has to deal with a recent happening right up here in central Canada from last week!

Many of my American readers, and those internationally, have never heard of an individual named "Patrick Matthews" who was a Canadian Armed Forces "reservist" and who last August was 'charged'  in Canada for spewing what is commonly called in this Jew run country a "hate crime" for having links to a group who have a website called 'The Base'.... Matthews was charged and rather than being sent to prison last August, he 'fled' Canada and went down to the United States..... He was on the run from that point, and was labeled (falsely of course) as a "neo-nazi" and considered "dangerous"...

However, we suddenly find the peculiar news that Matthews was arrested last week and in OF ALL PLACES the US state of Virginia!  He was apparently caught with two fellow American 'Militia' or "neo Nazis" by the FBI and is  being  held in the states on charges of possibly being a 'terrorist"!  Here in fact is the  CBC News report (propaganda) video about this man and his arrest:

I honestly have been digging through all this and have come up with some interesting facts...

First of all, about that supposed "neo-Nazi" website called "The Base".... When I saw the name, the phoney US run "terrorist" group called 'Al Qaeda' immediately came to mind.... And FYI, the name "Al Qaeda" actually translates into English as "The Base"!  Honestly, when I saw that, I thought to myself that something is definitely rotten here.....  I will absolutely state it right here that "The Base" is a front for US/Canada fraud "terrorism" and it has been used to recruit individuals for US/Canada domestic 'terrorist' attacks!  The fact that they use the twisted wording "The Base" shows how these monsters are once again laughing in all of our faces as they always seem to do!

So... What about Matthews?  I would bet anything that he was indeed recruited to be the fall guy for a pending attack, and/or his "arrest" in Virginia may have been part of the plan to fill gullible peoples' heads with the idea that we now have 'neo-nazi militias' in Virginia that may be about to carry out a "domestic terrorist" attack.... Everything seems to lean that way, and the American people are being played as fools by the liars in their own government and media once again!

And lets face the facts here as shown in that video about Matthews' arrest..  First of all, take a look at the picture of the man and how they purposely doctored the man's eyes to make him look 'psychotic'... We have seen that propaganda used again and again in so many pictures and videos of supposed "criminals" and it is part of the "massaging" of gullible  peoples' minds for them to believe that this man was "violent"!   Again, Matthews was either a patsy or a brainwashed fool...

And just earlier today, Jim Stone put up a most interesting follow up to his last report about how Virginia is being set up for a government/Jewish run false flag attack... Here is his latest piece on the strange happenings in Virginia right here:

The following was posted to Facebook by a Virginia Senator:

By calm I do not mean non-vigilant. Always be vigilant.
Senator Amanda Chase

Sadly, I am posting this, knowing that the Governor of Virginia has declared a State of Emergency in our state. I want you to be aware of how we are being set up. Does the Patriot Act ring a bell? Does the National Defense Authorization Act ring a bell? If people show up wearing any kind of uniform, patch or other symbol on their clothing signifying they belong to a militia and something goes wrong, you could/will be held as a domestic terrorist. If anyone steps out of line, all it takes is one person, it may even be a government plant....if that plant does anything to disrupt the rally, you could/will be arrested as a domestic terrorist. The Governor, using the media has already set the stage for this to happen. He has already laid the groundwork to make the entire movement look like insurrection. It will be used to put the rest of the nation on notice of what will happen to you, if you resist.

They have used the Southern Poverty Law Center over the last 15 years to lay the groundwork. They have labeled us as potential domestic terrorists for a long time now. Anyone who has ever related to the 3%er's, a militia, or just belonged to any Patriot group... the groundwork has been laid to brand you as a domestic terrorist. They have gone out of their way since the Obama years to insure they had us labeled, but it didn't start with Obama. It started with the Patriot Act under the Bush administration. We are being played by a well oiled machine, these things have been in the works for many years.

They are kicking things into high gear. Military veterans were/are even listed as potential domestic terrorists. We were told not once, but several times by the current President, "It's Not Me they are after, It's You, The American People." Their actions over the last three years have shown you he was right, they are coming after us full speed ahead and they aren't even trying to hide it anymore. Sic semper tyrannis, keep your head on a swivel and know what's going on around you at all times, at Lobby Day 1/20/20. Everyone be safe out there....Thus always to tyrants.
My comment: That's spooky coming from a senator. It does not get any more real than that. Take my former advice and get all but ONE gun out of state, NOW.

OK, When I saw this latest report from Jim, alarm bells rang out when I saw the "Southern Poverty Law Centre" for that scumbag organization is a criminal Jewish run front for domestic violence and the destruction of true free speech....  I would bet that they absolutely have a lot invested in what is about to happen in Virginia!

Yes, readers, when you begin to piece all the puzzle parts together, you realize that something is seriously about to go down in the US, and the focal point does indeed appear to be the state of Virginia.... I would say to any of my readers from that state to spread this article and its details to show others that if a "false flag" does happen this week, the criminal Jewish elite and the Virginia state government are absolutely behind it!

More to come


Friday, January 17, 2020

The Ukrainian Air Flight 752 Shoot Down In Iran: Apparently The US Had 6 POS F-35 "Fighters" On Iran's Border At The Time Of The Shoot Down

I continue to watch reports coming in periodically about the shoot down of Ukrainian flight 752 last week, as more and more evidence now clearly points to the US/Israel being not only complicit in that shoot down by jamming flight 752's  onboard computers and shutting down its transponder.... I have already seen reports coming out of Iran where the Iranians are now blaming the Americans fully for that disaster and the deaths of the 186 passengers on board... But of course it was NOT only the Americans that may have had their hands in that dirty deed, but the sickos in Israel as well...

But never the less, there are a lot more reports coming through that help to point all of the evidence towards the US/Israel criminal cabal as being fully responsible for  that disaster... And in fact, I do want to present the following most interesting report that comes from the Press TV website, at, where apparently the Russians have come forward stating that the Americans had as many as 6 of their piece of shit (POS for short, as also shown in the title of this article..) F35 "Lightning II" fighter aircraft on Iran's border during the time of the shoot down of Ukrainian flight 752.... Here in fact is the link to that report here:

OK, IMHO so what if the Americans had 6 of their crappy and useless F35 fighters sitting on the  Iranian border during that shoot down?   Honestly,  what would the Americans do with those planes? They are NOT "stealthy" at all, since "stealth" is one of the biggest hoaxes ever concocted... So what were the Americans going to do with those planes?? Fly them over Iranian air space to be blown out of the sky by Iranian anti aircraft batteries??.... That, or have the Iranians laugh their faces off in the process?

It is interesting that my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, has her own article about this F35 occurrence, and I have the link to her article here:

I honestly would have hoped by now that Greencrow would have read my countless articles showing all the evidence that the F35 is probably THE greatest waste of military expenditures ever... It is so  useless as a fighter, and its 'stealth' is a real laugher.....

The bottom line is this: So what if the US wants to put their garbage aircraft on Iran's border... It is useless in combat, and if they are thinking that by doing so, they will somehow scare the Iranians, they have another thing coming.... I would bet anything that the Iranians are well aware of the fallacies of the crappy F35, and would dearly love to have them blown out of the sky over Iran and laugh their asses off in the process....  Therefore all this hoopla about these 'fighters' being near Iran last week is not worth losing sleep over...

More to come


Thursday, January 16, 2020

The TRUTH About Russian President Vladimir Putin Changing Russia's Constitution: It Is To Keep Russia Free!

I have indeed been periodically following the events happening in Russia right now, as President Vladimir Putin has moved forward to change Russia's existing Constitution..... Many in the Jew spew media have been frothing at the mouth about this "change" and some have made startling accusations that Vladimir Putin was making the changes so that he could change his status from "President" to Dictator".... And in fact with the "strange" resignation of Russian Prime Minster, Demitry Medvedev, the other day, the Jew spew media has been using that as their illogical reasoning that Medvedev had to resign in "protest" over Putin's move to seize power in Russia to make himself dictator.... I on the other hand have been wondering if there was far more to this than what we have been told....

In fact, it was the criminals over at the "public" broadcasting system known as CBC up here in Canada that put forward the claim that Putin was making the changes to "keep in power" after his term as President runs out in 2024 that really irked me..... Here in fact is the link to one of their articles here:

Yes, that article and video is pure unadulterated BULLSHIT.... Knowing how much the criminal Jewish elite that runs Canada would use every means necessary to vilify Russia and especially Putin himself, I have been looking elsewhere for the real answers about this change in the Russian Constitution.... And I may have found them, thanks once again to one of my fellow Canadian real truth seekers, who hails from SNOWY southern British Columbia....

Greencrow, who of course writes the great blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies' at, has just released an article entitled: "Taxpayer Funded CBC Lies To Canadians Again: "Putin's Political Gambit Suggests Plan To Rule Russia Forever", and absolutely rips that entire CBC piece of crud article and video to smithereens and tells some real truths about what is really happening in Russia right now.... Here in fact is that article in its entirety, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Taxpayer-funded CBC Lies to Canadians again: "Putin's political gambit suggests plan to rule Russia forever"

Vladimir Putin and Demitry Medvedev
photo from RT

The Canadian Sheeple are being played by their taxpayer-funded national broadcaster, the CBC, again.  Every day it is one insult to the intelligence after another.  One of my commenters on this blog recently intimated that the CBC had been taken over by "Nepotism".  I responded that if a "Nepot" is the same as a "Khazar", then I totally agreed with him/her.

The CBC lies about domestic AND international politics.  But nothing matches their lying about Russia.  If you go to the photo accompanying this morning's raft of CBC lies you will see photo-shopped enhancements of the photo of Putin--that have huge fingers pointing at his head.  This is the infantile level of their so-called "journalism".

I cannot copy and paste the said photo on this blog, however because a couple of years ago the CBC tweaked their website photography to make it the only newZ outlet in the world to have photos that cannot be copied and pasted onto blogs.  That, alone, indicates how manipulated and manipulating they are.  The CBC handlers want to contrive and publish disgusting inflammatory photos--but not be called out on it by independent blogs.

But, I digress.

I was talking about how the CBC is injecting the canard into the pliable and mushy brains of the non-sentient Canadians that Putin has set up the Russian constitution for changes that will make him "President for life". Please read the goop from the "nepotism controlled" CBC:

"Russians awoke this morning to a new prime minister and much confusion about a new constitutional process that appears designed to entrench Vladimir Putin's status at the top of Russia's political pyramid for the rest of his life.

"His goal is to remain the number-one, most important decision maker in Russia, to keep Russia stable, to keep the elites loyal and to keep the public acquiescent to the Kremlin's policies," said Maria Lipman,an independent political analyst affiliated with Moscow's Carnegie Centre..."


Greencrow says:  In fact, if you go to the Russian news sources, you will learn exactly the opposite is true.  Putin is making long needed and standard [in other European democracies] amendments to the Russian constitution which will ensure a smooth transition for his replacement.  Here's a snippet from RT on the changes and I will have more comments to follow:

Russian political earthquake: Putin sets out plan for Kremlin departure & Medvedev resigns 

On Wednesday, Russia’s government resigned. Dmitry Medvedev departed the political frontline, and Vladimir Putin effectively confirmed that he will leave the presidency at the end of his present term, suggesting Mikhail Mishustin as the new Russian prime minister. As Van Morrison once crooned, there will be days like this.

And it’s only the 15th of January. A week after Russians observed Orthodox Christmas, and a fortnight since they celebrated New Year, it didn't take long for real business to resume.

In the morning, Mishustin was so unknown outside of Russia that he didn’t even have an English language Wikipedia page. And his profile inside the country was minor, beyond the world of political and administrative wonks.

Federal Taxation Service Head Mikhail Mishustin tapped
 by Russian President Vladimir Putin
 to become Russia’s next PM © Mikhail Klimentyev 

Here's a video/report from Iran's national news source PressTV which gives more details on the man expected to replace Putin, the new Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishutin.

My partner greeted me today over our morning cup of tea by crowing: "I hear that Putin has changed things around in the Russian government so he can be "President for Life".  Of course, he only gets his newZ from the CBC.  I tried to correct him by saying that, Russia, in the alternative, was changing its constitution to align more with Western Democracies like Canada.  In Canada, the prime minister holds the reigns of power in the government, not the figurehead at the top which in many democracies is the President but, because Canada is a monarchy, we have the Queen.

Putin has taken the power away from the presidency and put it back with the Prime Minister, making the president more a ceremonial role.  Significantly, he has also given power to elect the Prime Minister to the Russian parliament or Douma.  This is the most significant transfer of power in the new changes.  I will be the first to acknowledge that Putin and Medvedev were playing some kind of "power shell game" over the past two decades, switching the power back and forth between the presidency and the prime ministership...depending on what position Putin held.

But in Putin's defense I will say that Russia was an economic/political basket case when he took over after the drunken Yeltsin, who was a USraeli stooge, handed him the position of President.  Putin, a constitutional/international law lawyer by training, contrived a period of political stability in Russia to put it back on its economic, political and military feet...and thus ensure its institutions weren't further ransacked and hollowed out by the "usual suspects" as had been going on under Yeltsin and Gorbashev.  This, ironically was/is a ransacking and hollowing out which is currently proceeding apace without check in USrael and Canada!

When Putin snatched Russia from the jaws of the international bankster globalists [the same ones who now "own" the CBC] there was a lot of weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Expect more of the same now that Putin seems to be solidifying the Russian independence with constitutional amendments.  One amendment I particularly like is the one that says there will be no "dual citizen" leaders--as all candidates must have lived in Russia continuously for at least 20 years and NO candidates can hold other citizenship.  Remember how Canada came perilously close to having a dual citizen as Prime Minister in the last (s)election?  This should NEVER be allowed to happen in a functioning democracy!

Most importantly, and you won't be reading THIS in the controlled Ziofascist press...All the constitutional amendments suggested by Putin will be put to the people in a general referendum on May 1st, 2020.

As for what Putin will be doing once he retires in 2024...he will likely become a member of the new Russian government "Security Council"/advisory committee.   It appears that this council, which will be led by former prime minister Demitry Medvedev, will be set up to advise the politicians who will be in a period of transition of power after 2024.  As usual, Putin in his wisdom is closing out any opportunities for the globalist demons to try another takeover like they did under Gorbashev and Yeltsin.  I applaud him for this.  Putin is the greatest world leaderin the past several centuries.  Long may he continue to serve the Russian people...and humanity at large!!!

NTS Notes: I want to thank Greencrow for 'setting the record straight' in regards to all of the intrigue surrounding Putin's wanting to change the Russian Constitution and the resignation of the Russian Prime Minister whom many claim, and stupidly, is somehow linked to that Constitutional change and "Putin wanting to keep power indefinitely" which is pure hogwash...

The facts are that Canadians are so lied to on a daily basis by the crud that we classify as "news"... The CBC is of course nothing but a mouthpiece up here in Canada for criminal Jewish interests and does NOT have the guts to tell the truth about much of anything... I have thought that only in the US have citizens been lied to constantly by the Jew spew media outlets, but it is as bad here in what used to be the free nation of Canada...

I have also wondered about the "resignation" of Russian Prime Minister Medvedev at this time.... Many have speculated that it was done in "protest" against Putin's wanting to change the constitution and make himself "President for life" which is again pure BS.   I see things a bit differently, for there has been speculation for a very long time that Medvedev is a crypto-Jew, and that he resigned because his Jewish criminals that have controlled Russia since the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1992 are suddenly finding themselves facing the fact that they will very shortly find themselves on the outside looking in, especially with Putin wanting to put into law the fact that these dual citizen Jewish pricks will have absolutely NO political power in Russia under Patin's new constitution.  

Medvedev therefore most probably did resign as a protest, but the protest was against the fact that the dual citizen Jewish pricks that have been sucking the life out of Russia for decades would be OUT in terms of their control of the Russian government with the new constitution in place...Medvedev as a Jew was most probably placed there as Prime Minister years back to try to keep tabs on Putin and to make sure the Jews pulled his strings, but now Putin is indeed making his power play and thus Medvedev can no longer maintain that control, and rightfully is gone.  Honestly, good riddance...

I therefore agree wth Greencrow that Putin shows real leadership and is wanting to keep Russia on the right course towards real freedom.... And it makes sense considering how the Jew spew media has been going overboard these last few days in trying to vilify the man...

More to come