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Interesting Article From Paul Craig Roberts: I Remember When America Was A Free Country

I have come under fire over the last while for my posting of articles that come from Paul Craig Roberts.... Many are stating correctly that Paul does some pretty good work BUT he never ever points the finger of guilt for the crimes against humanity squarely where it belongs, which is of course at the Jewish pricks and their entire "tribe"..... I however will continue to post some of his articles here due to the facts that they do contain with the hope of course that somewhere down the line, Paul does finally come out and name the criminals by name...

I came across the following article that Paul Craig Roberts posted just the other day at his website at, and I want to share it right here with my own readers to view and contemplate... This one is entitled "I Remember When America Was A Free Country" and I have it here in its entirety... I do of course have my own thoughts and comments about this article to follow:

I Remember When America Was A Free Country

I Remember When America Was A Free Country
Paul Craig Roberts
Dear Readers, In the Western World truth, justice, and liberty are in total collapse. They cannot be resurrected and restored without information. Few people have that information. The young are born into what exists, and as the tyranny increases year by year, tyranny becomes the natural order to them. Indeed, they do not recognize tyranny. Their cell phones, social media, and the Internet give them the illusion of freedom. The old are lost in the controversies of their time: The Russians are communists, only hippies, left-wingers, and communists distrust the great and good US government. In short, the vast bulk of the American people haven’t a clue. When readers ask me to tell them the solution, what to do, my answer is that nothing can be done until enough people are informed. Informing is my job. Support my efforts and those of a few others whose only agenda is to inform.
In America, and throughout the Western world, it is harder and harder to speak the truth. Indeed, truth is such a devalued virtue that to speak it almost qualifies one as a criminal. If you want truth spoken, you must support it.
Now for the column:
I remember when America was a free country. You could get on an airliner without an ID. Driving licenses didn’t even have photos. If a friend was coming through your city on a flight and had a few hours layover, you could meet them inside the airport for lunch or dinner. You could meet friends, children, and relatives at the gate or see them off at the gate. Parents could actually put children on the plane and grandparents could take them off.
Your flight ticket was good at any airline. If something happened to your flight or you missed it, you could use the ticket on another airline going to the same place. On international flights you were permitted two free stopovers prior to your destination. If you were going to Athens, Greece, for example, you could first visit Paris and then Rome. It worked both ways, over and back. So one air ticket, six cities.
I can remember when you could enter a Manhattan office building without having to show an ID, be looked up on a list, and cleared in, and when you could check in a hotel without an ID and paid your bill when you checked out, with cash if you preferred. The only evidence of your name was the one you gave when you checked in.
Cars didn’t beep at you and neither did appliances nor construction machinery. The world was a quieter, less noise-disturbed place.
Common sense was more prevalent. Today it is hard to find any common sense. The British parliament is debating a law that would criminalize upskirt photographs. The “invasion of privacy” would have a price tag of two years imprisonment. Yet government can invade our privacy at will with street cameras, traffic cameras, read our emails, listen to our telephone calls, monitor our credit card purchases. Serious kinds of privacy invasion run amuck, but parents cannot find out if an underaged daughter is pregnant or has VD.
As kids we ran free. Heaven help a parent that permitted that today.
Oh, but times are more dangerous today we are told. What made today more dangerous? Failures in public policy. The government has made life more dangerous and less free.
Give the punishment of upskirt photos a moment’s thought. Laws end up being applied to the limit of their logic. Initially, enforcement might require a complaint from the person whose privacy is violated. But it wouldn’t be long before the act itself was the crime, complaint or not.
The photographer of the famous 1954 upskirt photo of Marilyn Monroe would be in danger and perhaps Marilyn herself as an accomplice. And what about all the people who looked at the photo. Aren’t they also privacy invaders?
There is now a giant statue depicting the upskirt photo. What would be its legal implications?
Women show much more of themselves intentionally in string bikinis and thongs or in short shorts and halters than is revealed by upskirt photos. Under the English law, would a photo of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in action be considered a criminal offense?
Would TV shows such as this one be considered a violation?
Let’s move on to more serious examples of the crackpot laws of our time. In yet another assertion of the universal applicability of US laws, a collection of congressional nitwits has proposed a law that would punish those who make, distribute or use banned substances at international sports events with a $250,000 fine and 10 years imprisonment. The US law would apply to athletes of other countries at events held in other countries.
Washington in its hubris has long asserted its right to legislate for other countries, and the idiot governments of the world have subjected themselves to Washington’s legal authority. Not long ago a French bank was fined billions of dollars by Washington for financing companies doing business with Iran. A French shipbuilder was forced by Washington to cancel at its expense a contract with Russia, proving that France is not a sovereign country. Washington decrees sanctions on Russia, and any country that does not comply with Washington’s edict is punished. As far as Washington is concerned, Washington rules the world and the sovereignty of other nations does not exist.
I can tell you exactly how this law will be used. Washington will use one of its paid foreign NGO operatives in Russia, a traitor stupidly tolerated by the Russian government, or elsewhere to allege doping among Russian athletes, just as Washington is suspected of having paid Grigory Rodchenkov, the Russian lab director, with asylum, allowing him to escape justice in Russia, for inventing the story of Russian state organized mass use of banned substances.
The orchestrated scandal was used to prevent Russian participation in the Olympics. It was part of Washington’s campaign to demonize Russia and blacken its reputation in order to prevent normalization of relations that would threaten the trillion dollar US military/security budget that comes out of US taxpayers’ pockets and which threatens also the power that goes with the money. We can’t afford Social Security and Medicare, but we can afford the needless military/security complex’s annual budget of one trillion dollars.
If the bill becomes law, it would be extremely dangerous for Russian athletes to participate in sports events in the US or in countries that have treaties with Washington, as accusation alone would result in their arrest and seizure. Under the proposed law, the accused athletes have to prove their innocence, which Washington would make impossible. The Russian government would either have to invoke some law with which to arrest Americans to trade for the athletes, go to war, or accept the humiliation of being unable to rescue Russia’s finest athletes from US prisons. Don’t expect the congressional nitwits behind this bill to consider any of its dire consequences. They lack the intelligence. They are totally absorbed in American exceptionalism. As far as the congressional nitwits are concerned, America is the salt of the earth, after Israel, of course.
In the US laws now destroy law and the liberty that once was protected by law. It happened over time as various causes—the war on crime, the war on drugs, the war on child abuse, the war on tax evasion, the war on terrorism—over-rode the protective features of law in order to more easily arrest and convict the targeted. Each do-good agenda reduced liberty in the interest of easy and abundant convictions. All neglected Sir Thomas More’s questions in A Man For All Seasons: What happens when we have cut down the law in order to better chase after the Devil, and the Devil turns on us? Where is our protection when the law is cut down?
This is the problem of Americans today. Justice is no longer a goal of the justice system. Conviction and clearing court dockets are the goals that unite prosecutors and judges. Ninety-seven percent of felonies are settled with plea bargains, which means that the evidence against the defendant is never tested in court. The defendant is convicted by self-incrimination.
Whether innocent or guilty, defendants and their attorneys are afraid of a trial for many reasons. Trials take up far more time than plea bargains and thereby make prosecutors and judges angry because they reduce the number of convictions that the prosecutor can cite as evidence of his effectiveness (dozens of plea bargains can be processed during the duration of one trial) and crowd the judge’s docket by forcing him to study the case. Consequently, the punishment from conviction at trial is much harsher than the sentence from a plea bargain.
Even an innocent person is afraid of the risk of a trial. Prosecutors are permitted to pay witnesses with money, light sentences, and dropped charges for testimony against a suspect they desire to convict. The testimony can be false, but nothing can be done about it unless the prosecutor indicts his or her own witness. No intelligent or skeptical persons are allowed on a jury. Jurors are of the belief that where there is smoke there is fire and that the defendant would not be on trial if he were not guilty. Grand juries are even more easily manipulated and deceived. They are putty in the hands of prosecutors.
Thanks to the War on Drugs, innocent Americans are faced with asset forfeiture. There is a notorious section of an Interstate highway in Tennesses where various local police jurisdictions fight over who gets to stop out-of-state cars and rob them of their cash if it exceeds $100 on the grounds that the sum indicates the intent to either buy or sell drugs. In The Tyranny of Good Intentions, Lawrence Stratton and I provide many examples of innocent Americans losing their money, their properties, and even their lives to the asset forfiture rules of the War on Drugs.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch
For example, Selena Washington, a black woman who understood that she could not purchase thousands of dollars of construction materials with which to repair her hurricane damaged home with a check, drove along I-95 in Florida with $19,000 in cash from the insurance settlement to pay for the materials that would be used to restore her home. She was stopped, searched without a warrant and her $19,000 was stolen by the police. After much stress, eventually she was able to recover $15,000 of the theft by agreeing that the police could keep $4,000.
Willie Jones, a black nurseryman, who understood that he had to pay cash to restock his nursery, made the mistake of using cash, a legitimate means of payment, to purchase an airline ticket. The brainwashed airline ticket agent notified police as a cash ticket purchase fits the profile of a drug dealer. Jones’ cash was confiscated, and his nursery was not restocked.
Multimillionaire Donald Scott lost his life, because of a police plot to confiscate his 200 acre Malibu, California, estate for the US Park Service. The corrupt police claimed to have witnessed from overflying the estate marijuana plants on his land. An army of 30 armed agents invaded his home at night and shot him dead when he came from his bedroom to see what was happening. There were no marijuana plants on his estate. What in the world would a multimillionaire heir to a known fortune need to raise marijuana to sell for money? Yet the police got off with the murder.
Asset forfeiture was extended beyond the drug trade. People have lost their motels because a customer had a prostitute in the rented room.
Thanks to the War on Terrorism, the attorney-client privilege is dead as witnessed by the false imprisonment of Lynn Stewart. Thanks to the War on Terrorism, due process is dead along with habeas corpus. American citizens can now be arrested and held in prison indefinitely for the rest of their lives without a trial or any evidence ever being presented to a court. This was a creation of the criminal George W. Bush regime. Americans can now be executed without due process of law, which means without evidence brought against them in a court and conviction on the evidence. This was a creation of the criminal Obama regime. George W. Bush and Obama presided over the two worst criminal governments in human history.
In America today, law is declared as edicts from the executive, justified by illogical and nonsensical legal memos, such as those written by John Yoo, from the corrupt Department of Justice (sic). For his service to the police state, John Choon Yoo from Korea was made the Emanuel S.Heller Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley. Go to Berkeley’s law school to learn the non-existence of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Learn how whatever the executive wants to do is the law.
In other words, just as there is no respect for the law in prosecutorial offices and courts, there is none in law schools and bar associations.
America is without a defender of law, except for organizations such as the Rutherford Institute and, occasionally, the American Civil Liberties Union. As often as not the ACLU is off-track worrying about “transgender rights” while the Bill of Rights is eviscerated.
Justice, the rule of law, these are in the way of the elites and have been discarded. The American people are so poorly educated and informed that they do not understand the consequences of the demise of the laws that once upheld the US Constitution.
The corrupt, degenerate, inhumane world that is the Western world is the world that the insane Russian liberals cannot wait to join. The idiot Russian liberals deserve no better, but, of course, it means that the entire world is going down the tubes, not only the Western world.
Before succumbing to despair, be informed that my articles are translated and published internationally in many languages. I have been informed by one large Russian newspaper, which regularly translates and publishes my columns that it knows not how many read the print version but the online version of my column, “Is Europe Too Brainwashed To Normalize Relations With Russia?,” was read by 300,956 online readers.
This is the readership of just one newspaper in Russia. My world wide audience is many times larger than the New York Times and my credibility, despite the continuous attacks, is far greater than the Western TV media.
In the days when the US was a free country, major foundations would have been supporting this website. Today they are part of the corrupt establishment and only serve the propaganda. Therefore, the continuance of this website is up to you alone.

As a major dissenter from the lies and propaganda that emanate from the Western capitals, I am a target, someone to be eliminated. Unless I shut up, it will eventually happen. This is a large risk for me to assume for people who do not care sufficiently about truth to support this website.

NTS Notes: It is so amazing watching the once free United States of America that even I once admired fall into such criminality and disarray.... I especially feel sad for the American people and especially those American sheep that do not understand that their nation is no longer the "land of the free" and that the nation is quickly becoming a massive police state...

And again, I must point out that Mr. Roberts has NOT in any shape or form in this article come flat out and stated that the problem is caused by the Jewish elite and their tribe that wants to suppress American freedoms and wants to continue to use that once free nation as their weapon of choice to continue being the bully on the planet.... I for one will be glad when the gloves do come off and Paul does name the real criminals as being these Jewish pricks....

AND for those who think things are better here in "Canada", they can forget it... Canada itself has become a dismal failure as well as this nation goes about with its wanting to give every pervert and sicko on the planet rights and freedoms over those who are not considered "liberal minded" or "politically correct"..... I find it appalling as I see almost every aspect that Paul Craig Roberts points out in the fall of America happening here in this once free nation of Canada as well...

More to come


Never Ever Buy An Amazon Alexa, Echo, Or Google Home Device: Report States Device Spewed Insane Statement: "Every Time I Close My Eyes, I See People Dying" (!)

I recently celebrated my 58th birthday, and my better half was looking for something to give to me... But of course it has been harder and harder for her, for what do you give to someone that does not need anything?  Sooooooo... She went out shopping at several local electronic outlets and several of the salespeople there were trying to interest her in one of those Google home or Amazon Alexa/Echo devices... When she asked me if I could "make use" of one of those spy devices, I flat out said "absolutely not!", for I know exactly what those criminal units are being used for as nothing more than more surveillance devices for "big brother" to watch over us!

I put out an article just a while back where I did raise concerns about those insidious "home monitoring" devices, and I said flat out that you should NEVER EVER have one of them in your homes... Those units are indeed spy devices and are being used to remove our last vestiges of privacy in our own homes.... I stand by those claims and I have found nothing at all that shows me differently..

Now to once again reinforce the criminality of these "home devices" by Amazon, or Google, I want to turn to the following article that comes from the Daily Mail website out of the United Kingdom, at, where apparently an Amazon Echo device owned by a person living in San Francisco California absolutely creeped him out by blurting out without any guidance or interaction with the owner: "Every Time I Close My Eyes, I See People Dying"..... This is fact and I have the link to that article here for all to see for themselves... I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  THAT definitely would creep anyone out.... And it shows the danger to our privacy that these devices entail.....

I also found the following video about that troubling incident in San Francisco that I want to share with my readers here:

OK, I am convinced more than ever that these devices are out there for the most nefarious reasons, and not as they are advertised...

Every time we turn on our Talmud-visions these days, we see advertisement after advertisement about these diabolical devices.. And most of those advertisements try to sell the public on the notion that they are here to make our lives easier... I see something completely different as I see them as a weapon used to remove our last vestiges of privacy and to record everything that happens in our homes to be used by criminals....

My suggestion stands... Never ever buy one of these units... Our privacy is now under attack and these are weapons of mass surveillance and to collect data on ourselves that can be used against us.... And if you have one of these units, turn them off or have them removed from your homes as soon as possible...

More to come


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Scapegoating Iran

I stated in my MONDAY rant that the psychotic state if Israel was now working hard in getting their nice little war off and running against the innocent nation of Iran by recently claiming the absurdity that Iran was about to attack Israel from "bases in Syria"....

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry at that absurdity, for anyone with even the least bit of Geographical knowledge can clearly see that Syria is NOT directly linked to Iran at all, and the transference and placement of Iranian forces in Syrian territory would require sending those forces across Turkish territory (I doubt if the Turks would allow such a transit) OR across Iraqi territory that is mostly held by Kurdish forces that have unwittingly allowed themselves to be slaves to US/Israeli interests.... That and the fact that the only other method for placement of Iranian forces into Syria would be by air or by ship that would be ultra-expensive and easily monitored by US/Israeli listening posts across the Middle East..  And yet we find NO reports of "heavy equipment" shipments by air or ship from Iranian ports to ports in Syria or airbases in Syria... The reality is of course that the Iranians are able to send only military advisers and a few specialists to Syria to assist the Syrian government forces in their want to free their nation from the US/Israel/NATO scourge....That is fact, and therefore the claims that "Iran is about to attack Israel" from Syrian bases is truly a ridiculous laugher....

But, Israel is indeed hell bent on having Iran destroyed and to have its American slaves do all the fighting and dying to achieve that destruction.... It is the sickness of Israel that they are bound and determined to achieve their total hegemony over the entire Middle East through their blueprint called 'Securing The Realm" that calls for all major adversaries of Israel dominance in the region to be destroyed and to use their American poodles to achieve that dream...

I came across the following most interesting article that I definitely want to share here with my own readers.. This one comes courtesy of Lasha Darkmoon's website, at, and is written by Chris Hedges... It is entitled: "Scapegoating Iran" and indeed gives a pretty good understanding of the present situation in the Middle East, how the US got into the mess in the first place and where their phoney "war on terror" sits at this point in time, and how the US is indeed getting ready for the much planned out war against the innocent nation of Iran itself... Here is that article and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Scapegoating Iran

By Chris Hedges
June 17, 2018 “Information Clearing House” –  NEW YORK—Seventeen years of war in the Middle East and what do we have to show for it? Iraq after our 2003 invasion and occupation is no longer a unified country. Its once modern infrastructure is largely destroyed, and the nation has fractured into warring enclaves. We have lost the war in Afghanistan. The Taliban is resurgent and has a presence in over 70 percent of the country. Libya is a failed state. Yemen after three years of relentless airstrikes and a blockade is enduring one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters.
The 500 “moderate” rebels we funded and armed in Syria at a cost of $500 million are in retreat after instigating a lawless reign of terror. The military adventurism has cost a staggering $5.6 trillion as our infrastructure crumbles, austerity guts basic services and half the population of the United States lives at or near poverty levels. The endless wars in the Middle East are the biggest strategic blunder in American history and herald the death of the empire.
Someone has to be blamed for debacles that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead, including at least 200,000 civilians, and millions driven from their homes. Someone has to be blamed for the proliferation of radical jihadist groups throughout the Middle East, the continued worldwide terrorist attacks, the wholesale destruction of cities and towns under relentless airstrikes and the abject failure of U.S. and U.S.-backed forces to stanch the insurgencies. You can be sure it won’t be the generals, the politicians such as George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the rabid neocons such as Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and John Bolton who sold us the wars, the Central Intelligence Agency, the arms contractors who profit from perpetual war or the celebrity pundits on the airwaves and in newspapers who serve as cheerleaders for the mayhem.
“The failed policies, or lack of policies, of the United States, which violate international law, have left the Middle East in total chaos,” the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations, Gholamali Khoshroo, told me when we met in New York City. “The United States, to cover up these aggressive, reckless and costly policies, blames Iran. Iran is blamed for their failures in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Lebanon.”
The Trump administration “is very naive about the Middle East and Iran,” the ambassador said. “It can only speak in the language of threats—pressure, sanctions, intervention. These policies have failed in the region. They are very risky and costly. Let the Americans deal with the problems of the countries they have already invaded and attacked. America lacks constructive power in the Middle East. It is unable to govern even a village in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen or Syria. All it can do is use force and destructive power. This U.S. administration wants the Middle East and the whole world to bow to it. This is not a policy conducive to sound relationships with sovereign states, especially those countries that have resisted American influence.”
“The plan to arm ‘moderate’ rebels in Syria was a cover to topple [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad,” the ambassador went on. “The Americans knew there were no ‘moderate’ rebels. They knew these weapons would get into the hands of terrorist groups like Daesh [Islamic State], Al-Nusra and their affiliates. Once again, the American policy failed. The Americans succeeded in destroying a country. They succeeded in creating bloodbaths. They succeeded in displacing millions of people. But they gained nothing. The sovereignty of Syria is expanding by the day. It is hard to imagine what President Trump is offering as a strategy in Syria. One day, he says, ‘I will move out of Syria very soon, very quickly.’ The next day he says, ‘If Iran is there, we should stay.’ I wonder if the American taxpayers know how much of their money has been wasted in Iraq, Syria and Yemen?”
Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, although Iran was in compliance with the agreement, was the first salvo in this effort to divert attention from these failures to Iran. Bolton, the new national security adviser, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, along with Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, advocate the overthrow of the Iranian government, with Giuliani saying last month that Trump is “as committed to regime change as we [an inner circle of presidential advisers] are.”
“The Iran nuclear deal was possible following several letters by President Barack Obama assuring the Iranian leadership that America had no intention of violating Iranian sovereignty,” Ambassador Khoshroo said. “America said it wanted to engage in a serious dialogue on equal footing and mutual interests and concerns. These assurances led to the negotiations that concluded with the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action]. From the beginning, however, America was not forthcoming in its dealings with us on the JCPOA. President Obama wanted the agreement to be implemented, but he did not want it implemented in its full capacity. Congress, on the day JCPOA was implemented, passed a law warning Europeans that were doing business with Iran. The staffs of companies had to apply for a visa to the United States if they had traveled to Iran for business purposes. This began on the first day. The Americans were not always very forthcoming. OFAC [Office of Foreign Funds Control] gave ambiguous answers to many of the questions that companies had about sanctions, but at least in words the Obama administration supported the JCPOA and saw the agreement as the basis for our interactions.”
“President Trump, however, even as a candidate, called the agreement ‘the worst deal America ever made,’ ” the ambassador said. “He called this deal a source of embarrassment for America. Indeed, it was not the deal but America’s unilateral decision to walk away from an agreement that was supported by the United Nations Security Council, and in fact co-sponsored and drafted by the United States, that is the source of embarrassment for America. To walk away from an international agreement and then threaten a sovereign country is the real source of embarrassment since Iran was in full compliance while the U.S. never was.”
“In 2008, the Israelis told the world that Iran was only some days away from acquiring an atomic bomb,” he said. “The Israelis said there had to be a military strike to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. What has happened since? During the last two years, there have been 11 reports by the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] clearly confirming and demonstrating Iran’s full compliance with the JCPOA. All of the accusations [about] Iran using nuclear facilities for military purposes were refuted by the IAEA as well as by Europe, Russia, China, along with many other countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa. America is concerned about Iranian influence in the region and seeks to contain Iran because the U.S. administration realizes that America’s policies in the Middle East have failed. Their own statements about Iran repeatedly contradict each other. One day they say, ‘Iran is so weak it will collapse,’ and the next day they say, ‘Iran is governing several Arab capitals in the Middle East.’ ”
Iran announced recently that it has tentative plans to produce the feedstock for centrifuges, the machines that enrich uranium, if the nuclear deal is not salvaged by European members of the JCPOA. European countries, dismayed by Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement, are attempting to renegotiate the deal, which imposes restrictions on Iran’s nuclear development in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions.
Why go to war with a country that abides by an agreement it has signed with the United States? Why attack a government that is the mortal enemy of the Taliban, along with other jihadist groups, including al-Qaida and Islamic State, that now threaten us after we created and armed them? Why shatter the de facto alliance we have with Iran in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why further destabilize a region already dangerously volatile?
The architects of these wars are in trouble. They have watched helplessly as the instability and political vacuum they caused, especially in Iraq, left Iran as the dominant power in the region. Washington, in essence, elevated its nemesis. It has no idea how to reverse its mistake, beyond attacking Iran. Those both in the U.S. and abroad who began or promoted these wars see a conflict with Iran as a solution to their foreign and increasingly domestic dilemmas.
For example, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, mired in corruption scandals, hopes that by fostering a conflict with Iran he can divert attention away from investigations into his abuse of power and the massacres Israel carries out against Palestinians, along with Israel’s accelerated seizure of Palestinian land.
“The most brutal regime is now in power in Israel,” the Iranian ambassador said. “It has no regard for international law or humanitarian law. It violates Security Council resolutions regarding settlements, its capital and occupation. Look at what Israel has done in Gaza in the last 30 days. On the same day America was unlawfully transferring its embassy to Jerusalem, 60 unarmed Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli snipers. [Israelis] were dancing in Jerusalem while the blood of unarmed Palestinians was running in Gaza. The Trump administration gives total support and impunity to Israel. This angers many people in the Middle East, including many in Saudi Arabia. It is a Zionist project to portray Iran as the main threat to peace in the Middle East. Israel introducing Iran as a threat is an attempt to divert attention from the crimes this regime is committing, but these too are failed policies that will backfire. They are policies designed to cover weakness.”
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, facing internal unrest, launched the war in Yemen as a vanity project to bolster his credentials as a military leader. Now he desperately needs to deflect attention from the quagmire and humanitarian disaster he created.
“Saudi Arabia, as part of [the civil war in Yemen], has a tactical and strategic cooperation with Israel against Iran,” the ambassador said. “But the Saudi regime is defying the sentiments of its own people. How long will this be possible? For three years now, Saudi Arabia, assisted by the United States, has bombed the Yemeni people and imposed a total blockade that includes food and medicine. Nothing has been resolved. Once again, Iran is blamed for this failure by Saudi Arabia and the United States in Yemen. Even if Iran wanted to help the Yemenis, it is not possible due to the total blockade. The Yemeni people asked for peace negotiations from the first day of the war. But Saudi military adventurism and its desire to test its military resolve made any peaceful solution impossible. The U.S. and the U.K. provide military and logistical support, including cluster bombs to be used by the Saudis in Yemen. The Emiratis are bombing Yemen. All such actions are doomed to failure since there is no military solution in Yemen. There is only a political solution. Look at the targets of Saudi airstrikes in Yemen: funerals. Wedding ceremonies. Agricultural fields. Houses. Civilians. How do the Saudis expect the Yemeni people to greet those who bomb them? With hugs? The war has cost a lot of money, and Trump responds by saying [to Saudi Arabia], ‘Oh you have money. [Paraphrasing here.] Please buy our ‘beautiful weapons.’ They are killing beautiful children with these ‘beautiful’ weapons. It is a disaster. It is tragic.”
And then there is President Donald Trump, desperate for a global crusade he can use to mask his ineptitude, the rampant corruption of his administration and his status as an international pariah when he runs for re-election in 2020.
“Of course, blaming and threatening Iran is not new,” the ambassador said. “This has been going on for 40 years. The Iranian people and the Iranian government are accustomed to this nonsense. United States intervention in the internal affairs of Iran goes back a long time, including the [Iranian] war with Iraq, when the United States supported Saddam Hussein. Then America invaded Iraq in 2003 in their so-called ‘intervention for democracy and elimination of WMDs.’ Iran has always resisted and will always resist U.S. threats.”
“America was in Iran 40 years ago,” the ambassador said. “About 100,000 U.S. advisers were in Iran during the rule of the shah, who was among the closest allies of America. America was unable to keep this regime in power because the Iranian people revolted against such dependency and suppression. Since the fall of the shah in 1979, for 40 years, America continued to violate international law, especially the Algeria agreements it signed with Iran in 1981.”
The Algeria Declaration was a set of agreements between the United States and Iran that resolved the Iranian hostage crisis. It was brokered by the Algerian government. The U.S. committed itself in the Algeria Declaration to refrain from interference in Iranian internal affairs and to lift trade sanctions on Iran and a freeze on Iranian assets.
The warmongers have no more of a plan for “regime change” in Iran than they had in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria. European allies, whom Trump alienated when he walked away from the Iranian nuclear agreement, are in no mood to cooperate with Washington. The Pentagon, even if it wanted to, does not have the hundreds of thousands of troops it would need to attack and occupy Iran. And the idea—pushed by lunatic fringe figures like Bolton and Giuliani—that the marginal and discredited Iranian resistance group Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK), which fought alongside Saddam Hussein in the war against Iran and is viewed by most Iranians as composed of traitors, is a viable counterforce to the Iranian government is ludicrous. In all these equations the 80 million people in Iran are ignored just as the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria were ignored. Perhaps they would not welcome a war with the United States. Perhaps if attacked they would resist. Perhaps they don’t want to be occupied. Perhaps a war with Iran would be interpreted throughout the region as a war against Shiism. But these are calculations that the ideologues, who know little about the instrument of war and even less about the cultures or peoples they seek to dominate, are unable to fathom.
“The Middle East has many problems: insecurity, instability, problems with natural resources such as water, etc.,” Khoshroo said. “All of these problems have been made worse by foreign intervention as well as Israel’s lawlessness. The issue of Palestine is at the heart of turmoil in the Middle East for Muslims. Any delay in finding solutions to these wounds in the Middle East exposes this region to more dangerous threats. Americans say they want the Middle East to be free from violent extremism, but this will only happen when the Middle East is free from occupation and foreign intervention. The Americans are selling their weapons throughout the Middle East. They calculate how much money they can earn from destruction. They don’t care about human beings. They don’t care about security or democratic process or political process. This is worrisome.”
“What are the results of American policies in the Middle East?” he asked. “All of the American allies in the region are in turmoil. Only Iran is secure and stable. Why is this the case? Why, during the last 40 years, has Iran been stable? Is it because Iran has no relationship with America? Why is there hostility between Iran and America? Can’t the Americans see that Iran’s stability is important for the region? We are surrounded by Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen. What good would come from destabilizing Iran? What would America get out of that?”

NTS Notes: A very good assessment of the real situation in the middle east by Chris Hedges.... But he misses the fact that the Jews and Israel run America and almost all aspects of America's failed foreign policies..

I for one know that the psychos in Israel are going to get the US into their nice little war against Iran by every means necessary, whether it be by a major false flag operation to blame on Iran (nuclear detonation of Mossad owned bomb in America possibly?) or via the backdoor of an all out war against Syria that will draw both the US and of course Iran into the conflict.....

The facts are that there should be NO hostilities at all between the US and Iran... But since Israel controls America, they have artificially created and are still aggressively pursuing that "hostility" through the Jewish control of the media (the Jew spew media of course) that will continue to attempt to brainwash Americans with the fraud that Iran is this "evil nation" that must be destroyed....

The bottom line is this... All of this rhetoric and false fear of an Iranian nuclear weapon has always been false... It was created to try to brainwash people that Iran is this "terrorist nation" that will use its non-existent "nuclear weapons" against the US and the world... But the facts are again that there is only one nuclear rogue nation on the planet that is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons (estimates as many as 300+) called Israel that has always threatened the world with nuclear armageddon..... Sadly thanks to the Jew propaganda that fact has always been overlooked as again they are hell bent on Iran's destruction...

More to come


Israel Runs America: US Quits United Nations Human Rights Council By Falsely Accusing Council Of Anti-Israeli Bias (Good Riddance)

Israel controls the United States... That readers, and especially those living in the once free United States itself, is absolutely fact... The criminals in that illegal "state" that illegally occupies land in Palestine absolutely drive every aspect of America's domestic and especially its foreign policies... Basically what Israel demands of the US it gets in a heartbeat..... It is sickening to watch that once great superpower continue to grovel and bow down to their Jewish masters and sadly most Americans are just too stupid to realize this as fact..

Well, once again we have definitive proof that the US is absolutely controlled by the criminal machinations of the sick and twisted state of Israel... For according to the following report that comes courtesy of the Southfront website at, the US has officially quit the United Nations Human Rights Council by claiming that the council is somehow "bias" against the psychotic state of Israel!.... Here is that article, and I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


US Quits UN Human Rights Council Accusing Body Of Anti-Israel Bias
US Ambassador to the United Nation Nikki Haley speaks at the US Department of State in Washington DC on June 19, 2018. AFP/Getty Images
On June 19, the US officially announced its decision to quit the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). The move followed more than a year of US protests against the 47-nation body, mostly aimed at accusing the UNHRC of anti-Israel and anti-US bias.
“For too long, the Human Rights Council has been a protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias,” Haley said. “Regrettably, it is now clear that our call for reform was not heeded. Human rights abusers continue to serve on and be elected to the council. The world’s most inhumane regimes continue to escape scrutiny, and the council continues politicizing and scapegoating of countries with positive human rights records in an attempt to distract from the abusers in their ranks.”
She described the UN HRC as “a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights.” Haley also accused accused a number of nations of impeding the UNHRC reform.
“When we made it clear we would strongly pursue council reform, these countries came out of the woodwork to oppose it. Russia, China, Cuba, and Egypt all attempted to undermine our reform efforts this past year,” the diplomat said.

​Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on the same day that Israel thanks the US administration for the “bold decision” to quit the UNHRC.

NTS Notes: When I saw and read this article, I thought it was a sick joke... But this has really happened, and once again it shows the entire world who controls the United States...

It is especially sickening to see and watch that horrific and most evil sick bitch, Nimrata Randhawa (Nikki Haley) go in front of the world to once again show how much she loves Israel first and foremost... It is also sickening to hear that witch spew her lies knowing full well that the psychotic state of Israel is responsible for so many horrific crimes against humanity.... Especially in the light of the recent Israeli mass slaughter of peaceful Palestinian protesters in the largest open air concentration camp on planet Earth aka the "Gaza Strip"..

Honestly, I knew this was coming.. The psychos in Israel have long been refusing to adhere to any UN directives and resolutions, and have basically shown themselves to be the most evil rogue nation on planet Earth... Now we see the US has once again bowed to their evil Jewish masters and has joined Israel in that respect...

Israel controls the United States.. Now you know for sure...

More to come


Monday, June 18, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Monday June 18th, 2018

Yes, you are reading it correctly... It is Monday, and time for my belated weekly rant...

I had a pretty good Fathers day yesterday, and I spent the day basically doing NOTHING... No internet surfing, no writings at this blog, no cooking, no work....Just some rest and relaxation.... It felt a bit strange to me considering how much I do on a daily basis, and I was glad for the break....

I read the other day that some sicko feminists out there are trying to do away with "Fathers Day" and all I can tell those idiots and bitches is to fuck right off... Fathers Day, just like Mothers Day, should indeed be a day to celebrate all of the great and hard working fathers out there, and now we have some liberal snowflakes out there trying to do away with it?  I am proud to be a father myself and I want to make sure that some gawd damn sickos out there do not ruin that special day for everyone...

I see that the US Government just released a report the other day outlining some 47 or so points of contention for their concept of "peace" in the Korean Peninsula...Basically the US is now demanding that North Korea abide by every single one of those points for the US to lift its long standing embargo against that isolated country and to have their concept of a "road map" towards eventual reunification of the two Koreas.... I have looked over many of these 47 "demands" and they seem strangely reminiscent of the long list of demands that the US made to the nation of Iran a few months back... And I for the life of me cannot see the North Korean government basically surrender themselves to these demands.....The US wants North Korea to basically give up its nuclear deterrence in exchange for basically nothing in return.... And NO WHERE in that list of demands does it show anything in regards to the US giving full and verifiable "guarantees" that they will never invade North Korea itself..... To me, this shows how underhanded the US government is and how they have absolutely no intentions of living up to the great hype and understanding that was supposedly reached earlier this week when Drumpf met Kim in Singapore....

The trade war between the US, Canada, and Mexico, is of course making all of the headlines up here in Canuckleheadistan, and much of the rhetoric from this fight between Drumpf and that idiot Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been focused on Justin's idiocy and stupidity in regards to his dealings with the US President.... What is happening is that people in this once great nation are finally waking up to the inadequacies of Justin Trudeau in regards to dealing directly with other world leaders, and once again his dealings with Drumpf has made him the laughing stock of not only Canada, but the entire world as well.. .And Justin's Liberal party of stupidity has now done nothing to prevent the US from slapping new tariffs on anything coming in from this nation to the US which will see this nation enter possibly a massive "recession" after July 1st of this year... I can only say "Way to go Justin, you idiot" and I do wonder how in the heck anyone here in Canada actually voted for that moron?

I also see how the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to condemn the psychotic state of Israel for its continuing mass slaughter of innocent civilians in the largest open air prison camp on planet Earth called the Gaza Strip... I also see how so many Israeli kiss butt nations including this one called Canada voted against that resolution, even though luckily the attempts to have that resolution blocked by the strong arming of so many nations by the US has failed miserably..... I also see how that Jewish dick sucking whore, Nikki Haley, was out there screaming her head off at so many nations that they are all "antisemitic" and "Jew haters" for not sucking up to their Jewish masters in Israel.... I for one am glad that the world is waking up to the evils of Israel and what they are doing to the innocent people of Palestine.. The only sad part in all this is that this UN General Assembly vote means diddly squat as the Israelis and of course their minions in the US will ignore that vote and go right on killing the Palestinians....

For the last two years I have been stating in this rant and periodic articles at this blog about the dangers that the civilian population is facing in the still ongoing war in Yemen... But of course just last week that danger has increased at least ten fold with the impending seizure of the last port on the Red Sea through which humanitarian food supplies have been able to reach the starving people of Yemen... But now, the criminal Saudi regime and their Arabic allies are about to capture the port of Al Hudaydah, all food supplies will be cut off and the Houthi forces and civilians in and around the capital city of Sanaa will face an unimaginable famine that could see the death of millions in a very short time.... The hypocrisy of this disaster in fact reached a new low level this last week when apparently the US government has finally taken issue with this crisis and are suddenly "aware" of this situation in regards to the genocide of the Yemen people... But the facts are that the US government has supported this Saudi war of destruction in Yemen for years now, and guaranteed those criminals are lying their asses off now by saying that they are only NOW aware that the Yemen people face mass starvation and genocide?   Hypocrisy indeed!... But the issue here is of course what should be done in this situation, and my suggestion has always been to have the UN take full control of that port to make sure that the food supplies keep flowing....But is it now too late, for reports over the last few days indicate that the Saudi led forces are now fighting in the city to seize the port itself.....When the port falls, we will see the genocide of millions of Yemen civilians through starvation take place.....

I have been saying over and over again for the last decade that the entire "war on terror" is nothing but a sham and a fraud... And yet with proof of that bullshit constantly coming forward again and again, it has been an uphill battle still to reach the gullible idiots out there that actually believe that there are real "terrorists" everywhere.... But the facts should be plain and simple that the US and Israel have been at least 99% behind every "terrorist attack" that we have seen over the last 1/2 century at least, and are continuing to use the fear propaganda of this bullshit "terrorism" to keep people in constant fear and wanting to continue to exchange their long and hard fought freedoms for the illusion of "security" from said "terrorists".... It has indeed been frustrating to myself in my efforts to break the brainwashing and to enlighten people to the reality that they are being played as suckers... Sadly few are listening...

Of course we still see the US working its magic in Syria for their long planned regime change under the disguise of being illegally in that nation for "fighting terrorists".... And the beat goes on with reports this last week where we see the US now threatening the Syrian government forces and their allies with "consequences" for when those forces finally launch their long planned attack on the last vestiges of US run "terrorists" now holed up in southwestern Syria..... I read the reports of how the US has threatened reprisals, and honestly I did not know whether to laugh or to cry... This should have awakened even the most ardent believers in this fraud "war on terror" that they have been had, and yet there has been little or no public outcry to this criminal threat by the US against the Syrian government that has every right to liberate THEIR OWN territory..... This also once again shows that the criminal US government's hypocrisy knows no boundaries and reaches new levels of idiocy......

One other issue in regards to the war for Syria's freedom has reared its ugly head again... For there are new reports coming out that the US led "terrorists" are about to launch one of their laughably ridiculous "chemical weapons" attacks once again in Syria that the Jew spew media will instantly and right on cue blame on the Assad government.... And of course the timing is crucial here, especially with so much of the world now focused in on the World Cup of Soccer taking place in Russia...... It is also the perfect timing now for another one of these frauds, due to the limited attention spans of most Americans, who have had their minds clouded by so much crap going on elsewhere that they will swallow one of these fraud "chemical weapons" attacks and have the blame be placed on Assad's government without any critical thinking and logic.....I can see this happening in fact over the next two weeks, as again the timing is too perfect.....

I saw this last week a most interesting article from Jim Stone over at his website at, where he put forward an article concerning the rapid rise of homosexuality in our society, and where the article that he enclosed came up with the notion that homosexuality is actually demonic possession... OK, I am not sold on this demon possession as the rationality behind being homo, for I see that as an abomination and actually a psychological problem of those individuals that practice that sickness.... I know that there will be those out there that will call me a "homophobe" for my stance, and I say tough shit to them.... Homosexuality is definitely an abomination and a sickness and is NOT normal, period...I have long said that these idiots that practice the filth of being a homo deserve to be kept in the closet and should have no place in our socieities at all..... And again about this concept of "demonic possession"; I read the article and again I am not sold on that, but I do find it intriguing.......

And someone asked me, being one heck of a Soccer fan, as to what I see happening in the World Cup in Russia so far.... I found the defeat of Germany at the hands of Mexico to be the biggest shocker so far, but honestly is it really that shocking?  The Mexican team's play has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and they are no slouches by any means.... It shows definitely that the world has "caught up" with so many of the elite powerhouses out of Europe and that NO team should be taken lightly.... And I was also intrigued to see little Iceland with a population of barely 340000 people give the Argentinian team that is loaded with so much talent a run for their money by tying them 1-1... Iceland has come a long way since they showed the world back in Euro finals last year that they are a team to be contended with, and it will be interesting to see if Iceland gets out of their group and into the "knock out rounds"..... And heck, I am not pissed off at my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, when she stated last week that Soccer was boring.. Soccer generally IS boring as compared to other faster paced sports such as Basketball and even Australian Rules Football or American Football, but it is THE most watched and played sport on the planet..... I would therefore assume that the final in Moscow coming in July this year will be watched by billions, and with so many upsets it will be interesting to see which teams survive to get there!

OK, I figure I have rambled enough... I have a lot on my plate over the next while with home renovations and family issues to contend with, so I again must state that I will post material here if and when I get the chance... Meanwhile, here comes my last minute tidbits to close this rant...... I see the long awaited assault from the Ukrainian Army now armed to the teeth with the latest American made weaponry on the Donbas breakaway republics take place as early as this coming week.  It will indeed be a bloodbath and again I beg the question as to what the Russian response will be?..........New reports coming out about the dangers associated with the bullshit Gardisil "vaccines" which do more harm than good to anyone idiotic to take that poison into their bodies.  Once again, I must ask why anyone would ever take a vaccine at all considering their horrific risks and side effects?...........Canadian knuckleheaded Federal government got a black eye in regards to their fraud "Carbon Tax" fleecing of the Canadian people with the election of an anti Carbon Tax government in Ontario last week.  But here comes Justin Trudeau still trying to ram through that fraud in spite of the Canadian people now firmly against it.  It will be see how the Federal criminals try to impose this "tax" with more Canadians waking up to it being a massive swindle!.........I see that the German people are finally waking up to how their insane leader, Angela Merkel, is fucking their nation up with its insane "immigration policy" that has allowed millions of illegals into Germany to destroy their nation.  Basically Merkel has to go and Germany has to close their borders to these migrants, period.  And the sooner the better....... I see that Italy has closed their borders to more illegals flooding into their nation as well.  Good for Italy, and I hope the message is sent to the criminal Rothschild run European Union that European nations have had enough of this bullshit immigration and that they want to save their nations from destruction.  My idea is simple; send these migrants back to the hell holes they come from, period!.......I see that the fraud of "Bitcoin" is finally being revealed as that scam's actual value is falling like a stone and revelations are finally coming out about it being a fraud.  Thank goodness I never put any money into that scam, for I have not seen its purpose or its value at all from the beginning.....Yes, I have seen the reports coming out of the USA where that ultimate bitch and most evil, Hillary "Killary" Clinton could finally be indicted for her long list of crimes against humanity.  But to be honest, that witch will probably not see a single day in jail because of what she knows could bring down the entire rotten US government.  Yes the crooks that run the US will lie cheat and steal just to keep themselves out of jail.........Is it not amazing how Russia is almost totally debt free while the US is an estimated 30+ TRILLION dollars (a low estimate in my opinion..) in the hole?  I must be missing something here, or maybe this is one of the reasons why the Jew spew media is constantly bashing Russia, simply because Russia is showing the world how to be successful?......... News out of NASA that their Opportunity rover is official dead.  I will state that Spirit and Opportunity could have indeed been on Mars due to their logical method of landing without parachutes, but Curiosity?  Forget it, for that "probe" is no where near the red planet and is indeed a fraud.  Read my long list of articles at this blog on that phoney if you want to see why...........I see that the psychotic state of Israel is at it again, in trying to push for a war against Iran by claiming that Iran is going to "attack" Israel via Syria.  Considering the fact that Iran has no real combat troops in Syria at all, and that Iran does not directly connect to Syria to move forces into that nation for such an outrageous operation, I find these claims by the insane lunatics in Israel to be preposterous. But again, Israel is trying anything now to get their nice little war, where America will do all the fighting, against Iran off and running........OK, another week with little coming out of skank-ville, or as people call it "Kardashian world", other than news about Khloe's baby that is ridiculously named "True".  It has indeed been a bit quiet coming out of those media hounds recently, but I can guarantee something will come soon to once again draw American full attention away from real issues elsewhere.  Yes, America is still going to hell in a hand basket, but most Americans will give their undivided attention first and foremost to these idiots.  I am still trying to figure out why?

More to come


Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Fathers Day To All Of My Readers

Yes, tomorrow is indeed Fathers Day.... And I do want to wish the best for all the hard working fathers out there....

I myself will be having a day of rest and relaxation as my family wants me to take the day to unwind and do NOTHING... They will be taking me out for breakfast and my better half and my son will be taking the cooking chores away from me for tomorrow night for a change (Yes, I do cook.. I have said it many times at this blog that is a passion of mine!).... It will be interesting to see what they come up with.....

My better half wants me to take a break from surfing the internet and writing at this blog and avoid or delay any writings at this blog for tomorrow only... I will oblige her this one time, and therefore tomorrow's rant will be delayed until most probably Monday....

I really do need some rest and taking tomorrow off will hopefully do some good for my body and mind...

I have a lot to discuss at this week's rant, so be patient... It will be out this Monday!

And as usual...

More to come


Friday, June 15, 2018

The Situation In Syria: The Criminals In The US Are Once Again Threatening Syria For Taking Action Against US Run Terrorists!

Why do I feel like I am beating my head against the wall every time I point out the FACTS that the entire "war on terror" is nothing but a massive fraud and swindle?  It was invented years ago for the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal to have their excuses to march right into peaceful nations for their removal of popular governments through brutal "regime change".....

We have seen over and over again over these last few decades as the US has conveniently "invaded" many of the Middle Eastern nations on the premise that they are going in to "fight terrorism" when the reality is that they are of course trying to brutally overthrow governments.... Such is the case happening right now in Syria as the US is illegally operating in that nation and occupying a large swath of Syrian territory while still putting out the bullshit to the gullible and idiotic American dunces and sheep out there that they are "fighting terrorists".....

I want to once again put forward some important updates on the fighting in Syria as the Syrian people are still trying to get rid of the American invaders and their American proxies aka "terrorists"... And I came across the following very interesting report today via the Southfront website, at, where apparently according to this article, as the good guys aka the Syrian Arabic Army (SAA) and their allied forces are ready to launch their massive strikes in southwestern Syria to finally free that entire area from the American/Israeli scourge right up to the Jordanian and Israeli illegally held territory of the Golan Heights, the US is now threatening Syria if it does launch this assault!   Here is the link to that report here:

OK... Does anyone else see the problem here?  Why in the hell is the US suddenly threatening Syria for its wanting to liberate Syrian territory and wipe out supposed "terrorists"?   Dos this not seem a bit odd to even the most ignorant people out there that still cling to the stupid notion that the US is "fighting terrorists"?

Well... At least my fellow Canadian real truth seeker Penny, over at her website: Penny For Your Thoughts at is not pulling any punches in terms of the arrogance of the American criminal government when it states that it will take action against any Syrian attacks on "terrorists".... Here is the link to her latest article that covers this interesting development here:

I agree with Penny that the US has got a lot of nerve in trying to stop Syrians from liberating their own nation.... This also once again shows everyone the reality that the US is NOT in Syria for "fighting terrorism" as the gullible American sheep are still believing but are definitely hell bent on having their long sought "regime change" instead....

And here is a big question of course... Why type of "firm action" will the US take when the Syrians go all out to destroy these last remaining "terrorists" in southwestern Syria?   Will the gloves come off and the world to finally see what type of evil liars and hypocrites the US truly is and expose to everyone the truth that they are still hell bent on destroying Syria?   We may not have long to wait, for apparently the Syrians have already begun operations in the region by shelling "militant" positions in preparation for a major offensive... Here is the link to that report here:

Well, there you have it... The Syrian government forces and their allies are doing exactly what they should be doing.. Trying to liberate their own nation!    And I do wonder what the US "response" will be to this action.... Could we be about to see a brand new "chemical weapons" false flag to be once again blamed on Assad to try to stop this destruction of American run "terrorists"?

Apparently, the notion that the US will once again use a false flag "chemical weapons" attack in Syria  to try to save their "terrorists" has not been overlooked by both the Syrian government as well as their Russian allies.... And according to the link to the following report from Southfront website, that is exactly what the Russians are predicting the US will do as they are stating that these  "chemical weapons" provocations always follow the same pattern put out by the criminals in the US government... Here is that link here for all to see:

OK, There you have it... I can see over the next few days the US once again using their fraud "White Helmets" or other "terrorists" and launch another of those phoney baloney "chemical weapons" attacks somewhere in Syria to be once again blamed on Assad by the compliant Jew spew media... The question becomes... Will the dumb ass sheep in America be just as gullible as they have in the last few years with the other fraud chemical weapons attacks?  Honestly, considering the low attention spans of the average American coupled with a very low IQ to boot, I can see this attempt happening sooner than later...

More to come